Thanks James~ meditation is a great way to let our mind more focus on our study!

happy BB

I missed you!
Waited to see Mr E but it seems he is indoors due to that freezing, ?.
It’s a good lesson. Now I get the reason to withhold the Chocolates I buy my bae. She better now start focusing ?.
I combined the technique with the memory palace and guess what? It came out Phenomenal.
I appreciate it a lot SIFU. From Kenya, Africa, much love. One day I’ll set my foot in Canada to meet this whiz?

Benny Bee

Thank you James ! I read books about mindfulness and self motivation and all you teaches is the same as them . Thank you again, mind is really strong muscle that we have to train everyday for better result


Ey James! Wonderful explanation for improve our memory & focus. Thanks


James, I do exersices and try not to eat junk food, and sleep enough,and drink water lots of, but I didn’t realize the importance of meditation. Thank you very much!! Yeah test was 6 of 10 at the begin and the second try was 9 of 10.
Thank you!
p.s Yea, I have a goal not only to have fluent English but also to learn another languages.

Thank you very much James!
It was a nice class of English listening and having the useful lifehacks!


Thanks for helping James. As always I rate the lesson 69420/10 and also a thanks for being comedic at the same time.


Hello, that’s so good for helping James ???


Amazing class, thank you so much


thanks mr james …i think that what u said about exercise is true also it feels like when i pray i focus more the other times :)

amina chieb

Hello…I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +88 01812788727. Thank you. Rasho


Awesome lesson! It´s really working the meditation. Thanks a million! :)




Thanks James , this lesson will help me to do all me goals


Thanks James you are a great and excellent teacher

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