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Thank you. This lesson is going to be useful


thank you james


the answer of guestion 5 is “as well” ?


    I was in doubt of that too.


      Me too


      me too


      Me too


      This isn’t right cause it comes before a verb and isn’t ond the end of phase or didn’t request enphasis.

      Atila Oliver

Hello…I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone who is interested in speaking to me?

My whatsapp number is +8801812788727
Thank you.


Hello James,
Also, don’t forget to teach me when you use a preposition at the end of a sentence. Thanks a lot. Bwanda


Thank you James for this top class.

Carlos Terenas

Hey James. I also thank you for this video. I am gonna use these words in my speaking as well. Have a good one. :)


This lesson was super useful.
James is really sympathetic and a great teacher too


Hello James,
Class was awsome but I found ‘as well’ part a bit confusing.


Hope u all doing well
U guys are doing great job. I want to improve my English…… Can u help me

Akanksha @123

    Yes, why not !


why did I recieve 89??lol


    Same, probably mistake in code, but don’t worry, if it’s 89, so you are having honest 100 points.


I would like to thank you so much for your effort and also say that today’s lesson was useful. I also hope to practice to improve my skills.
I recognize that it is not very easy to learn to write or to speak too.
It would be nice to find good friends and a good job as well.


James, thank you vere much for the lesson! You are really cool! My homework is here:
1.I have also been to Cuba.
2.It is too expensive for myself can’t afford myself.
3.We can as well stay at home. The weather is awful. It has been raining since morning.


    To afford – already includes myselt, needn’t repeat it again


Have a nice day!!!
You too:)


Cool! Thank you!


thank you james for this lesson. i like your teaching style.

vignesh senthil kumar

Hi James
In the quiz, question nomber 5. My answer was “also”.
It seems to be it was wrong. I wonder why, since “also” is placed between two verbs. And may be does it sound better too?’ ( with “also”).
Thanks in advance for your explanation.
Best regards


I found engVid in late March and since then I’ve loved engVid lessons. All teachers are great. I have in mind that I watch two latest videos every day.

Insoo Yeo

This helps me to improve my English language test. Thank u so much.. More Power!


Thank you


I got 9/9.. lets do homework


thanks sir I got 8/9.


Thanks James! I enjoyed the video, and also liked it.
Here is my homework:

1 – I enjoyed the video, and also liked it
2 – I would like to order a burger and a fries too
3 – Could you please pass me the ketchup and the mayo as well?

1 – Also, don’t forget to bring your wallet!
2 – Could you leave my room, and close the door too?
3 – You should failed this class and learn more next time as well


    What a great work here!! ?

    Aleeyou abbass omar

Why you stopped being funny ?????


Thanx for the video. I enjoyed it a lot!


My first time in this web and also felt impressive.

anuwat sordsri

Great!! Thank you


thank you for this lesson James

Pascal V 4

Thank you ??

DILITH 27784

Thanks James, your explanation was very clear and my exam was 9 of 9. WOW!

Orlando Gómez

Hi everyone ,i would like to practice my English on whatsapp application so my number is +905380384882, thnk you have a great day and enjoy you life

Abdirisaq kulan

Thank You!!!!


It is not easy using these words properly. I have 7 out 9. I will also watch the video once more. Thanks a lot.


Very clear and confusing lesson as well.

Pedrop Guijarrog

Thank you very much for the lesson. Also I’ve learned something new about those words, even if I know what they mean


Hey, I’m really good at English but I think I’m missing an accent, an American one

Faisal Al-Abwah

Teacher James, you are lively that it makes it more easier t understand. thank you!


Thank you engvid

Sujan pokhrel

Hi all guys can you advice me which way I can will start learning English


Thank you so much.
I’ve always gotten confused about this topic. Now, I can understand it a little more, I’ll watch it again.
Great lesson.


44 it need hard working


this lesson is good for me because sometimes it makes me confuse how to use that word correctly.Thank u james i got 89 even is my first time to join and learn this lesson coz i know i need to learn more.my english is not good


Guys I got 9 out of 9, this lesson rocks


89 i think have tried ?, thank u sir.

I have trouble using the word “either” i often comfuse it with too. Can you make a video pls? Thanks

Aleeyou abbass omar

I am also practicing English with the help of Engvid videos.
Also, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share these Engvid videos.

My sister was telling me English is too difficult.
That’s why I suggest Engvid’s website. Now, she watches these videos too.

Students may as well utilize their time to improve English through Engvid videos.
Furthermore, my sister suggests these videos to her friends as well.

Esther Maharjan

Thanks very much James! It’s very useful. I have lived in Ireland for 9 months and I’m still learning english. I make a lot of mistakes when I speak, but I try to improve my English every day and your videos help me a lot!
All the best!


Thank you!

hyerin kim

There are lot of videos in which order should I see ,to get a flow in understanding.

Karthikayini ganesan

i got 89


as usual magnificent and useful lesson

thank you very much Mr. James

Aml Mounier

thaks james , you are raley funny


I get 9/9
thank you so much


excellent class as usual


Thank you James. It’s still a little bit confused to me, i guess i need to watch video again.


I Need more practice hehehe


Thanks ?


1) I’m glad that James and also the other teachers here at Engvid keep making this useful content.
2) James’ lessons are interesting and useful. I must say that I find them quite funny as well.
3) In the end of the lesson, I always do the quiz and write down some notes as well.
4) Also, I make sure to check out the english resources at EngVid.
Thanks for the video and also the top tips.


1. Daniel bought two yellow candies, I also bought two more.
2. I cleaned my bedroom as well as my comfort room.
3. Also, I have read the book of Napoleon Hill the Think and Grow Rich, it’s amazing.
4.Mike said to me that I would be careful in driving a motorcycle, I said, you too Mike.
5. I bought my new phone at Apple Store and my friend also buy from the store.
6.My girlfriend had suffered from acne on her nose, I have also experienced on it.

apt samsn

You are the best Mr James.


Thanks a lot you are the best.


Cool! Thanks you.


    Could you have also


      Sorry the first comment was a typo, I noticed you used also at the end of your sentence you said I have to go also.


In Question 5, “as well” is used in the main middle. Why? Not at the end?

AKM Mostafa

I liked this lesson as well


Thanks sir! I got 8 correct out of 9


    It is too difficult for me to use ‘as well’in the middle of sentence. And also use ‘on the top of’. But I will try as well as everyone do




Thank you Mr. James for an interesting lesson!


Thank you very much for your lessons .you are a great teacher !!


Thanks for the class!
7/9 i’m glad for that.

Erick Araújo

Thank you, James. It was a great lesson!



abdrhaman omer


Dave: I go to the store. We need some lemons.

Lucy: We also need some potatoes.Don´t forget to take the bag and the money too.

Dave:We might as well buy some carrots. They are very healthy.

Lucy: Okay, but don´t spend too much money.


I need learn too

Marcos PM

Thank you James. We love Mr.E


thank you so much for this lesson james

ABDELAZIZ ezohayry

I got one wrong because of last-minute changes, I’m furious. BTW thank you James :-D

Dzikril Hakim

My homework:

1- I live in the street next door, me too.
2- I also like to eat apples, but even more bananas.
3- I was also in Paris when I was little, me too.
4- I’m black like him too
5- he ordored fish, I ordored the same meal as well.
6- I love this boy, but he might as well interest you.

Thank you Mr James,for this another wonderful lesson. See you, bye.


Great lesson teacher!!!


excellent lesson


Thank you James
Thank you engVid


Thank you James you’re a great teacher too..


Thank teach us


Hi: James
Just a question:when I was young the teacher told me how to use ‘not only ..but also’ ,Today I found out “not only.. too’ also is correct. Is that the same?or I was wrong?

Jon cai

I don’t know


Thank you so much
you explained it clearly

Miss Hind

Thanks, James. Really simple and catchy lesson


When will i join my class

Hojor Malek liep bol

Thanks. I need to practice more!


I fail again my grammar it’s weak.
Thank you Mr. James. God bless you!.

Flavio Rodriguez

6 out of 9


good as well


thank you James


Thank you so much James. This lesson will really be useful in several situations.

Atila Oliver

I’m a beginner, I would like to speak english like an American, I love the way you teach this course. Also I hope that I don’t forget my first class with you. I’m going to look for contents in your channel in order to learn more. Thank you very much!


Thank you very much for this kind of exercises

Adriana Niranyana

Thank you. This lesson is going to be useful.


Amazing video as usual, thank you so much James !


You are a nice teacher also you love to joke too much and this is funny and make us enjoy the lesson.

Asmaa Aldawy

Thank you thank you so much I love this is so study for today thank you thank you so much

aaa aisha

I will also do my homework in comment. Os it ok? 🙃

1) I will also go to Thailand this summer.
2) Also, do your homework buddy!

1) I can’t buy this car, because too expensive!
2) You look great in this dress too!

As well
1) I changed car’s wheels as well before winter.
2) I lost my money in casino as well!

Daniil Slepchenko
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