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You make everything so easy to understand, thanks for your lessons!


    thanks for teaching to us the grammar which we have some difficulty.if we have talented teachers as you all will be ok.i want to be a friend o9n line with you.

    vusale from baki

ohh that is great for understanding..you r awesome ^_^
thank you MAN! bye the way thanks to you From Azerbaijan-city Samukh :)

Profile photo of bakhtiyar ali bakhtiyar ali

hey it was really great… wish u could explain the use of fuck cause sometimes dont find the way to teach the use and the phrases with it..love ur slang section


It´s good to learn those kind of things, it seemed to me great.

Profile photo of cridigar cridigar

hahaha you blow it!


thanks for this lesson.
I was waiting to hear (hi for our friend sasa from Palestine).


Great Post like always ….
Guys, Please Post tutorials on Writting Tips …. :)



thank u James, 4 the freakin’ lesson. I’ll be waiting 4 another freaking topic. hell yeah. be real.

Efrain Dominguez

Thanks james:)

Profile photo of han0na han0na

hi, James. I like your classes so much. But I think that you speak really fast; so I don’t understand you so well. please, try to speak not so fast so that learners of English who are already fluent in English but still have some difficulty in understanding English when native speakers talk fast, can undersdand you better. hugs. bye.

Daniel C herculano

I answered the quiz, but I missed one. I think I am a sucker. hehehe


thanks for this lesson james :D


Bad lesson,bad teacher. You should kid less when you teach.


    Sorry, but I prefer grammar lessons which are more useful! Please, don’t say that grammar videos suck. It is not true!


    I wanted to say that I agree with CREBIO comment.


    If you do not like the teacher and the way he is teaching, go to hell, imbecile!


thks so much.


Although it was new n a bit h… but profitable.
Way 2 go sir.

Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

wow .. i really like the lesson ..
and believe me when i say this .. you are one of the best teachers i have ever had .
but i’m gently asking you ” if you can make more videos about the slang ” .
i think it would help more
thank you :)


you are awesome teacher…i love u man


I think that to communicate well you have to know slang. That’s why I believe this lesson is important. James is a great teacher, perhaps he would be a great actor as well, because the way He uses body language is funny and also makes easy to understand the whole idea! Thank you James, keep doing this amazing job!

Profile photo of robsilva robsilva

this is a great lessons! looking for more like that!

Profile photo of lounis88lao lounis88lao

I agree with CREBIO. This teacher should stop to teach in this site because he is no funy and kid a lot.


thanks James

Profile photo of snicka snicka

u r awesome. james i like ur way of teaching


nice job james.i love u

Profile photo of harryyousaf harryyousaf

thanks James

Profile photo of esaberyan esaberyan

thank u, it’s a useful lesson


Hi James
I see that the slang “suck” with its several variations is very very used in real English and in movies too.
So I hope that you continue making lessons with this king of slang as well as you don’t change the way you act while you teach (in a funny way).
See you next time


hi James my name is Audrey I’m from Africa principally from Cameroon in central Africa thank you so much your are doing an amazing job. i really like it because you make thing easy for us especially for me cause my first language is french. keep doing this please its would be very helpful for me thank you


Hi,thank you James I like your way to teaching English ,now I tell my self suck it up leyla and do it “listen English ,study study”


Sorry but you are the only one the I cannot understand very clear, because you speak too fast and there are people like me learning at a beginning. could you please speak more slowly… thanks

Profile photo of wandersson22 wandersson22

you are good,but you speak fast.please explain lesson without run.thanks

nashat anwar

an interesting teacher with a pleasant voice and acting)

Profile photo of elenbruna elenbruna

we are not suckers hahaha


Thanks.that was a good lesson.

Profile photo of sumayah sumayah

i learn it easy thank you for lesson.i live in canada

hanah c.guntana

I like to learn about slang in english, they are good topics to learn. Maybe in this lesson you speak faster than in others lessons.As far I´m concerned, I like the way you do it.Be water my friend.


thanks alot for your nice and useful lessomn


I am waiting Emma’s lesson! She is the best teacher!


    And she is very beautful girl. Do you think like me?


    I like Emma. She is very nice.

    Profile photo of yankhonskiy yankhonskiy

Thanks your fun!


i’d likes


i ‘ m going to give exams tomorrow!!!!!!!! :))it is 3o’clock in the morning I cant sleep.But i want to thank you because you helped me so much.All of you you’re amazing
kisses from Greece

Profile photo of maria24 maria24

Speak more slowly guy. Don’t be stupid! In this manner nobody understand you.


    i dsagree w/ u. i understand it clearly. you sucks hehe JK. anyways tnx to this. now iknew what suck/s is. woah


    no my friend as he said you must suck it up

    Profile photo of jbdesaogo jbdesaogo

thks for the lesson it’s very good


WOW!!! JAMES U ARE THE BEST EVER!!! I am a sucker!!! hehehe LOL

Profile photo of babylima babylima

James,,, thanks for your explanation


Let’s vote who is the worst teacher on the ENGVID. I show my vote here: James


    shut up! if u don’t like him, don’t come here, suck it up!

    Vu Uoc

      Fuck you your beast!! You do not like hear the true.


        Screw you! James teaches useful things. Americans often say these expressions.

        Thank you James!

        Profile photo of yankhonskiy yankhonskiy

    Says a guy who understood nothing of what James talks about. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to catch everything he has spoke, but you always can return back on the 10-15 seconds of the video and listen as much as it would be enough for understanding.

    Profile photo of Firefly Firefly

super like


u’re always funny, teacher james. I love the way u said “suck my e e ” :))

Vu Uoc

Your lessons are very interesting! Thank you very much, and hello from Kyiv, Ukraine)

Profile photo of allegria3006 allegria3006

that is wonderful!! love this


Dear teacher, how are you?

Could you please explain the diference between: RISE/RAISE/INCREASE and LAY/LIE? when I use?
When I talk about salary?rise or raise?

Thank you.

Profile photo of juliosantos juliosantos

    Check Emma’s lessons. She’s got it.

    Profile photo of yankhonskiy yankhonskiy

ianswered everything correctly,It was nice.Thank you.


What about the word “can”?

I think it is really important


Mr.James sir you are really awesome in teaching lessons. I love you sir. You just bring simple and effective ways to learn English. Hats off sir.

Osman Ali

good lesson sir jemes.


thank u

Profile photo of haikoosh753127 haikoosh753127

am very hapay and very great full about this service of english and am really got same skills about the pronasation thank you so mach for about your help


james, where i can find people to chat with?, to practice my english ability. does your website has a particular chat room?

Profile photo of wastra1 wastra1

this is a very good lesson and ihave enjoyed it


james first of all i live south america i had been studying english all my life and i want to improve my accent or my fluense talking i realy like your videos


sir,your classes are really great ….from this i will improve my english skills thank u sir


Hi Funny James) I like your lessons and I defenetly like the way you teaching people.Good luck, bro)


I like your lessons, Jame.

Profile photo of tulap242 tulap242

wow, that’s awesome! thanks for lesson)

Profile photo of birdmad birdmad

hi, i’m an Indonesian. it’s very very very useful for me to develop my English skill, WOW i’m an English department student very very thank to this web. i’ll open and learn English as long as my life ^_^

tomy widiyanto

Thank you man, you made it clear , you are great, talking fast also has a good side of it, just suck it up do not compaint)))


i didn’t understand some phrases .. but i really understand 1 2 and 6 !!!

Profile photo of tombest22 tombest22

Thanks a lot teacher! Great job,just I needed to listen it twice for understandable well.

Profile photo of ia23 ia23

Now I know the difference between ‘sucher’ and ‘such up’! Thanks a lot! It’s very helpful! It’s very hard to meet good lessons about slangs like yours!

Profile photo of rm.physique rm.physique


Profile photo of mghc618 mghc618

I do really suck it up with english improving!


james is really amazing …… and his lessons are very good and his explanation is also good

Profile photo of thisisankurrai thisisankurrai

Thanks , your lessons are amazing!


James you rocks! I mean it, you really are great. Amn’t sucking up, am saying what I really feel.


it’s a very useful lesson, thanks James


thanq u james iam not good in english ur lessons was helping me a lot


only one word for u dat is u r great james myself simer from india

simer kaur

u r great


Hi James. I was wondering if you could help me….What is the correct answer in the following sentence: “Everything (be) __________________ spotless by the time they get here.” (future perfect or future simple)? Thanks in advance. I like your lessons!


This lesson blowed up my mind \o/

Profile photo of arthursa19 arthursa19

Thank you James, it’s a very useful lesson.


thank you! you’re the best teacher ever!! I still love n want you! :-) <3


dear james great lesson.it wouldn’t be so easy to understand in an english book. from são paulo brazil

john emile

huh! omg haha that best suck lesson ever!!
ur an awesome teacher I laught a lot with your explanations of everything

greetings from ecuador

juan carlos

thank you for this lesson! :)


haha! blaw job)))

Profile photo of sunyday77 sunyday77

James, you explain every word in a nice way….thanks

Saima Ali

Finally I blow up my brain.Thanks James


Thank You James, the lesson is very helpful.

Profile photo of biniam2012 biniam2012

thank you so much …..now i can suck it up >>>>>god blessed you


me no trying to be a sucker but u rock maan!!! love the way u teach <3 keep rocking maan!!!


really good! easy to understand. thanks :D

Profile photo of vanessarhe vanessarhe

thank you very much I enjoyed
god bless you James

hashim bakheet

you make my day


Thanks James ! I like so much how you teach !! good job

Profile photo of achaaban achaaban

Thanks for lessons!
I really love it.
You are very good teacher with great sense of humour,also a handsome man.
Come to us to Russia :)
Guess,we are close to Germans with our”fantastich” pronunciation:))))

Profile photo of tanki02 tanki02

Just 2bad answers i need to practice, cause i could confuse this slag thanks

Profile photo of albertblue albertblue

It was very clear and helpful. It did’t suck :-)
Thank you.


ur gr8t !!!!!! u always ace ur lessons !


Thanks you, James!

Profile photo of yankhonskiy yankhonskiy

more slang videos. they are very useful


I gonna suck it up, I mean English


Thanks you,James!!^^


HI JAMES the lesson is well understood

prompt guy

You are just amazing James

Profile photo of dinas dinas

You are a good teacher James.. I salute you sir :)


Thanks for this lesson . It’s been very practical and helful.


more helpful than school lessons! (i’m not a SUCK UP man)


Thank you. Good lesson

Profile photo of kurtleen kurtleen

Thanks for a great lesson. It doesn’t suck at all.

sam Gohari

I really enjoy your lesson!!! U are so funny and make it easy to understand!!Thanks a million!Love U


is amazing


omg!!! great lesson! u r a greeeeeat teacher!!!


You awesome thanks.


It sucks… just kidding ;-D

Teddy Bee

that is great lesson , go ahead we need more like this topics it’s will be easy to learn it and speak it thanks bor

Profile photo of hajaj1983 hajaj1983

i really love d word suck it up :))
haha suck my _i_k is kinda bad


thanks for lessons


Hi there.I like your lessons ,and this one It was nice lesson that I got it and I Waite more thank you .

Profile photo of hamza6661 hamza6661

it help me alot…

Profile photo of Arun Khanal Arun Khanal

I like the way he talks! Thanx

Profile photo of aidosik aidosik

    that’s true, however it’s the first time I get to see the name of your country “Kyrgyzstan”, splendid name hehehe

    Profile photo of Basri Basri

Ok I won’t complain this time!

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

English is my first language and I missed two!


Thanks James. Very nice lessons . I’m also a teacher and I’m happy to find out that my way of teaching is a little similar to yours . That means I’m on the right way. Do you answer letters and where ?

Profile photo of maryred5566 maryred5566

nice one!

Profile photo of ilia ilia

thank you so much.

Profile photo of liangxinlee69 liangxinlee69

What’s the nice suck teacher?
i really learn about the word Suck.
It is very useful

Profile photo of thayheng thayheng

wow ! got 4 correct out of 4 ! thanks a lot Mr. James for making me more easily understand those lessons.

Profile photo of treena treena


Profile photo of wadahtasheen wadahtasheen

    What a good idea you have got after the lesson, nice example of the word “suck”

    Profile photo of Basri Basri

I mastered this slang! 4/4 quiz. I enjoy learning about the history of the word suck. I never could imagine that emerged from jazz. Thanks James!

Profile photo of sgmmm sgmmm

Oh! It’s really useful!

Profile photo of Vlastee Vlastee

Thank a lot James I like yr slang

Profile photo of Darsh Phatani Darsh Phatani

hahaha nice! james never blows it! such a cool teacher!!

Profile photo of matcgoes matcgoes

Thanks James.I believe you’re borned to teach ( because you do not suck at teaching ^^)

Profile photo of huenhanp102 huenhanp102

thanks james i did understand you again

Profile photo of jbdesaogo jbdesaogo

can u speak more slowly a little bit?

Profile photo of littledragon littledragon

heh, yay, too quick for me, but I remembered that he told that he does not like to speek quickly =D.

Profile photo of Breetonia Breetonia

Thanks a lot, Mr James! Good lesson! :) ;)

Profile photo of Ip Man Lee Ip Man Lee

Dude u r awesome but speaking speed is 160 and I think the limit is 80 right!

Profile photo of no@123 no@123

Thanks James for the lesson I really enjoyed it got 100% for the quiz!!!

Profile photo of Minsoo Minsoo

Thanks got 50%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

wow, stunning lesson.
i got full marks in it.LOLLL

Profile photo of Mr.Malik Mr.Malik

Hey, James! I only have one question: Are “suck” and “Suck up” nouns? Or could I use them like verbs?
I mean, Is it: You are a Suck Up/suck. Or could it also be : You are sucking up/sucking?

Profile photo of MaritoXl. MaritoXl.

Very good lesson, however I am not sure about the Suck and Sucks grammatical usage. Are they noun or verb. This something will make not use it unless know what they are in grammar.

Profile photo of drhhotak drhhotak

Very good lesson, however I am not sure about the Suck and Sucks grammatical usage. Are they noun or verb. This something will make not use it unless know what they are in grammar. If anyone knows please help.

Profile photo of drhhotak drhhotak

James from EngVid oh ye!

Profile photo of Michael Michael

Thank you!

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

“Stop complaining about how fast I talk! suck it up and try to understand” nice way to drop a hint! lol

Profile photo of Maiara Belo Maiara Belo

As always .. all your lessons don’t suck.

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994

james more Quiz please!

Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

Thanks James

Profile photo of Josy Alves Josy Alves

It was fun!) Thank You James.

Profile photo of novacantname novacantname

thx a lot buddy

Profile photo of timodelmaiz timodelmaiz

you are My Favourite Teacher! b’coz I can get it easily when I watch your videos. Thanks for the best lessons James!

Profile photo of ukuniku ukuniku

Thank you James.

Profile photo of Andahazy Andahazy

thank you

Profile photo of sergyl12 sergyl12

Thanks for it. You’re a great and funny teacher.

Profile photo of Matthew Hubermann Matthew Hubermann

I can not stop watching your videos keep it up

Profile photo of EngAhmedYounis EngAhmedYounis

Thanx James I like this lesson very much

Profile photo of Marwa92.. Marwa92..

i learn alot thank you

Profile photo of noaf noaf

Thanks for the lesson James!

Profile photo of Basri Basri

Sucking it up with this lesson, I think I can get to improve my English level but it’ll cost a lot of time, enjoying your learnings is the best way to stimulate your effort with the English language. Always being positive although some questionaries suck my optimism. Thanks a lot, teacher James, it has been an interesting lesson.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Interesting lesson and very helpful!!!!!

Profile photo of DylaCR DylaCR

you are such a good teacher! helpful video

Profile photo of kavigun kavigun


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

You got 4 correct out of 4.


Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

I got %100

Profile photo of ogteamfortress ogteamfortress

No flaws, hundred percent. Thanks James.

Profile photo of Kingsley Kunda Kingsley Kunda

You are humorous and helpful!!

Profile photo of Lynn Holmes Lynn Holmes
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