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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.
Which one is NOT one of the three basic grammar suffixes I taught?

What do suffixes usually change: word class or word meaning?

What does the suffix "-ing" indicate?

What is the meaning of "ance/ence" as a suffix?

What does the suffix "-ible/-able" mean?

Which answer does NOT mean "argument"?

Which word means "to show great respect for"?

When you want someone to know a movie was fun to watch, which is the correct adjective to use?

Is Mr E a "lovable" character or an "enjoyable" character?

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Saturday, February 8th 2014

Thnak you!

Saturday, February 8th 2014

Thank you James.

Saturday, February 8th 2014

Thanks James! I’ve been mimicking some of your teaching technique.

Saturday, February 8th 2014

I think engVid is an enjoyable website. I’m a Philoengvid. My writing is correct? I don’t have confidence ^^; Thank you James and Mr. E :)

Saturday, February 8th 2014

Thx for your help.

Sunday, February 9th 2014

Thanks James for the lesson.
I like to create new funny words in Russian using wrong suffixes or word endings (in Russian these are different word parts) and sometimes feel like doing it in English. I think it’s not a good habit as someone may think I’m bad at English grammar:-)

Sunday, February 9th 2014

    Kak de la , that is how are you in Russian I’m I right?!

    Sunday, February 9th 2014

      Hi alhappy. Yes, you’re right. I’ve just replied to your comment on ‘collective nouns’:-)

      Sunday, February 9th 2014

        Thank you Katya ok should I reply to this sentens ( ka ra shoo)or there is another reply,
        I’m sorry to bother you but I’m interesting in learning some russian.

        Monday, February 10th 2014

          Hi again. It’s not bothering at all. Ka ra sho is pretty the same as ok, you’re right. As in any other language there are various replies. ‘Nor mal no’ or ‘ne plo ho’ for not bad, or ‘tak se be’ for not really cool. And you may also start answering the question telling someone what’s happening in your life.
          Here’s my email (gegoncon@gmail.com) for you to ask more questions if you want:-)

          Monday, February 10th 2014

    That’s awesome!!! I used to invent new words by speaking upsidedown in spanish it makes you feel great in my opinion…

    Sunday, February 9th 2014

Thanks I got 33%

Sunday, February 9th 2014


    Monday, February 10th 2014

Hello,How are you Englsh students?

Sunday, February 9th 2014

Thank you Sir.

Sunday, February 9th 2014

Good job James

i really have have got benefit of your videos

Thanks so much.

Sunday, February 9th 2014

You talk very fast for me so I don’t understand everything you said but it’s a good practice for me, but your speaking is a higher level so I have to do a great effort to understand. However I got 78 in the quiz test.

Sunday, February 9th 2014

That was a very good lesson, thanks.

Sunday, February 9th 2014

Great lesson!! But I still don’t understand the difference between reverence and deference can someone explain it for me pleasepleaseplease???

Sunday, February 9th 2014

    As I’ve understood, “reverence” means a feeling of great respect, of veneration for someone or something(like the national flag or religion).
    “Deference” means to accept, to give way to someone’s opinions or wishes because of the great respect you have for him.

    Wednesday, February 12th 2014

      Actually the verb “to defer” means what I just said.”Deference” (a noun) is the act of acceptance, of submission to someone’s ideas.

      Wednesday, February 12th 2014

The photo on the left, doesn’t do you justice! :)

Sunday, February 9th 2014

i am an engineer & i am 50 years old ,i have three daghter,i am living in Iran/Bander Abbas now,i like to teach english very well .

Sunday, February 9th 2014

Hi James, I love your lessons!! It is very helpful to me!!!
I had studied at YUELI for 6 months, and I think you are definitely at same level with the teachers I met there.
Look forward to listen more teaching topic from you!!

Sunday, February 9th 2014

Mister Eee likes this lesson.

Sunday, February 9th 2014

I got 78%
Thanks James for this intersting lesson

Sunday, February 9th 2014

thank you james . i have got 100% .

Sunday, February 9th 2014

Did I mention that your classes are always enjoyable? Well, they really are, and I’m learning a lot from you. Thank you, James.

Sunday, February 9th 2014

I would like to writte this on facebook page but due to the argument about Jade I can’t.
I really like James. Usually he teachs the more difficults issues ans his methode is amazing. But this class is so long. Even for James. There are two moments that seems that James is losing himself. I prefer short lessons and I like James at all.

Sunday, February 9th 2014

Lol i’ve got 100% , but i’m not sure if i’m getting the lesson,
Thank you James

Monday, February 10th 2014

when I started studing with you, three months ago, was very difficult for me understand what you said, I am now able to understand 70 percent, thank so much.
I think in three I will understand to 80 percent, step by step great mountains are reached. Sorry for my grammar. I am novel.
Thanks again.

Monday, February 10th 2014

when I started studing with you, three months ago, was very difficult to me understand you said, I am now able understand 70 percent, thank so much.
I think in three I will understand to 80 percent, step by step great mountains are reached. Sorry for my grammar. I am novel.
Thanks again.

Monday, February 10th 2014


    Thursday, March 27th 2014

Thx James for your engagement !
you help me alot to get my Higher School Certificate ..

Monday, February 10th 2014

    I mean effort :D

    Monday, February 10th 2014

i love you instructor your way of teaching is really good thank u so much ur lesson was really helpful for me

Monday, February 10th 2014

Skype ID ‘Huseynov.17’ ..—->If you want to improve your speaking level like me ,you can add me at skype for talking.

Monday, February 10th 2014

damn i got 100% … james thanks to you and Mr E i wish back soon for new lesson

Monday, February 10th 2014

6/9 thanks James

Monday, February 10th 2014

what a boring class…

Monday, February 10th 2014

i got 7/9, thnx for ur lesson, nice day handsome teacher! heeeeeeee

Monday, February 10th 2014

Mr E is a lovable,enjoyable,respectable character. Thank you James

Tuesday, February 11th 2014

please , mr. james , i need a lesson about adverb and adjective phrases . i`m an English teacher , but i really misunderstand them .

Tuesday, February 11th 2014

thank u so much for the lesson but i want know more about sufix like ness= coldness ship = friendship hood= childhood plzzzzzzzz help me Mr James

Tuesday, February 11th 2014

Thank you, James! It was excellent lesson!) I had 89 in the quiz.
But I didn’t understand about reverence and deference) As for me it has similar meaning..

Wednesday, February 12th 2014

    She covered her head out in deference to (= because of a polite respect for) Muslim custom.
    She is probably Catholic but she accept Muslim rules.

    She shows great reverence for her parents.
    She truly love and appreciate her parents.

    Sunday, February 16th 2014

      She acceptS, she truly loveS and appreciateS her parents, of course :)

      Sunday, February 16th 2014

        Thank you, jAmper!) It became more clear for me!

        Monday, February 17th 2014

Thanks James I like very much your lessons because you speak clearly and you’re pleasant

Wednesday, February 12th 2014

thank you so much I have learned something great

Thursday, February 13th 2014

Thank you so much James
I revere yuo

Friday, February 14th 2014

Hi James thank you for your lessons! I was wondering If you could do a class about Hip Hop Slang, and that kind of stuff because I really like to understand more Hip Hop lyrics and movies! I’d really appreciate it!

Friday, February 14th 2014

Thank you for this enjoyable lesson.
Is it correct?

Saturday, February 15th 2014

Thank you James on the lesson. I really did get the whole concept on suffix. You teach much better than my teacher.

Saturday, February 15th 2014

james hello
I’m watching your lessons from last one week almost everyday
they are very helpful. Thankyou

Monday, February 17th 2014

89 :(

Monday, February 17th 2014

Thanks a lot mr James

Tuesday, February 18th 2014

I got 9 out of 9! thank you!!

Wednesday, February 19th 2014

Nice teacher!!!!

Wednesday, February 19th 2014

Thanx a lot, your lessons are very helpful and enjoyable :)

Thursday, February 20th 2014

Hi, thanks for the lesson. I’m really impressed of the technic of leading the lessons. You rock

Sunday, February 23rd 2014

your lesson is very enjoyable ….you you are he best teacher…regards to Mr E.

Tuesday, February 25th 2014

James, you are the best!

Wednesday, February 26th 2014

thanks a lot james love your videos greetings from mexico

Thursday, February 27th 2014

Thank you james.
I’ve got 100%.
I will keep studing hard with your lessons.

Saturday, March 1st 2014

    Hi , Heiko you have whatsaap?

    Sunday, April 5th 2015

James,you are really a funny guy.I like your lesson!

Saturday, March 1st 2014

Thanks James!!!, your classes are very interesting, and your way of teaching, is the best form to learn english, or in my case for practice english.

Tuesday, March 11th 2014

I got 100, thank you very much, really useful your lesson James. Kind regards

Saturday, March 15th 2014

You are AMAZING James!! Thank You!!!

Monday, March 17th 2014

9/9 in quiz. Thank you, James! I like the way you teach us! I like your loveble Mr. E too :)

Wednesday, March 19th 2014


Sunday, March 23rd 2014

okay, what about Inferential and Derivational? Could you please give more dials about it

Monday, March 24th 2014

thanks for your help teacher :)

Thursday, March 27th 2014

I am addict of James’s lessons!!!))) I learn English with pleasure! I revere teaching talent of James!

Friday, April 11th 2014

Hi James,
thanks a lot for your great lesson.
It’s very useful and you’re an amazing teacher
take care

Sunday, April 13th 2014

Thnks James,

Sunday, April 13th 2014

I have a doubt on the word DESIRABLE.
i a lot of books i have found that,
how can it be possible?how can ABLE be a bound morpheme even it can stand by itself as a word..help me is it a bound morpheme or free morpheme

Monday, April 21st 2014

James, thank you so much, it was really interesting, good and funny lesson! You’re a best teacher! :)

Sunday, May 4th 2014

Thanbk you very much teacher James, prefixes and suffixes are two very valuables lessons from you!

Wednesday, May 21st 2014

    hi Eselita I would like to ask you if you are interested to have a study partner? if you do you can add me at skype so we can help each other to improve our English proficiency. here’s my skype ID joneferranay.

    Monday, June 9th 2014

oh my god. 4 out of 9. its really shows that i am poor in grammar. i nned to study more.. :( mr. james teach me more. thank you for the lesson i think i need to watch it again.

Sunday, June 8th 2014

anyone there who wants a study partner?
just add me at skype joneferranay. im not going to waste your time. Im sure it would help if we practice our English by practicing it verbally. thanks and see you soon.. thanks also Mr.James for giving us a free English tutorial. more power and god bless.

Monday, June 9th 2014

Great teacher.

Tuesday, June 10th 2014

thank you sir james^^

Wednesday, June 11th 2014

Thank you for this helpful lesson !

Sunday, June 29th 2014

good, tanks Jams

Wednesday, July 2nd 2014

Thnks :)

Sunday, July 13th 2014

brilliant! this video is fun & funny!thanks a lot James!!

Monday, July 14th 2014

I hate grammar but with you seems easy , this is my first lesson and Quiz I got 89 not bad lol
Thank you so much you are great teacher.

Thursday, July 17th 2014

hilarious and useful lesson! I hope you will do other lesssons like this one!

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014

I got 9/9. Let me express my deference to lovable Mr E and witty James for this enjoyable lesson. It was worthy to watch. Reverence of your talent has no limits for me and I got a lot of enjoyment from this class.)

Saturday, July 26th 2014

So amazing. I love it

Saturday, July 26th 2014

defrence and revrence please

Friday, August 15th 2014

i will show you 2 of my examples but if they are wrong pleas correct them for me:
we have to show deference for all the scientific
i rever you becuase of your lesson witch help me a lot

Friday, August 15th 2014

Thank you James this video was really useful

Tuesday, August 19th 2014


Friday, August 29th 2014

i got 8/9… and i knew the one that i wrote.. :'(

Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

That was great lesson, thank you Sir James

Sunday, September 7th 2014

Great! But I have a doubt.
What is the difference between LOVELY AND LOVABLE???? Thank you in advance.

Thursday, October 23rd 2014

i love u so Much James ..! and thanx you for lesson .. youُre Amazing Man

Saturday, November 1st 2014

thank you so much

Thursday, November 6th 2014

Thank you James

Tuesday, January 20th 2015

Thank you James

Sunday, January 25th 2015

85!Thank you Teacher!

Thursday, February 5th 2015

Like the way he teaches :) Only once had to use the subtitle…

Wednesday, February 25th 2015

thanks teacher this is very usable lesson

Sunday, March 8th 2015

7 out of nine thats fare enough. My understanding in english language is 70 to 80 percent maybe hehe! thanks sir James and Mr.E your the best…

Sunday, May 10th 2015

    7 out of nine that’s (fair) enough

    Thursday, May 28th 2015

89, thanks James

Thursday, May 28th 2015

James never answers… why?? So the word you forgot: governerà!

Monday, June 8th 2015

Tablet disagree! I Mean : governement

Monday, June 8th 2015

Hi James, i tried to watch your video for the first time tonight and tried to take the quiz, i really happy that i’ve got 100 scores ! Yey, your speak clearly, i like it :)
I found the engvid website from google and its really help me to learn english more. Thanks engvid

Monday, June 15th 2015

Another good lesson 89%

Friday, August 7th 2015

thank you Mr james,yore corses are verry useful, and yore way of teaching is enjoyebul.

Thursday, October 1st 2015

Thanks James. Informative lesson that deserve a real reverence.

Thursday, October 15th 2015

Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, December 1st 2015

thanks Jams for your nice theaching 10/10

Saturday, February 20th 2016

Thank for this lesson.

Monday, May 23rd 2016

Impeccable, thanks a lot.

Sunday, June 5th 2016

thanks :)

Friday, July 8th 2016

You are so interesting james!

Friday, August 19th 2016

Oh sorry by mistakes on this test. You are really good teacher and taught us smartly. I don’t have pay attention enough, therefore I learned after by errors. Thanks a lot
Now I’m more alert, promise
Have a good day Mr. James

Sunday, March 26th 2017

Thanks James ! my score was 8/9.

Tuesday, May 30th 2017

Mr E… of course your are lovable..thanks james..i like your style teaching of something.i hope i wrote right

Saturday, June 17th 2017

Thanks you james.

Thursday, June 22nd 2017

Very good lesson.I think Engvid videos are worthy watching I also think that Engvid teachers deserve
our reverence.( Is this okay?)

Monday, October 9th 2017

You got 8 correct out of 9.

thank yo so much.

Sunday, June 3rd 2018

I got 9 thank you :) and that wasn’t easy

Saturday, June 30th 2018

Excellent explanation. You are a great teacher of the English language.

Wednesday, August 22nd 2018

I made a mistake on No.6, I thought they were fighting and arguing.

Friday, December 28th 2018


Saturday, January 12th 2019

Jame, your lesson was great. thanks my teacher

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

thank Mr James for the amazing lesson you are a lovable person

Thursday, March 7th 2019

enjoyable lesson about suffix! great

Monday, April 8th 2019

Thanks you!! nice class.. I was really enjoyable

Monday, April 27th 2020

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