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That’s very good to realize personalities, but I’m not sure to know mine ’cause I can’t see my body while sleeping…

Profile photo of Johnny Phan Johnny Phan

    You’re right Johnny Phan, but you can see your body while started to sleeping and again you can see when you wake up :) i think you can compare two position and maybe you can understand how is your personelity.

    Profile photo of OzLem2602 OzLem2602

    you can ask someone of your family ^^ that can tell tour position sleeping

    Profile photo of imadusmiste16 imadusmiste16

    Johnny’s a nice name, cuz ya know… Johnny Cade…

    Profile photo of SunsetDragon SunsetDragon

first comment woww

thank you teacher

Profile photo of AkramYanis AkramYanis

    ^^ hia wlid bladi la3lam

    Profile photo of imadusmiste16 imadusmiste16

Uuuu Ronny! What an interesting lesson! i did not know about it, speaking of that…my sleep position is a combination of yearner and soldier but my favorite. is the first one. People who sleep like starfish and back snorer usually get angry many times because of their airflow is closed and their brains do not receive enough oxygen and when they wake up they feel exhausted.

By the way, thanks and bye for now!

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Profile photo of JGeorge JGeorge

Interesting lesson! Thank you.

Profile photo of AlexcyLee AlexcyLee

Thanks alot!
i really appreciate… it was very interresting

Profile photo of J-ray J-ray

Nice! Thank you so much!

Profile photo of Rodrigo Melo Rodrigo Melo

thank you RONNY your lesson it’s so usefull

Profile photo of jaroot jaroot

Ronnie, U are amazing👏👍, Thank u very much for ur lessons… I’ve got 89 :) and I wanna watch more one time bcz I wanna controlling in it … We need those lessons and thanks for ENGVID too…

Profile photo of Meteorologist Meteorologist

Hi, Ronnie!
Thank you for your lesson! May I ask you about how you usually chose the topic of the lesson? Is it always a request or you are following your own plan?
Thank you, Anastasia

Profile photo of atereshenkova2016 atereshenkova2016

Hi Repspected Educator,
Thank you very much, that you provide another fascinated lesson that rich in vocabulary as well as be aware about personalities.

Profile photo of Muhammad Abbas Muhammad Abbas

very interresting lessen mam
know i want to change my position mam

Profile photo of jalaluddin4u2c jalaluddin4u2c

Hell Ronnie . Thank you for this depicturing of personalites through how we sleep .
Personaly I am like you Ronnie , I sleep in every position and above all I snore a lot . That makes my personality complex ! ?

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

Thanks Ronnie!!Nice lesson ;)
By the way, where do you get so much information about these lessons about sleeping you like so much??Do you like psychology??

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Maybe my sleeping position is fetal or log. Interesting and fun lesson! Thank you, Ronnie :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Great Ronnie! As always

Profile photo of aaaa2 aaaa2

Hi Ronnie mam. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I am kind of a suspicious person as I suspect my sister a lot. That means I am a yearned. But anyways thank you for this lesson.

Profile photo of palakshi nautiyal palakshi nautiyal

I sleep in fetal position :) Thanks for interesting lesson…

Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

I always sleep like a baby. OMG! I am a shy and sensitive person. But no…no…no. Everyone tells me that I am so crazy, like a party animal. My friends say : Don’t be crazier, please! Hahaha

Profile photo of Stephanie Lee Stephanie Lee

Thanks for your useful lesson. You are the most interesting teacher in the world. I love Ronnie and EngVid so much!

Profile photo of Stephanie Lee Stephanie Lee

Hi Ronnie can u tell us more about personality like what else relevant to personality lets say color …what else can anyone plz help me in that

Profile photo of Moneim.Nemo Moneim.Nemo

Thanks Ronnie, I loved this lesson.. and I prefer never sleep looking up because I always snorer much …:)

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

haha it’s very vivid, from this vedio i could learn many strange words and the disposition or personality of people ,it’s so amazing.

Profile photo of baofeng235 baofeng235

    Hellooo I’m Chinese too (even though my English is as good as my Chinese and I dunno why I’m here)

    Profile photo of SunsetDragon SunsetDragon

i’m a star fish =)

Profile photo of B@tgirl B@tgirl

great! I like such a lessons,that was very interesting and useful)

Profile photo of SaparovaFatima SaparovaFatima

I think I am a free fall sleeper but I find that I got the bad things about it like being nervous and don´t take criticism easily but i don´t have that self confident , anyway I am kind of don´t believe that so I wanna know If I based on science or not .

Profile photo of Mohamed Rabiaa Mohamed Rabiaa

I think there is a mistake in the lesson in the describing of the position of free fall and starfish they are the opposite , I mean in starfish you sleep on your back while in free fall you sleep on your stomach .

Profile photo of Mohamed Rabiaa Mohamed Rabiaa

    Oh, you’re right, I can’t imagine that without your comment

    Profile photo of Crazzi Crazzi

    yeah , you`re right .. good attention

    Profile photo of Mustafa Mustafa

Thank you Ronie for this lesson!
It’s a very interesting subject
Many new words but I can learn it more easily :D

Profile photo of Crazzi Crazzi

What a curious topic! I´m curious now. I guess I toss and turn like teacher Ronnie, too. When I don´t wake up across the bed, I´m pretty sure I do in different parts of it and also in different positions. It´s insane.

Profile photo of Emanoel Pereira Emanoel Pereira

Great lesson teacher Ronnie. Toss and turn is the position I sleep in. Thank you! <3

Profile photo of AlexSB AlexSB

89 I’m Hapy !!!!!
This is my first test.
I feel good!!
Sori for my english :)

Profile photo of Anzor Dzhikiya Anzor Dzhikiya

Hi, Ronnie. This video lesson was very interesting. Without a doubt, one of the best things that we can do is to sleep. Thanks!

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

Ronnie! Thank you so much for your lesson.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

Your teaching style is good

Profile photo of bhupalreddy bhupalreddy

Thanks you, 100 of 100 corrected

Profile photo of jackyjam jackyjam

thanks Ronnie !

Profile photo of Muchir Muchir

Thank Ronnie
My viber number 01222118626 – Viet Nam
I want meet and chat people to improve my English

Profile photo of Khanh Toan Khanh Toan

Great Lesson, Thank you very much and we appreciate what you guys do for us :)

Profile photo of Abdulelah S G Abdulelah S G

It’s a interesting video! I think I’m a yearner. Thank you Ronnie!

Profile photo of MirtesMD MirtesMD

Many thanks!

Profile photo of brc75 brc75

thank you i got 9\9 it’s very easy , by the way my sleep positions is number 5 (star fish )

Profile photo of hadil99 hadil99

thank you for this lesson

Profile photo of CART CART

I think my sleep position is a mix of all! hahaha
Maybe I’m in the tossing and turning team

Profile photo of MayaSamps MayaSamps

I’m a yearner too teacher Ronnie.

Profile photo of Soleil23 Soleil23

Good and interesting lesson!

Profile photo of Eduardo Mattar Eduardo Mattar

Thank you very much Ronnie!
You’re a marvel!
Best wishes!

Profile photo of Del Carmen Del Carmen

Hey Ronnie.
I liked this lesson a lot.
I totally agree with it. I’m star fish.

Profile photo of Leandro Cleber Leandro Cleber

Thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of Julyan Ashur Julyan Ashur

thanks a lot :)

Profile photo of zuhufu zuhufu

very nice i liked this vedio ans especially Ronni the best teacher li loooooooooooooooooved you so much

Profile photo of amina23 amina23

hi ronnie how are you and ı wonder can you give me your email adress . ı want this because ı need to talk somepeople please can you help me ? :)

Profile photo of anxinyawolf anxinyawolf

was a good video, i enjoyed knowing what my sleeping possitions say about me.

thank you

Profile photo of danielrivera danielrivera

Thanks u teacher
I also like they way of your teaching :-D

Profile photo of shawaiz shawaiz

mam i want to learn grammar for my competitive exams

Profile photo of anita pailiya anita pailiya

Thank you Ronnie, it was a good lesson :) I like your voice and your behaviour. For this reason i listen to you carefully and i hope my English is getting better in time. I think we have same personalities because i am a yearner and i am very very suspecting of peaople just like you :) Thank you again, see you next lesson :)

Profile photo of OzLem2602 OzLem2602

You got 9 correct out of 9.

Hi Ronnie
I love your sense of humor. And I wanna report you that I got the max points for the quiz.
THanks a lot

Profile photo of Rachel Dam Rachel Dam

Hi, Ronnie. I had fun while learning this lesson. Very good material for a conversation class.

Profile photo of sidneyfleridabrown sidneyfleridabrown

Am i welcome?

Profile photo of Emilton Emilton

I like this . I think that I’m a yearned . Thank u

Profile photo of Lucci Lucci

Really can`t stop smiling while watching your lessons, u have a good sense of humor besides being a good teacher… thank you Ronnie

Profile photo of Mustafa Mustafa

Hi Ronnie. I learn English with you. Thank you very much for your teaching.

Profile photo of Shahmar Garagoyunlu Shahmar Garagoyunlu

Hi ms.ronnie thanks for lessons , i enjoyed :)

Profile photo of zakaria zakaria

im a freefall sleeper,thanks for the lesson, it was good i got 10/10 keep it up !

Profile photo of stayhungry stayhungry

Hi Ronnie! Thanks for this interesting lesson.

I’m sleeping in the fetal position because it is so chilly lately. :) Actually, I don’t know what is my predominant position when I’m sleeping, maybe the yearner one.

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

Very interesting lesson, thank you!

Profile photo of alexander-berst alexander-berst

Really interesting video and valuable information

Profile photo of moody883m moody883m

Hello. I want to improve my spoken English. We shall talk over what’s app : +91 7075 239003 thanks.

Profile photo of Anand Anand

Sweet dreams everybody… and be careful about POSITIONS.

Profile photo of Alexer Alexer

thank you, teacher!!

Profile photo of MINAE MINAE

Great lesson, Ronnie, Thank you !

I think that I sleep like a soldier lol anyway I want to improve my english so if you are in the same situation you can to add me on skype to talk about : carlyle@hotmail.fr
Have a nice day !

Profile photo of Mrcarlyle Mrcarlyle

I really like to see you in class it’s very interesting how you can learning a lot vocabulary just in one lesson thanks Ronnie🙋

Profile photo of Cataleya2 Cataleya2

My sleepy position yearner🏃🙌🙋

Profile photo of Cataleya2 Cataleya2

Hi ….u r my all time favorite teacher . this is very Amazing lesson for me.

Profile photo of kanikadh kanikadh

    Hi, could you just tell me who your favourite teacher is (on the site) and why!
    Well I’m also from INDIA.
    Please answer if you read it!
    Wish you a very good day or night ahead!

    Profile photo of sonu sonu

      Ronnie is my fvrt teacher becs her way of teaching is very cool, easy and without confusing.
      thanks for asking this question

      Profile photo of kanikadh kanikadh

I just spend hours watching these videos!! :)

Profile photo of Ellen Gomes Ellen Gomes

Thank you, so much teacher. 10/10 ^_^ I hope you are very well. See you, then.

Profile photo of lorenzoyoques lorenzoyoques

Hi teacher thank you so much
I wnat to learn english
And i watch 2 viedos
I am so exited
I will watch all your viedos

Profile photo of Mem0612 Mem0612

awesome! thank you teacher :)

Profile photo of Dania.s Dania.s

I love your teaching style ,I love your sense of humor!Thanks!

Profile photo of monitaa monitaa

9/9. Very well thougt Quiz.

Profile photo of Brunofromparis Brunofromparis

I’m a yearner.

Profile photo of lori05 lori05

I’m a yearner and I’m suspicious of others.

Profile photo of Astri Astri

Thank you Ronnie for your lesson. I enjoyed it.

Profile photo of meenachhenam meenachhenam

hi ronnie
i have been quite exciting when i listen and following your section.
take it easy!

Profile photo of alisam alisam

Super cool lesson :)

Profile photo of aliceitalia aliceitalia

again thank you so much teacher Ronnie all time favourite,god bless you

Profile photo of sanjeevwtp sanjeevwtp

it’s very interesting. i’ve tried several times but still can’t notice what position i’m falling asleep. i suppose mine is yearner.

Profile photo of k-nata k-nata

Roonnie, as always, you lessons are amazing. My most frequent sleep position is log. Coincidentally, I am easy going person, but sometimes I am very suspicious of others, like you!

Profile photo of kaiovinnicius kaiovinnicius

Thanks Ronnie, i like the way you teach English. That’s cool.

Profile photo of Htoo Htoo

By the way, i wanna have friends on Wechat to practice my English. This is my wechat id phoehappy

Profile photo of Htoo Htoo

I’ve got 9 out of 9. You’re the best teacher!

Profile photo of Rodrigo Cabral42 Rodrigo Cabral42

Thank you, my position is soldier & yearner.

Profile photo of Terrysam Terrysam

Thanks Ronnie! my sleep position is just like you tossing & turning ( sometimes I start swimming while I’m sleeping. Also to be honest Back snorer is my sleep position (sometimes).

Profile photo of Ali Alabdullah Ali Alabdullah

Nice presentation. Thank Ronnie ;)

Profile photo of orellana707 orellana707

Thank you Ronnie! Your video lessons have always been a lot of fun!

I’m not sure what kind of sleep position I always sleep in, but I start with the fetal position every night, which perfectly describes my personality; a tough exterior but very sensitive inside. Sometimes, I start as a yearner too. However, after falling asleep, I keep tossing and turning all night. LOL

Profile photo of akwr akwr

Thanks of you, I found out more about my persnality.
Very interesting lesson.

Profile photo of karas karas

my sleep position is yearner and its description fits me
that’s interesting you know…

Profile photo of Feanaro Feanaro

What a funny lesson!

I am yearner..

Yes yes yes!!!


Profile photo of emrahbulduk emrahbulduk

I’m yearner! It’s CORRECT!
I can’t trust people easily

Profile photo of natchan natchan

Thank you, Ronnie! I’m suspicious of others :D 8/9

Profile photo of svbNY svbNY

Thank you Ronny! That was fun and I learned something new.

Profile photo of Shimray Shimray

Thank you Ronnie, I am like you, “tossing and turning” because I sleep like the points 1,3,4,6.

Profile photo of dbaezh dbaezh

i got 8 out of 9

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

yay Ronnie. we Toss and Turn. :D :P

Profile photo of Madhav Sharma Madhav Sharma

I like your lesson! thank you Ronny.

Profile photo of Susan Yang Susan Yang

Great!Thank you Ronnie

Profile photo of Geniyemare Geniyemare

Thank you Ronnie. I think I sleep in Yearner position, I’m not sure. But I’m definitely not really suspicious, rather gullible. Everyone have a nice day :)

Profile photo of natalienana natalienana

Thank you Ronnie.i predominantly a yearner

Profile photo of sanishms sanishms


Profile photo of Inggon Inggon

That’s amazingly true!

Profile photo of yurei78 yurei78

9/9. Thank you Ronnie.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

you’re the best

Profile photo of walber walber

Wait, do you find out your personality from your sleeping position or learn your sleeping position from your personality? Is it both ways?

Profile photo of SunsetDragon SunsetDragon

Great lesson.I learned a lot.Your lessons are
always interesting and funny.This is very good.
Many thanks.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thank you, Ronnie!!! Great lesson as always!!

Profile photo of JJulian JJulian

Interesting class, but she is covering the phrases.


Thanks, Ronnie! I´m predominantly a yearner too.

Profile photo of jaquejolie jaquejolie

Hi Ronnie, It is so interesting to know different positions to sleep in. As I found out my sleep position is free – fall. It is quite true because I dislike a critisism unless it is constructive. Anyway, thank you for teaching us new things in a wonderful manner of yours!

Profile photo of Engrish Engrish

Thanks for this lesson!!!

Profile photo of sjpcosta sjpcosta

star fish
totaly true

Profile photo of Ola132003 Ola132003

It was great learning with you, but please speak more slowly. Thank very much Ronnie!!!!

Profile photo of fakazadi fakazadi

You got 8 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thanks Mrs. Ronnie.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

I got all correct.

Profile photo of che1707 che1707
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