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thank you so much for your precious lessons , your magnificient way of assigning and the way you convey the message to hearer .

Tuesday, January 5th 2010

this lesson is wonderful lesson . Thanks alot .

Note : I hope you teach us the different between t / d in specifiec lesson .

Thank you again ,

Regard ,


Tuesday, January 5th 2010

Great Ronnie!hope to see soon more stuff like this even paid for Toefl and Canadian English.A+++++

Tuesday, January 5th 2010

it is agreat job i wish you always be the best anf i wanna your advice to pass my ipt , thanks

Tuesday, January 5th 2010

thank you so much teacher i feel like i m in my old classroom (2001 )front my bessssssst teacher aicha i like you and i like the way you explain students driss hafed _ morocco

Tuesday, January 5th 2010

thanks for lesson, i like it

Tuesday, January 5th 2010

Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, January 5th 2010

What is emphasis on consonants? Does that really exist?

Wednesday, January 6th 2010

I can’t watch the video. how can do I do? help me.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010

Thanks alot teacher Ronnie 4 all of this succeeded methods.
you offer private English lessons on Skype.
I wana ask If I can get that just for my poor pronunciation ?

Wednesday, January 6th 2010

i really like they way you teach but i need some help on how to improve my writing beacuse when i write something it didn’t make sences. thank you

Wednesday, January 6th 2010

Hi everybody,

This is going to sound strange ‘cos as you can see I am Mexican but I started studing English some years ago under a British school programme , so my accent is very british and I like it a lot, even I prefer it much more than the American because I think it is more polite. However, I have family in USA and everery year I travel to visit them and when have got the chance of talking with someone from this country, they have told me my pronunciation is very different and besides there are some words that are totally diferent.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010

wow.. it’s useful to me ..

Thursday, January 7th 2010

Wow, I found this website, It’s very useful for me,
Thanks all of you :-*

Friday, January 8th 2010

goood lesson

Friday, January 8th 2010

Good Good Good Good

Saturday, January 9th 2010

thank you for the lesson.
I like to have some information about the private lesson.
Thanks a lot.


Saturday, January 9th 2010


Could you please explain how to pronounce the words MILK and E-MAIL

Some students have difficulties on that.

Also they ask what is the difference in pronunciation between MAN and MEN.


Saturday, January 9th 2010

Hi ronnie!
All of your vids are very helpful and entertained as well which is awsome because it doesn’t make learning boring.
I have some troubles with the pronunciation of the words “man” and “men”
To me, they sound the same, so I’d like you to tell me how to difference between them both
Thanks a lot
Keep up the great work


Saturday, January 9th 2010

    Woops, sorry, I meant “entertaining”
    Now, bye! (:

    Saturday, January 9th 2010

    Hello Mario!

    man is a long draw out aaaaaah so like maaaaaah-N, and men is much shorter… is like pen, ben, hen ken. If you can rhyme it, that would help!
    ALSO… for a complete alternative, if you really struggle with it, just use different words like “guy” and “guys” (these mean the same as man / men)!!!

    Sunday, January 10th 2010

      bonjour ! merci beaucoup pour la leçon de prononciation !
      this is really goooood lesson.
      continu as it !
      thank you so much

      Monday, January 18th 2010

        you are goog teaching thanks teacher i love english i want learn english please help me they you are

        thanks a lot
        have a nice day

        Monday, January 18th 2010

      “MAN” and “MEN”, I had a problems with that too. But now when I want to say word men I imagine that I’m saying word like “MN” I guess it can be right.

      Sunday, November 14th 2010

      Ladiiieez and Gentleguys!

      Sunday, July 5th 2015

thanks teacher .

Tuesday, January 12th 2010

    Ronnie, u are the excellent teacher.
    ,i have very problem to pronunciation.pls help me.
    what can i do. i would like to take on line classes too .
    pls let me know in my mail address.

    Friday, January 29th 2010

It’s a really good lesson. Thank you so much.

Tuesday, January 12th 2010

wow so beautifull teaching thanks teacher i love english i want learn english plz help me this is my email adderss
kh************** plz send me all teacher vedio link if you don’t mind

thanks a lot

Wednesday, January 13th 2010

Thanx sooooooooooo much . i hope that form this site i am able to improve my English.

Friday, January 15th 2010

thank you.
i learned alot♡

Saturday, January 16th 2010

i like the t/d part its helpful,i really appreciate you teacher

Saturday, January 16th 2010


i like u way u r good teacher

thanks alot

Sunday, January 17th 2010

thanks so much

Monday, January 18th 2010

Thank you sooo much. It was very useful and wonderful. Thank you again. From Mongolia, Oyunaa

Tuesday, January 19th 2010

thank you teacher…the lessons are useful and wonderful too.

Wednesday, January 20th 2010

Of course, It’s really amazing.
I would like to thank you for your informative Videos . You are very slow for preparing Video lecture(After a long duration). I like your teaching.
We will wait for your next video.
The best teachers(Ronnie!) teach from the heart, not from the book.

Friday, January 22nd 2010

Hello. I am in the beginner
I have recorded at the site and went through 24 hours of registration. So far I can not watch the lesson. What is the reason

Saturday, January 23rd 2010

(786) hello dear teacher .i love to your english lesson .your english lesson help me in every place thnks alot

Sunday, January 24th 2010

Thank you!
This lesson is wonderful and very useful.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010

Thanks for lesson, the page is wow. Thanks. I want to learn english.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010

Thank so much,hi! i am umesh Ramanna from india ,bangalore , i want to sare some thing for you, i stady only in kannada medium, up to my graduation. I want lorn good english but my problem is how to learn good english can you please healp me, i am waiting for you are replay?,

my mail id is

daily i watching you lesson………thanks lot

Wednesday, January 27th 2010

Hello teacher.
Did you remember me?
I ‘d love to continue learn english with you.

Wednesday, January 27th 2010

hello teacher
i’m from iraq i wann to learn American Accent ok

Friday, January 29th 2010

Hi Ronnie,

Thank you very much for this Lesson…my english is not good but i can understand you very good.

How to learn with you on the skype?

Thank you very much


Saturday, January 30th 2010

thanks Ronnie.!!!

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010

Hi, Can you gime more information about yours private English lessons on Skype ?

Thanks Ronni… (I love yours lessons!)

Thursday, February 4th 2010

Thanks alot it is really intresting lesson.

Monday, February 8th 2010

good lesson

Wednesday, February 10th 2010

This is awesome!!!

Friday, February 12th 2010

Thank you very much !!!!

This is really useful

Monday, February 15th 2010

lesons are very useful and effective.
thank you very much!

Monday, February 15th 2010

Thanks, the video has been very useful.
Very nice

Wednesday, February 17th 2010

hello, the video is goo, thank you

Monday, February 22nd 2010

Thanks for this wonderful website for learning English and thank you very much for the teacher Ronnie for this lesson useful. I’am not good in english but I wanna be the best. I love english I have problem with pronunciation. What can i do? thank you

Monday, February 22nd 2010

Wow! very good,rsrsrs
I am enjoying my first day here in this site. really cool to learn who really knows how to teach, if possible I wanted to know how is the correct pronunciation of Girl, girls, and restaurant .. bye, bye kisses
I’m from Brasilia Brazil, my name is Ricardinho..

Tuesday, February 23rd 2010

it’s wonderfull what you are doing guys. love that website

Wednesday, February 24th 2010

thank you so mush

Wednesday, February 24th 2010

wonderful lesson,thank you.

Monday, March 8th 2010


Friday, March 12th 2010

hi, ronnie
this lesson really worked, i wud like to have more lessons on pronounciation. please try to explain the difference in pronounciation between measure and major.


Tuesday, March 16th 2010

Hi teacher,
Wonderful and very useful lesson. You did it very well. Thanks alot.

Friday, March 19th 2010

deeply thank’s you make different clear between samilar words

Friday, March 19th 2010

thanks Mrs. Rebecca…, you good teacher…..i ‘m understand your presentation…….( From : Indonesia)

Tuesday, March 23rd 2010

thanks :)! <3

Friday, March 26th 2010

hi teacher thanks for the lessons

Saturday, March 27th 2010

I like so much your method.thank u

Sunday, March 28th 2010

hey ronnie,you great .
i wish you can break down the diference between (well)and (will)(bet)and (bit)if there is any way we can get the diference in the pronounciation.
thank you

Monday, April 5th 2010

Wondeful lesson. I really enjoyed and learned.

Wednesday, April 14th 2010

Ronnie is as beautiful as a flower


Tuesday, April 20th 2010

Hi, Ronnie, My name is Miga,I am a Mongolian,thanks for your interesting lessons.Bayarlalaa is mongolian word”Thanks”.Bayarlalaa

Monday, April 26th 2010

When i read english i understant mor than i heard.

Thursday, May 13th 2010

Hello teacher I love your lesson in inglish, I studied everyday , I live here in Key West Florida , I know only spanish . Tankyou very much.

Sunday, May 16th 2010

really i tell thx too much

Tuesday, May 18th 2010


Thursday, May 20th 2010


Saturday, May 22nd 2010

As for me there is very interesting informatoin concerning “t/d” in different english-speaking countries.

Tuesday, May 25th 2010

hey! u were a great help…thank you and god bless

Thursday, May 27th 2010

Thanks for lesson,it`s very useful

Friday, May 28th 2010

thanx lovely teacher

Friday, May 28th 2010


Monday, May 31st 2010

great teacher,,,,,,,,, its really fun thank you.

Tuesday, June 1st 2010

very nice, thanks a lot..

Sunday, June 6th 2010

thanks so much taecher,and I want to tell you this is frist time to me in this site and i hope you add me in your list pls ,I like english language and before long time I’m try to get it but!! I Can’t so pls tell Where I shold start on this site??? I’ll wait your answer

Monday, June 7th 2010

thanks a lot….
could you teach us the prasel verbes and focus of it please

Monday, June 7th 2010

Thank a lot :)

Sunday, June 13th 2010

your very verry good teacher of my i like you too much your only one in wrold and your outstanding

Sunday, June 13th 2010

this lesson is wonderful lesson . Thanks alot .
I hope you teach us the different between c/s and c/k in specifiec lesson .
Thank you again

Saturday, June 19th 2010

thank you ronnie!
you teach very well, it’s very usefull for us thank you so much I love you…

Sunday, June 20th 2010

hi teacher
thanks alot for your hard work.
i want to ask you about the word ” talk ”
is it like ” walk ” in its pronounciation??

Wednesday, July 7th 2010

you teach very well. teching clear differences between pronounciation.

Saturday, July 10th 2010

so easy that i can pronunciate all of them! thanks a lot!!

Sunday, July 11th 2010

Its really helpful.I would like to know where and how to use do not,didn’t,don’t.Please do the needful

Wednesday, July 21st 2010

… I really like the way you teaches… very nice… i want to impart what i have learned from you to my students.. it’s really a great help..!!! thank you so much.. take care and more power,, :)

Thursday, July 22nd 2010

Mam, thanks.
How to pronounce ‘father’,?
(f’aaa’ther or father)

Thursday, July 22nd 2010

Muchas gracias por su lección.
Thank you for lesson.

Sunday, August 8th 2010

Iam interest to learn english, this is best for me.

Monday, August 9th 2010

thanks a lot i really appreciate these lessons and i now i feel easier to prounciate the th i always found it hard to me to spell it like an english educated man,hopefuly one day i wont feel shame to spell it loudly lol :) and correctly thanks again

Friday, August 13th 2010

hello everybody I’m barnie happy day end I want what everybody talled good

Monday, August 16th 2010

Thank you so much!!! You are really great teacher Ronnie.Your teaching style is very good and all lessons are very helpful for us…… once again thank you very much!!!

Thursday, August 26th 2010

or would u like to teach me on skype because i really want to better my english i know english language but there are many confusions which are making me confuse

Wednesday, September 1st 2010

I appreciate these lessons and I’ve learned so much. Thank you so much!!!

Friday, September 17th 2010

thanks alot teacher ronnie. I hope you teach us martial,partial,patient,fasten listen.
pronounce and details for this spellings.
thank you.

Saturday, September 18th 2010

thx for all ur lessons. its help me a lot .

Tuesday, September 21st 2010

thank you teacher you make it easy .can I have your email to talk to you ?

Monday, September 27th 2010

Hello , Could you consider me less than beginner , so would you like to tell me some tips about learning English ? thank you

Wednesday, September 29th 2010

hi teacher Ronnie frist of all i would like to introduce my self my name is fadhel and i’m working in the hospital as platic surgeon altho i’m a surgeon but i need to study english for my work and i’m living in the middile east in coutry called Bahrain it is small coutry and i had seen all your lessons it amazed me the way you are teaching i have seen many teachers in my life but you are marvellous and fantastic teacher ,i’m so glad that finaly got your source of you beautiful lovely lessons of english so i would like or i request from you to add more lessons for you in list . By the way i had recorded all your lessons i needed more from you especially on irregular verbs i need your lovely trick on those things lessons , finaly i hope that i can speak to you or i get your email or any things that i can contact you in case if i need your hlep in my english study . in the end i’m looking forwards hearing from you ….. my email is waiting for your answer

Wednesday, September 29th 2010

Could you prepare a lesson on vowel sounds, like pen and pan, or lid and lead?
You are soooooooo good! I love Engvid

Wednesday, October 6th 2010

Thank you very much! Great Lessons! Great Teachers! Great Help!

Tuesday, October 12th 2010

beautiful, but it’s difficult for me yet. farther-further…but thank you a lot….

Sunday, October 17th 2010

thanks a lot

Sunday, October 17th 2010

thank u teacher Ronnie

I always enjoy your lessons :)

I have a little question if you don’t mind

does “T” in the middle of a word always spoken “t-d” (in american english of course)

Sunday, October 31st 2010

Thank you alot you’r helpful

Friday, November 12th 2010

hi tahnks a lot

About words “MAN” and “MEN”, I had a problems with that too. But now when I want say word men I imagine that I’m saying word “MN” I guess it it can be right.

And it was very intresting to know about t/d, I didn’t know it before. thank you for your work.

Sunday, November 14th 2010

good lesson i like this way

Sunday, November 21st 2010

it was agood lessons but I also ask for lessons for toefl

Sunday, November 21st 2010

thank u !!

Sunday, November 28th 2010

nice!!! thanks

Tuesday, November 30th 2010

Hello Ronnie ,
my name is Marie Anne and I am new in Canada I live in Barrie Ontario and I give you my addresse email is Zakarisoa@hot mail .com or you can give me your adresse email because i relly want to learn English pronunciation because when I talk to people some people laugth of me so please send me email back thank you very much . BYE

Wednesday, December 1st 2010

Thank u for all this stuff!!
I appriciate that!!

Monday, December 6th 2010

appreciate that
sorry spelling mistake;;

Monday, December 6th 2010

thanks ma’am ronnie for teaching pronounces. your teaching is alive and brings fun which makes me learn lively. i do ask for more.

Monday, December 6th 2010

Thank for your lesson :D

Monday, December 6th 2010




Monday, December 6th 2010

Shalom my name is Eric Calix and i have problems with the pronounciation of words ” would, could and should. could you make a video of that issue?
Thank you

Thursday, December 9th 2010

    Would is like “wood”
    Should is like “shood”
    and Could is like “kood”

    Thursday, December 9th 2010

thanks you really good teacher

Sunday, December 12th 2010

Thank you!

Thursday, December 16th 2010


Sunday, December 26th 2010

Great,thank you!

Tuesday, December 28th 2010

Thanks a lot
You are a great teacher.

Tuesday, December 28th 2010

Ronnie, you are the best.

Thursday, December 30th 2010

Ronnie,I just can not find the words to thnk you ! Really…

Sunday, January 9th 2011

Kindly, i have problem in my accent between B & P, , I need your help,
Thank You Ronnie

Sunday, January 16th 2011

    Where are you from?
    “P” you push the air out more. You should make your mouth tight and closed then push the air out like you are kissing!
    “B” your lips are not as tight at the start and your mouth ends in a smile!
    I hope that helps you!

    Tuesday, January 18th 2011

really you are fantastic teacher,
keep going and thank you too much

Monday, January 24th 2011

You are fantastic teacher !!! :))) thank you very much for your help!!!

Saturday, January 29th 2011

Your lessons are awesome. This is really useful! Thank you very much!! :D

Tuesday, February 1st 2011

Thank you Ms. Ronnie I realy learned a lot with all your lessons and I will love to continue learning

Saturday, February 5th 2011

thanxx madam…………but mam plz tell me what is the right prounciation of ‘think,thought’..or plz give us a lesson on the words started with ‘TH’

Monday, February 7th 2011

    There is already a lesson on “th” sound!

    Tuesday, February 8th 2011

Thank you Ms.Ronnie, you are fantastic teacher, the way you teching is excellent….

Tuesday, February 8th 2011

Hello dear Madam!

i have a problem in S and W, Can you please tell about the sounds.

Tuesday, February 15th 2011

Thank you very much Ronnie

Friday, February 18th 2011


Monday, February 21st 2011

you are the best teacher becuse you Can deliver information to the recipient easily.
i like your teaching.
thanks million time

Monday, February 21st 2011

wonderfulll ronnie l am luis and lam here suhsuhsuhsush me say more in ingles in thanks very colll wondfulll roniee

Tuesday, February 22nd 2011

thank you very much ronnie
l need of more video post here in ..

Tuesday, February 22nd 2011

thank You, I like this

Wednesday, February 23rd 2011

thanks a lot Ms. Ronnie
It can be difficult sometimes to
differentiate between the words ..
Now it will be easy for all because
of your explanation

Thursday, March 3rd 2011

Hi Ronnie How are you ?
please tell me what is the different between
what did you do for Ronnie?
What did you do with my pen?

Friday, March 4th 2011

thanks a lotof

Friday, March 4th 2011

it’s very helpful where ican find more website for english vocabulary

Friday, March 4th 2011

i love english….thankxxxxxxx its very helpful

Monday, March 7th 2011

thanks alot and you were very well

Monday, March 7th 2011

I really want learn English and I need it ,,, but I can’t I have a problem in my accent can you help me I’m really need to you

Monday, March 7th 2011

    Hi, Mr Mubarak
    I’m from same home , i’m Sudanese,too.
    send me on Facebook website , my E-mail is ” .

    Friday, October 31st 2014

that is really nice. very helpful.

Wednesday, March 9th 2011

Teacher’s way of explanation is excellent. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Friday, March 11th 2011

not in Canada and in America too “T” is “D”

Thursday, March 31st 2011

I have a question to ask you. Can you teach me how to pronounce the words that add s at the end likes tests, asks, months,mouths, seeds,sets etc ? I have learn that they have different ways to pronounce s at the end. and I will appreciate if you will make video about this. Thanks very much.

Friday, April 8th 2011

    I will try to make a video for you!
    Thanks for watching and good luck!

    Saturday, April 9th 2011

      Yea….even I think it would be great if u can make a video for that…..also please explain them by using them in sentences like “he asks questions”

      Wednesday, July 13th 2011

My pronunciation is bad, so I like pronunciation lessons. Your lessons are so useful. I like them. Hope more pronunciation from you. Thanks! ^^

Saturday, April 16th 2011

these lessons are very useful. i love it

Saturday, April 16th 2011

Hi Ronnie.
My name is Linh Le. Well i’m just 17 and I have been in America for 9 months. I am getting in trouble with my accent about pronunciation. Can you make a video to show me how to say ” bad, bag, bed, word, worse, worst, change, chance, wall, world, war”.
Thank you so much!

Wednesday, April 20th 2011

Hi,Ronnie, you do a very good job,everything you teach is very clear, I love it! Thanka a lot!

Thursday, April 21st 2011

HI Ronnie
Can you explain me if I go in south of england (Manchester, Derby, Nottingham, London) I understand almost everything (beautiful british accent)and when do I try to understand my collegue who come from Texas I don’t understand anything? It seems to listen to a scratchy radio. He looses on his sentence: auxiliary, adverb, “T” “D” “p” and every kind of letter. So he seems to speak with a cigar in his mouth. Is there any solution in order to communicate with these people? Maybe the language of the deaf?

Thanks, Bye from Venice

Wednesday, April 27th 2011

    ahahhahah your post is hilarious!!! I understand what you mean — I love the “scratchy radio” comment!
    The only way to understand ANY accent is to listen and listen and listen to it… I suggest with subtitles at first! Try to find a song or TV show from Texas and look at the words as you listen — this is the way to learn any accent!
    Oh and Manchester, Derby, and Nottingham are NOT in the South of England… Manchester is in the North West, and Derby and Nottingham are the East Midlands.

    Thursday, April 28th 2011

      ok,ok I meant to the south of Britain (UK), you are very precise. However thanks a lot for your advices and I hope, one day, I will be able to visit your beautiful country. Bye

      Monday, May 23rd 2011

Oh, Ronnie thanks a lot for the lesson!!! I found it very usefull. I’m trying to get rid of my accent so your lessons are just great.I’ve got a trouble with saying “W” sound. I remember once in the restaurant i asked waitress for the water and she thought that i’m asking for quater, and it took me for a while to explain her what i need. I felt so embarrassed about it))) So I would really appreciate if you explain me how i supposed to say that(maybe specific mouth position). Thanks in advance!

Sunday, May 1st 2011

    First of all I think the waitress is quite stupid – why would you go into a restaurant and order a quarter? You have to remember that many people are just clueless and it is not always your “accent”!
    As far as the “W” sound, you should out your lips as if you were going to kiss… and blow air out… then quickly put your lips back to say the vowel sound!
    I will try to make a video for you on “W” as a lot of students have trouble with it!!!!!

    Sunday, May 1st 2011

      That would be great) Thank you for responding!

      Sunday, May 1st 2011

Ronnie… your way of teaching is awesome…:)

Sunday, May 1st 2011

Hi Ronnie, you are enthusiastic and funny and I recommend your site to my students for your young, current and topical point of view. You are doing a great job but please, you have to stop saying “proNOUNciation” it is said “proNUNciation”.

Monday, May 2nd 2011

    I agree!! :|

    Friday, May 13th 2011

hi ronnie

would you teach me,what’s the difference between farther and further?

Tuesday, May 10th 2011

    Farther refers to physical distance: “My house is farther away then yours.”
    Further means more or in addition to: “I hope to have further meetings with him.”

    Wednesday, May 11th 2011

      not ‘farther then yours’ … but it should be ‘than yours’ ???
      right ?

      Thursday, December 6th 2012

i got a question for u . what is the diferent sound between ,( WORD & WARD ) it sound same 4 me , i’m spanish .
and u can draw , how we would put our tounge .

rule the engvid Ronnie .thanks

Tuesday, May 17th 2011

    I will try to do a lesson on this for you!!!!

    Tuesday, May 17th 2011

I love your way of teaching dear teacher Ronnie. May you live long. u r gr8.

Thursday, May 26th 2011

Teacher Ronnie,
I can understand the lessons the news telecasted on BBC, CNN etc on tv. But I can’t understand the language of Eng. movies on star movies, HBO etc.
What should I do to understand these easily?

Thursday, May 26th 2011

    You can watch the movies with English subtitles, this will help your listening. However, in movies they use a lot of slang and idioms…..they are more difficult then the news! Good luck!

    Saturday, May 28th 2011

Every bit of Lessons deliverd by you!

Thursday, May 26th 2011


Sunday, May 29th 2011

Thank you, Ronnie!
Could you, please, explain to me the difference of pronunciation “woman” end “women”? Is it the same as “man” and “men”? Many times I heard it like [wimen], and I guess it’s for the plural one. Thank you and I’m sorry for the bother.

Tuesday, May 31st 2011

I have a problem pronouncing the word forty and the ph words

Saturday, June 11th 2011

    Forty = “4 T”
    Ph words always sound like “F”. eg…..Physics = “Fizz-iks”

    Monday, June 13th 2011

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the job you teachers are doing. it is difficult to find teachers patient enough to teach pronunciation in the way you do it.

Saturday, June 11th 2011

I really like the class thank you so much

Friday, June 24th 2011

mam i like ur way of teaching and i have solved lot of problem which i face in english .but i cannt understand the difference b/w WARD and WORD plz rply me

Thursday, June 30th 2011

I am very happy to found this web-side, because I have learned a lot.
but now I need or want that you help me on : the correct methodos when I saw the word on the news papers, I kept with the mouse shut off, because I don,t know the general rule to pronunce the word.(en general give me it).give me the general rule for almost all of them.
thank you…

Sunday, July 3rd 2011

    Sorry, I don’t understand your question!

    Tuesday, July 5th 2011

Thank you very much it was very helpful !!!

Sunday, July 3rd 2011

Thank you Ronnie, this lesson was funny :D

Wednesday, July 13th 2011

very nice.

Wednesday, July 13th 2011

Hi mom really your teaching nice useful me thanks

Tuesday, July 19th 2011

Spasibo Ronnie! I’ve seen some of your pronunciation lessons and I have to say that your way of explanation is the best for me. It would be great if you could produce some kind of guide to American English pronunciation someday. Something that would focus on words and phrases, not just on individual sounds.
With many many thanks!

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

hi! ronnie do have any idea how to pronouncew melodious?

thanks! :)

Monday, July 25th 2011

    mel – odd – dee- ous

    Tuesday, July 26th 2011


Monday, July 25th 2011

thank you!

Monday, July 25th 2011

a few doubts keep teaching us lovely redhead woman.I begging u.

Friday, July 29th 2011

can you please tell me that some people pronounce whats up as it sound like wazzz up .. so how should we pronounce it ?
and also little bit confussion in pronouncing touch … some people pronounce it like toooouuuch

Sunday, August 7th 2011

    Wazzzz up is slang – it was from a commercial.
    touch is ta – ahch. but it depends on where in the world the speakers are from!!!

    Monday, August 8th 2011

Thank you so much Ronnie

Saturday, August 20th 2011

This lesson very useful to me.

Saturday, August 20th 2011


Saturday, August 20th 2011

thank you so much teacher.

Saturday, August 20th 2011

thanks ronnie for lvly lession

Saturday, August 20th 2011

hii ronnie…i like the way u teach
would you plz tell me the exact diff between would, could and should and has been, have been and had been with examples…

Sunday, August 21st 2011

i lyk d way u teach..

Sunday, August 21st 2011

Ms.Ronnie, Thank you so much. Pronunciation is very important when i study English, some words are the same pronunciation and very difficult to distinguish between American and English accent.

Sunday, August 21st 2011

Hey… Ms. Ronnie, I love your classes so much. And … I don’t know if you will see my comment one day, but … anyway. I really want your help with some words or expression … (I don’t really know what they are)They are WHATABOUT, HOWABOUT, WHENEVER, HOWEVER, WHATEVER, …
I know that at first it’s seems easy, but always these words come in my mind to say but I don’t know how to use exactly.
Please Ronnie, help me. I need you so much, D; … From Brasil, õ/ [One video lesson about it would not be a bad idea]

Friday, September 2nd 2011

    WHATABOUT and HOWABOUT are asking someones opinion.
    WHENEVER= at any time
    HOWEVER= but
    WHATEVER= any.

    Wednesday, October 19th 2011

Hi Ronnie,
Thank you for your educational lessons. When I searched about “connected speech” in the internet I encountered this :
Sounds change: When a word ends in a consonant sound and the following word begins with a consonant sound, depending on the particular sounds, the last sound of the first word or both the last sound and the first sound of the next word can change.
Could you help me understand it ?

Monday, September 5th 2011

It was excellent session for someone like me, whoc is actually not the native english speaker. The way it was presented with help of lot of examples, was fantastic. My sincere thanks to the trainer and this website for offering such oppertunity to learn something.


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I have a problem while i pronounce words. The problem is i eat them up. My friends tease me as “lazy lips” for that. So can u please help me out with it. Thanks in advance.

Sunday, October 16th 2011

    Sorry I cannot help you with the WAY you talk – you will need to see a speech doctor! The only suggestion I can give you is open your mouth more when you talk!

    Sunday, October 16th 2011

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I was interested during this lesson

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Thursday, October 27th 2011

Hi, thank you Ronnie for your lessons they are very helpful , i would like if you give a lesson about the pronunciation of regular verbs past,like watched and added,i mean how we accent “ed”,thank you .

Wednesday, November 2nd 2011

    There is already a lesson on past tense “ed verbs”. Search on Engvid for it!

    Wednesday, November 2nd 2011

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You are amazing. I love this website.

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Hi Ronnie, glad to meet you here. Can you please help me how to pronounce mouths and mouse. I mean what is the different pronounce. Some people say mouths, sounds like mouse then I’m so confusing. Pls help me

Monday, November 28th 2011

    When you say the “th” sound in English, you have to stick out your tongue. So, mouth = maow-th – sick your tongue out at the end to say the \”th”.
    Mouse = maow-sssssss.

    Monday, November 28th 2011

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you are a great teacher ronnie… but i do have a question. can you please tell me that where should i use farther.. plz give me few examples? omer shami.

Friday, December 9th 2011

    Farther is the comparative form of far. I live farther away form school than you do.
    We use is when we are comparing (measuring) 2 things. The dog is farther away from the bowl than the cat!

    Saturday, December 10th 2011

Ronnie, I met people from Maine USA, and I think they have a english accent similar to yours; Am I correct? Or my poor english can’t show me differences on the way you talk???

Tuesday, December 13th 2011

    Sorry I don’t know the Maine USA accent!

    Tuesday, December 13th 2011

Ronnie I’m from Brasil and I speak portuguese.

Tuesday, December 13th 2011

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can u explain the use of could and would???

Saturday, January 7th 2012

    There is already a lesson on that – search engvid for could/would!

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I am confused about love and move.Why love is ‘luv’ and why move is moooove.Where as only first letter is the different.

Thursday, January 19th 2012

    “Move” is an exception to the rule (along with “prove”). Usually the o in -ove sounds like “uh” or “oh”.

    Saturday, January 21st 2012

    I have no idea why = English pronunciation is very difficult and the rules change so much!

    Sunday, January 22nd 2012

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Wednesday, January 25th 2012

Ronnie, i want to speak more like American/Canadian but i can’t pronunciate “t” like “d”. Is there a easy way or practise for me?

Wednesday, January 25th 2012

What are you talking about? I can’t believe it. “This is no exception?” “Every time you see /th/ in English, stick your tongue…?” Are you crazy? Farther and further pronounced as in thick, thin, thief, thorn, thing,etc., and not as in this, then, they, than, etc.? Have you ever tried to pronounce “they” with the /th/ sound as in thick? Since when the /th/ has only one single sound? Besides, to more indignation for myself, except in that moment (from 7’16” till 8’28”), you pronounce both words correctly (logically), as they are, this is with the /th/ sound as in “this”. Did the LSD get to your head during that minute, or what? I really can’t understand it. Congratulations for your kind of teachings Ronny.

Saturday, January 28th 2012

    Yes, I am crazy! Yes, every time you say the “th” sound you need to stick out your tongue. You are correct, there are 2 different “th” sounds – but you need to stick out your tongue for both! As far as the LSD getting to my head – I am not a dirty hippie! Keep it real buddy!

    Sunday, January 29th 2012

    Hi Ronnie, lovely work … but Carlos is right. (maybe he’s a little rude too…) that farther/further pronunciation sounded weird to mee so I went to check it. farTHer is not like THursday, it sounds like THis. I think you should correct this video ;) Bye

    Saturday, May 12th 2012

Thank you Roonie, u r one of d best, pls, could u kindly give me more information about distance lessons like(Skype), sincerely Zahid Baku, Azerbaijan

Sunday, January 29th 2012

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    Thursday, February 2nd 2012

You didn’t reply my comment. I’m going to cry! :'( I’m just kidding but is there a video about “Pronunciation of t like a Canadian”? If there isn’t how can i do that?

Friday, February 10th 2012

    Sorry, there is no video and I cannot teach you how to speak like a Canadian! However, I have made a video on Canadian vocabulary that will be up soon!

    Saturday, February 11th 2012

Justo to start, you’re brilliant!
I love the way you teach^^!

I must tell you, although, that this d sounds like a “r” (exactaly like the ‘r’ from a’r’ise), at least for us, brazilians. But I’m not a doctor in phonetic transcription to tell you so, but I’ve been thinking you could add this new idea to your lessons, just to be more than brilliant^^!

Friday, February 10th 2012

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    Saturday, February 11th 2012

      This is ‘very deadly’^^! Nice you liked^^!

      Sunday, February 12th 2012

Hi,Ronnie! I didn’t quite understand: how should I pronounce the words further and farther?(s or z?)

Wednesday, February 15th 2012

    Further = FUR-ther
    Farther = FAR – ther.

    Wednesday, February 15th 2012

Very interesting about the pronounciation. When I went to USA I heard american people pronounced “D” instead “T”

Friday, February 17th 2012

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hey, ronnie
how are you ? :) you’re wicked awsome :) i love to watch you the way you teach us , your accent, expressions and blah blah you’re the one who i watched please i have a request :( i want to improve my english there is a problem of vocabulary/speaking and grammar HELP ME RONNIE :( i’m expecting a positive reply from you :)
if any one intrested you can add me in facebook name :> (saad zaki) or add me in msn :
skype: (saadxaki)
only for those who can help to improve my lang :p

Sunday, February 19th 2012

Ronnie I saw you saying the pronunciations of canada, I was wondering if the Irish have the same pronunciation of canada. I’m here in ireland has it been 9 months and people have told me pronucias q are similar to the Irish and canada.

Tuesday, February 21st 2012

    NO! Irish and Canadian are totally different – even the accents in the different parts of Ireland are different!

    Tuesday, February 21st 2012

ok thanks for your reply ronnie

Wednesday, February 22nd 2012

When speaking about farther and further we can’t miss father, but there is also “fader”…

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    Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Can anyone tell me the accent use here is it American or British??

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Can anyone tell me the accent use here is it Britsh or American acccenet??

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Tuesday, March 6th 2012

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thanks alot and good bye love you :)

Saturday, March 17th 2012

Thanks a lot, Ronnie.

Speaking of pronunciation, Ronnie, im confused what the pronunciation /d / in the special cases like the word ‘ used’, ‘ loved’ and so on. I knew the pronunciation / d/, but im no sure the pronunciation /use-d/ same as /used/. Is it correct?

Second question is IS it we should use pronunciation /t/ in all of the words which have ‘t’ like the words ‘yogurt’,’commitment’ and etc?. Am i right?

I need your help. Your apply is appreciated. Thanks again, Ronnie.

With regards,

Wednesday, March 21st 2012

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Can you tell me the difference between
/li:v/ and /li:və/ and something like this? I try to find but I can’t

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Hi Ronnie!! first , you’re amazing!!!
so, I don’t know why but I always listen for example: bottle like boron with the letter “R” and not
with the letter “D”.

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Hi Ronnie!! first , you’re amazing!!!
so, I don’t know why but I always listen for example: bottle like boron with the letter “R” and not
with the letter “D”.

Saturday, July 21st 2012

difference b/w cross and crash

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Hi Ronnie I have a little theory about this lesson that doesn’t match your explanation, so I wanted to share with you so that you can examine and determine if it’s right or not. That would start with the words ‘farther’ and ‘further’. I think that there’s a ‘d’ sound that is made while putting the tongue between our teeth rather than a ‘c’ sound as I heard you making. I think that there’s a difference between the ‘th’ sound when pronouncing ‘thoughts’ and ‘mother’. Secondly in the ‘t/d’ sound section I would say that the ‘t’ sound remembers me more a ‘r’ sound than a ‘d’ sound even when it’s you who pronounces the words. So for me when you pronounces ‘water’ it sounds more like ‘worer’ and the word ‘little’ would become ‘lirel’. And finally, but it should have been put at the beginning of my explanation, the ‘ain’ in the first words could be explained as simply the pronunciation of the long a sound ‘ey’ followed by the ‘n’ sound. So that’s all ^^. As I am a “Portuguese, Spanish and French” speaker (…phone) maybe that would be the reason I hear those sounds the way I just explained. So cheers and thanks for you lessons. Carlos77.

Thursday, August 2nd 2012

Thanks for the lesson.

Sunday, August 5th 2012

Very very good. Thank you. I was confused with differences between father and farther for a long time and from this moment it is clear for me and (very important thing) hardly to forget. :)

I would be really grateful if you could do more similar lectures with written pronunciation.

Sunday, August 26th 2012

    When I wrote a comment, I realized that there were differences between farther and further, but not between farther and father. Could you say the differences in pronunciation between the last pair of words, please.

    Sunday, August 26th 2012

Ms. Ronnie,I love it. It’s like school again and the teacher can explain well the difference. Thanks alot for making this video lessons.

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Explain the difference in pronunciation between the pairs of words listed below. Illustrate these diferences using phonetic symbols.

Could vs cooled
Would vs wood
Quite vs quiet
Parking vs packing
Burger vs beggar

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Thank you for all the lessons. I got two words confused me. They are the “Do” and “Are” words when I want to use it to ask a question.
E.g. Where were you went last night? or Where did you go last night?
E.g. Are you going to school at 3 o’clock? or Do you go to school later?
Which word should I use, and when do I need to use them to ask a question.
Thank you.

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Hello Ronnie! I have a doubt! Is the TH sound (in farther and further) voiced or unvoiced? According to the phonetic transcription in my dictionary, it is voiced. I’m confused…It seems to me you pronounce it unvoiced.
Thanks for your answer.

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Hello Ronnie!
I think the pronunciation of ther isn’t like
Thursday but it’s like the (according to my dictionary)
pleas answer me!

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Steven P

Monday, October 12th 2015

I wanna know why someone native speaker(the same person) sometimes use D sounds and sometimes they also use T sounds??(

Thursday, November 5th 2015

Good lesson!

Wednesday, December 16th 2015

You are awesome!! really helpful lession.

Thanks a lot.

Wednesday, February 24th 2016


Tuesday, March 29th 2016


Monday, April 4th 2016

Thanks Ronnie.

Tuesday, May 10th 2016

Thanks a lot for that lesson, Ronnie!! I liked very much…

Wednesday, July 20th 2016

intresting lesson i like it

Thursday, September 29th 2016

Thanks a lot f

Thursday, October 20th 2016

Ronnie you are simply the BEST! a very positive relaxed:) person with great sense of humour, cool personality. Thank you!!!

Tuesday, October 25th 2016

Ronnie you re an inspiring teacher! You guys are doing a great job! I was on the cloud nine when I first watched your video. It is such a luxury to learn English this way. I highly appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 25th 2016

Hi, Ronnie
I’m a new student. My pronunciation is bad.I think your lesson is useful for me. I try to correct my wrong accent.

Sunday, March 19th 2017

Thank you Ronnie !

Friday, July 28th 2017

Thank you very much .It was so good and useful

Tuesday, August 1st 2017

Thank you very much Ronnie teacher.kindlty teach how to use prepositions in sentence.

Saturday, September 16th 2017

thanks Ronnie.

Wednesday, October 4th 2017


Monday, December 25th 2017

Thank you Ronnie.

Saturday, April 7th 2018

Ronnie-my favorite teacher there. Thanks for your help and amazing process of studying!

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

Thank you very much.

Saturday, August 25th 2018

thanks you so much my teacher

Saturday, October 27th 2018

thanks my teacher

Saturday, September 14th 2019

Thank you Ronnie, i’m your student from Indonesia

Monday, November 4th 2019

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