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Hello Emma, I’d like to ask you to make a video about Inversion with Negatives Adverbs. Thanks!

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    hi esphirtitu, you read my mind I have also this question to Emma we are the same.

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Thanks Emma, for this important lesson.

odir blanco

its useful lesson thank you Emma

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Very interesting lesson. it´s difficult, i need to practice.
thank you

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Excellent lesson, looking for more like this video

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this is realy good miss emma
u hlp me . :D

bander ben naif

affirmative course for new learner


hello Emma,you have help me tremendousley. I was having problems with pronounciation when it can to some words, now that you explained the rule. I can now pronounce the words correctly. Please teach me more, I knew to have faith that there would be someone I could connect with thank you teacher


please teach more pronuniciatons


Thanks Emma …..!!!


Wow, it’s very difficult to know how to pronounce it.

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It is difficult… I have to memorize the rules and educate my ear. Great lesson!!


I scores 12 out of 15.


    Good job!

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      15/15 Thank you so much and I am only fourteen.I love English very much Emma.I’ll get my language license and get my liberty of being English.I love London…Thank you so much again.You are teaching me how to reach my goals in life.

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      very interesting topic…..i learned a lot..thank u emma….God bless you

      jeanila comenguez

      hello,professon amma. my name is hamad country western sahara, let present my greeting first. so your lesson is enjoyed, I followed your lessons for not much time, but I decided to continue, please let me know further information about the program,I’d rather to receive your reply on my email showing on the comment, unfortunately,I’m study master management in the atlantic international university Honolulu hawii first year.

      labiad sidi bachir

HI Emma . thanks for your teaching.It is important this lesson.that is very difficult to hear sound last s.
thanks a lot.


I have scores 12 out of 15.
Thanks Emma


Thanks Emma 13 out of 15


ssssssss zzzzzzzzzzz iiiizzzz oh it’s
make me crazy


please u should post the direcr in direct vedio plz:P

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Thank you for your good and kindly explanations. Probably I understood pronunciations of the s ending in the several words.


Thanks a lot, Emma. Actually, this lesson is to difficult to me, but after i had watched your lesson, i already understood the lessons. Thanks again, Emma ^_^

Speaking of pronunciation, Emma, im confused what the pronunciation /d / in the special cases like the word ‘ used’, ‘ loved’ and so on. I knew the pronunciation / d/, but im no sure the pronunciation /use-d/ same as /used/. Is it correct?

Second question is IS it we should use pronunciation /t/ in all of the words which have ‘t’ like the words ‘yogurt’,’commitment’ and etc?.Can your explain this.

I need your help. Your apply is appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

With regards,


    Hi Fong,

    Thanks for your comments. In terms of ‘ed’ pronunciation, you are correct. There are three different ways to pronounce ‘ed’ endings. Please watch our video on ‘ed’ endings to learn the differences in pronunciation (eg, ‘used’ has a /t/ ending sound.

    In terms of your question with t, it depends on the word. For the most part, we do pronounce t. However, in some words, the letter t can be pronounced like a /d/ depending on the speaker’s accent (eg, party).

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      Thank a million Emma!!!


      the link of video on ‘ed’ endings

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i scoured 10 out of 15
thank you toooooooooooooooooo much


    a o a dear Ali you have 10 out of 15,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i am zeeshan

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thanks,alot .very useul lesson

nashat anwar

I’m in love. cya. greetings from Mexico.


Emma thanks a lot .That was really interesting


thanks so much>


great lesson!you are the best Emma!


Emma, you are a good teacher but you need choose lessons more easier to teach. My gosh, first disability now s/Z/is. These topics are much dificult!!!


I scored 15 out of 15 yeheyy!! I’m very happy;)

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    Well done!

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Thanks for good lession.verygood,

Md. Nazimuddin Howlader

Thanks Emma. I also like to thank the EngVid.com. for their exceptional effort in this regard.

Golam Faruque

Thank you very much Emma!!

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That is a great class in which I learned more. Thank you!

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thanks Emma you are the best

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Emma…ur lessons are so beautiful like u….

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    Durga bhai aap to ladki patane pe lag gaye.. bechari padhane aayi thi


thanks you so much. your teaching style is very nice thanks alot


Teacher, now I’m confused on how to actually pronounce the symbol in the third category… If i follow IPA, it will be pronounced differently from how you pronounce it :(


13/15 :( it’s not easy :P
thanks for the lesson :)



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hi, Emma .
you are beyond compare . I follow
your lessons regularly.
teacher of English from Egypt.


Thanks for your lesson,but one think I would like to tell you about my pronouns horrible I need know how I getting better
Many thanks


Dear Emma,
here I am working and I wan to learn English to make official mail’s and and to talk with my Boss and Colleagues efficitively so Please Could you help me..

here I am from India
male 35 years
working with Multinational Company
ID : kketanpatel89@gmail.com

Please suggest me what is more beneficial for me for my career path, and how..

Finally I would like to say Tahnks to you and your Team members for your valuable time.


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    Hi Kketan,

    Check out our videos on business English.

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thnk’s emma…

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Thanks =D..I really liked this video..

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i knew that but you remind me thank you..Emma ..ummaahhh

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awesome, thanks for sharing ^^


thanksss emma……….

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Thnk you, I’m convoys q. No. 1

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Sorry for my mistak

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vrey emportent for evry persone

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Shubhangi Mani

thanks Emma I better understand your lesson.could you teach me why we chang the auxiliary has into have in nagtive form for he,she and it.


very interesting lesson thank’s i’m going to practice more




thank you, it was usefull for me


very happy to your service


I got 13 out of 15, Tanks a lot

M. Johmani

hiiii,this is Bassem from cairo,Egypt.please give me the best steps for speaking english very well


nice, thanks for revising……


Thank you for your teaching


Thank you for your comments everyone! I find your advice on future video topics very helpful.

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Congratulations everyone on doing so well on the quiz!

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That’s great Emma!!! I’ve learned alot through all your video. anyone wants to practice english just add my skype: Thomasansomaia. Good Luck!


thanks Emma for this lesson!!

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Hi, this my first comment in eng.vid I score 15 out of 15
very good job, gold bless you


Dear Emma,

What the difference between NO and NOT? Im so confused. Sometimes, i don’t know use them when typing messages. I really need your help.

I would hear back from your soon. By the way, please correct this if i made grammar mistakes.Thanks again Emma! I very like you so much, especially your voice!^_^



Excuse me, Ma’am.
Could you please give me some examples of the certain “th” you meant?

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    Hi Rifai,

    In English, there are two ways to pronounce ‘th’. They are very similar. In both cases, your tongue is between your teeth. The only difference is that in the first ‘th’ sound (also known as a voiced ‘th’ sound), the sound comes from your voice. If you place your fingers on your throat while you make this ‘th’ sound, you will notice a vibration. Some examples of the voiced ‘th’ sound include ‘mother’, ‘the’, ‘these’, and ‘breathe’. When a word ends in a voiced ‘th’ sound and we want to add an s, we pronounce the‘s’ as a /z/.

    In the second ‘th’ sound (also known as the voiceless ‘th’), the sound comes from your mouth. If you put your fingers on your throat, you will feel no vibration when you pronounce the voiceless ‘th’ sound. Some words with the voiceless ‘th’ sound include ‘bath’, ‘earth’, ‘moth’,‘breath’ and ‘thumb’. When a word ends in a voiceless ‘th’ sound and we want to add an s, we pronounce the ‘s’ as a /s/.

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      Thanks Emma that was a great lesson. I only want to add one thing, if we have word ends with X we pronounce it as /iz/for example boxes, fox, indexes, faxes.

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hi hello my name is jayson im from philippine , can you help me what is the exam in tesol because im going to university just studying tesol pls help me what is the exam in the tesol thanks..


Emma dear please use visible marker.


“You scored 15 out of 15”

Thanks alot Emma , I’ll show your video to my students ,, it is very simple , specific and useful ,, I’m sure they will understand the rule


Thank u for u teaching !great job!

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Thanks you very much. I’m Turkish.I’m eleven years old.My teacher says ‘Your English is very good.’ I’ve got 2 wrongs in quiz.

Gülşahnur Özdemir

i want to know what’s required to be known for every level… i mean what beginner how and what should exactly learn and the same to the intermediate and fluent and so on??

doaa ali


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You are a really, really great teacher… Thaks a lot!!!

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thanks you so much. your teaching style is very nice thanks alot


Hi Emma i got 15of15 thank you so much

Nasser Zatari/Jerusalem

thank you your explanation was very clear .

yusuf sheikh

Thanks Emma, for this important lesson

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is really helpful for me cause i live nyc but sometime i did not get what they are talk and about.is crazy slang. i know british english but i jus need to know u.s slang.what is the best way can u help me?

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Hi Emma,
Your lesson was very interesting.
I have problems in speaking words like ‘costs’
For example:This bag ‘costs’ twenty five dollars.
So,could you tell me how to pronunciate such words(mostly words ending with ‘sts’).
Thank you. :)

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    Hi Jiish,

    ESL students often have difficulty pronouncing consonant clusters like ‘sts’ (eg, costs) or ‘sks’ (eg, desks). Many native speakers drop the t or k in their pronunciation of these clusters.

    Check out the website below for examples of this.

    Alternatively, you can also break up`sts` into easier components. For example, pronounce s first and then ts. The t has a weak pronunciation, so there shouldn`t be a burst of air coming from your mouth when you pronounce it.

    I hope that helps.

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nice site i love all this lesson thanx all of you

muhammad niaz

thanks i really liked this video 13/15 =)


Hi thanks Emma,
Your advice really helped me.Yes,you are right,I’m from India and English is my second language infact.In my knowledge Indians speak pretty good English.I believe that mine is also not so bad.But I do make mistakes sometimes when I speak.However most of my friends don’t have the problem that I’m having(which I’ve mentioned in the question)
I don’t know whether I can improve speaking those words or not.
Anyway,thanks again :)

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Hi Emma,
I had one more thing to ask.I opened the link that you sent.There,they are telling to drope/remove ‘t’ in costs or ‘k’ in asks while using these words.And they suggest that these can be read as
‘cos:s’ and ‘as:s’
But I really don’t know how to pronounce the above written terms.Could you please explain? :)

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Hi Emma,
thank you very much for your courses which is very helpful. it makes us to understand easily the different culture background
the people lives. your courses are very interesting we are all interested in the courses please say hello to your co-worker too,
all the best

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thank you for this lesson Emma .


hi Emma. Thank you for your useful lesson. It drove me crazy a lot. BUT NOT NOW. THANK YOU


I am abdo


Thank you about your lesson.

Ninh Chu Duc

I am learning English as I view beginner lessons? Thanks for your help
I only speak Spanish and want to learn English

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thank you so much Emma,it is very useful. Hope for having more video lessons!

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Thanks so much Emma. The lesson is very useful for me in pronunciation. ^^


Hi, my score was 13 of 15.
Means, the teacher Emma is excelent


I’m very happy, because I got fourteen out of fifteen!!! :)
Thanks Emma, you’re a very good teacher!


This is a very useful lesson.You helped me so much. thank you for all.

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Thankyou very much Emma.


Thanks Emma :)


Thanks very much Emma i got it very well.You are the best ..
:D :D

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It was little bit difficult for me .My scored was 10 out of 15. Thank you for this lesson ! :-)

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Hi Emma well done, we will keep to hear your sound.

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It’s an excellent lesson. Thanks Emma


I have 11. No bed, no good thanks You

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wow i got full mark


Hello Ma’am Emma
Please make a video on Wait and gone.


Dear Emma,
What about vowels? How do we pronounce s endings in the end of the words that end in vowels? For instance, army-armies?


    Hi Merlin,

    Thank you for your question. For words that end in vowel sounds, we pronounce the s like a /z/.

    Profile photo of Emma Emma

thank you, teacher.
14/15.. i can speak /s//iz/ but i can’t do with /z/…i’m trying!!

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uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, thanks allot cos i can not pronounce the words very well before this lesson but now i am very well to pronounce the words

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really it’s a good lesson


yes emmma it is good lession i have problem to pronounce the “s”


Hi Emma all your lessons are very usefull many thanks many thanks God be with u but in spite of i have never learned at school i got 13 out of 15 is this goog or bad for me answer me please bye bye…


    This was a difficult lesson. I’m really pleased with everyone’s marks who have said them. Your mark is good! Keep up the good work.

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Thinks for you made me shine Emma


Thanks for you made me shine Emma


Hi Emma,
Is any rules to pronounce the letter S when it comes in the middle of the word:C as in lesson and class;and Z as in please,pleasant,and plasma.MANY THANKS.


    There are some spelling clues that can help you decide how to pronounce an s in the middle of a word.

    For words with ce (license) and ci (medicine) spellings, the c is pronounced like an /s/.

    For ss (kisses) and s (mast) spellings, we often pronounce the s like a /s/. However, when ss or s spellings occur between vowel sounds (eg, dessert, pleasant) we pronounce them like a /z/.

    For sc spellings in the middle of words (eg, muscle), they are usually pronounced like a /s/.

    Please be aware that there are some exceptions to these rules.

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Thanks Emma I scored 14 of 15


Thanks alot for this important lesson , my scored is 15 out of 15 !


Thse courses are very interesting. they needs us very well. thank you emma.


thank you for your lesson. it’s v ery interesting.bye Emma


Hello Emma thanks for lesson.


great video very impormative. Thanks emma! and of course engvid.

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Thanks Emma. You are very good teacher.


Thank you very much for your interesting lesson


Thanks Emma. You are beautfull and nice teacher. I scored 12 out of 15


hi great teacher emma i ve scored 15 out i5 is it good ?

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hihi i got 14/15 on this quiz thank you so much!… I think the sound “iz” is clearly but the sound “z” and “s” seem pretty the same?

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10/15.. I have to need more practice :(

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Thank you so much”izzzzzz” ms. emma!!!

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thank you so much for helping pronunciation words ending s


Thank you very much!!

These things are important for people who don’t have money to pay a teacher.

Greetings from Spain!


Thanks, Emma!!
Your teaching is very helpful for me.

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Thank you so much Emma!

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Thank u Emma
I scored 13 out of 15

Abdul Qayum

thank emma for this wonderful lesson i would like more if you don’t mine

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hello emma, really i appreciate what you’re doing for us..

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My score is 14 out of 15 :)


thanks Emma for this lesson

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Amazing knowledge. I´ve never heard about those rulesssssss. Is it right ?
Thanks a lot, teacher !

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I have 13/15 (after 2 month of learning):)


Hi Mrs. Emma,
I just realize that what I’ve just learnt from your video is distinctively meaningful for my communication skill in English. Can you make more lessons on other sounds like Th, R, and T. pleas ma’am, because I have learnt them quite long but still compusing up to now.

Salvador dos Santos da Cruz

thanks alot emma for this lesson also for your soo nice smile :)
by the way its my first comment in engvid

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very nice lesson my kids are enjoying

Mohammad Akbar

my score is 15 out of 15 thank you very much I’m looking forward to being a good teacher like you with my best wishes Mohamed from Egypt


hello Emma.. thanks
I scored 14 out of 15.

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i don’t know how i can thank you,emma


AHEHE you are amazing teacher this lesson is very useful ….we need more and more your lessons (;

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I scored 15 out of 15.Thank you,Emma)


thank you

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Thank you so much

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Hello Emma,
I liked your lesson very much.
Bye Bye

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Hi Emma How do you pronounce “asks” . It sound weird when i pronounce.


Hi Emma!
A really very nice lesson……And I got it clearly. I got 14 out of 15.
And Hello Vangli!!
in the word “asks”, the sound is of “s”…… Come on dear it becomes so easy after listening this nice teacher

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Thank you.

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THis lesson is very good Emma thank you so much you are god teacher


15/15. thank you


Thank you Emma!
I liked your lesson very much!
I Scored 11 out of 15.


Emma how about adding small part of videos for using this lesson in real life (small conversations)

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Thank you,Emma..
I wanna ask you something.. you said that certain words end with -th- use /z/ pronunciation. could you please give me the example of the words?

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I scored 14 out of 15
thank you very much

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Dear EMMA,
I like your lesson so much, i also practise this VIDEO every monring, by the way could you help me to pronunciate ” ch, j and sion”



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Hi, Emma! How’re u doing? My name is Carlos Eduardo, but please call me Kadu. LOL… I’m a Language student at UFRJ, which is a public university from Rio de Janeiro. Actually, I’m here to thank you for all you’ve been doing to both me and my English as well. You’ve been very helpful to me and I admire you so much about the way you teach your lessons and even though I am not a native speaker they sound quite clear for me. I wish I could speak just like you someday. I’ve been doing my best to improve my English skills day by day in order to become as fluent as a native speaker. I think, I’m on the right path, nevertheless I know I can go even further so as to reach my goals. Emma, Could give some pieces of advice on how to overcome my weaknesses? I hope to hear from you soon! Kisses, Emma! My e-mail is teacherkadu@yahoo.com.br

Carlos Eduardo

Hi EMMA Ireally enjoyed this lessone so tank you very much


thank you very much EMMA :D


I really appreciate your work! Keep going on!!! =]

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I scored 14 out of 15


I love it Emma thnx foR teaching can you please teach me ”Homograph”


I scored 15 out of 15


Thanks Emmma for wonderful lessons. Do you have private lessons taught?


Dear teacher, Please let me ask a question. :d, In the 1st section, the word /dog/ is pronouced /s/ but in the last section I see that if the ending of word is /d/ that pronuciation is / z/, so that could y explain clearly to help me. thanks

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with out watching le lessen i get 13/15

how ever thnx emma it’s gd lesson

goOd job girl

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Thank you Emma


I need Your lesson.


great lesson,thanks.

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Hi, my name is gabriel and I’m from brazil, you’re wonderful, I’m learning a lot with this english classes! thank you very much! big hug to you


Thanks Emma it helps me a lots, I learned how to pronounced the correct pronounciation of S.

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Hi Emma, I like your teaching classes. Plz upload more videos, specially GET word. How many meaning have of this word & when we can use perfectly.

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Hi Emma,

Thank you for nice teaching. I scored 14 out of 15 in the exercise.

Thank you.



Hello teacher, thank you for video


Dear Emma, the passive voice was great, thanks

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Hi Emma,
this video is superb!
would you please make a video for the pronunciation of S when it comes in the middle of the word?


thank you emma,my god will reward you for teaching me this.Thank you once again.


thank you very much emma.I know knows how to identify there difference.thank alot


Thanks Emma you were very good. I can’t stop reading and listening your lessons. I’ve been studying for many hours today. I think it’s enough for today; I might continue tomorrow if I have spare time. Pronunciation is the biggest problem I have because I started learning English with reading and not listening. Well listening first and then reading is the most right way for somebody who wants to learn correctly.

evangelia ammari

it’s good

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Thank you very much teacher for the lesson of “s”endings and the lesson about” “du” pronounciation! Really,it’s very helpful videos!I’m sure that i will improve a lot thanks to your lessons and to your co-workers:)

Ines Kouki

14 out of 15 .Thank you Emma you are such a great teacher

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Thanks Emma, for this important lesson.

Profile photo of Natalia Natalia

HI Emma

thank u very much for this great knowledge.

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i got 12 out of 15 some confussing lesson but it’s so helpful to me thank you very much^^

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Hello Emma, thank you for the lesson.
Well, I would Like to know the difference between the (th) in the /s/ ending and the (th) in the /z/ ending.
thank you very much again
btw: i scored 15 over 15 :)


Dear Emma,
I really love the losson, and now i can make the difference clearly, but there is one thing, I would like to know what is the difference between (th) in the /Z/ ending sound and (th) in the /s/ ending sound…

Thank you for answering me


Profile photo of aminedz11 aminedz11

Just to clarify, the pronunciation of ‘pronunciation’ is not pronounciation!!!


Hi Emma
You said a sentence before you started:
“Let’s get star it” or “let’s get it started” something like this,
I want you write the corect sentence.


Well done! Miss Emma…by the way…in a nutshell IPA sounds with strong vocal cord vibration are called VOICED and sounds with weak or w/o vocal cord vibration are called VOICELESS.:))


It’s an excellent lesson.

Thank you very much Emma.


Thank you Ema. You are a good teacher.




Wow..- Thanks a Million.. you are a excellente teacher Emma. God Bless you.. Greetings From Oaxaca, Mexico.

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This is my score thanks to you.. I have learned really now.

You got 15 correct out of 15.

Profile photo of krizalid80 krizalid80

thank a lot

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Emma: the best teacher that I know.
Thank you very much !

Pedro Blanco

Muito obrigado pelo vídeo, estou retomando meus estudos online parabéns…

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I got 15 out of 15 but the pronunciation of the z and iz ending sounds is difficult for me, I have to practice a lot.
Thank you Emma.


Emma could make a video about diference sound ‘th’ mouth and throat. Thanks(/s) :P


Thank you professor

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Hi Emma… I have a question nothing to do with this topic… What’s the meaning of the apostrophe in O’CLOCK? Thanks from Brazil.

Profile photo of cleberpaganelli cleberpaganelli

    It’s short for “of the clock”, but nobody says that anymore—you just say (and write) “o’clock”.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Very important lesson, thanks so much

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Thanks ,Ema, I have gotten 15 correct of 15 ;) .


Thanks Emma :)

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    lucky u:)))))))

    Profile photo of sarahandrew sarahandrew

      Why :)


      haha :)

      Profile photo of Ramsey Ramsey

      I don’t know about you, but if you’d like to we can chat to improve our communication skills.

      Profile photo of Ramsey Ramsey

        hi.that would be great


thanks you the best


I got 87 points,Thank you teacher。


Thanks Emma, It was a very good lesson.

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Great job
Thanks a lot!


I don’t know about you, but if you’d like to we can chat to improve our communication skills.

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15 correct out of 15 – Thomas from Poland thx

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Dear Engvid team, especially James, Rebecca and Emma,

I have just received my IELTS score. Its 8.5. I scored 9, 9, 7.5, and 8 in reading, listening, writing, and speaking respectively.

I feel an obligation to write this note. The Engvid site, more than you realise, is making a huge difference in learning English for many like me. This is probably the most important website out there which provides such an useful contents and provides them for FREE. The teachers are the most interactive, funny, lovely, and sweet teachers so far I know.

I thoroughly studied several lessons from your site and I was able to get a score that I aimed for. I just want to say thank you for all the good work. Please keep it up.


Anu Roy

thank Emma excelent class

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Thank you my teacher! I love EngVid (:*

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Hi Teacher Emma I am your pupil of online student . Your lessons is very helpful to me. Thank for that. I have a question to ask you. Please answer. I am always try to improve my english language. So I read the stories of english book . But my skills are not perfect. Why? Please answer me.


I have score 13 out of 15, but I am little bit confuse, to pronounce vibration on Horses and Books. Please guide me.

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I got 100% thanks Emma but i need to make the lecture long to use more vocab

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its very good


Thank you so much Emma


Thank you Emma,very good your explanation.


Thank you Emma. I got 15 of the quiz!


Thank you so much for your precious help. Would, please, tell me where to classify words ending in / I / in /z/ or /iz/ like in study, compan when we add an s or es ending,


thanks a lot … you teach fantastic

please correct me _)

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Hi Emma,

This is helpful.

Girish Chekuri

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There are some spelling clues that can help you decide how to pronounce an s in the middle of a word.
For words with ce (license) and ci (medicine) spellings, the c is pronounced like an /s/.
For ss (kisses) and s (mast) spellings, we often pronounce the s like a /s/. However, when ss or s spellings occur between vowel sounds (eg, dessert, pleasant) we pronounce them like a /z/.
For sc spellings in the middle of words (eg, muscle), they are usually pronounced like a /s/.
Please be aware that there are some exceptions to these rules.
please Emma give us examples for these exception >>>

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I got 12 of 15 :(

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It´s a very good exercise

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my email:lucky_coin92926@yahoo.com.vn

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Hi Emma,
I am not trying to be condescending but I think “pronunciation” is pronounced pruh-nuhn-see-ey-shuhn not pruh-nouns-see-ey-shuhn. PLease advise.

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Thank you so much, this is really useful for me ^-^

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Emma, you are as sweet as every thing sweet.
could you please teach us the different spellings of the letter (g),for example in the word (glass)it is pronounced not as in the word (large).
Hoping your prompt response and thank you.

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for XD

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Thanks Emma! Nice job! I would like to know if the word “LOVE” is in “Z” group because it sounds at the end as a V or is it because after letter “E” at the end we should pronounce the S like a Z? Hope you understand my english ha ha ha!

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Could you please give us some examples on -th endings for /s/ and /z/ sounds?

And some examples on ‘z’, ‘sion’ and ‘j’ endings for /Əz / sound?

Thank you very much for your classes!!

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What about words ending in ‘y’? for instance: plays
Thanks! :)

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Very good this explanation.

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I scored 13 of 15. Not bad. I love this video so much. thanks a lot

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Hello Emma Can I ask if you can do a video about Conditionals Type 0.1.2 & 3

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thanks for all

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hello emma ……There are _______ ways to pronounce s endings….can u plzz tell me what are the ways to pronounce s ….

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HI my name is Mariano and I am an ESL teacher, I love teaching my students pronunciation, it would be very nice if you guys could create a list of words where the S is Z and its exceptions.
Thank you!!

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I got 80

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Its been a while I am sreching online how can i improve my english, today early morning suddenly I came across of your Channal, Its really intresting and useful for me.
Thank you soooo much for your lovely VIDEOS.

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Thank you very much for the lesson!
It’s very useful for me to know that there are rules on how to pronounce the s endings.
I am trying to find out the pronunciation of some words that doesn’t seem to fit in these rules: “camera”, and “key” – both seem to end in vowel sounds, not consonant sounds as in the given rules. Would you please explain how to deal with them?

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:D <– why does it make me laugh every time? :D
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I got 14 out of 15. I also need to save the letters in each category to pronounce the S correctly.

Please Emma, would you please make a video for how to pronounce the Th. For example, how to pronounce ( The throat ) ?

It’s very difficult to get out my tongue at the both words.

Anyway, thank you very much :)

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Pronunciation was diffocult for me.I always didn’t understand what are the phonetic symbols deffrence?
But now,all is well because your lesson.
BTW,I got 100 points in this Quiz ,thank u!

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very useful lesson for me I am getting improvement how to secret fast learning I got 10 out of 15 question but first one how many way that’s we pronounced ending S in verbally I listen 4 way but educator explain only three so it seem to mistake by teacher Emma.

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anyway, it’s a very helpful video.
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How do we pronounce kids.

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Now I am 30 years old, is it too late for me to start learning pronunciation? Until now, I have been learning the dumb English, only for English tests.

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It was a very good lesson about pronunciation. Thanks.

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Thanks a lot Emma . Actually this lesson is to difficult for me earlier i never used to pronounce the word “s” in proper way but after i had watched your video.i leqrnt a lot from this video. Can you please tell about how to pronuce V and B . Sometimes it makes lot of confusion. Waiting for reply Emma.again thanks

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We have to practise more and more ..
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Thanks Emma..

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It is right my quiz. Now, I would like if they are a way to speak to some natives or peers. The pronounciation is one of my big challenges. I think only through practicing I can overcome it. Thanks a lot Emma for your help.

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Thank you for your hard working for us,Emma.

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14/15. Thanks Emma. I love you. It seems easy for spanish speakers, but it isn´t. I do the same sound for all. I pronunce using the way (s) in all words that ending in s. I dont use (z) nor (IZ). I need to practice. I am gonna get it. Thank you Emma.

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