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Thank you James for this lesson.
“Sleep in” is similar meaning with “stay up late”?


    Not at all. These two phrases have the opposite meaning. First is about being in bed way too long and second means not to go to bed for too long at night.


Thank you for this lesson. The quiz is funny in my opinion, i laughed much. :)

Sebastian Skarst

Anyone can become a smarter by attempting this quiz :) as I became of getting full :p … Thank you James. I enjoyed the lesson a lot.


Thank you so much, James!

Abdullah Alshamiri

I got 9/10, but i’m still confusing something because you said too fast and explain a bit long and not understand. anyway thank Jame and hope your lesson next time it’s better

nguyen van long

The word ‘irresponsible’ means not concerned about the effects of your actions or not reliable.
kindly check if I have punctuated the sentence correctly.


Thank you, teacher….!!

Jakub Alvarez

    I almost click the “The quiz is weird” hehe, but it is not weird. It just like how to test a person’s honesty ♡♡


I got 90% I am so happy to got good percentage thanks for this beautiful video which is full of knowledge thanks

Sanan Zafar

thanks Mr james i’ve gotten 10/10 i’ve understood a lot of information about this lesson. you good teacher so i’m happier than how you shared this lesson.


Thanks, it was great


it was very useful! Thanks


as usual, great lesson really thanks

Aml Mounier

I have found very important information in your video-lesson. It needs practice pronuntiation.


Thank you for lesson. I got 6 out of 10 because of these 4 last questions. I know the rules how to pronounce that but i cannot do it properly.
It’s so hard for me. But. I don’t give up. I’m going to repeat it every day. Maybe someday I will sound like a native speaker. I hope so.
Thanks again for such gorgeous lesson.


I was always having trouble pronouncing ‘ng’ sound, but I solved it after watching your video,Thank you very much. ♡


Thanks for the lesson!!!!!


thank you James.and i have a problem in rearranging words to make sentences.I am hoping you would help me in that.I am husna from India

Husna Abdulrahiman

Thank you Mr. James for a good lesson.


I got 9/10. Why l missed no,9?

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