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Thanks aloot .. U r a great teacher ^^

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    I think so.

    Jigyashu Keshri

    is there a video on to, too, and two?

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    thats right.

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Thanks a lot. It’s a very useful.

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    a lot* :)



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    Hi James,
    Could you make together with Mr. E a movie with the subject:
    a lot
    It will stop this discussion.

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      Everyone should read this blog post — it should help you remember which is which :D

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Thank you James for exciting and instructive lesson, it will help me further to use English more correctly and this website is excellent, thanks all of you for that.

I got 9 of 10, not so bad, bud I think that these things need understand more logical because so and too can use in one place simultaneously.


    I think so too! :)

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Very good
It was so sweet


thank you I got 10of10 because of your help


كيف حالكم ابغى اتعلم Eبسرعه


Very useful topic, so I can speak more confident.


you are doing a great service to people like us. English is a master key for emancipation for us. thank you very much.

Hanu G Das

Hello James!

James usually speaks to fast… :) haha!
I got used to understanding James! Cool!

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    …too fast…

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    but i don’t understand because of speaking too fast :( this is the first quiz i didn’t got the full mark.
    so sad :( :(

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Oh, You are too kind making such great lessons James!
I love you too!

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Hello EngVid Moderator!
Will you add a feature which allows to edit or delete comments? It would be nice!

Truly yours!
Yan Khonskiy

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100% accuracy, it’s just too easy for me :-D


Great!, thanks


Mr Teacher, your lessons are always SO stimulating that I follow them as often as I can. Thanks a lot :)


Useful lesson no more mistakes. ´too´ and ´so´ here we go! Tanks mr. James.

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I will never forget the difference between “So” an “Too”. But when we use “So that” ? and when just SO.. Thank you james you’re great.. I liked your Britain Jacket .. Where did you bought it?

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Is there a video on Absolute (Nominative and Participial) constructions? I would like to understand them better.

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James your learning style is so helpful, keep it going.


This was such a great video. Love it!


hey dude, thank you so much

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thanks a lot James…your lessons are sooo helpful

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by the way, the answer is 10th of question it could be ‘so,so’ too. Am I wrong? actually, yes the meaning is negative but to emphasise we could use ‘so’ too this question. I hope so, I’ve told correctly; otherwise sorry about that:))

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I think I love you guy.. :) thanx a lot!


I made it on the quiz despite you speak too quickly. so my listning skill is improved thanks to your website and my motivation to learn english too.
(sorry about my english XD,I am too beginner :(.)

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Very good lesson! You are so funny and make it appear easy!

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I James
I liked this lesson SO MUCH.
See you next time


James, you speak so fast, and I like it!
I like your way of speaking as much as the content of your lessons. In this page, in general, I can listen to real English (not read dialogs). I remember when I began to watching this page, almost one year ago. I couldn’t understand almost nothing you said, and now I listen to you and I find it so easy. I always try to translate to Spanish your lessons. I understand you, I get the idea, but then I realise I couldn’t understand some of the words or expression you said. It’s a good exercise for me. Movies are beyond my level, “classic” lessons are no problem for me, and you help me a lot to improve my listening and my comprehesion.
Thanks a lot!


it is great viedo. it benfits me so i thank u.


In a first time, i had see it again! because the teacher speaks too fast! but, really excelent! great job teacher. i wanna learn speak fast too! LOL
Thanks u so much

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Is true… you talk fast. But, no problem! Thanks a lot!

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James, a man like the way you teach English


Your lessons are very helpful.


thanks bro>i mean my teacher, this lesson was so helpful and nice too.

naif zahrani

Thank you

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Thanks a lot.


Thank you teacher.


Fast or Too Fast) Whats is that question) Thank You James)) You are Best Teacher.

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Wow what a lesson … So easy to undrestand, and a great teacher too

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hiiiii Dear James!! det was a great lesson, thank you so much, I did the exercices and i got 8 corrects answeres, so I hopp i can learn this language as soon as possible,


Thanks so much for your helping video

Mummal from Iraq

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Your writing so clear today.Thanks.

lin siew ong

Hey mate, you are SO kind … your teaching is SO helpful and useful. When I am at the English class, I can find it how much your lessons could be helpful … Thank you SO much James and other guys TOO … :)

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Thankyou alot


Thank you Teacher, your lesson is very fun :)

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Really I like it ……….. Thanks.

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What can i say?

Thank you so much
Thank you SO much
Thank you so much

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I am in Saudi Arabia

I liked (Cooking you self :)

you are true.

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    (Cooking your self:)

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      i think you r from aritria


too lovely teacher

ilahe Amiraslanova

Thank tearch :))

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Thank Teacher!

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questions 9 and 10 are tricky one, as for me, aren’t they?

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yeah correct 10 , thks a lot Master James


very good! Thanks

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Hi,mr James your videos are very interesting.


james you are realy great

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I have question:
It is any different between if you say, “You’re so kind” and “You are too kind” ?

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Thank you very very much James for teaching useful topic.


James, thank you for another exciting lesson. You are so irresistable :)) Basically all website’s stuff is so useful and helpful!!!


Thank you SO much James.. !! ;0)

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James you speak too quickly.. and I cannot understand clear your pronunciation. If you could speak as Ronnie speaks, Id be SO glad. :)


Thank you, James, for your lessons))

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I got 10 correct out of 10.

Thanks James!


thank you very much James!
I have a suggestion… If you teach a lesson about participle clauses describing an action.
thanks again

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I like your lesson. I’m trying to lesson first time and ı liked:)thank you very much james. Now ı will follow your video.


Thanks for the lesson


I am realy like you ,the lesson was so good but I am still confused how to use it ,thank u so much or too much :-)


She runs TOO fast that it is hard see her.

Isn’t it correct?

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this is a nice lesson and i enjoyed very well thanks teacher

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    Thank you SO much, James!

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The lesson was SO interesting, I’m going to tell my son to watch it TOO.

Mark Spinish

I liked it thank you

gricelda elias

This lesson was so good, thank you!

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thank u :)

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so fast and really helpfull )))

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You are so……….good teacher and Thank you so… much.So Good job[heheheheh]

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Dear James,

Some your lesions that I have learnt few days before. It was interested but I feel it too fast. I think my English is not so good so I cannot understant clearly when you explaned.

Thanks a lot,

Wet -Cat


I need a person chating with him for think that may improve our language my email address is

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You are so professional teacher


I want to know what the different between simple past and present perfect

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useful lesson,thanks.

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Thank you.

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Hi James,
I was very impressed by your sadness and your words about “poppies”. I think you had troubles because of your last lesson.
Sometime we forget that NET is a great window where all kind of people can read and listen to what there is in, even children or people very weak.
Anyway, don’t give up, you are a great teacher.


i love you god bless you james


Even if James speaks to fast,
he’s magic!


    too fast


.i think it’s for me to thank. you. :) really helps alot brother james………..

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    0pps…sory by the way thanks.. ya

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You are the best! Keep going on James!

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10 out of 10
I have just learnt that conjunction(therefore,thus) is similar with simple “so”.

Thank you.

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Video dose not work in my prowser how can i watch it

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it is too late to stop him

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it was very nice lessons I appreciate wiht it, tahnk you so much, my best teacher in the world

Noor mohammad Noori

Hi dear teacher…..I must tell you that this lesson is SO good…SO interesting….and SO helpful….thanks a lot!

Jesse María

I always enjoy your lessons SO much.
Kind regards

Jesse María

love it, thanks for your doing best !
and thanks for these lessons, they are too helpful, .

ahmad reshad

thank you so mush james



I think “so” in that expression:
– “Do you think the weather is gonna be better tomorrow?
– I hope “so”.

IS possible, isn’t it?

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Thanks teacher…. it was a good lesson, but are you fast or too fast?


Hello, James. First of all, I’d like to thank you for your explanation, it made things clearer for me. But something isn’t going so well with next question in the quiz. I can’t understand why the answer is ‘it’s too hot, so i will eat it later’ when in the video commented ‘too hot’ would give the idea of something you can’t ever eat. What am I doing wrong? :P
Thanksin advance c:

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hey james,
can i get your email id.i want to learn english.please help me..its humble request

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many thanks teacher.


So wonderful


wow….that was really very good!

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it was too good for me thanks a lot james,


Thank you, you r such a good teacher. This lesson was so good.

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thank you so much :)

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u r very clear,,,thnx?


Hi James,
I really love your lessons,sometimes the website doesn’t work very well = stop talking, stop moving, so no sounds, no lessons. it arrives frequently on my computer (mac), I don’t know why and it’s a pity because I ‘d like to learn more about “Too and So”. I’ll try again, may be there are too many students looking at your nice lessons

TRAZZINI martine

thank you so much ;)


Thank You James! Very helpful!)

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Thank you James for exciting and instructive lesson, it will help me further to use English more correctly and this website is excellent, thanks all of you for that.


thank u so much James.

and a question: why isn’t this true?
She runs TOO fast that it is hard see her.

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I have learned a fantastic lesson .
thanks a lot Mr . james you are so clear and understandable .

Amir Nabil :)

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hello james, I’m here just to suggest you something. I’m a self-study student and I”ve learned a lot with your videos. So why not put them in a DVD, it’ll be vey interesting to keep them for my future children . thank you .
so bye..

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noone talked about how can we help this awsome website, may you tell us ? thank you james for your efforts


you are so good…i like your class very much

subash banjara

you’re excelent teacher, I undertand everything


So nice of you.

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thanks so much! you are great teacher.


James, why are you so amazing???? You’re using something like mind map, I loved it! How do you do this?? lol .. congratulations!



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Good work!

Ilyas hotak

Thks for your advice.


thank you for this good site. :D


Thank SO much for your lesson, yet i don’t got a perfect score, lol.. i was a bit confused SO i might watch your video again later when i have time.


Thank you so much for the lesson, we improve


9 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx

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Andy Early

Hello! I want to ask you.

1. The soup was so hot, I had to leave it and eat it an hour later.

2. The soup is too hot, so I will have it later.

If the first case had there (that) I would understand why “so” , but without that it doesn’t make a sense to me. Could you please explain it why? Thanks so much!

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thanks a lot James!….. also thanks to the worm called Mr.e hahahaha

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Thanks James ;)
plz i want more videos for advance students

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Thank you so muchhhh.


you are a great teacher I so happy how you’r teaching English.

Thanks James.

Hi James,
Thanks a lot for all your lessons!! I really like the way you teach: never get bored and it stays in your mind straight away. Well, I have some questions and I am not sure there are lessons on such a topic. First of all, could you please tell me if there are ANY exceptions using an article THE with plural nouns, particularly when you want to say: ‘the friends’, ‘the parentals’ or anything else. Also could you please give a lesson on ‘someone vs somebody’, ‘anyone vs anybody’. Is there any difference between someone vs anyone etc I would really appreciate if you could share as much as possible on this topic.

Thanks a lot!!

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this lesson was too hepful.


    Please watch again, because it’s this lesson where so helpful.

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the best of the best


Thank you so much

Abdulla Matar

Absolutely marvelous

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thanks a lot James

youcef ben

Good teacher, very clear
It’s a frecuently error that most of us make

Jairo Arboleda

it was toooooo helpful thank you can you help me i have problem with prononsation


Nice lesson

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James speaked too fast that I have some difficulties :))

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thank you ^^~ anyway, I still understand ur lesson & got 9/10 :)

Profile photo of withloveexo withloveexo

I got 8/10 ==’

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thanks a lot James,it’s very useful lesson :)


you said in your example “the soop is so hot” but the quiz says “too hot” can you explain?

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James,I’m going to be a great teacher like you,man;Your videos are astonishing and helpful too.

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Why do not answer to any quastion Mr. Teacher!

İsmail Hakkı Belgin

How can I watch the video?

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hello sir

thanks, i got 8/10.

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Very nice!!

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hi you are so good

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Thaaannnnnk ya !

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u r a gr8 teacher!!!!


thanks alot….


thaks alot ur the best teacher i had …

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Your is very important to me, so I hope next time you allow to download some of them. Thank you very much

Michel Jean

Thank you. I got 9 out of 10!

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Thank you SO much!


Know I got it

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u are such a great teacher.

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James, you are so good! Thank you.

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Aww. The quiz below the video does not work I just wanted to test my comprehension if I understand it very well. Despite all of that, thanks for always making tutorial videos Mr James! Very appreciated.

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great job! I enjoyed it so much!

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i found it easy


Thank you so much !

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It’s so helpful <3
thank you for your lesson ^.^

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You’re a crack!! Perfect explanation

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difference between to and too ?

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10 of 10… It was so nice .

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Hi teacsher you are very good.

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thank you !!

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See you!

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It was clear and I enjoy understanding you when you are too fast :)

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Hey James ;) Thanks a lot! It’s so nice to help us !

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I didn’t understand the difference between So and Too, however I got 8 correct out of 10 !

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Thanks meeehn.

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This class helped me a lot. Great teacher!!

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Hey James you speak too fast bit i like your lessons so much:)

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James, thanks so much.

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Thanks James.” Too good to be true.”

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You make grammar fun .. I feel its hard to memorize it but here you make really easy for me to remember ..

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Wow!!! what a great TEACHER! i got it.9/10
thank you so much.

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so much in love with you James! (just kidding) thanks a lot!

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Wow! this is a great website to learn English.

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Thanks I got 70

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8/10…my god

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It is very interesting lecture so I share it on my page in Google plus.

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90 :D

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Hi James!
You may probably speak so fast but it finds me very challenging. Watching and studying your lessons often have really enabled me to watch movies without subtitle. As I remember well, it was your lesson that it is not necessary to understand each word what the speaker is saying but the whole thought that he/she may want to express. I can’t thank you enough for the effort you have exerted just to make this lesson crystal clear to us.

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Hi,this is so amazing helpful video! Thanks a lot. I have a question: Last question in quiz: The soup is too hot, so I´ll have it later. why is “too” in the first part? “So” is in the video in the example sentence with this meaning. Thank you with help :-)

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Hi!!!! Your course was really god, I have some doubts, so I need your help to understand. For example in this statement.

It takes —– time to receive the products from them that customers have stopped placing orders.

with your course I going to use “Too much” because I understand It’s excessive but the correct answer is ‘So much’.


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you are great…

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Thank you James ^^ This website Is really helpful to improve my English :))

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I got 8 out of 10 thanks.
there is my skype: Аманбаев Ержан
if you would like some practise please….

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I got 10 out of 10. it was really helpful for me.

I have to learn / know difference b/w “me too & so” looking forward your reply.

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Thanks james it was so useful

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994

thanks jams

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    I don’t understand why I can’t do my quiz! please can you helping me?

    Profile photo of yaka mbesse viviane yaka mbesse viviane

hello! i have a question that in this video u said:” the soup was so hot, i will wait… but when we use too hot we never eat it” but in quiz question number 10, the answer is: too, so!! i don’t understand! ths for explanation!!

Profile photo of TimothyTD TimothyTD

thank u so much James though your fast but its very helpful!

Profile photo of doglover85 doglover85

I think your explanation was so clear and helpful.

Profile photo of R5emy R5emy

I have noticed that question number 10 has contradiction with your lecture because you said too hot soap that mean impossible , but the quiz let the soap eaten with too.


Profile photo of R5emy R5emy

Thank you James for the incredible and useful lesson!

Profile photo of AdamAlfero AdamAlfero

hi , since I’ve been visiting your website I learned a lot , your website is the best , I really appreciate it

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hey, i did all of them correct ! what a great score for me!
thanks a lot james

Profile photo of emrekk emrekk

Thanks Mr.james for breaking this video down so that I may understand.

Profile photo of CavFanatic23 CavFanatic23

I got 9/10 almost perfect!!

Profile photo of Debano Debano

My very first test after signed in the site. Thanks Mr. James for your help!

Profile photo of brunofgc brunofgc

I loved that lesson, so i will watch another video from James, with another person too.

Profile photo of Tahir@10 Tahir@10

Thank you James..you are real teacher..

Profile photo of zeynedime zeynedime

Try to understand what Kevin Hart says, so after this will be so easy understand James haha

Profile photo of cec90's cec90's

Ghanés a lot

Profile photo of Mayka Mayka

Sorry, thanks a lot

Profile photo of Mayka Mayka

could we use very instead of very, for example, The coffee is (very/too) hot please explain

Profile photo of sprabha sprabha

sorry I typed wrongly could we use very instead of too this is my doubt

Profile photo of sprabha sprabha

Amazing English course thank you James.

Profile photo of Mohamed Arbi Naimi Mohamed Arbi Naimi

too is similar or a different way to say overcome/surpass?

i think so


Thank you very much James…for this lesson

Profile photo of Maxwillar Maxwillar

i got 70%

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

so much fun James :D thanks

Profile photo of Daliaelsergany Daliaelsergany

Thank you so much James! you make it so easy to learn :)

Profile photo of Dwi Apriliani Dwi Apriliani

How there are so many posts or comments and I think it’s too much to read for a simple mind like me, then I am going to be breve writing these words and no fed up the teacher and the others. It has been a good party lesson as always and I have enjoyed very much listening to our teacher again. It’s a fantastic method to improve our skills, thank a lot, teacher James, I am following your advice and they are really useful.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

What a teacher ! You’re great !!!

Profile photo of Momo97 Momo97

James, you are so funny! thanks!!!

Profile photo of Sarallatzer Sarallatzer

You got 9 correct out of 10.


Profile photo of M kartal M kartal


Profile photo of ASOS1993 ASOS1993

thank you a lot(=

Profile photo of AnilAras AnilAras

Thanx alot duddy🤝

Profile photo of Aras01 Aras01


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Thank you so much,James.

Profile photo of S Chit Chit Win S Chit Chit Win

thanks so much James, I like your videos too much

Profile photo of molinram molinram

Look at me here in 2019 haha thanks! it never gets old

Profile photo of fabiogodoi fabiogodoi

hi Jame.
I confused with the question 10.
why I can’t say the soup is so hot, I’ll have it later???

Profile photo of Mary Mary

So nice your your english lesson
Thank you James and you too Mister E

Profile photo of tntex tntex

Why is so the right answer in question # 6?

Profile photo of Jackmaster Jackmaster

Hello Jackmaster,
how is it going?
Answering your question.
She runs ___ fast that it is hard see her.

If it would be too. It could mean that it is impossible to see her.
Bacause she is still visible, hard but still.
We use “so”.
I hope that you will get it.
I wish you all the best in learning English.
Take care. Bye ;)

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