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Thank you for good lesson and explanation.


    Thank you my teacher emma iam quiz results exam prefect 10/10

    Ahmed Aden Elimi 12

Two Truth
1. I have not went to Australia
2. I have had three years experiences of working in Banking

Two lie

1. I have seen lion in the garden
2. She has not clean the house


    I have been to Goa.
    I have won first prize in speech competition.
    I have cooked mutton curry.

    Swati Nagarkar

I have understood present perfect
I have not used a web dictionary during the quiz
I have ran 10 marathons in five years

Thanks a lot,, I am improving my english,, great web site


It was an enjoyable class. I thank you very much, my teacher

Hawraa fahd

10/10 :). Thank you Emma !


Thank you Emma for this very clear lesson !
I have designed a part of aircraft
I have been a ghost and I have met the Emma brother
I have practiced a lot of cross-country skiing


1- I have poured water on the first commenter to wake him up many times.
2- Angelina Jolie has fallen in love with me, but I have not dated with her.
3- I have been a frog and now I am a human after a princess’kiss.

It will be very difficult for you to find the correct one.

Thanks Emma!


Thanks, Emma, I have learned a lot about present perfect.

Seif Eldawla

    Assalam Alukum , hello Mr. Seif Eldawla

    A. A. Sumeri

I have become a president.
I have eaten gross food.
I have ridden a train

Mahmoud 2025



I’ve never horse riding.
I’ve got married.
I have no kids.
Thank you Emma.


really good


800 kms across Spain…mmmm…let me guess…was it the Way of St. James???Did you enjoy it?
Thank you for the lesson Emma!!


Thank you for this quite easy but useful lesson esp. for beginners.
I’ve seen all videos on engvid.com. I’ve learned a lot thanks to you Emma. I’ve been to USA.

All the best.
And have a nice day ;) If you read this but I don’t think anyone is going to read this.


    Good,thanks Emma.


Do you enjoy travel from Way of St. James?
A lot of thanks Emma.

Enrique Otero

I have lived in Britin.
I have worked in a hospital.
I have seen a ghoast.


Thank you for a great lesson!))

Ashurov 1986@

Thanks for the wonderful lesson. I am able to categorize the regular and irregular words.


Here are my phrases:

1) I’ve been abroad twice.
2) I have drunk good wines.
3) I have seen horror movies.

Thanks for your help, Emma!
You rock!


great lesson

happy BB

I got 80 , before starting watching the lesson , thanks Emma .

A. A. Sumeri

I have a drunk cocktail at the restaurant
I have eaten an apple
I have seen my dad

Danara Conquer

i have seen Jesus in my dream.
i have worked in pizza hut restaurant only for 20 days.
i have not traveled a longer distance than 450 KMs by any traveling agent.


    Thanks ?


1. I have found this lesson and how you teach us very nice.
2. I have been always excited during the rain.
3. Coralie and i have loved the musik of Fairuz.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!


Ilike this lesson Emma. Thank you so much!


I have played football in Germany.
I have studied English in Argentina.
I have worked in different countries.
Thank you very much Emma for your excelent classes.

Osvaldo Astorga

I have built 17 story building
I have learned three language last decade
I have climbed Everest mountain in 12 hours


    It is false the last one?

    Valle Liz

I have never spoken English with foreigners.
I haven’t been in any English-speaking country.
I have used English in my work.


    it’s hard, i guess if the second is false?


I have never went to USA
I have studied english for 3 years
I have traveled to Israel


You are great Emma. I have learnt a lot from you. From Pakistan

Yahya Jr

1-I have made pasta.
2-I have lived in Saudi Arabia.
3- My sister has worked in a hospital


I have been in the sea some times.
I have traveled by plane three times.
I have never seen a big enormous insane ghost come into contact with me my whole life!
What a good lesson! Thank you mrs Emma!


Thanks mam ?


I got 8/10 and now i can distinguish between past tense and past participle, before i usually mistake them, thank Emma very much

nguyen van long



1-) I have made a cheesecake.
2-) I have travelled to Paris.
3-) I have drunk a bottle of whiskey.


1.I have lived in India.
2.We have been to Niagara falls.
3.I have driven a truck.

Archana Sravan

I really enjoy watching your classes, I could take a class on the perfect future and a class on the perfect past


i have live in melbourne australia since 2019 to 2021 make many new friend like harry and sara and ling auntie zhou grandma and in footscray libray i had made friend called ben morfies liza


i haved live in china before
i don’t like china goverment that’s why i move to australia


my mom also bought me townhouse in melbourne i become rich that’s m lord jesus help me


exallent lessons

Temurbek Ziyodilloyev

I have been a good student.
I have seen my best friends.
I have cooked for my wife.


Thanks a lot. It was very useful.


Thank you Emma.


I have married .
I have been in Paris .
I have worked part job for 8 years.


I have cried on the bus
I have liked k-pop
I have eaten a macarons


    I have driven a truck,
    My brother has been to Goa,
    I have written a poem.

    Sridhar P

    i think and i hope for you that you’d never cried on bus.


I have been in Mexico five years ago
I have seen a traffic accident the last week
I have worked for the FBI


1. I have traveled to Mexico
2. I have developed an IoT system by my own

1. I have went to the moon


I have walked over 8.890 Km over Canada. Truth
I have lived in USA. Lie
I am 9 in 2021. Truth


1.I have traveled to china.
2.I have been in dance club.
3.I have had 3 friends.

Enkhjin Bold

I have been to Australia last year.
They have football.
Susie has done her homework.

David Marakus

    7 it is ok


I haven’t eaten japanese food in my life.
I have been to North Atlantic
I have lived in USA.

Taruna verma

thanks for a good lesson about present perfect!


1. I have eaten nacatamal.
2. I have been in Corn Island.
3. I have walked 20 kms.


I have cooked a lot of cakes.
I have not danced never.
I’ve been married twice.

Valle Liz



I have lived in Saudi
I have seen a cat
I have drunk tequila

” I am Muslim “




I have cooked for 300 people
My brother has traveled to several countries
I have invested in a million dollar business


I have made in Canada
I have eaten snake
I have lost one hundred dollars


The explination was very clear….. thanks Ms Ema!!!


I have almost bitten by a snake in Myanmar
I have lost a moby phone on a bus in Turkey and the driver give it back to me the day after.
I’d never eaten pizza hut in my life.


Thank you.
I have a dude.

“He has seen a ghost before.” Is it well?
“He has visited them yesterday” Is it well?


1 I have learned present perfect tense. 2 I have eaten breakfast with friends. 3 I have gained weight.


Thank you very much for your help.
God bless you, nice lady. I have learned my best grammar with you.
I have taught in Africa. True or false?
I have lived and taught in France. True or false?


Thx for helping to me))
1. I have never been at the other countries.
2. I have lived in Germany
3. I have eaten five pizzes last month))


Professor your lesson was a little fun. Although, i didn’t get a good score on your video, because i was mistaken. Please, Can you make a video about present perfect versus present perfect continuous? I undoubtedly make many mistakes with them. Thank you!


1. I have read five books within this year alone.
2. I have been playing online games since 2018.
3. I have driven motorcycles for three years already.


Thank you


1. I have got 10 out of 10 in the quiz.
2. I have worked in Brac University.
3. I have sailed a boat.

Thank you.


I have gone to the future and watching you there?.
I have followed my favorite tv show?.
I have written a story?.

Thank you EMMA for everything?.


I’ve walked 8km, two times per day.
I’ve lost 22kg.
I’ve not lived in Romania.


Sentences True
-I have traveled in airplane
-I have driven a car
Sentences Lie
-I have not played volleyball


She has not seen a butterfly before.
They have warned me about that issue.
I haven’t traveled Netherlands.


Thanks Emma, I´ve never taken such an easy class

my sentences:
-I´ve never been in the moon
-I have flown a plane
-I´ve never slept in pijama


Thanks Emma, your lesson is very useful


-I’ve eaten twenty chickens
-I’ve had a lot of money in my house
-I’ve seen CoronaVirus in the sky




there’s my sentences:
-I have visited canada
-the have seen the interview
-he has had thirty cars


There are my sentences:
2 truths
-I have gotten 80 points from the quiz
– I have been wrong 2 points from the quiz
1 lie:
I have hypnotized Lee Min Ho


8/10 ^^I really enjoying watching your teaching lessons. Thanks a lots Emma


I have never tasted chicken before. (That’s a big lie from me)

I have Just arrived from work.
I have been to Fiji islands.

Joy ongoa

Emma, you are the most beautiful teacher in the whole world.

Hasan Soledad

I’ve lived in for different States on Northeast of Brazil.
I’ve not eaten meat in all my life!!! (L)

I’ve met my wife on the company I worked.


thank you Emma.
– have you made a Santiago path?
– why haven’t you used the example “we have “?


01. I have flown to Sweden
02. she has not lived in Germany
03. I have walked five-kilometer across Stockholm
04. I have lived in Sahara Libya

Teklu Fsha

I have watered the plant in my garden
I have worked as a manager
I have learned English a lot


I ve got 7/10 before, but the result is not changed


I have never traveled abroad. False
Mary has ridden a motorcycle. True
I have cooked for my daughter. True


I have lived in Sweden for 2 years.
I have met Emma In Canada.
I have studied interior design.


I have lived in Australia for 2 years.
I have done my projects as an End User Engineering.
I have practised bodybuilding almost every day.

Leonardo Rocha

1-I have lived in Italy.2-I have traveled for deferent Country.3-I have been in the Moon.THANK YOU EMMA.


I have won 5 medals in the Olympics.
I have earned 1000000 dollars right now.
I have never seen a man like him.


By the way, I think we say present perfect isn’t have date is not 100% correct.
Actually, Present perfect has a date which is ‘right now’. we are very familiar with the sentences below:

Several new firms have now entered the market.
What we have done right now is
They all have gone now.

So, the real meaning of present perfect is we stand at the time ‘right now’, to express whether something in the past is finished. So that’s why we call present perfect tense the ‘present’ perfect, and the time ‘right now’ can be omitted.

If you add time of when the thing happened or finished in the sentence, the logic will be very weird, eg:

I have finished my homework yesterday.

it’s a wrong sentence. It should be correct as:

I had finished my homework yesterday.(past perfect)


Thank you so much.


I have been Malaysia once before.
I have eaten sushi when I lived in Japan.
My wife has done many chores, I appreciated that.

Louis Wong

Thank you Emma! My sentences are;
– I’ve seen a murder.
– My brother hasn’t been to Bulgaria.
– My friends have lived at the same house.


I’ve been in Cambodia.
I’ve ridden a horse.
I’ve never eaten Japanese food before.

Alice Nguyen 87

the three sentences of the present perfect are :

1- I have traveled to Belgium
2- I haven’t seen a dinosaurs
3- I have run 40km in a one day


Wow great lesson miss
1. I have done my homework
2. I have gone to market
3. I have never seen my miss emma in real live.


1. I’ve never been abroad.
2. I’ve created a clothing brand.
3. I’ve just eaten Chinese food.
Emma, thanks a lot for your lesson ?

Galina Lisunova

1-I’ve never been to Canada ?? before. 2-I’ve already lived in the USA ?? 3- I’ve always loved English.


It was really interesting thank u dear Emma!

@english learner17

I think I understand. In any case, thank you for the good explanation.


excellent lesson!


thank you Emma
the sentences :
1/ i have traveled to france
2/ i have participed to the olympique
3/ my father has bought a ice cream


I have lived in Germany
I have been in China
I have been in the moon with Emma

Thanks for the explanation


8/10! Good! 1. I have been to the south of France. 2. I have run a marathon. 3. I have won an Olympic championship.

Jerry Gu

I have been in Turkey
I have eaten 30 sweets at once
I have lived in USA


1. I have visited Paris
2. I have walked in Machu Pichu
3. I have not eaten chicken before


i have driven a ferrari car
i have sung sometimes wiht bon jovi
i have drunk tequila with my family


I have visited france.


– I have visited France.
– Mario has lived in Dakar long ego.
– I have taught english to my children


Thanks Emma.


I have lived in Indonesia
I have eaten a lot of durian
my son has not played badminton


Emma, thank you for this simple and clear explanation! Watching your lessons is a pleasure!

Helena Kotyk

Emma, thx!


than;e you emma


I have been to Hue.
I have 30 dog.
I have 2 cat

Williom rain

There are 2 right and 1 wrong.

Williom rain
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