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I’m a new student. I’m from China. I love you lesson very much. Thank You!


    me too


    “your lessons” is correctly :)


    Welcome to engvid, z30869 from China! So glad you find our lessons helpful. My best wishes to you.


      me,too. and i think these grammer videos is very userful to improve my english skills.

      thx a lot.


      Thanks ma’m Rebecca you’re videos help me my grammar alot I’m improving my English.

      Jack Gangte

    me too.
    which city are you from?


very clear and useful, thank you very much Rebecca!



Bertha Alvidrez

Thank you Rebecca , I got quite understand that your lesson. I can be confident more to use english language for communication


I got 10 to 10….




Rabecca madom.. its a useful subject. but any simple ideas to remember these words when using english??


Thank you so much for this information which i didn’t know :)

Raheel Khan

Thank You Rebecca for this lesson. As usual very useful topic. 10/10 correct!


Dear Rebe,
Are these structures correct grammatically?
Having finished my work, I went home.
I went home having finished my work.
After finishing my work, I went home.
I went home after finishing my work.
Which one is formal?
Which one is informal?
Which one is used in writing?
Which one is used in spoken conversation?
Which one is wrong?
Are these structures (the second clause after the comma) always in the simple past tense?
I am extremely confused!


    The first two sentences are more formal. The second two are more informal. The last sentence is the most commonly used in regular conversational English. In speaking or writing, which style we use depends on the context and the audience. If you feel confused, learn one way and use that way correctly. It’s better to do that than to learn too many ways and feel unsure. Besides, even the informal sentences are not slang or incorrect, so you could still use them correctly in formal situations. All the best to you.


Thank you very much, Rebecca! It is clear and useful lesson. I got 9 correct out of 10. My mistake was in question #7


Thank you, it was very helpful lesson.
I got 9/10.


    i got 9/10 too. It was very interesting lesson.

    Onegin Evgeniy



thanks Rebecca

Eric Chan

very good ..thank yooou


very useful video…thank you.


thank you very much Rebecca ! I have 10 of 10!


I’m grateful for you for presenting this lessons..


    You’re welcome. Glad you found the lesson useful. All the best.


Rebecca ! Thank you very much, it was very usful


It is an useful lesson. I like the quiz very much because it is helpful.

William Lo

I learned a lot from this lesson. Thank you very much


    Hi, I am Joy. I am learning Japanese. And i am an upper intermediate English speaker. Would you like to be my friend. Please reply to my this comment.


i’ve got 8 correct out of 10.
:) but somthing i would ask about an expression you have said in your lesson Ms, Rebecca which is ” you said : after you have divided and sort them, ” because they tend to go in Paris “so ??? what that mean they tend to go in paris


    They tend to go in pairs – in sets of two! Not Paris!
    All the best to you.


    I have also 8 out of 10 .


hurre… i got 10 out of 10… Thank you rebecca


I got 4 to 10 :/


its very helpful, thank


Great teacher too. Thanks. Your speaking is very clear.

Marcia Gomes

    Your writing is very clear too. Thanks, and all the best.


I am confused with the following sentences,
“She was angry with me”.
“She was angry at me”.
“She was angry on me”.


    The last one is wrong. The second one is correct. The first one is also used. All the best.


      Thank you very much for giving me reply.
      But the one thing I have difficulty with is that, when to use “with” & “at”?????????????????????????????????????
      I will be intensely waiting for your reply. And last but not the least is that, if you find my English is incorrect, then please correct it.


You are the best teacher ever!


    Thank you very much for your kind words. All the best to you.


I learn on Engvid every day and I performe rather well because you are so clear; so easy to recall “not to use with this-that, last-next, every-each, any-all and yesterday-today-tomorow”; it is as a simple song; not possible to make a mistake. Thanks.


    Thank you kindly for your feedback. So glad you found the lesson helpful. All the best to you.


I got 10 correct out of 10. Thank you Rebecca :)


10/10, thank Rebecca for useful lesson.

Chau Le

Hello, Rebecca! Very interesting lesson. I got 100, thanks.

Júlio César L Sousa

This is just the lesson that I’ve been looking foward to, thank you! By the way, I got the score 100/100. :->

Akihiko Otsu

Hi Teacher,
thank you for this lesson. I saw that i have made a lot of mistakes about when use prepositions or not use them.
Now i´m confused because you explainded when not to use prepositions but you didn´t explain WHY we don´t use them.
i look forward for a new lesson about that .
Thank you.


    I try to give students the shortest path to success and fluency in English. When the explanation helps and forms part of a pattern they can apply to future situations and examples, I give the explanation. In this case, this does not apply as each example is quite different, except for the pairs which I identified. Yes, sometimes it is just easier to become familiar with the exceptions! I wish you all the best.


Thanks Rebeca, I love the way you explain everything. I got 10 in my score. Congratulations lady.:)


    Congratulations, sir! Thanks, and all the best.


hi , i got 8/10


Very usefull this review!
Thanks Rebecca
Ps. Much greetings by Italy to every guy that follows EngVid :)


    Thanks for your feedback, Luke. My best wishes to you.


Hi,Rebecca and Engvid’s family,glad to see you guys again together.
I would like to note about this lesson,this way is so intelligible explanation from you.Thank you so much.
During the school-time we had been taught by teachers only about correct way,but when we try to get an alternative way to learn them,it could be much more understandable.
I appreciate your great job.
thank you

bakhtiyar ali

    Glad to know our lessons help you. All the best.


Thanks a lot, Ms. Rebecca. This lesson is very useful for me. My mind was clarify on how to use prepositions.


    Great! My best to you.


Thank you Rebecca for one more fantastic and useful lesson.I had been doing some mistakes with using prepositions but now everything is cleared :)Now I am much more confident with using prepositions.See you soon,till then take care…


    Yes, you had been MAKING some mistakes and now you won’t! Thanks for your feedback and all the best.


      Thank you Rebecca for rectifying my mistake.It is always a great experience for me to understand my mistakes with your explanation.


Thanks Rebecca!!It´s always a pleasure to listen your lessons ;)


    Hey Knopfler! You mean to say “to listen TO your lessons”. Thanks, and all the best.


Thanks Rabbeca’
this lesson is a great lesson and forget lesson however really I know very very Good.

Muad Abdiaziz

Thanks Rebbeca

I got a 100…
I enjoy lots of your lessons…


Thank you Rebecca for the lesson.It is very helpful.I have a confusion about first question in the quiz .Is it present time or we can use it also for future time ? Thank you.


    I understand your confusion. We use Present Simple to talk about general actions, routines, schedules and facts. In the third example, “She teaches next Monday”, we are talking about a future event, yes, but we can use the Present Simple because it is a regularly scheduled event. Probably she teaches every Monday, including next Monday. I hope this helps. All the best.


10 out of 10…I’m happy)Thank you,Rebecca!!!

Yuliia Litvinova

great lesson! I will watch again later!
thanks teacher!
I’ve already done the quiz, I got 100!
Thanks Jesus :D


    Excellent! Thanks, and all the best to you.


Thank you very much
I got 9/10


It is a good lesson for me. Thank you so much, Rebecca !

Nam Do

I learn english today at 7 AM. Thanks great lesson

christyan barualam

Thanks Rebecca


It is very well lesson.


    Thanks, but you want to say: It’s a very good lesson.

    Watching Alex’s lesson will help you understand the difference: https://www.engvid.com/good-well/

    All the best to you.


thanks teacher

zakaria EL baytari

i got 10,great!I enjoy answering quizzes after listening and learning from those tutorial . Thank you


    Keep up the good work! Congratulations and all the best.


Thank s a lot teacher. Your lessons are always amazing.


    Thank you kindly. All the best to you.


Thanks Rebecca!

This lesson is very useful and the subject, importante, I suppose.

I wait your great teaching every week.

Fabio Cicerre

    Thanks for your feedback and glad to know you find the lessons helpful. My best wishes to you.


Thank you Rebecca.


you’re my inspiration. A very helpful lesson

suong mai

    You write very well – thank you! I wish you all the best.


Dear Rebecca,
Thank you for this reminder on the use of prepositions.
Yours sincerely.


thanks! It was very usefull and understandable


Thanks Rebecca, i need more quiz :)


Thank’s Rebecca! Very good and understandable explanation!

Crazy Kettle

    So glad you found the lesson helpful. My best to you.


so good ,make me understand better


    Glad to hear it! Thanks and all the best!


Thank you Rebecca, may Jesus blesses you.


    Thank you kindly. All the best to you.


Thank you so much .. I am going to improve my speak

Anwar 1988

i got 10 out of 10. thnku mam your lessons are very useful.. :)


I got 10 of 10. Thank you mam.


thank you so much, that was relly helpful .

Fatema Al Harbi

Very good! Thanks for sharing another great video!


Thank you, teacher!




Why to say: She teaches on every Monday,
and not “She teaches every Monday”?


    It is WRONG to say: She teaches on every Monday. In that question, you had to find the one that was incorrect. It is correct to say: She teaches every Monday. All the best.


I,m brazilian, and loved your class!!!

Marcos Vieira da Silva

    Thanks. I have taught many Brazilians and we always become good friends. Thanks for your kind feedback and all the best.


Thank you for teaching.




I really like it


Thanks Rebecca, It’s so helpful

Chau Le

I got litle blessing today but iam very grateful

Yusron Thoriq

    That sounds like a really good life philosophy. My best wishes to you.


Thank you. A useful lesson.


Thank you for this lesson


Super )))


I got 9/10 Thank you very much Rebecca.


I got nine to ten..thanks Miss. Rebecca
Best regards


All your lesson are very helpful, I’d like to say thank you, Love you!


    Thank you kindly and all the best.




    Wellllllllllllllllcome! All the best.


Thank you, it was useful.


Hi Rebecca ! i want to thank whole team of Engvid to provide english lessons. Gradually my english is improving. The way all teachers explained and teach thing you don’t need to memorise it as it stick in your mind.
Thank you once again and keep the good work going.

vipin agarwal

    Thank you very much for watching, Vipin, and also for your kind feedback. I am glad to know you find the lessons helpful. Please do spread the word to your friends so we can continue to add new lessons. My best wishes to you.


Thanks to each of you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback. Taking the step to watch these lessons and improve your English will lead you to greater success. My best wishes to each of you.


Thanks for your lessons, you explain very well, it’s so good! I’m French and I would like to improve my English… My Best Wishes to you.


thanks you very much


Hello Rebecca,
I find you a very good teacher listening your videos always being a knowledge experience .My problem is that a constant impulse unconsciously hitting me that merely solving grammar quiz portion of any book doesn’t help me , remembering grammar rules by heart and implementing into speaking as well as writing are poles apart .However a sense of correctness and confidence is only come from strong hold on grammar :( I have heard some ted talk over learning second language by listening (soaking phenomenon) .
Please clear my doubts how could I start doing things in right way.


Very helpful, thank Rebecca


Thank you very much)I’m from Ukraine/Your lessons are very important for me.


    Slava Ukrayini! (I just learned this at a Ukrainian festival in my area…)

    engVid Moderator

      I’m happy to hear that)


      Why nice Ukraine killed children of Donbass?


        There are many places on the Internet where you can have geopolitical arguments. This isn’t one of them, sorry.

        engVid Moderator

Mr. Rebecca,
What is the preposition that precedes the word “the corner”?
on the corner
around the corner
at the corner
in the corner
explain with examples.


    All of these are correct, depending on the situation. Please check a good grammar book for examples. All the best to you.


Mrs. Rebecca,
How to use the adverbs: fairly, quite, rather, pretty before adjectives?
This room is fairly tidy.
This room is rather untidy.
The new teacher is rather nice. I’m surprised -he didn’t look very friendly.
Explain how to use these adverbs before adjectives.


hi,Rebecca,your lesson is very efficient. it reject my fear of English grammar.


    You know what they say about FEAR?

    F – False
    E – Evidence
    A – Appearing
    R – Real

    So glad I was able to help you conquer your fear this time. I am sure you will succeed again and again. All the best to you.


This lesson really useful for me and everyone.
Thanks madam.

Gaddam anil

that night in second sentence first group is incorrect
and that night
10. What were you doing ____________?

in that night
that night
at that night
on night
is correct

high score

gradually, improving my English knowledge. Thanks teacher.

Babu Rathinam

Thank you Rebacca.
I passed this quiz by 9/10 degree.


Thanks so much!


Hello, I don’t know if this is the correct place to post you a question, but I would like know why the expression “at the office” is wrong. Right, of course “in the office” is more correct, but in my opinion “at the office” is correct likewise if you want to indicate the place, isn’t it?


Excellent explanation, thanks so much.


I got 10 correct..thank you Rebecca …


Thank Rebecca!! The lesson was really useful!! I have a doubt: question n.2 of the quizz, the sentence says ” I was working on this project all month” I got that with “all” I don’t need a preposition. But I am confused with “on this project”, because I understood I don’t need a preposition with “this”. Might you clarified me this please? Thank you Rebecca.


9/10 ! I`m still optimist ;)


Hello. I’m from Korea & I fully understood your lessons clearly! Thank you for this wonderful lesson ~


You are an outstanding teacher,Rebecca! I’m really glad I’ve met you AT EngVid! Have I used the right preposition here? What about the PRESENT PERFECT tense? Thank you.


    Your present perfect tense usage was correct. For websites we usually use “on”, so you could say “on engvid”. Thanks for your feedback and all the best.


2. I was working on this project ____________ month?What about on this project ,mam plz reply


thank you Rebecca.

ann ann

For me? this is very usefull lesson, thanks:100!

Oksana Bilous

mercy dear Rebecca


I always used prepositions before that and this. Now I wont use more:)!! Thank you Rebeca!


Tranks. Have a nice weekend.



ashraf alam

Dear Rebecca, thank you very much for your lessons, they are awesome)))


Fantastic work.Short and simple easy to understan.Good examples. Thanks a lot for your help.

Jins Francis

i’m from algeria .i like this lesson and i anjoyed it thank’s so much


thanks you rebecca!


Thank you rebecca!


Hello Rebecca. As always, thanks for your lesson! It’s been almost 2 years since I started to study on this website, but this is my first comment here. I have one question about this lesson. I got to know many kinds of words that doesn’t need any preposition, but I wonder why these words are used this way. Is it because they are used as an adverb? or is there any other reason why? Looking forward your answer, thanks :)

Soyeon K

Thanks Rebeca…


I’m new student from Thailand. Thank you very much for your lessons.


i am a new english student, from Angola. I like so much all lensons. thank!..

Xavier Matias

I need lessons to help me in writing letters . I’m IGCSE student

noureldin amin

Sometimes I’m confusing some words


Thank you!


A very helpful lesson. Thank you!


Hello Mr.s Rebecca
I have been washing your videos from YouTube since last year. I’m from Brazil but I live U.S.A at the moment. I’m taking English class and I have a lot of questions!

My question is about prepositions!
Is play on, and interested in, an preposition?


Hello Mrs. Rebecca
I have been watching your videos from YouTube since last year. I’m from Brazil but I Live in U.S.A at the moment. I’m taking English class but I have a lot of question !

My question is about prepositions!
Is the Word play on and interested in, a preposition?

Sorry about thoses errors


Unbelievable. I got a score of 10/10. It means I’m listening very well each lesson carefully.


Very nice class and very important to learn!


thanks a lot


I got another time 10/10 … I guess … the last teachers didn’t work for improve my english skills!!! Thank you Rebecca you are the best teacher I never had!!


Thanks Master Rebecca all answers are correct. Pls can you tell me have another words which you talked in the lesson?

Atash Muhammadi

Hello again Rebecca! would you please give an Engvid on time: how to say 9:30, 11:45, quarters, half-past something, and in particularly how to say 11:59 minutes without saying eleven- fifty nine. Thank you in advance Rebecca.
Yours sincerely.
Amerious Arabious Antonious:))) or just Amer.


This about your second question.not about the answer can we say “I was Working on this project…..month “(on??)


I´m confused about “Working on this project…..month” I thought the correct form is:
Working on this project all month.
Dear Rebecca, could you explain why I made a mistake?

Genaro Suarez

Hello I am a new comer from Senegal in the west of Africa. Thank you for your lessons, they are very useful!!

diaw goumba

Hi Rebecca Thank you very much. I like your videos.


I’ve got 9\10 only(((


I´m from Nicaragua! I have watched a lot of your videos Rebecca, you´re a very good teacher.I´ve suggested your lessons to my English classmates. I love the English language and I am doing all the possible to learn it very well.


Thank you for lesson!:)I’ve got a score of 10/10


I am surprised, but in the good way – 100 %.
Thanks, Rebecca, for the lesson.


Thanks Rebecca! 100%

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Thank you!!!


Thank you very much for this lesson!!!!


Hi, Im Giselle.
Thanks for the helpful class. Please I have two doubts… first one… in exercise number 5… He passes my house everyday… why it is not he passes by my house our he passes in my house everyday?
Second) in exercise number 10 She left for mexico yesterday… Why did you you use “for”and not “to”… because I believe I can say She went to Mexico yesterday…Please can you help me to clarify it. Thanks a lot!

Gigi M M

thank you i’m new student

Haytham Elmsry

Hi, there. Thanks again for another outstanding videoclass.
I have one doubt, though. Is there a difference between “all night and all night long”?

I hope to hear from you. Bye (:

Guilherme Cota

I listen to almost your lessons, because I understand them and even I can write your words on my notebook and keep them as my learning documents. Thanks a lot, Rebecca!

Chau Le

Thank you Rebecca. This is really necessary lessons for us and I could understand you very clearly. I really like way your teaching. Have a great day, Rebecca.


I’m surprised I got 100,thanks Rebecca.


Hi Dear I have been following your lesson for 3 months. and at prepostion point of view it is very useful because everyone teach where to use this but no one teach where should not use.i have few questions hope this is logical As you said we don’t use prepostion before these words but i saw some sentences where prepostion is used.

1. in every time i see her in market.
2. he is in night shift
3. I have been receiving messages in every half an hour
Is this saneness right if yes so how ?
I was attempting you quiz question something got confused me .
1. We are traveling to brazil ….. December
Why next is wrong instead of in next,at next, on next . and please tell me where we use these three words.
I’m going to ask my dad to buy me a new cellphone ____________.
• this week
• at this week
• on this week
• in this wee
here “this week ” is wrong ans how because u told we don’t use proposition before this

Thanks in advance


    i also heard that we don’t use proposition before here and there


Excelent class Rebeca! I really apreciate all those exceptions you taught, ´cause they’re the most difficult to understand when you’re studying.


Please tell me about verbs followed by prepositions tricks…

Vikash gupta

Really gratefull with your explanations.

Sergio Hernandez

Thank you Rebecca. I management a perfect score thanks to teacher like you. God bless


This is so helpful for a class review. Thank you so much for passionately sharing your knowledge in teaching English. :)


Thanks Rebecca,

I watch this videos every day.
I always learn different things. Especially your all videos.


Thank you for this lesson, Rebecca!


Hi, teacher Rebecca, I love how you teach, just I have a question, in the quiz in the second exercise you wrote: “I was working on this project _______ month”. but I don´t understand why you wrote “working on”, maybe is it a phrasal verb? I´m not sure because you said that before “this” you can´t use a preposition.


I got 90%


I got 10 correct out of 10! Thank you for teaching, Rebecca!


I got 90% marks.Thank u so much for this lesson.


Iam form pakistan
Your lectures are very useful
I like all


Good morning Rebecca. Thank you for intereting lesson. i did 10/10.

Ivan Gubanov

I like the way you pick your topics, smart enough to know the weak points for a non-native speaker.


Thanks a lot, Rebecca!


Hallo, Rebecca!
Thanks a lot for such a useful lesson!
We got 100%

Andrew and Julia

Thank you! Excellent explanation


you are a great teacher,nice smile that wins the learners. Great service Rebecca.

s abraham

hello mam … can you plz answer me ques.nubrr 7 … why we use ‘on’


Thank you Rebecca. Very useful lesson! My English is getting better!

Aleks Aleks

Useful lesson and a very experienced teacher. Thank you very much!


Thanks, Rebecca. Interesting lesson. I got 90


i really enjoyed this presentation, thank you so much Rebecca. wish Namibia could have excellent English Teachers like you.

kaveto zephania



Hi Rebecca, Is it right to use ‘in this matter’?


Thank you very much Rebecca. I´ve always had trouble with prepositions and now I´m getting ready to take the TOEFL IPT, I´m taking it next Monday and I really want to give my best.


If I add “next” I sholdn’t use preposition with names of seasons and months (I mean “in Winter”, but “next Winter”). What are the other words, which work this way (last, previous etc.)?


Thank you, It was pretty useful.


Hi Rebecca,nice to know you:) I’m new here. I found your English lesson very effective, and I’ve got it all correct. Thank you very much♡


10/10… Thank you:)


Thank you teacher Rebecca .It’s clear and useful ,but i almost forget .


Thank you Madam i understand ur lesson clearly……


Thanks tchr. Rebecca I’m from Philippines.


when not to use preposition video is really helpful. Thank you for the edification

peter prabhu

Mam you have said “today, yesterday and tomorrow do not preceded by preposition” but look at the 4th question in Quiz. “He was at the park on yesterday”.. I need an explanation mam. thank you

peter prabhu

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your lesson. Just a question: I think I’ve heard or read expressions like:
I felt very tired ON that night. Isn’t it right?


You got 7 correct out of 10.

thank you…

M kartal

Thanks, Rebecca! I really love your classes! You’re so clear and friendly! Thanks for all!


Hi, I’m from India. Thank you for the excellent teaching


I’m really interested in your classes. You explain things very clearly. Thank you Dear teacher Rebecca.


I got 10/10!!! Thank you teacher!


Hi, Rebecca, my name is Niloufar I got 10/10 thanks, My friend


I like your lessons. However, I can not watch your videos. It is not permitted


Thanks Rebecca :)


Hi teacher! Thank you for this lesson. I got 10/10 while my husband got 9/10. He is with me right now. We are both viewing your lesson.


Hi teacher, thanks for all things

Araby Ismail 1970

thank you Rebecca


Thanks Rebecca.

Sudha Haridas

Hi Rebecca, kindly enlighten me why we don’t use prepositions before those words?




A good lesson, thanks a lot.


I always used to be confused and think if I had place correct preposition. Thanks for this lesson.


10 out of 10 ho ho!


I was at the park yesterday for exercise.
I wish,if a handsome asked me,”Can you meet me tomorrow?” or I would say,call me any time.LOL
10 correct out of 10 :D


thank you rebecca! in my opinion, your best teaching quality is the synthesis: few words and the grammatical rule is clear


Thanks a lot Ms. Rebecca.


I’m learning a lot in your lessons. Thank you.

Miria Amaral Meirelles

thank you my teacher, I got 80%

Bah Abdurahim

I scored 8 out of 10 Rebecca.


I’m very proud of me. I am learning a lot from you. Thank you :)


Every time I watch your video, I learn new tactics, which improve my grammar and syntactical usage.

TahseenB Bhutto

I was looking for this lesson.
Thank you Rebeca.


Thank you mam!After listening the lesson,I take the quiz every time.


Thanks, Rebecca. Prepositions is one of the topics that we have to practice every time if we want to speak or to write english correctly.

Pablo Apy

thank you very much.




Thanks dear Rebecca. I got out 9 of 10. You are an excellent teacher.


Thank you very much Rebecca I was struggling with the use of prepositions and now is clearer.


Hi maam.. Could you please upload a video that includes all the prepositions..? I think you could help me to figure it out.

Akhi sree

Hi madam ..I have a problem with this and that as we usually say at that time or at this moment ..so is it wrong or right ?


Awesome …. i liked it, thanks a lot EngVId


I’ve got 10/10. Thanks.You are very famous among Indian English learners.


Good Day Mam, in the 7th practice question, can the sentence be “We have to finish the project ‘within’ this week?”.
Also can you please say the difference between these two sentences? ‘We have to finish the project this week’
The way you explain each lesson aids in understanding grammar better. I’m improving my language by watching your lessons. Its is really helpful. Thank you very much mam.
I find you lesson on ‘parallelism’ very useful. Could you please make more videos on writing English?
Thank you.
Dr. Geetha


Useful lesson. Thanks Rebecca!


New learner from Pakistan. Very helpful videos for improving English on beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.
Thanks for uploading such a great stuff!


I watched this video twice on July 20, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got ten correct out of 10.


Great, I like u

Ahmed Asmar

10/10. Day to day, time to time I see my progression, This is tremendous. Before I had been mistaking place proposition for some sentences, Now I know. Thank again mam Rebecca and engvid for this wonderful site of English language tutorial.


Hi Rebecca ,

This is my first comment on Engvid , I have been with your video for a long time though. I am following your preposition series these days and really really enjoying it.

In this lesson, I have noticed that you’d mentioned two times as I remembered, about ” sort of ” kind of ” expressions and I have a little confused about how to use them with an adjective, a noun and how to use them in between two verbs in a sentence like,

in your lesson you said,

1. They kind of tend to go in pairs

2. I’ve sort of divided them up

also, could you explain how to use “type of ” and ” style of ” and help me to get rid of my confusion.




Dear teacher Rebecca I found that as you mentioned in the start of this lesson student in leaning English are afraid of not losing prepositions so in this lesson we have to omit what we mistakenly used to right ,and that is the considering our mistake and that is the case usually takes time and more practice!,anyway thanks a lot of teacher Rebecca of teaching and reminding these important case considering in learning English.

Mohammad mostaan

A student from sierra Leone
I like the English lesson, And I want to improve my grammar .
Thank you all

Philip A Njimai

My name is Jawahir from Somalia Im new here I’m so excited to have you Rebecca you’re amazing teacher ❤


Thanks its a very helpful lecture for me and all other beginners

SaddamengVid. Com

you`re amazing teacher.My name is Douglas from Venezuela

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