Thank you very much . It was very difficult pronunciation Th and S for me.
Now , I understand how i said . Thank you . Have a nice day.

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    a bad tree doesn’t yield good apples

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thank you for the lesson ^^ i will try to speak more to other people.. because my speaking skills is very poor…

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Hello from Russia ! ;-) Very good job !!!! Спасибо огромное !!!

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Really awesome way of explaining things :)

<3 u


Thank you very. Today I learned the prounciation with Th and ss.


thanks for the lesson


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It is a very nice class

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Great Lesson, I heard you offer a private session through SKYPE, what is the cost?


I’m very happy. It’s incredible to be receiving english classes in direct from native teachers

carlos parada

Thank you Ronnie
The lesson was great!!!!

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i like it ,you can learn a lot .thanks

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i’m from brazil and i’m trying to improve my english language, so this kind of exercises makes me fell more confident, hugs.


I am very excited to learn how to pronounce my English correctly or the nearest it spoken. Several sounds is not exist in portuguese, then we have difficulty speaking. A class like this is very good. congratulations. Roger from Brasil.


They think that they are thin, they aren’t thick. :-)


Thanks a lot for this lesson.
Now it looks clear as a bell to me ( I just learned this expression from you guys!=))
I have same problem when it comes to pronounce sheet and sh..
( I hope you know what I mean)
Every time I try to pronounce that word, people get fun of me.

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Hi Ronnie,

Could you help me to clarify about two sounds “Those” (/ðouz/) and “Think” (/θiɳk/)? The both start with Th words but the Phonetic are different so i think we will pronounce differently too. Is it correct?
Thanks in advance.



Thank you very much Ronnie. I really like your lessons. Keep’em comming :P


thank u for the lesson
i was a little confused with that th and s
im having a hard time to spoke it out
thank u again
god bless


thank yuo very much I am happy

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Thank you for the lesson.
I’m not confused about “th” and “s”.
I’m an albanian man and for albanian people it is easy for us.
I would like to thank you for making it more understanable.


dear teacher you so good and you have many way to teach english to you are students if you tell us how to mak sound of tion cia ssion how we what sound will come out when we read i always confused to read

javed khan

hello ! very good lesson !
have nice day !


you are very funny teacher
i like that

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I like your lessons are very helpful to improve my english.
I can see you are given a private lessons how much those private classes cost??
Thank you
Have a great day..

Diana.. diana_minerva@hotmail.com

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Thank you Ronnie for the nice lesson.
Would you please give another pronounciation for “m & n”?

Kind Regards,

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Does the word “thin” sound like “thing”?? Absolutly not!!

“thin” has the “n” (nasal) sound produced with the tongue touching the upper teeth.
“thing” has the “ng” (nasal) sound produced farther back in the mouth, near the throat, the tongue resting low in the mouth, not touching the upper teeth.

Thank you very much teacher!!!
I love this page!!!!

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Ronnie thank you for the easy lesson.


A quick question.

Can I say:

I going to sue you, If you don´t change your tune.

And What about this one.

I´m sueing to the company. or do I need to take “e” out?


thank you very much .Really very clear now

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Thanks a lot,Iam slow learner Because I have understood.
continue your service,Good luck



Hi Ronni! hope you fine !!

thank very much for beautiful lessons, that you teach to us.
Now I will ask the question about the all rule like the (th and S), please send me information where i find the all rule like that.
thank you

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Thank you Ronnie!

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Hi, great lesson! Thank you! I think one of worst word is “though”


Thank you very mach!!!


Thank for your lesson! Sure, i will try to exercise.

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very good mam i really understand it so easy and mind blowing technique

syed izhar

i really appreciate the way the leddons are presented.theu’re truly interesting and useful for english learners ; and especially for teachers.thanks a lot


hello .. really it nice to hearing .


thanku engvid


Very good!I like this lesson a lot.
The teacher,Explain very weel.


Very good,I liked this lesson.
the teacher explain it very weel.



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____________________________Learning with you…

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Thank u verymuch Ronnie …i like ur way of teaching these two sounds beacuse u r much more intersting & anyone can easily understand from u …by the way u r also funny..Maha From Egypt




thanks alot for your nice lessons i am realy proud of u.


hi there! it’s really very nice..thanks for this class..and GOD BLEASS YOU……JASSI

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thank u very much



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I hope you are doing good.
I have confusion in pronunciation of Cost and Cash.
So can You please teach me how to pronunce that words.
Thank You so much For your help.

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thankyou very much good onec


Thank you very much for your lessons .

Thamer Mohammed

Thank you very much teacher

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Hi, Thanks very much for your nice explanations.

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what is actually sound of “STUDENT OR STRIKE”? etc plz rply i’ll waite.


Hello Ronnie, great lesson again. These consonants are very hard to learn but you make the learn very more easy.
I have a question when you say the th, do you stick your tongue out or pronounce the consonants this way? Because when you’re gonna say something it doesn’t sound so strong when you’re gonna learn it to pronounce. I mean when I’m gonna say the th and I’m sticking my tongue out, it sound’s no more natural?


It’s very good for study English. please post more


Ronnie: Now I can think better about my sink

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more “th” sound please. thank you.

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thanks for lesson !!!!!!good luck


Hi Ronnie
your lesson is soooooo good we have hard time to pronounce “R” Please help thanks!!

Muhammad Noman

thank you


You are cold and good..thank for the lessons..

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    I will try to make a lesson for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you very much

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      ronnie pleas explain this word fake ?????? meaning

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I really appreciate that. thanks alot teacher.


Hello teacher Ronnie! How are you? I will be migrating to Canada very soon. I learn a lot from your lessons especially “pronunciation”. I am not a native English speaker but our 2nd official language is English. So, I have a different accent, I pronounce some English word incorrectly and I find it difficult some times or most of the time. Lol!

I want to learn how to speak, talk and sound like a Canadian. If you don’t mind, can you teach me how to pronounce some of these words Teacher Ronnie:
-written, kitten, cotton, button, mountain, bottom
-mouth, months(I find it hard to pronounce month and months). How do you pronounce “THS”?

-coupon, data, about

-certificate, predicate(will it be pronounce as “KIT” or “KAYT”?), enumerate, alternate, liquidate, consulate(will it be pronounced as “EYT” or “IT”)

-able, applicable, convertible, table, vulnerable, adorable, cable, marble, gamble, humble(would you pronounce it as “BALL” of “BELL”?

I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day Teacher Ronnie.

Profile photo of jandox jandox

I enjoy all of your enlish lesson. Thank you so much

Can you teach the pronounciation for the word start with Y and u. Example, Yellow, youth, You and under, umbrella and so on.

And also how to pronounc “Ottawa, Ottawa or auttawa and and same thig Kettle”

Thank you



    Ok! I will make a lesson on “Y” for yOU!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

because of you ms.ron i am now a student here..thank you so much for this lesson coz i really got a big problem with my pronunciation of my “th” now i know how to say it right.keep on teaching..:)

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Love you Rani(Hindi in India)quin(English)ronnie(your name).so once again love you Rani.you are my favourite teacher.

Satendra Yadav

Special thanks from Russians, this sound is our common problem, but your lessons are very accessible and helps a lot.
U’r really adorable if you don’t mind me saying =)
Keep up the good work!


Ronnie Really I like your way learning English thank you


thank you very much


i was very confused before,but after learning this from you dear Ronnie I can now easily pronounce this…………. Thanks a lot….
your style of teaching is so heart touching… I also njoy with learning
May you live long

hidayat khan

you are my best teacher

Ibrahim shaqura

Thanks Ronnie. Th pronunciation is very hard for us who speaks portuguese because we don’t have that sound in our language.


Thanks so much Ronnie for this lesson, God bless you !


Hey Ronnie….
i’ve problem in pronunciating i don’t knw how to pronounce school,station,sting etc i pronounce these word as eschool estation esting i don’t knw the correct way to pronounce it could you teach me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Johnny Depp

hey ronnie i’ve problem in pronuncing the word like school store stay still etc like this i pronounce there word as eschool estore estay what’d do plz teach me na


I will try to make a lesson!

Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hmm plz inform me plzzzz when have you done the lesson plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Johnny Depp

Hello Ronnie.It’s so nice watch your video. This is very rich on info. I’m taking lessons with all the teachers on this great site. I’d like to meet everyone of you. Bye for now, I let my hug.

Thyago Perera

Thank You Ronnie. I have been struggled with th sound for years. I lost hope that i will ever pronounce it, but after this lesson i start making this sound. I will practice it every day until it become easy for me :). Thaks very much.

PS. Your hair is gorgeous :)

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thank you very much for this lesson i love it cuz i have a lot of problem to pronunciat some word im english can u add some lessons like that


Thank you

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Hey Ronnie I am grade 11 student I just shifted to Toronto .
My question is what is meant by though I that the people are using like
It is hard though what is “though”
Can you plz tell me the how can I write. A perfect paragraph

Zeeshan ali



Hi Ronnie, I know now how to pronouns Th and S

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Hey!Ronnie, thank you for your vedio.it’s useful for me in my oreal aspect in exam.

i ‘ve been pizzled about pronunciation between than and then.would u give a hand?thx

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Hi Ronnie
could you please make a lesson about how to pronounce a word like(Three,thrill,thread,throat,through)and many other words as well cause i found it a bit difficult to pronounce them!
thanx :)

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Thank ou very much!

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[…] English Pronunciation – Th & S – engVid (A video lesson) […]

/s/ or /θ/? | EnglishProgrammes.com

you are always funny

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Thank you

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thanks you for teaching us. i always try this every morning

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Thank you very much teacher, It was a great lesson

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Good job, i like your lesson

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thank u very much Roonie…u a perfect English teacher…i love ur lessons…..although i am a teacher too

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Thanks a lot !

“Th” is one of the hardest sounds to learn in english (in portuguese we don’t have any sound that is similar to “Th”). But this lesson helped me to understand and to practice how to pronounce it correctly.

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This lesson is perfect to pronounce better.

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Hi Ronnie
thanks a lot for helpful lesson.
take care

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Thanks again for your lesson.

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Think you very much.
You lesson easy to understand.

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[…] English Pronunciation – Th & S – engVid (A video lesson) […]

/s/ or /θ/? | The IELTS Tutor

Hi Ronnie! I’ve watched all your videos=) You’re the best=) There’s one thing I cannot understand. I found out that some people pronounce “that” as “dat” and “the” as “de” . Or may I’m wrong and heard something wrong,I don’t know. But when I listen,it seems to me that I sometimes hear these sounds. Can you explain that? I would be very happy

Profile photo of Cyrus94 Cyrus94

Thank you very much ms Ronnie

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I understand the differences but I can not pronounced it :(

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I alway fin difficult in pronouciation,

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Thanks Ronnie.

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It is really really easy to learn with you!!!

Thank you!

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