About CRAZY PEOPLE. Ok, I’m here! Ronnie, I think you have the “best way” to teach English that I’ve ever seen! Thanks for your support!

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Hi everyone! I’m also learning German and I’d like to ask if there’s anyone interested in helping me let me know and I’ll send you my whatsapp. Thanks!

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    if are there anybodies who want to improve english speaking skills please add my skype ID apocan.kay or Apooocann Kay

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      It’s will be easy to hack u from a begginer who use njrat hhhhh becarful -_-

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This is what exactly I thought that you were teaching in this video okay but I’m doing the same tips like talking myself,writing something while the way teach, repeating the same sentence again and again and again getting better.. .anyway nice tips thanks madam..

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Hello, Ronnie
It’s a nice lesson, thanks.
Will you please give us a lesson on VERB PHRASE with examples.

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LOL!crazy tips!:)

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Hi everyone I learning English in sanDiego ineed sonone talk me English after clase

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    hello. /I`d like to communicate with you if it is ok

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this is brilliant

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Thank you Ronnie!

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Hi Ronnie! Nice to see you again!
That’s true what you told me is! I’m already doing speaking to myself and thinking inside of my head in English as many times as possible when I’m alone. But sometimes I do speak aloud in public place, of course not intentional. When I do that, people look at me and I bet they think I’m crazy. So I get so embarrassed, then I think “Oops! I did it again!” I have to pay attention not to do that in front of people.
In addition, I do play-by-play announcement inside of my head when I watching any sports, for example, while watching baseball, I’m saying in my head “2 outs, bases are loaded, here’s a big chance to score, pay-off pitch! Struck him out!” like this. This is very fun for learnin’. (I don’t know whether it’s working very well, but better than nothing.)
The last tip you told is most difficult among them, but I believe that is the best way to learn. No matter how much studying alone, it couldn’t be better than talking with someone who speak English.

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Hi Ronnie ! Thanks for your video.
From now on , I will try this way to practice my English speaking . I love your video so much , each time when I watch your video and take your opinion to learn English , I feel I got a improvement on English.

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Thank you very much Ronnie!!It´s always a pleasure to listen to such a crazy and brilliant teacher like you!!

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Hey Ronnie! you are really crazy and so cute! :) Your lessons are really funny. thanks a lot!

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hello mam , what is the diffirence :
i have been to china
i have been in china

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hi Ronnie,the video is very helpful, thanks a lot.Could you make a video about phrasal verbs with the word SET please

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Hi guys,
Thanks Ronnie for this new and always great lesson.

Juneriver said above “thinking inside of my head in English”. My experience on it may also be more “thinking in english” than “hearing voices”.
Of course tune (, or at the moment the sound of your voice) can remain in my mind, but no ability to change anything on it. So no opportunity to create a dialogue for example…

It could be due to my learning style, definitively more visual than auditory. What is yours (cf. the japanese learning sample) ?

Nervertheless thinking in english, ie, avoiding always english translations into your mother tongue (and vice versa), is simply a necessary and usefull step to wade in on english learning.
In my case, chatting (kind thoughts to some of my trainers) allowed me to feel confident enough and make this possible.

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:) Great Ronnie! thank you very much!

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thank you for the crazy tips!

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Hi Ronnie,
how about doing a lesson on court room english?
The news are always full of issues which make it´s usage necessary. Would you do this?

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    This is a really good idea! I’ve added it to the list of requests.

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Thank you very much ! You’re a great teacher :)

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    me to

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tell me the best way to study all of that wonderful lessons

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I don’t think you crazy.
You beautiful.
Thank you.

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Hello, Ronnie! Good advice. I have this problem, I do not meet native English speakers to talk. Thank you and goodbye! Júlio César from Fortaleza CE, Brazil.

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“It HAS BEEN provided.” It is correct to use ‘providing’ instead of the word ‘provided’.

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Hi Ronnie! I like your sence of humor and your sparkling videos. I absolutely agree with you that everyone can feel free to talk to another them; the people around might suppose that you are using your hands-free device e.g. blue-tooth or earbuds with mic. See you later.

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Hi Ronnie! I like your sence of humor and your sparkling videos. I absolutely agree with you that everyone can feel free to talk to another them; the people around might suppose that you are using your hands-free device e.g. a blue-tooth or earbuds with a microphone. See you later. (corrected version)

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Thank you Ronnie for this lesson….you are the best teacher ever of english…i listen all of your lessons

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Being crazy is the best way to speak English very well so that I will be crazy
Do you think reading will help me to speak English fluently?? Or do you think reading will help English learners to speak fluently? I really want to know your opinion
Thanks for your lesson as your usual you’ re amazing teacher and your expectation is really interesting

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Sorry I made a mistake explanation

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I Liked much, your lesson is very funny.

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Hey Ronnie! I just found ouy your video on youtube last Saturday and I think you’re really helpful and funny! do you want to help me? Will you give me the vocabulary about part of our body? Yeah human body of course . Thanks before.

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Ronnie!!!! You are THE BEST!!!!

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Thank you beautiful teacher.
How old are you,I just a child:9 years old.
I would like begineer lessons,please.
Thank you for all your help.

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I’m crazy i speak english everywhere !But i need someone to practice my English to correct my mistakes… !

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    hi retal,it’s the same here ,i need to practice english with some body,if you are interested :)

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    I’m ready to do it,

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    I`d speak with you with pleasre

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You are really cooool)))))

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What a great video, and what a great advice! Hehehe! :D

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Thanks Ronnie!

I do speak to myself in English to become a fluent speaker and to recognize my weaknesses.

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Thanks Ronnie…for your lesson

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thanks so much , Ronnie. I think that crazy way but by the way it’s maybe the best way for ESL learners english !

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Hi, thanks Ronnie!!
i think those techniques are very useful in a day life. i do the same, every day when i go out to walk.. i try to speak and think some situation who happen around me inside in my head and i recorder myself when i come back to home!!

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Ok!if I could be able to speak english fluently ,I don’t care to become carzy^_^

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I love this way to learn english!

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I do not know how to see my feel in English very well.

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Getting crazy, Ronnie ;)

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You Know i like it this Creazy Kind of eng.

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As said Steven Tyler:
“I go crazy, crazy
Baby, I go crazy
You turn it on, then you’re gone
Yeah, you drive me
Crazy, crazy…”

Thanks Ronnie! =P

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Good way thanks Ronnie
My problem is that Iam shy
And this might helps me I will try it , maybe I will talk to my self in the mirror

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I love the lesson of Ronnie! Are fun and easy understanding. With Ronnie, we learn kidding and this is good. Ronnie has a face yours at your neck, that’s crazy!

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Thans Roonie Its great learn with your energy

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These are really helpful tips that I can put them into pratice as soon as possible.

My routine requires me to present in EL in front of many audiences. And keep that in mind that Rounie is my premium mentors for my career.

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You´re right miss Ronnie, goin’ crazy is the only way to make the impossible. making possible.

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Hi Ronnie! I love your short and veeeeeeery useful lesson full of useful tips. Thank you!
God bless you!

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i want to have conversation with you Ronnie :)

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Hi Ronnie, i like so much all you lessons, you have wonderful explains, today i would like know if you can make a lesson about the correctly use of Got, thanks

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Hi ms ronnie, i like your teaching process to explain and lessons, please i shall be greatfully if you make english grammar lessons explain the difference between tenses with examples.

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Ronnie ….I love way u learn english

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I would like to improve my english to become as best teacher as you …
Do you give skype courses?
I am ready to work with you and if you want I will help you in French..
think about that and tell me..
many thanks

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    we can learn English together

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Very good the way teach of Ronnie, I really like and enjoy all videos.. Thanks! All teachers for each lesson.. and I can’t stop seeing them and learn more and more… Then see you next… Flavio – Natal-RN Brazil

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Hello nice vid lcould get benfit of it. thanks

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thanks so much, Ronnie :)

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it’s funny way.i loved it.

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I made a thumbs up on youtube video.
Thanks a lot!

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You are amazing Ronny… I almost can understand everything you said. Thanks for thats useful advices.

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Thanks for lesson…)))

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thank you for your all support.thanks to engvid.com i’m improving my english here very well.i am lucky because i have found this site.

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Thank you Ronnie. Very interesting

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I’m already doing the 1st two characteristics of crazy people, but it’s so hard to talk to everyone in English. I’m not very confident. I tried to talk to native speakers of English but it hasn’t worked out. I don’t know what I should do. :(

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Nice video. Thanks, I am going to try to speak myself no matter what people say.

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Thank you Ronnie for many good ideas in your head!

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can you please take a class on IPA (international phonetic alphabet) for us……

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Thank youexcellent explanation.

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I´m going to start dreaming in english tonight. Thanks teacher. I think all of us are crazy people.

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has the image of a face in your neck at the beginning of class before we click to begin the lesson.

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yes there are no one that i can speak eng with, but thanks for your advice and i will try to go crazy XD thank you

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thank you so much

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Ronnie you are the b e s t :)

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Thank’s a lot

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Really nice tips! I’ve realized that sometimes I think in English. Instead of saying “Desculpe”, I said I’m sorry to a friend who doesn’t speak English. And this are happening more frequently. Now I know that this is good, not bad. Thank you Ronnie.

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Amazing as always! thx!!

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Very good advice! I’ll try to be a crazy one.

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hi every one, i live in a small village and i am the only one who knows a little English words, when i listening to BBC radio i could not understood so please help me to practice English with u, this is my Skype Halgan31

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Very nice way for all.

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    hi my dear i will be happy to practice together my Skype is ahmedaboshloua regards

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Hi Ronnie,
thanks you share me carrzy tips!
I will do it.

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I’m crazy????????????????????

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    everyone is crazy,you gotta find that inner crazy person and pull it out!

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unusuall way to improve english but it is worked, thank u Ronnie.

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Hi Ronnie!Sounds you are the best teacher ever (not kidding). Thanks for your kindly support on this platform! Once I’ve come across your lessons I know I’ll reach the success. Thank you so much!

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Thanks again Ronnie! After this video, I discovered I’m also a crazy student but I’ve done care.

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I’m so impressed by this crazy learning way… I’ll try to do it n see

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Did you wear the black blouse inside out ? I saw the lable, seam allowance and threads ! You always make me laugh.

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Hi Ronnie, good lesson, you are brilliant!

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thank you Ronni
you are my favorite teacher

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you’re an amazing teacher. thanks for the advices ¡¡¡

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See ya.

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This is the first time a leave a comment, I’m new here and I wanna thank you Ronnie for this great lesson

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thanks you ronie!

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Thanks for your crazy tips, Ronnie. I’m really like this.
I’ll do it to be crazy!!!

See ya.

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I like bein crazy . I would have a lot funny when my English improve , that will be really interestin
thank you

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k always crazy.. that’s important…

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You are awesome!

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Hi Ronnie, I think I love yoour lessons, so you have a Big fan in Colombia

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This is useful teacher Ronnie :D I practice my Eng speaking skill by recording video each day and it works well.

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this is really helpful thanks ronnie i must tryyyy

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Yes! You are crezy! And a beautiful person also! :)

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I love you so much and I usually share your videos with my students. They laugh hard.

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It’s too easy to be crazy:)
I am ready to do every thing to learn English!

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That´s true, when I am talking in my home language, sometimes I think in English too. It started to happen in my second year of studying.

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I love all your classes!! they’re wonderful!

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I love your class to I understand everything, but a I don’t know what happen whit the other teachers 😢😢 was more difficult to understand

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Thank you so much, It is very useful.

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This is my number +523310525384


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Thank you.

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Ronnie I love all you lessons, I think is much better speak with somebody who is in a superior level what you are, for example I don’t live in USA so here in Mexico the people just speak spanish, so i think is better speak with somebody who speaks english better than me. Thanks !!

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Thank you, Ronnie. It’s a COOL video. I have a problem about how to talk with other in english. This video help me to solved my problem.

Thank you.

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thank you Ronnie. I had feeling it is OK I am “crazy” )

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Hello Ronnie! Thanks for presentation. It is important because to explain the problem to talk about in english.

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Excellent view point Ronnie, I’ m little crazy because sometimes I get speaking with me alone, but now I know that it is normal… Woohooo.. Hahahaha.
Thanks for this class, I appreciate it. Cya…

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Thank you, Ronnie! You are awesome

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Thank you, Ronnie! You are very good, I apreciate.

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Excellent Teacher!!! Im learning a lot with Ronnie Thank you so much.

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Thank you Ronnie, great job!

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till we see the sun.

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    Exactly !

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I usually do that.

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I liked the video, ronnie you’re so funny, peace

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thank you ronnie i’m crazy

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Thank you Ronnie! I understand text when I read them very offten. I try write in english language when I have opportunity. I’m going to try also speak to myself first in my mind and after some time maybe out loud.

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Your’e very positively crazy, I adore you. I come from Poland. I myself trying learn english . Now when I found your lesson I could do it with your help. I’m very happy in this reason. I feel that your lesson allow me achieve level up

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Thank you Ronnie!
It is a good way to learn English.

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Hey Ronnie am I supposed to talk to myself in my head or myself in a normal talking voice. People think I’m weird when I talk to myself this the first time I try it.

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Thank you Ronnie!

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I’m crazy! Hahaha

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Ronnie you have great expressions. I love it.

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There are some mistakes on the next short text. Could you find them?

Three pieces of advice have Ronnie give us in this videos. All of its is for improve, in a very fast way, our speaking English. By my side, I am really thinking to start to use its, never mind to think how much crazy I will look when I do that. I think the hardest is the second one, really amazing advice. Thank you, Ronnie.

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I like your explanations so much…and you very nice 😊

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Thank you Ronnie :)

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i love this idea, and i promise i will be creazy to learn english very quickely, by the way sometimes i hear voices too, Thanks Ronnie

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Thanks, going crazy.

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i like you crazy Ronnie:D

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Hello everyone! I want to improve my english and I’m looking for person to learn english with me. Is there anyone willig to write with me? ;)

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Thank you Ronnie!

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Ronnie you’re the best one! I love your lessons! =) Thank you very much!

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Haha. I really like it! Let’s get crazy together :)

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i doing same thing just like you say. thank you thank you so much.

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Hi RONNIE! i think it’s the best way to improve ourself .i did it .i always sucessful with it ……thanks for this lesson.

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I’ve never ever seen someone like your behavior in lessons, so Ronnie is the best teacher at all.

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I’m crazy, so I think I can get it! Thank you Ronnie

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Thanx!!!Ronny!! that’s really awesome!!!

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    Thanx!!!Ronnie!! that’s really awesome!!!

    Profile photo of Skydiverblr Skydiverblr

thanks ronnie u r awesome teacher, u r right
but i m trying to find the person who is the native english or who want to practice ….

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    me too i am tring to …

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I didn’t know you can speak Japanese!😊

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Thanks Ronnie..brilliant Idea..

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thanks Ronnie,your video gave me motivation!since i’ve been crazy a long time,i think my English is improving!

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Hi Ronnie
I’m Speaking with my self in English all the time
I will try to hear my self
But actually i think i will not speak with everyone
Maybe when i meet one ifell comfort with ان شاءالله
Thanks for your beautiful lesson

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Oh, my God!!!
I still hearing that voice inside telling me: EAT MORE, EATHE MORE ….
Thanks for your lessons, you are the best

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Good recomendation i like

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Now I’m going “CRAZY”, TRYING to figure out “WHAT I’M ABOUT TO DO” for next coming months without making any hustle for myself and the people I worked with. Thank you for a very enlightening takeaway. Sorry for my words but you’re really shitting in this course. bravo!!

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That’s Ronnie! The most amazing teacher ever. The funniest way to improve one’s English.

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Hey… Do You’re talking about me? I’m here 😊, I’m crazy and I live in a city where nobody around me speak English

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Hi Ronnie , I would say it just need to practice with anyone whom you know and he or she May knows English on daily basis will quit helpful. I would like to yes to talk themselves and record yourself in order to see how much are you better while speaking. Good luck everyone.

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Ronnie you are so special Teacher… your class is marvelows

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