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I have a question,I came across a phrasal verb sometime ago,it was order out,is there any difference between order out and order in?

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    Hello Lucas! No difference. but “order in” is used in American English only.

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Miss. Emma,
Thank You very much. Very nice lesson indeed.

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Thank You Emma,You are very nice teacher

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Cheers Emma!! Phrase verbs are very important..native people use a lot.

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Now I know, why Polish people like to polish of the bottle :-) (Seriously I don’t like to leave the party if somenthing remained in a bottle).

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    Ha-ha! Polish people have a good sense of humour! ^-^ Do you polish off only bottles or plates too? :-) I have been to Poland. Polish cuisine is really delicious.

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      Plates? – it depends :-) Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the cuisine. Take care!

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I don’t like to cook but seldom to eat out because of home management. Thank you for your great lesson, Emma. Useful :)

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This lessen is very useful to speak english i think.
Thank you,Emma.I love you~

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    i think this lesson is very useful to help me to improve my speaking skills.

    Thx a lot.

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Thanks, Ms Emma, for this lesson of phrasal verbs .

Now, it is time to cut down on chocolates and candies and live on herbal teas. Or something in between.

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    Lol..that’s right.

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Tank yôu

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Hi Emma! You are a great teacher. I like when you always smile while you teach. That makes us feel comfortable. I enjoyed your lesson. I’m going to eat out with my friends:)))

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Great lesson!

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Thanks Dear.your lesson is going to help me alot in future.

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Thanks Madam,
Can we use these phrasal verbs in other ways like these:
I am tired so I pick at my chores.
I cut down on watching TV.

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    It depends. Some people say that but it better to use it about food.

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greetings!you are simply the best!!

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I should of gotten a 100,but I,got nerves and pressed the wrong answer too fast.lol

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Tks Emma! I get a 100 score, your lesson is so amazing.

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Thanks Emma, today I have learned some phrassal verbs.

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very very useful lesson, clear explanation, Thank you.

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Thanks so much Emma! It was very funny and now i’m learning so much vocabulary, and it’s very very interesting, so i understand in English but i don’t know how is it exactly in Spanish jeje, but it’s okay! See you until next lesson!

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    9 to 10

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That’s great. I like these phrasal verbs, especially, today i have invited some Americans to my home.

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Thanks Emma….

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I love your teaching very much esy to understanding

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Thank you so much

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Thank you so much Emma. It was very helpful and l learned a lot of vocabulary.

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I have been waiting for your video desperately :-)
These are some amazing and very funny phrasal verbs.I enjoyed learning it from you Emma.Thank you.

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I got 100. Thank you for useful lesson Emma.

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    P.S: looking for a person to improving speaking.
    Skype: egush_waver

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The phrase “to cut down on” looks pretty much cool. May I use it in other type of uh… sentance? I mean not only all this stuff about food but other cases like – I cut down on smoking, sleeping after lunch, licking stamps, etc.?
Thank you.

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    Poka Dmitri, have you had an eminent answer? I think It works with all the cases.

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    Yes, it’s okay

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Thank you my best teacher

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Thanks a lot, Emma.
I love your videos, always very useful.

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Thanks Emma. I got 100!

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9/10. Very useful, thanks Emma!

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10/10 thanks
Miss Emma beautiful way for teaching

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Great lesson, as usual Emma.

Thanks a lot.

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Lovely explanation mam i love learning your lessons

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I needed this lesson so badly. thanks a ton Emma. <3

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Good job,practical phrasal verbs.

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good explanation good lucky

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Teacher Emma I like your lessons so much and I always get benefit from them. thank you very much!

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Thanks a lot lesson was very delicious) so I polished off it

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thank you very much Emma
your lesson is so amazing.:)

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Hi Emma , how’s it going?
I loved your video class about food – phrasal verbs. It’s a harder topic to learn and very
important to the most students which want to look like with native people.
Thank you so much .

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Thanks Emma, you are a excellent teacher!

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    sorry, “an excellent”

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It’s great lesson. Thanks Emma!

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thank you mrs.emma this is a nice lesson and i benfit from you

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Great one I loved it,,, in the begining it was hard but when u explained it it was so much easy
Thanx ♡♡

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    thank you very much for that

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Emma , You’re a great and excellent teacher really i like you.
With you i am learning things i didn’t know before Thanks

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thank you emma!!

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Fantastic lesson!!!

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I love the way you teach

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very good lesson

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Phrasal verbs are so useful. It’s actually funny to learn them but difficult to use them naturally in a normal conversation. I guess a lot of practice is what makes you keep them in mind. Great lesson! Thank you.

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I am happy

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Thanks I appreciated your video,

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I live on the fruits, because it’s my favorite. But it’s not enough to survive that why I often eat out, I don’t love cooking myself

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thanks so much! The lesson is very good!!!

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hello , thank you so much about this lesson really it was very interested . but i have a question for you if you don’t mind . i have watched a British movie and i heard this expression she was tucking into her sandwich tuck into i think it has same meaning of polish off if so , do we can use it on American accent ??????????????????

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7/10, that was very helpful thank you, need to practice more and i’m sure Engvid will help me to do so.

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Hi Emma, Thanks for such a useful lesson..

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Very useful lesson for improving english skill,thanks Emma.

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thanks a lot teacher Emma. do u have private course?

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    :))) Emma 4 president

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Very good

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I do not know how to thank you, I really like your lessons and I love your examples,
such as “I live on mac”

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Thank You Emma, I’ve enjoyed the lesson.

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thank u Emma for doing this for us ^_*

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Thank you. Good lesson to learn.

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Yehey! I got perfect score! Thank you so much Ms. Emma!!!

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good lesson

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Miss. Emma,
Thank You very very very much for all what you did teach us.

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It’s nice! Thanks Emma.

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I live on rice
thank you so much for your lessons

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thank you.

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i got 10/10 thank u madam

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good lesson

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I got 100!! it was a luck break too :)
Nice lesson Emma!! I really liked all of your lessons!! I’m fully, simply and completely grateful!!!!

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very useful
thank u .

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Really helpful lesson for me

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Thank you! Emma, This is very interesting.

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Thank you ^_^

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next time when i go to a restaurant i’ll polish off my plate jajajja

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Nice One

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HI EMMA i’m a new student here.and i’d like to say that the lesson was very interesting & thanks a lot for ur efforts to make the lesson understood :) :D

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Thank you Emma.

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Emma thank you so much for your lesson, It was interesting. Thanks to family engVid.

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Thank you very much ^^

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Thank you Emma. I ha ve to studi this oh rasalo verbs,!!

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your English was too clear for me & i understood it very well :D
it was apiece of cake
thanks a lot Emma :)

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Great! Emma a simple and wonderful lecture.Thumb up for you.

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thank you so much miss emma you are such a wonderful person

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thanks much Emma

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i have a question , i missunderstood what is the meaning of dig on ? that is meaning that you should come and eat beacuse food is ready when you be in your friend , for example or what ?

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Hi Emma,
thank you for this lesson.Phrasal verbs is really difficult to learn and we have to practice lot to use correctly.
I did the exercises and i got 9 out of ten. Thank you for your explanation.

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Hi Emma this is mehdi from Iran I have a question,
could you please tell me what are the best ways of teaching speaking to a learner who just want to be fluent at speaking please list some new ways
Thanks in advance

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Hi Emma. The phrasal verbs with your explanations are easier for me. Thanks a lot.

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Exelent lesson was very good and great good job i like a lot your lesson.

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thanks so much

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Thans, Emma. Excellent, as usual

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Thanks Emma. Your lesson is very useful for me

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Thanks Emma. it’s very helpful.

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Thank you for this lesson . it makes me so hungry because i am on fasting now

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Emma you are a excellent teacher, easy lesson and simple.
thanks a lot.

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Henri, Simple as all phrasial verb are, a common short verb plus one or two or even three preposition, but easy?
Try repeat these phrasials tomorrow, please, then tell me if each and every preposition will have been used correctly and with your proper understanding of the meaning.
It is “easy” when our teacher Emma is speaking to us and using her teacher’s gifts, and woman’s looks.

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so cool….thanks emma i got 100………..:v

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thank you so much ..

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    hi nona iam so glad when am see you are from iraq

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9/10 thanks.

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9/10 interesting lesson Emma, I hope see many more like these one. Thanks ! “let’s to order in, i’m really hungry”

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I m happy I got this site…..today i got better result..so thanku so much ..

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It’s a big liar. Canadians talking the same trash as Americans.
Is it because Canada is not in America?
You must have learnt this in the fear of…God knows what..
Are you cowards or only lazy, like the French people are.
As far as the world are concerned, you are nothing but a submissive colony.
Don’t answer me. You aren’t a British colony. You are what you are.
Malls, corruption, cold, anger, etc. What else? Stupidity is a course.
No one can do anything. You are Americans. Good for you.

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I insist, don`t answer me. Erase my comment, that’s all.

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Thanks a lot Emma, it’s a very interesting and usefull lesson.

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Emma,your lesson is very appreciated. It helps me improving my listening and speech. Thanks

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Thank you Emma. I have enjoyed this lesson. all is clear

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Hi! I would like to say thank very much to Emma. so. I like your lesson it very good. It help me improve my English skills.

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I would like to know what is the difference between words like ( everyone, everybody, some, somebody, etc…) and anothers works like these! Doesn’t it have the same mean?

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    not really actually tiago. Ya, they have similar “shape”, but they each, have different meaning

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9 of 10 )

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8/10 last dinner I polished off two bottles of wine, so today I cut down on the boose!? Till dinner. Red red wine….

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Really you are so nice teacher..easy to get..thanks

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9/10 Thank you and it is very useful for me.

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thank you for the new phrasal verbs lesson teacher! request, could you make another phrasal verbs vocabulary lesson, but now, talking about education? hope you can see my message. thank you :)

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thanks teacher, i like the way ur teaching

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Emma, thank you so much. It was very useful. Buy the way, I got 100. Your way of speaking is so simple that you can easily understand. So, thanks again.

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Very very useful video, thanks Emma.

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thank you!

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It is so great!

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Great Lesson. Thank you.

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Nice lesson ever i enjoy it ;)

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i already started Emma, good lesson!

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help me please…
i need to learning english. I know not easy for me…

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wow! thank you for the new expressions! I should cut down on cake. I will study very hard with Emma, so I order in dinner. :)) Thanks Emma.

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Amazing course, I hope everuthing will be for free. (I am a poor man)

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    Yes, everything here is free, and we like it that way :D

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It was really helpful.
Thank you

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wonderful! I’ve got 10/10. Great lesson! that lesson is very useful. Love Emma =)

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I enjoy it

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now it is interesting practice…

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great explanation form Emma,that’s perfect way to get the phrasal verbs.thank you

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thanks. perfect lesson.

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10/10 Thanks Emma .

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thank you for lesson..:))

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thank you……;-)))))

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thanks emma the lesson was delicious :D

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Thanks, it was funny and easy to learn.

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O.M.G,This is the fist time i got 10/10!thank you so much,the lesson is very useful!

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to be quite honest it is the best site and usually I had used theses lessons
In my class and it is really great opportunity to learn and to teach English
Warmest regards to all the staff

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Thanks Emma.. I got 90%.

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Thanks, these expressions are really helful!

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    Hi Helen

    How are you? I would like to practice my English with you. I know Russian too. If you would like to exchange emails with me, my email address is: seferova.r@gmail.com
    I look forward to your reply.

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      I love english

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Thank you, this is helpful!

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Thanks, it´s very useful….

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thank you Emma for this lesson. this helped me understand better about foods..

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Thank you. I love your lesson.

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Thanks Emma. Very useful expressions. I really apreciatte your videos!!! I’ll send you a hug.

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Hi Emma, I like your English lesson. Thank you so much.

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What a nice lesson! Thanks a lot, Emma! =D

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Thank You very much

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Thank you Emma, you are very good teacher!

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Really useful lesson!
Thanks, Emma. Something I have already known, but such phrasal verbs as dig in or polish off after this lesson will be common in my sleng.

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Your lessons are so interesting

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thank you very much Emma.it is a great lesson.

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I’m ok… 9/10

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Thanks Emma,nice lesson as always

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I really love the way you keep saying this gentle “okay?”. it’s like a little inspiration^^
thank you for your lesson, Emma.

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Thank you Emma for your explanations !

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This lesson help me . Thank you )

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I really love your voice and thanks for this lesson. I’ll use it in my lift.

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Thank you.

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Thanks Emma

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Tx! Very good lesson!

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Thanks! Emma, I like very much yours Lessons.

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thanks for teaching

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Hi Emma. I got 10 out of 10. I am student, so I live on rice and water :D
Very useful lesson.

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Thank you very much,it is very useful lesson!Love it!

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Thank Emma. Detailed explanation.

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I loved this Emma’s lesson.It’s very usefull in daily use.

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Thanks Ema! I am you fan.

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thx my great teacher but again 9

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Thank you so much Emma, it’s been useful and new lesson for me

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Thank you Emma.

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Thanks teacher!!

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Thanks miss Emma :) it’s very helpful

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I would like to practice English by Skype with some one. luisalfonsomartin is my skype username.

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thanks so much ! It’s very useful.

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Good job Emma. Thanks a lot. I will see the video again to grasp the lesson better.

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thank you :)

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When I was a student, I lived on buckwheat. When I’ve got married, first time I was polishing off all meal that my wife cooked.

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Thanks Emma. I got 100 score:)

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i have 100 thank you mrs emma

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than you MS.Emma your way in teaching its really great

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Thank you Mrs.Emma i got 100 score :D

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Thank you teacher Emma. I really like your teaching style. I currently live in USA, and Some of the expression that you use are not really common here, or not used at all. I would appreciate it if you could mention where the expression is based on.

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thanks you

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Yeh!!!! I got 100. :) Thank you teacher Emma.

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Thanks for this lesson all these phrasal verbs are new to me and it was so useful to know about them

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Thank you! very useful!

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I’ve got 10 out of 10 for the fourth time :D. Thanks Emma:*

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It is my favorite lesson. Thank you.

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Thanks Miss Emma… I got it

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Thank you! I live on your lessons ))

P.S. 10/10

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Thanks, Emma, very clear as usual. I am used to polishing off the whole plate! :)

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10/10 was my best effort. thank you Emma. i feel hungry after this lesson and want to snack on uggy fruit!

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thank’s a lot.

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Thank you so much.

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Thanks alot for the new expressions , there is one i would like to share with you , it is ” wolf down ” it means when you eat so much because you are hungry or because the food is too delicious .. thanks Emma and we are waitinf for more

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i got 10/10.. thanks a lot Teacher Emma.

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After this lesson, I’ll snack on popcorn! Ha, Ha, Ha…!

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thanks – 10 from 10

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i got 10 thank you .

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Hallo Emma, Du bist grosse. ich habe geschaft 10.

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Thank you! I´m so glad to learn phrasal verbs!! Finally!!!!

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Hi, you are an excellent teacher!!

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I will never give up!

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thank you, i have learnt a lot

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10/10 :D thanks Emma

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thank you miss Emma,I really injoy with your lessons and you are so kind, I am new here BTW

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Exciting lesson, thank u ms Emma

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HI Friends
i am very much weak in english
i wanted to improve my speacking skill as well as grammar.
if any body interest please connect with skype
my Skype is npkirankumarkoneru

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I like the way you teach. It’s awesome

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important lesson thanks very much Ms EMMA

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Emma, you are the best english teacher, you have a great way to teach.

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It is healthy to live on rice with kimchi. Tonight, I like to snack on sweet potatoes before bed. I’m so hungry right now, I can polished off my dinner. Emma, I don’t want to cook tonight. Let’s order in some food. What do you think my idea?

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I’m hungry now. I think i can polish off my food. LOL.

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Miss Emma
This is a good lesson

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I’ve obtained 10 correct answers!

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I have to practice over and over.

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