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Thank you for the lesson. I can sing a english song and i love movies. And speak like VIN DiseL

Profile photo of Kuldeep Kuldeep

    sorry you made a mistake while writing it is an English song, not a English ok remember it and study it very well ok good luck inshaalah

    Profile photo of Bedoasas Bedoasas

I improve my English with dance :)

Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

    You’re the first one!!! Excellent

    Profile photo of nkh nkh

      I have left a message 2 u about the previous lesson read it

      Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

        Sure. Thanks

        Profile photo of nkh nkh

      You`ve changed your avatar! Is that the picture of the ancient Persian capital – Pasargadi (may be I misspelled the name)?
      See you!

      Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

        Hello. It’s tomb of Kourosh the great, also known as Cyrus the great

        Profile photo of nkh nkh

        Pasargadea was the capital of Cyrus the great. But some how you’re right. That’s great you know these about my country!!!

        Profile photo of nkh nkh

          Sorry, Pasargadae

          Profile photo of nkh nkh

        What’s your profession.
        Your knowledge good in historical places.

        Profile photo of SID SID

          I’m a student and I’m interested in learning about history of my country. I’m an Iranian, and I HAVE TO know my history.

          Profile photo of nkh nkh

        hi nataanna, by the way as you are Russian and if you don’t mind i would ask would ask you a question: when James said in this video(you don’t want to sound like a Russian) what did he mean ? i don’t understand him.

        Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

          Hi SKIKDA, James imitated the Russian accent, and did it well.But it sounded weird, I agree with you. I understood him with some difficulty. It`s the great example for students how important the pronunciation is! I always pay much attention to my pronunciation.
          And if you want me to record his phrases, here they are:
          “You don`t want to sound like a Russian, it`s OK. Russian is very good. (Why it was in singular, I didn`t understand) I like them, they are good people. But if you are trying to learn American accent, it`s not the right way to start…”
          In other words he told us to study with native tutors as much as we can afford.
          Did it help?

          Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

          thaks for your reply,and maybe in the sentence ( Russian is very good) he mean the Russian language.

          Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

I have like 3 years stutying english and My biggest problem is the listening,what do you you suggest me to improve to understand the native speakers ????

Profile photo of fleudy fleudy

    Hi,fleudy. I think listening to songs and watching
    movies can help all of us to improve our listening
    skill. i do it very frequently and it has helped me
    a lot,so far.
    Reading enriches our vocabulary and listening to
    songs and watching movies are tools we can use to
    feel the different accents of native speakers.
    By the way, there is a song that I like very much.
    It’s sung by Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson.
    ” To all the girls I loved before.” You can understand them both, with their respective accents,
    Spanish and American, very American.
    Anyway, it’s just my opinion. I’m not a teacher.
    Of course, James’suggestion will be of greater help.
    Good luch!

    Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

      “…help all of us to improve / improve,” okay?
      You could only listen to the teacher when he is
      explaining the topic and you can do it as many times as you need to understand the lesson well.
      Good luck!

      Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thank you James, I am really improving my English language. ❤

Profile photo of 3aBoDx 3aBoDx

    I want to be your friend because I am interested in Saudi Arabia. Please contact me or let me know your IG.

    My IG is haridan.jhondum you can send me DM.

    Thank you.

    Profile photo of Jhondum Jhondum

Hi James ! ) Most of what you’re saing I agree with you but in 7 Quiz I can’t agree … becouse if I really like a song, to sing (the song) for me is easier than to speak (in English, ofcousre). Anyway It’s the good job !!! ) And Thank you James for the lesson, Good Luck !!!

Profile photo of Vladkabatkovich Vladkabatkovich

thank you james

Profile photo of mohammadenbewa mohammadenbewa

thanks james
i need friend to practice with me access whatsapp or other applications my number phone 009647710800160

Profile photo of enghaider enghaider

thanks James, you’re great

Profile photo of lemarvillois lemarvillois

thank you,James

Profile photo of Roselis Roselis

Thanks James!!Nice lesson!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Thanks James, this lesson was great..

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

    Hi, how are you? My name is Esmailyn, im from Dominican Republic. I went to Brazil last year i love your country.

    Profile photo of ecs02 ecs02

Thank you James. I’m gonna do everything you’ve said. Specially with movies. I love watching movies and wish to watch one without English subtitles. I really need practice with my listening. One question. Do you think is convenient to pay a personal English teacher. I’very been thinking of paying one who charges $40 per hour. I’m just afraid he/she teaches me what I already know. I need real English conversations. Well, for the moment I’m just gonna follow your steps. Thank you Engvid teachers. You really help us a lot with your lessons. 😉😉😉

Profile photo of lori05 lori05

Good. Thanks

Profile photo of nkh nkh

I’ll watch the last “Underworld” movie with a Vostfr version! Thanks James!

Profile photo of Stam82 Stam82

yes i got it 9 out 10
thank you james very much usefull as always.
thanks a lot
anyone who wants to practise english online with me here is my Skype ” Antar never gives up”.

Profile photo of Antar Antar

Thanks for this lessons, James. And your Russian accent was very truthful:D

Profile photo of katesuv katesuv

Thank you, James, a wonderful lecture!!

Profile photo of mrsohn mrsohn

Tanks for the great class James. I’m always training my language skiil with songs, using the Lyrics at the YouTube. But I never used movies scripts to pratice. I’m going to start today with movies scripts !!

Profile photo of Hediuillio Hediuillio

Ty Mr/James u r my best teacher

Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

    Hello kotoz. Thank you for your good comments. And about that girl; to tell you the truth I don’t know any thing about her. I didn’t hear such a news. Could you please explain more?

    Profile photo of nkh nkh

      Ok further explanation 2 u
      I’ve read about girl in iran she was wearing a bad garments exactly sectioned trouser they called it fashion but the police has arrested her
      Did u get?

      Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

        Yes. Thank you.

        Profile photo of nkh nkh

          Do u go along with me on that?????
          This news make me glad what about u?

          Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

          You mean arresting that girl makes you glad??? If I’m not wrong, I go along with you too.

          Profile photo of nkh nkh

          Yes Iam Elated owing2 she has been arrested I loathe the idiocy

          Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

Music helped me a lot when I was in high school. I listened to music I like, wrote down what I heard, did it again for a few days and then I compared what I wrote with the actual lyrics. I still do it from time to time, but nowadays I mostly watch videos to practice listening.

Profile photo of Mateo Bonavento Mateo Bonavento

I really like it. Thank you so much for your lessons!

Profile photo of Barış Ekinci Barış Ekinci


    Profile photo of Pelagiya Pelagiya

If music we love is the soundtrack of our life it would be great to have a multilingual background.

Profile photo of byte byte

thanks james.

Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

    Hi, SKIKDA!
    You`re so brief this time….
    And I`m back on the game. There is the rats race coming. Who`ll be the first the next time?
    But I have a trouble. How will we call the winner? I wait for your suggestions.
    See you…

    Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

      hi nataanna , welcome back to our forum,i think as we were in a pond last time and our pond getting deep and wide,and if you share me the opinion, i suggest the next winner will be called ‘ the shark’ because it obviously can beat the bird and the dog and the big fish and many others in the pond, or what do you think ?

      Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

        Hello SKIKDA! You carried out the marvelous idea!!!
        We needed the new blood to our competition!
        Only figuratively, of course.
        Our motto for the next week: JAWS AND SPEED!!

        Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

Hi, James! I’m sure you will be able to study Russian. You have almost native Russian pronounciation. Good luck!

Profile photo of Vladimir Vladimir

Thanks James For you teaching ! It’s my first comment in Engvid. Currently, i can understand 80 % of what are you saying, i like hear you, especialy because you do your job with pleasur and fun, beacuse i think that you are speaking a bit fast than your colleugs, i didn’t say that they’re bad, all teachers in Engvids are AMAZING ! Thank you for all your efforts and lessons.

Profile photo of Hakimeng Hakimeng

    for your*

    Profile photo of Hakimeng Hakimeng

Hi James! Thanks for this video, that is a good and funn way to improve, not only English, but any language. I have done that with songs, but never with scripts, it might be inetresting.

Profile photo of Aleachi Aleachi

Hi James. Thank you for your fun lesson.My favorite film is Planes,Trains and Automobiles.I’ll try to act John Candy.

Profile photo of Norikazu Norikazu

I wanted to tank you teacher .

Profile photo of Soei Soei

I got 10 correct out of 10.
Thank you very much

Profile photo of wangwa wangwa

Tanks for the great class James

Profile photo of gaoan gaoan

Does anyone want to practice English speaking skill?

please contact me or let me know your IG or Skype.

Thank you.

Profile photo of Jhondum Jhondum

James U the best

Profile photo of suprem suprem

Great lesson, I brush up my listening and speaking often with movies and songs.

Profile photo of pablovinicius pablovinicius

I am not really into musics, but I will defenilly use my favorite movies to improve my speaking skills. Thanks for another great lesson.

Profile photo of brunobatista12 brunobatista12

THANK YOU Mr.james

Profile photo of samgo samgo

. + . * . * .
* . Good + +
. * night. * .
+ . * + . *

Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

About movies (in English), putting subtitles in English is very helpful too. You can find them on internet as well.
Thanks!! great lesson :)

Profile photo of JuanPablo01 JuanPablo01

Hi all. How is it going? I am a new comer and very delighted to be present here among all those learners who are so much eager to perfect their Eng skills. Like all of you, I am also exceedingly fascinated to burnish my language skills day in day out.This website is one of the best places I have found to enhance my understanding of the beauties one can find in putting time and effort in learning a splendid language like Eng.

Profile photo of Effortlessness Effortlessness

Thank you for this lesson from Spain! I got 10 in the quiz!
I’ve lernt whit The Beatles’s lyric for example!!!
You are an excellent teacher James!

Profile photo of Mercedes AyM Mercedes AyM

Fantastic teacher! Thanks the lesson.

Profile photo of KingaV KingaV

I have doubted in the 4 question when you repeat what you listen to the actors in the movies, I thought you would improve your reading but it doesn’t right, then you will have a better “accent” if you repeat their phrases, but anyhow I was learning how to sign the song “Johnny B. Good” by Chuck Berry in 1958, it is the last song I have studied, and it begins so: “Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans, back up into the woods among the evergreens, there stood in a log cabin made of earth and wood, where lived a country boy named Johnny B. Good, who never ever learned to read and write so well, but he can play the guitar just like a ringing a bell, go go, go Johnny go go, go Johnny go go, go Johnny go go, Johnny B. Good…” and so on keeping in mind all the lyrics but they are little longer, furthermore I also remember to learn English with a lot of enthusiasm when I listened to the song “Stand by me” sung by Playing for change, it was very tender and relaxing, very deep performance, the best sketch I have ever seen and listened. Thanks a lot, teacher James Greer from EngVid, it has been a pleasure to learn English with your lessons.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

    I had some mistakes in the lyrics of the song “Johnny B. Good”, in the second line would be “way back up into the woods…”, in the last phrase “just like ringing a bell” and also in the chorus would have other “go Johnny go go,…”, it’s normal because I didn’t remember very well after some time. Thanks.

    Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

In my opinion, I think that sing a song in English can be easier than speaking a language for someone who is a learner, because they repeat the sounds and the words but when a beginner tries to speak L2, he’she has to think a lot before saying something.

Profile photo of Matallana Matallana

    How can i follow you????

    Profile photo of soran81 soran81

It was fun lessons! Thank James :)

Profile photo of Poppy Tasker Poppy Tasker

Thank you for the lesson James. I have improving my English with movies. But I just watch te movies without captions. I realised that my listening is much better. Have a good one

Profile photo of Fernando Moreira Fernando Moreira

It’s interesting way to learn with fun.

Profile photo of SID SID

thank you

Profile photo of minzaa minzaa

Me, i get this problem , her in engvid i understand every Word,,, but when i watch a film i think that i never hered an english language word

Profile photo of soran81 soran81

great, thanks!

Profile photo of RafalKwiatkowski RafalKwiatkowski

Guys! Could you help me to enhance my english language?

Profile photo of Clause Clause

Listening voice of Velen Mam on YouTube!

Profile photo of Sarowar Sarowar

Nothing new for me but I like your positive style)))

Profile photo of PokerFire PokerFire

I love your teaching style,James.

Profile photo of Caitlin love BradleyJames Caitlin love BradleyJames

Nice one

Profile photo of Shugugu Shugugu

Good tip. I’ve been laerning english that way for some time yet. Especially Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga songs, so I can sing the words when I’m, for example driving with my car to work. Justin and Gaga are always on the radio. I also love Krzysztof Krawczyk’s songs :)

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thank you, your class is awesome!

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Thank you

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Thank you for the lesson bro.

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Hi, wow. I got score 100 at this quiz, amazing.Please add me at group line @hickmat, if you did. I want to practice my conversation in English. Please add me guys!

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Thank you sir , you are a very good teacher , I hope to be the best in your job 🌺

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Thank you, James!
You gave to me very useful bits of advice.

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( (
) )
|Tea |_

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    What an interesting avatar!!

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Great and funny lesson !

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Got 100%. Excellent lesson james. You are so so interesting . I enjoy your videos so much and can’t stop laughing. Thanks a lot. Keep it going!

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I took10%.I can’t stop laughing

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Thank you teacher!!!!

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can u do one on prepositional phrases Mr. James?

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Thanks for the lesson. I’m loved your tips, I Intend use all in my days.

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Howdy, James!

Thanks for this video. Your tips are always interesting and helpful.

Until next time!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Mr’James could u do a video while u speakin native and faster like most of people in the street,because they won’t speak like MR’E.=)

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Thank you teacher. I will practice that

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Thanks for the lesson.

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I got 100 scores 10/10

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That’s great, thanks for the lesson

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I’d like to practice in english with someone,
my whatsapp phone number is +55 11970510753. Thx.

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Thanks for the video.

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Thank for this lesson, your tips are very interesting

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Thanks a lot James! Learn english is easier when is fun too :) ;) :)

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thanks! you are a great teacher, i like that way to improve my english

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Hello teacher and hello friends.
I can not see the movie so i cant downlod it.
I’m very sad for this. what do I do?
please guide me.
Thank you.

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Today I saw a clip of James educational and I loved it. I love all clips to see more training.
How to teach James the Great.
How to teach students to master
Encourages learning.

Profile photo of Girl.18 Girl.18

I want to see the clip. But i cant see this file and downlod it :(
Please help me.
Thanks a milion.

Profile photo of Girl.18 Girl.18

Finally, I was able to see the educational Video Professor.
thanks God.
Can I download

Profile photo of Girl.18 Girl.18

    Sorry, our videos are only available on YouTube. Our teachers make money from YouTube ads, which lets us offer all these lessons for free. We hope you understand.

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really it´s fun learn english by signing!

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Thanks James

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excellent teacher !^_^

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Ok James thank you :)

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hi, my name is Tien, I’m from Vietnam, I try to learn English through Film and music but I still feel hard and confuse to use it. I want to make friend with foriegner and help me to improve my english

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Every Night In My Dreams I See You And Feel You

Profile photo of soozi soozi

Thanks James for e lesson

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Mr James firstly thank you for your funny lessons keep teaching us in this way. Now i am preparing for ielts i will take it in five mounths but i have got none to check my writings i will be very pleased if you check my writings.

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Very useful! I will try ! =)

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Thank you James i got 9 out of 10 in the quiz

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you are just an incredible teacher.

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thanks James for this lesson

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I improve my english with music, movies and games xD

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good suggestion.

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Hi James. Thanks for your advice. Then I know how to improve my english by enjoying music or whaching movie. All the best.

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thanks teacher! i known how to improve my study.

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that’s a great lession! thank you teacher.

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thank you james

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Thank you so much
I got 9 of 10 :(

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Hello, James! Thank you for advice and funny lessons)

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Hii James , Could You Please Teach Me Subject Verb Agreement in simple way to understand me better

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Hello!I’m Sai zaw tun and Nice to meet all members.

Profile photo of Sai zaw tun Sai zaw tun

Thank you very mutch,I will do my effort to improve my language.

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listening is the first thing.

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Why can’t I see the lessons?

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James,you are cool!)) and a good actor! I like your lessons and your jokes so much…can not find any words to express my feelings))))

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that’s a good way to study english another is with stories. James you just rocķkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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thx so much

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it is amazing ways to learn english. I love this website

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thx you so much.

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i like it….

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thank you very much

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James are Cooool teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As you saying, all of them were very useful. Thanks~

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Thank you james.

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Got 100 :D

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Wonderful class because the teacher is a great actor . Hey man I really appreciate your classes . Keep teaching this way . Great !!! Hugs

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Interesting takeaways, hopefully I could rehearse the scripts with you.

Profile photo of M.Hatulan M.Hatulan

I do my best, Thanks a lot to helping us. My appreciate.

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Hi suggest some singer and movies’ name because I am not aware about American singers and movies

Profile photo of Ecstasy006 Ecstasy006

I try it.

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Thanks JAMES! I like it.

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Thanks James for another amazing video.

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thanks james. my score is 80

Profile photo of Satilmis Satilmis

That is great!I liked the example in which you said that we can forget the person’s name, but don’t forget his face.

Profile photo of Lanacoder Lanacoder

thanks james

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Cool! Thank you, James!

Profile photo of MonicaNaomi MonicaNaomi

Hey James, very good job. You are so cool. U are the best. Thanks for everything :)

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I think you speak like ( similar to) movie actor , so we got useful a lot from you .

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Thanks, a lot for the lesson

Profile photo of Maria Lugmania Maria Lugmania

James and Mr E, tx a lot for the tips!

Profile photo of Dudurito Dudurito

Thank you, Sir James.I’m an English freak,addicted
to movies and songs.
Thanks a lot. Very useful lesson.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

thank you

Profile photo of Rafiullah Wera Rafiullah Wera

I got the scripts for “American Sniper” , “Pride
and Prejudice” and ” Hannah and her sisters”
I have the movies and I’ve already followed the
story with the original script,but, of course,
there are some differences.
I want to thank you once more for this “treasure”.
Reading the script and listening to the actros
to me, has been an amazing experience.
Thank you,very much, Sir James.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

Professor James,I’ve got three more scripts:” As good as it gets”, “Sense and Sensibility”and “Annie Hall”,I’m a great fan of Woody Allen.
As you can see I have been “doing the homework”.
A million thanks.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

Thank you very much

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Thank you James ! I always like to your classes. I will try those.

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just now s looks cool will keep u update james.

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Thank you, James! You are helping me a lot!!!

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Very good idea.It will help me very much.Thanks.

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Thanks James for this lesson!! I did pretty well in this quiz.

Profile photo of Mekashaw Mekashaw

The best teacher ;))))

Profile photo of karmela.hrenovic karmela.hrenovic

I love Dustin Hoffman in Rain man.
Raymond: Of course I don’t have my underwear. I’m definitely not wearing my underwear.

Profile photo of CyrusKing CyrusKing

I will try it. Thanks

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Thanks James.

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James is funny man :)

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Hi there! Can you make a video with the uses of word “mean”?

Profile photo of Frenclin Frenclin

How can I start a lesson

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thanks james, it’s very useful

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i can’t believe i can understand what you said!

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thank you so much

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Yes!! 10, every day I get better, thank you, James, you are the best.

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thanks a lot…james..your lessons are very fun!.please can you tell me how is called the songs of Madonna at 6.56 minute??!! thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english…bye

Profile photo of Marcomas76 Marcomas76

i found it! “life is a mistery”!

Profile photo of Marcomas76 Marcomas76

    “Like A Praye”!!!! :-P

    Profile photo of Marcomas76 Marcomas76

Thanks James

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why i can not see video of lessons??

Profile photo of sepideh goudarzi sepideh goudarzi

You got 10 correct out of 10.


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Thanks a lot James! I want to see movie.

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Thank you teacher!

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thank you

Profile photo of hamod110 hamod110

So funny to learn with James Bond, ops, just James… but you said ” you can put the song UP” and the other time “you can put the music ON”. Whats the diference? Thanks.

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thank you

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superb ideas, thanks for sharing your noble ideas sir

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Thank you teacher.

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thank you James.I have already improve my listening by watch your Video.

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It was a great video to improve our english with music and movies.

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You Are The Best James!!
Really love ur sense of humor and teaching style
Keep it up :)

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Thanks James 10/10

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Hi James thanks for the teaching me I use it and it’s… useful.(keep up the good work ) i repeat the things such as getting my favorite part of the movie I go to http://www.imdb.com and get the script repeat those words again and again.and for the songs I listen to it first and sing karaoke. I repeat step 1 step 2.

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it’s very good
thank you

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Thank you

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Hello friends!! My name is Andrea…I’m new here and I like to meet new people and learn, but I don’t know very good how can I use this site, Can you help me??

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

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10/10 Thank you, Teacher!

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I´m already doing all the stuff you taught us today ,and it´s working so,these ones are a superb tips, I really appreciate it|

Profile photo of ljrequena10hernandez@gmail.com ljrequena10hernandez@gmail.com

finally i can speak english like RM LOL

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good tips, you’re perfect teacher and funny as well

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Your courses are very helpful to me. you really help me to improve my English. Many thanks, teacher.

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