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i just want to say i love you Rebecca

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    Thank you rebeca for your lesson, il verry like it


      Very useful expressions to talk about pregnancy Rebecca.

      On the surface, it looked an easy topic to talk about, but I must confess that there were some expressions in the video that I did not know.

      Thanks very much for this lesson Rebecca.

      All the best to you.

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    I like this exercice


Is “She is in labour” or “she is in labor”?please help me with that doubt in this lesson. Thanks, Rebecca. You’re great!


    BrE labour , AmE labor :)


    It is just a little difference between American and Britsh English. No matter what word you use, the meaning is conveyed.

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Learning English become more easy by your lessens :)

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thanks, teacher Rebecca for this very useful lesson……


Hello she did the pregnancy test . He got pregnant her when they
Graduated in the high school. After they got married. Made decision. They were in love.


    ohhhhhhh !heah

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thank you so much teacher for this interesting topic !


I appreciate your lesson, we can have many informations in short time. Really good!


My wife’s sister had a baby yesterday , she was in labor in 3P.M ,now she has a very beautiful boy his name is Kerllos.
please Rebecca correct my mistakes
I want to thank you so much .

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    she was in labour at 3 P.M :)

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Thanks a lot Rebecca. I wish to see more videos with you. I am focused on Grammar and I don’t know how to improve it without learning by heart. Maybe making more exercisez, quizes. What piece of advice can you give me to improve my grammar? Thanks a lot for all your videos.

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Thanks Rebecca ,you’re so good teacher and teaching .Have a good one.God bless you.


Hi Teacher,
Your sentence above made me a little bit confused
“but what words and phrases do you us to talk about this subject in English?” is it mistype ? do you us?


HI,I’m a Japanese girl.
I found this page at YouTube
What a good English teacher you are!!
I can understand “past simple or present perfect”
I have used this page for my English homework in this summer.
Thank U :)


it’s very important lesson, these situations being very critical, so we must learn these phrases well to give a good information for the people who may help if we’re in an English speaker country :D


Rebecca, I love you

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Thank you Rebecca for your lesson.

Bonne journée !

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Hi Rebecca,
I consider you an excellent teacher.
By the way could you explain how to use if and whether ?


Thanks Rebecca!you are a very good teacher,very clear lesson and I loved listening your pronounciation!.


Thanks a lot

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Rebecca! what a great lesson! Thank you so much :)


Hey teacher, i’m from Brazil, and first of all i would like to thank you for all these teaching videos, and also I would like to ask you if it’s possible to you (or any of your coworkers)make a video explaining the meaning of the expression “take for granted”. I looked for the meaning on internet but I couldn’t find anything related to that. And about the properly use of ” at, on and in”. Thank you one more time :D


Hey teacher, i’m from Brazil, and first of all i would like to thank you for all these teaching videos, and also I would like to ask you if it’s possible to you (or any of your coworkers)make a video explaining the meaning of the expression “take for granted”. I looked for the meaning on internet but I couldn’t find anything related to that. And about the properly use of ” at, on and in”. Thank you one more time :D


I like this lessons very much because it is help me to speak more quickly than I spoak. Thank you,Rebecca! I think that you the best English teacher. Now my level is very high. I can read books in English In original and watch American films on English. Thank you! Best wishes,your Sofya


Hi teacher.Thank you for this lesson.Soon I am going to be a grandma. My son is an expected father.My doughter-in law is going to have a baby on September.


Hi Rebecca! Great lesson…

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    she delivered in my hospital.
    or she was delivered in my hospital.
    plz reply.


Thanks a lot)))

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Dear Rebecca,

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thank you very much for your great ef


I’m speechless, thanks anyway Rebecca. good luck brunette teacher.


Ilearned so many new words and sentences ,from this lesson Rebecca is such a nice teacher she teach every words or sentence clearly.


How is every body here


Really good!!! Very useful idiomatic expressions!!! Thanks a lot!!!

Morella Perez

Hello Rebecca ! Congratulations.
One questions, is it ok to say:
” He knocked up my sister” ?? Or it’s kind of rude.

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Hai, rebecca!Mythoughts went18years back,I ‘ve a son. My due date was 24 april1994.I recalled my contractions 5 minuts apart.Igave birth a boy at 10’ clock am.


Hi Rebecca
I liked this lesson very much and I’d like to reinforce the request made above by Raissa, from Brazil, about the use of the expression “take for granted”
Actually I’ve been faced with it for several times and I didn’t get it.
Will you do this for both of us?
See you next time.
Thank you so much


    I just guessed you wouldn’t answer it



Thank you for your great lessons.
Can you please give us a lesson on the “only then/after” structures. For example:
Only after lunch can you play.


Thank you so much Teacher Rebecca for your video quiz that make me happy for practiced my grammar lesson.

Ryan Manib

Thanks so mush!
Rebecca,can you make more lesson about English Tenses?
Thanks again)

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i love your teaching method
i can’t say thank you enough



Awad Al Halafawi

thank you very much for your lesson


Hello, Rebecca. Many thanks to you for your style of teching English.
All your lessons are needed and competent.
I would like to suggest a new topic for the future lessons.
Synonims for the most common adjectives.
For example, good, bad, strong, weak, many, few and so on.
Thank you.


what a great lesson! Thank you so much :)

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Thanks Rebecca, It was gr8 lesson.


hye. i have a question for u. what is the difference between ‘i have been working’ and ‘i am working’. ? i hope u can help me to make it clear. :)


    hi,I can help U
    first example-I have been working:for example 2 years ago you got a job and you are still working there and this time you should say-I have been working,that means you have been working since 2010( for example) .
    second example-I am working:for example I am working now,while talkong about smth,did you get ? :)) thank you

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Thank you Rebecca


thank u

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thanks rebecca i like ur lesson


Thanks! I love your video lessons.
Thanks again, best wishes for you, Rebecca.


That’s a very useful lesson, Rebecca. Thank you. ;D

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Thank you so much. you are great teacher. i love your lessons so much.


I only wish you congratulation.

salomon pierre

Dear Teacher,
i have a basic doubt regarding Simple present tense.I saw one of your class regarding simple present and before one of my teacher told me that simple present can be used to denote some action which is happening at the present moment,like he glares at me ,he walks,bus goes,brother eats….etc.my question is this is true or note?or we need no use present continuous instead of he is glaring at me,he is walking,bus is going,brother is eating to denote things which is happening at the present moment(means at the moment which we talk about)

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i like that it’s possible to find here expressions on any topic. thank u))


Nice class Rebecca. My sister gave birth a baby boy, three months ago. Thank you.


nice rabecca


woderfull teacher

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Rebeca you’re a excelente teacher.

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thank you !!!!!!



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very good topic!


thank you Rebecca, It was great lesson. I have a question i saw that you writh “labour” in that way but at the quiz it was wroth “labor”?????


Very intersting class.
Thank for all.


Rebeca, you´re the best XD

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Thank you Rebeca for your clear explaination in this lesson god bless you.


Thank you very much Rebecca for your help :). I really appreciate your videos and I’d like very much to watch more thematic courses e.g about shopping, renting a flat, directions, ecc.


thank u :)

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Rebecca, you’re a very good teacher!

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Thanx Rebecca , l am learning from you good things

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I blew the last question because the word “labor”. You’ve written “labour” on the board… But I understood the lesson! Thank you!

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Thanks a lot…

Abdiwali Mohamed

This video is too much helpful to me.Thank You

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thanks Rebecca i love all of your lessons you explain them in a friendly manner

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“When are you expecting ? ”
“How far along are you ? ”
I understood these now, through this lesson.
And , I can write ‘ She is due in this December. = expected date of delivery is in Dec.)
She is seven weeks pregnant = She is in her seventh gestational week.
I love it . Thank you , Rebecca.

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thanks Rebeca never changed

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Great! Great!

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I got 88 %, Thanks Rebecca.

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    I have a question! Can i say she’s delevering?

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thanks Rebecca . it was a fantastic lesson,but i’d like to ask u a question . which of these expressions we should use? should we memorize all of them ? please give us the more common in speaking . i need your answer soon.my best wishes to u. take care dear teacher.

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O MG.i got 100%. i don’t know how to thank u Rebecca u r such a great and lovely teacher. i appreciate u.

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my wife is pregnant .she is in her 7 weeks…
we are expecting a baby in April 2014…

thanks Rebecca.. now i can tell in english to my friends about her pregnancy…..
thanks once again rebecca

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That is great to have this lesson and get more new words add to my vacubary stock , much proud of that- thank you

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Thank you Rebecca.!! I love your teaching.

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Thanks a lot! Rebecca!

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I got 100%! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks Mam I got 100%.

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Thank you very much, Rebecca.
This is really helpful teaching & explanation.

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Very nice!
Thanks Rebecca.

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Thank you Rebecca!

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I dream about a child and I hope this topic will be useful for me on the future.

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Dear Rebecca,
One day, I have read this funny expression used to describe when someone is pregnant: “She has got a cake in the oven”.
Best regards.

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Thanks Dear Tutor Rebecca.
Best Wishes to you.

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She is pregnant.she …… a baby in August.
A)is having
B)is going to have
Note:if both correct please explain.
Thanks a lot for your video.It has been very helpful.

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Teacher Rebecca, you are the gracious mom of a lot of English students because you make efforts resemble the ones of mothers.

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thank you very much lovely Rebecca. I tried to make a quiz but the quiz #32I chose incorrectly. I chose “due” while the correct answer is “expecting”. Could you pls clarify me? I remember that we have learnt a question “when are you expecting / due?”

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    I mean quiz #2.

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thank you every one

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I got 6 per 8 sentences correct.I want to say Thank you so much.now I want to improve my English better.

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Great topic. Awesome lesson.
Tucano you.

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you are wonderful

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Thanks teacher Rebecca for this explanation, it was a very interesting topic.

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    The second time listening the lesson, I have understood a little more about this difficult topic for me because I am not using it normally. Very interesting but strange at the same time. Thanks.

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Hi Rebecca
Which spelling is correct? “labour” or “labor”?
on the whiteboard u wrote “labour” but in multiple questions u wrote “labor”

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    Both are. “Labour” is the Canadian/UK/Australian spelling; “labor” is American.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      tnx for ur replying

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you re simply the best Mrs Rebecca.

Anyone interested in practice english conversation? I am disposal by skype carvalho.fabio35 or whatsap

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You got 7 correct out of 8.
thanks a lot…

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Thanks Ms. Rebecca.

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