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Great lesson, I understand this level lessons now, maybe I am learning…


    Absolutely! Thanks for clicking.


      Alex. I am thinking your teach. You are very successful


      Well said


Hello Alex! Thank you for the awesome lesson. It is so interesting to learn new using of familiar grammar constructions.
You are the best! You are constantly helping people to improve their English.
I got 100 percent on the quiz due to your clear explanation.
I spent some time to find difference between first and fourth answers on question 5 :)
Best regards, Elena.


    Well done! I’m glad I’ve been able to help you and others. :) It makes my day to read and hear things like that.


      Your quick replay made my day too :) Thank you very much for responding and correcting my mistakes.


Hm, I think my third sentence in comment above is not correct. Maybe “It is so interesting to learn ABOUT new using of familiar grammar constructions” will be better?


    “It is so interesting to learn new ways to use familiar grammar constructions.”


Je vous souhaite un aussi agréable apprentissage du français, que celui que j’ai à suivre vos leçons.


Good lesson. I learned a lot!!!!!


    That’s awesome! Thanks.


Thank you Mr Alex!!!Have a good weekend ;)


    For sure. You too. Thanks for stopping by!


Great lesson, as always. 8/10 first time, thanks Alex!!! I will continue to practice.


    Nice job! Keep it up.


Thank You, Alex! It is exacly what I needed. Now it’s much more clearer about present continuos usage.


    That’s great to hear! Thanks for clicking!


Thanks Alex great lesson


    Thanks a lot, levi!


9/10… The last one was chosen incorrect, but I cannot catch the meaning. I chose a pre-arranged future plan and was sure it was right. I would use present continuous myself, I agree with that! But I cannot understand why is it a temporary action/behaviour?

Diana Arkovika

    Haven’t you read? “While it is a future plan, it’s also something THAT IS NOT PART OF THIS PERSON’S REGULAR BEHAVIOR”


Hi Alex,, thank you so much for the lesson. Wow! I have got 9/10.


Hi Alex, thank you so much)) I’ve got 10)


    Hello Maria,

    I would like to practice my English with you. I know the Russian language too. So I think it would be better for us to improve our English together. Here is my e-mail: seferova.r@gmail.com. If you’d like to communicate with me too, e-mail me.

    Best Regards,

    Roya Seferova

      you are right
      the people use the Present Simple tense always when
      the action is general
      *I am not fat.
      the action happens all the time, or habitually, in the past, present and future
      *The Moon goes round the Earth.
      the action is not only happening now
      *John drives a taxi.
      the statement is always true
      *I live in Iraq.


    hi, RussMaria.


thank you very much


We also use the present continuous if we’re talking about things that happen all the time and with some frequency. For example, the train is leaving on Friday at 6pm.Or… The plane is flying at 9 am on Monday. I mean schedule of something.Alex, am I right? thanks for your reply


    You can certainly say those things, but for schedules, it’s more common to use the present simple. “The train leaves at 6.” BUT! If you use the present continuous, it’s not a big deal. Every native speaker will understand your meaning, and they speak that way too.


      Thank you very much!


        we can talk on e-mail for improve . What you think ?


    hi, I’m an intermediate English student I try to improve my English, can you help me, please. thank you


Hi, Alex! Great job. I liked this lesson a lot. Bye! Júlio César from Brazil.

Júlio César L Sousa

10/10 thanks for the lesson! :)


Great lesson!! 10/10 :) Thanks


Good morning Alex, thank you very much for this interesting and very useful lesson.


Many thanks! but I have a question.
You say “n°4” a temporary action/behavior and “n°5” a repeated behavior !!!!!
Aren’t they opposite things? How to know which scenario is it ?


Thank you Alex . To say honestly, just this topic was interested me recently. The lesson is short in terms of time ,but is wide in terms of using . I am always surprising about engvid lessons. They are always interesting. Thank you very much.


    Thanks for checking it out! It can be tough, but I wanted to give the essential information here.


Thanks Alex. Your lesson is very clear. I got 100% in this quiz. I’m waiting for your new lessons.


Thanks for clicking everyone! I really appreciate all of your comments and useful feedback.


Great lesson, as always. Thanks for your efforts a lot!!!


You got 10 correct out of 10.

Thank you Alex for the great lesson :)


thanks alex very importan this


I am learning a lot with Engvid.
Today I solved doubts about present continuous.
I am very happy.
Thank you for this excelent job.


    That’s great! I’m glad I was able to help you out. Thanks for clicking.


Great lesson! Thank you (:

Rayane Michelle

This is awesome, incredibly great 😊


Good lesson Alex. I’ve made my mistake here.
He’s always helping others. Because a word ‘Always’ confused me very. Why not to say ‘He always helps others’?
Thank you.


    You can say that as well. Present simple is used for habits, but you can add the emphasis of repetition by using the present continuous as well.

    “He always helps others.” (correct)
    “He’s always helping other.” (also correct with more focus on him repeating the action)

    I hope this helps! Good question.


Hi Alex! Thanks for a useful lesson! Please, help me to find out why I answered the last question incorrect??? I thought , I was sure it was a pre-arranged future plat, but it wasn’t. I still have the question… WHY?

Diana Arkovika

    “He usually stays home on Thursday nights…” This is a regular behavior. “…but tonight, he’s going out…” This is a temporary action/behavior.


      You got it. Basically, “He usually does this…but TONIGHT…he’s DOING this.”

      In the end, the answer is not as important as just understanding that you CAN use the present continuous in this scenario. :)


Thanks, Alex. This is a very useful lesson.


Thanks, Alex. Very helpful.


Hey, teacher Alex! I´ve just watched your very important lesson, but I´m a little confused about the third rule, because that´s exactly what I was NOT told: Is it ok if I either say “I´m going to visit Iceland in December” or “I´m visiting Iceland in December”, for example? Is it gramatically right? If it is, please let me know. Take care.

Emanoel Pereira

    I think both are correct.
    Let’s go waiting for Alex’s answer.
    Good question Emanoel.


    Both are correct. Grammar books and teachers might try to tell you that the continuous is wrong here, but try to convince any native English speaker that it’s wrong and they’ll just give you a funny look. :)


      I see. Thanks a lot for the heads-up. ;)

      Emanoel Pereira

Hi Alex, Thanks for the great lesson !


Sir alex could you talk with me on skype

Javed khaskheli

Thank you Alex. I’m learning more English every lesson.

Welder Misha

This really helps me in. Ok thanks everyone, in this Engvid…

kdc kumara

We are always waiting for your lessons, they are very interesting. Thank you, Alex!


Only the other day, due to a sentence that I was reading, in a textbook, did I come to realize that I didn’t have a clue as to what made up a sentence. Yes, the sentence was very complicated, but I’m sure it would have been very easily understood by someone with the slightest of a grammar background. I’m hoping that your grammar programs will change the English Game for me because at this point I don’t think I’m even on the Ballfield. Thanks, FR


    I’m happy to help you out. Thanks for checking us out!


Hello teacher Alex, i still cant understand the last question , do you have another example ?By the way your videos are great, Thank you so much .

kenny koh

Number 5 was completely new for me, I’m happy to learn that, thanks.


    I’m always happy to read that I’ve been able to teach someone something new. Thanks for clicking!


And number 4 , as well.


thanks for that great lesson Alex!


Hi Alex, Im watching your youtube videos so that make me improving my English a lot.


    “I’m watching your YouTube videos so that helps me improve my English a lot.”

    I’m happy to hear that! Thanks for clicking.


Thank you so much!


Hi Alex, Im watching your youtube videos so that make me improving my English a lot. Thanks a lot.


Thank you Alex


Hi Alex . Thank you so much , you are the best .
I have learned a lot of your great videos
may I ask if you can make videos like this video , talking about another grammar and how many ways to use them ? :)
Thanks again ^_^

salam kayssoun

    For sure. :) We have a lot of grammar videos on the website already, but I’m sure there are students who want to know EVERY way to use a grammar tense.


Sorry I meant if you can talk about another tenses in english and how many ways to use them ? :D

salam kayssoun

the last case in the quiz was quite tricky for me : ) thanks for the lesson Alex !


What is the difference between preposition inside and into?


    “Inside” is actually an adverb like “here” or “there.” “Into” is a preposition.

    “I’m inside the classroom.” (I am in the classroom)
    “I’m walking into the classroom.” (I am walking through the door)


Thank you :)


Thanks, I got 90%.

Abdul Qayum

Thanks sir for this great lesson! .In fact i would like to ask you a question. So my question is what’s the meaning of these idioms”get off Your high horse and pull your neck back in ” and”High Horse Descent Required “? I hope your reply.

Bushra hg

    “Get off your high horse” means to become humble and stop acting superior to other people.

    “Pre-marital sex is evil and wrong!”
    “Oh please, get off your high horse.”

    I’ve never heard of the other idiom.


      Thank you so much!

      Bushra hg

hi alex,thanks alex. This is reaaly useful


I’m very happy because i got 100% on the quiz, and i really enjoyed the lesson, thanks Alex.

Mustapha Bin Adam

Thank you Alex for this great lesson :)


thank you my good teacher i love with your lesson

Hamayoun khan

Thank you very much!


it is very intersting.thanks for your kindness

modou bamba

    it is very intersting.thanks for your kindnes

    modou bamba

Great lesson Alex, I didn’t know all of these five ways to use Present Continuous.I got 8 out of 10, thanks a lot! Have a nice time!


    Nice job! Keep it up and thanks for studying with EngVid.


Hello, Alex!
I thing tha the last question was a little confused.
“He usually stays home on Thursday nights, but tonight, he’s going out with friends.”
What kind of usage is this?
an action happening right now
a temporary action/behavior
a pre-arranged future plan

I thoght that it was a pre-arranged future plan, but it wasn’t. :(


    It’s a matter of interpretation. It sounds like quite a few students are having problems with this one. It’s a temporary action because he USUALLY stays at home, but TONIGHT he’s changing his behaviour temporarily and going out. It could still be a future plan, though, so I see where students can become confused.

    As long as you know you can use the present continuous in this scenario, that’s really the most important thing.


Thank You, Alex for the good lesson!


Hi Alex,I think #1 question is not correct answer because of adverb of frequency (always),it should be in present simple tense.He’s always helps others,sounds more correctly,doesn’t it?


    “He always helps others” is correct because you can absolutely use the present simple to talk about habits or regular behaviours, but it’s also possible to use the continuous to emphasize the repetition of the action.


Thanks ,alot 10 out of 10

asma sherif

I’ve watched this video and liked it as usual. Thanks teacher!)


    *high five* Awesome! Thanks for clicking and commenting!


      wow! another great expression in English) Thanks!


hello mr Alex please help me in english
I only speak a little english
I would like to learn

bakhtiar hussain

    Thank you Alex for this great lesson

    bakhtiar hussain

    You’re in the right place. :) Keep studying and asking questions!


ok nicr thanks but i have a question

what is the difference between using “i am always complaining ”
and the simple present “i always complain”

wael hassan

Great lesson as always!

Kelvin Venturin

you’re such a smart teacher.


Another useful lesson from you Alex,thank you very much :)


You can’t stop the future, that’s why I’m trying to improve my English.
In both ways: in this period of my life and also as a pre-arranged future plan.
Thank you Alex, see you soon.


    Nice quote! Thanks for checking out the lesson and for your feedback, Canardo.


I have D 100 in this exam

Eng Mohammed

    I like your teching

    Eng Mohammed

I understand your lessons pretty well but I can/t use it in a daily life. But thank you!

galina spirina

Thank you,Alex! You’re really great teacher!


I got 10/10 Alex. Thank you for your lesson. It is very interesting and also very useful lesson. ^^

Lucia Loan

I got 9/10.
This is the first quiz for me.
Thank you Alex,you are great :)

diala samadeh

Thank you! Great lesson.


Thanks Alex, your lessons are amazing, I’m learning fast, good job for all of you!


greetings!! I’m Aris from Indonesia
I happy to learn in here. thanks Alex


Thank you Alex. I quite understand your lesson. Your lesson is essential but when I used the continuous tense I try hard to recall real situation in continuous tense but I often use future tense such as I will….


Very interesting lesson . Thank you so much Alex.


Thank you so much for this important lesson.


thank you Alex


Hi i’m newcomer here and i have not alot infornation about teachers and i can not see your videos .can u help me my dear

nabi hossaini



Fantastic lesson and fantastic teacher. Thanks Alex.


Thanks for this lesson. It was really helpful and now I understand this tense better. I am waitnig for your next lesson :)


I’m studying to make sure that I understand this lesson. Thanks teacher, seems so easy learn this way!


thank you


thank you so much


very interesting lesson and a very good teatcher ,thank you a lot


    Any time! Thanks for clicking, Tamoly16.


Great lesson , thank you so much ^__^

Ishraq Abd

I got 9 out of 10. Not so bad! Tnx Alex


Thank you so much. This it helps me a lot.


I always got 80 or 90 out of 100. Thanks anyway. This is awesome for some beginners.


tnk u . i dont knw hw to prononce english words properly . nd i always text a gramiticike mistake .. such as like last one . helpe me out plz …im fead up texting wrongly to my frinds…


Thanks for this lesson it was really useful one …thanks for all Engvid team …..bye the way i have got 100.

tayseer hassan

    Nice job! Keep it up!


Hi Alex, thanks for teaching us these new 5 ways of using the present continuos.


Alex, thanks a bunch! … You are one of my favourite teachers on the net ! … I really love your accent a lot ! … A question about this topic:

I know that Future with BE GOING TO is almost a 100 % certain action in the future. With WILL, the future refers that the action probably occurs, but I am not sure about it.

Am I right in my interpretation?

However, if I say:

* I am going to travel to New York, next week.
* I will travel to New York, next week.

In this case, Is there any difference between those sentences?

Best wishes from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America! *


Thanks in advance!


    * ¡ SALUDOS FRATERNOS ! … Hehehehe I CAN’T BELEIVE IT : A spelling mistake in my own native language ! … I’m looking forward to having your answer ! ### G’day, dear teacher!


great lesson thank you so much


Thank you


Thanks a lot
it is a very useful lesson.


Thanks Alex! Studying a language is usually difficult but now with Engvid I am having fan…!


I got 100. Thanks a lot.


Great lesson. Thanks so much.
I am learning so many new things with engvid.


Thanks you so much Alex. You really help us. Please, don’t stop.
Could you help me? Sometimes, when I read texts I see these words: The Earth, the earth and Earth. I understand that when we use this word Earth we mean planet, but why people sometimes use – The Earth. Maybe is it mistake or maybe I’m wrong. Could you explain me how to use it correctly?


10/10 :) …i love it

dr gaga

Thanks for lesson! :-)


Hello Mr. Alex i am thankful of you. your lessons are very productive ..thanks again

Shabi Khan

Thanks for this lesson. I understood everything!!!


    Good that you followed. ;0)

    Zafar Ali Khan

It’s useful lesson.Thank you Alex.


Thank you , nice lesson


Thank you, this lesson is great


Thanks a lot, Alex


Hi ales, I hope you are doing well, I’d like to thank you for this interesting lesson, you are an amazing teacher

Rahmouni Tarik

I wish I had a teacher like you

Rahmouni Tarik

Thank you for your lesson. I learned lots of things from this video about present continuous. I hope it will be useful for my all friends


No Activity Sir..Likely given Paragraph

Noor Hussain

Great lesson to learn, thanks a lot…
Would you mind explaining the different usages of
” CONCERN ” in English?


Great tips. Thank you!


Alex, a competent teacher.

Zafar Ali Khan

Thank you


Hi Alex, I reallyb thank you so much for this interesting lesson. You are an amazing teacher because you know how to transmit a message to your students.

Tarik rahmouni

    Please alex I have a question to ask you: Is it correct to say she’s constantly speaking?

    Tarik rahmouni

i got 10/10 thank you alex


Thank you.

Virginia Nel

Thank you for your lesson. You have very good pronunciation”


nice examples, thanks a lot!)


thank you so much


Thank you, Alex .


its very informative video for me… thank you sir

Jayesh Patoliya

Great lesson, thank you.


Thanks teacher, It’s very useful, I understand it.

Chau Le

Thanks,Alex for this useful and understandable lesson.
I’ve got 10 out 10 in quiz:)
I liked this resourse, I was registered for the furter learning and communication.


I like this page , above all , because, your pronunciation is very clear . good teachers

fernando meza

a repeated behaviour : you’re teaching very well


Thank you for your lesson!


Wow ! I have got 9/10. Thank you sir

hanny putri

wow 10/10
Thank you sir!


thanks for this lesson Alex


thank you alex you’re a great teacher

tarek 109

I got 10. Thanks Alex for the lesson. I will keep practice my grammar.


this video is really very helpful to understand the present continues tense..i got 10 …thanks..


it’s very clear explanation. super like and super helful to me to continue my english lesson for your alex. Have great day!


an excellent lesson


Hi dear alex, I have a question to ask you please : Is it correct to say she’s constantly speking? Please tell me

Tarik rahmouni

nice lesson….for practice

Albion tohid

many thanks.your lesson is very easy to understand

vi thanh van

thank you alex read lot about present continuous but i don’t understand easily like you have tought us


thanks for this lesson, is great!


Thank you for your teaching. I understand so much. :)


Hi! It was very easy to understand this lesson. The use of the ‘Present Continuous’ in English is not different from use of this tense in my own language.

Andre Miranda

Tank you Alex i am ESL student it is for me help full .


now i can differentiate.. thanks


Thanks Alix, I am planning to take IELTS Exam in this year, But I get confused and afraid whether I can get score band 7 or more.
Note: Please check if my writing is correct?


great site to learn english. thanks for the video.


I took the test without watching the video and I got 100% because the test was very clear questions. Thanks for helping others learn English.

Bashir Omar

Hi Alex
I have one question
why in this sentences
we are going to New York tomorrow
you didnt used will ?


thanks Alix,
i have one question about your video.
during this video you used ” in this moment” and “at this moment”
could you please explain what’s the difference between these two formula.
again, thanks a lot

Muhannad Ghazal

Your lesson is always useful. Thank you, Alex.
Let me ask a question.
For example,
What’s the difference between “My mom is visiting me this weekend.” and “my mom is going to visit me this weekend.”?

jang meeeun

Alex,sir,it’s very good. But i am fetching problems to mean a sentence.What can i do?


Hello, I need to clear my doubts. One rule says: both “I feel hurt ” and I am feeling hurt ” are correct. Another says: feel is a non-continuous verb and only can be used in continuous by the way indicated : “He is feeling a baby’s forehead” . where “is feeling” means-touch. SO, does it mean that feel can be used in continuous by two ways? Where the first is talking about physical pain and the second is “touch” meaning. Is conclusion correct? Thanks in advance :)

learn to learn

    hii how are you


    I’ve also heard this rule about “state verbs”.
    Engvid’s search engine brings us a lesson on it : https://www.engvid.com/english-grammar-stative-verbs/
    In the comments trainer Ronnie explains that “I am feeling” is an exception.
    Funny thing, same question came to me with Alex’s example : “Why are you being so selfish?”
    Pretty sure I’ve also heard that some verbs can be both stative or active. Alex could also said
    “Why are you acting so selfish?”
    Continuous tense here emphases something temporaly.

    Hope it helps.

    Nico ESL for ever

Thanks Alex for this lesson

Morsi Mamdouh



Thank you for your lesson!


Thanks Alex for the lesson.


10/10.was confused in one qes but I guessed n gave the right ans.thanks Alex for making these more easier to remember.

enaya qureshi

Many thanks to Alex ! I’m Watching your Video


Good evening Alex.I got 100 thanks for you .


Thank! The video helps me to improve my grammar.


Hey Alex ! Thank you for the lesson. It was a piece of cake and really intersting. I would like,of course if it is possible, to give us a lesson concerning the present perfect especially its colloquial usage. Because I have talked to many native speakers then I found out that they dont use it that as much as the past simple even though, according to “English standard”, they should use it instead of the past simple


Why the last one is not an action happenning right now?


Oh,im just correct 9/10
I made a mistake when i thought playing video these days mean that recent action and will stop not instantly action


Thanks Alex.
Igot 90/100.I made a mistake, I confused a temporary event with immediate future.


I got 100 because of you ,thx teacher Alex.


6/10 hahaha :) at least I’ve tried :)


Thanks Alex!

I’m constantly learning with you.

Fabio Cicerre

Good lesson,
I am able to correct my self with my common errors.
Thank you.
Be Blessed always


yaaayyyy i got 7 out of 10




thanks Alex. I got 100/100 due to your lesson. It’s very great. I can understand all lesson. It’s so clear to listen. I will follow and learn all lesson of you.


thanks Alex


Thank you !Alex!
I never finished a test about grammar so soon and perfect .
It’s all because of your clever teaching.
I learned this 5 ways so easy and fast .
Thank you!


Thanks!) Last question in the quiz is a tricky one :-)


Thank you so much! But I feel confused about way number 5: She’s constantly helping people. I think that is good behavior, don’t annoy us. it can be a positive behavior. Please explain me. thanks a lot.

Xuan Thanh Thanh

Hello! I’m a teacher of English.As a teacher;l always keep reading and making researchers because our job demands that.Your site is a great opportunity for those who wants to improve their language.l admire what you are doing,l wish l can give you a little help.

hasna taibi

I thought I know everything about Present Continous, but I missed the 4 point, that’s why I got 90…Tkanks a lot!


Thank you Alex. I think that this lessons made me more confident in this field .I will be to try study hard that i became really good in English language.


thanks for your clear video of how to use present continuons. now I’m more familiar about these kind of grammar. best wishes ..


Where can I test eng,ish ?


Thanks a lot ALEX !!


Thanks, Alex. Very useful lesson.


Nice job,man!)


Hello Alex, I’m living in Canada temporarily.
It’s great to know you. Thanks!


Thank you Alex.
Although I can’t clearly understand what you give lessons, I got 10.
I’m so happy.
I’ll keep learning on this site with Alex.

Young Kyung Lee

Thank You Alex, Important lesson, very good explanation.


Great lesson

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Second time I got 9 out of 10. Isn’t this good?


Cool lesson Alex! Thank you very much!

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Waow! I scored 10 upon 10 in the grammer quiz after watching and learning from the video. Thanks to the teachers…

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cool lesson, thanks Alex


Hellow Alex…You are doing an excellent work as a teacher. Thank you so much namesake.


Thank you for this lesson. I’m really impressed about that many forms to use the present continuous.


Very Tnank you ! … I like it


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hi Alex the lesson as usual is very clear. i did the quiz and it was great 10 to 10


Nice explain Alex.




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thanks a lot alex very useful lesson, Nice job alex!

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I get it so better! Thank U so much


Hey Alex, thanks very must for this lesson, is my fist week learning this site and I got 10 so, I was happaned. then I contiue my study !
I hope next lessons!

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Hi Alex I hope you be well, I just want to say thanks and tell you how much I’m happy to to have such a good teacher like you.
However, if I have any problem i’ll check your videos and everything will be sort it in 2 seconds, once again thanks for your support ;)


awesome lesson


thank you so much Alex for this lesson I have never known that I can use present progressive in many ways

Pink Sara11

Thank you!!!!you are the best
Very useful lessons

Goria Orlov

Thanks Alex, this lesson is very helpful for me
but i want to ask about something made me confused
i think an action is happening during this period we use present perfect continuous because that started in the past and still happening.
thanks in advance

Mohamed sameh

Great lesson. Very informative.
Thank you, Alex!
You’ve got another subscriber.

Alex Log

Hi Mr. Alex thank you very much for this lesson.Right now I am taking advanced course in English.The system is called Cutting Edge,just I wanna know your opinion if you heard about it thanks again .


How could I have missed the last one. What an idiot (I am )


Thank you a lot for the lessons. I’ve always made some mistakes about present continuous in written English…

Chris Novas


Very nice lesson
My question is if these two sentences belowe have the same meaning:
1. Are you going to the concert next week?
2. Will you go to the concert next week?.

Are there any difference between present continuos and simple future tense.


You explain that very clear, thank’s Alex


Dear Sir, I am going to come ın canada after 3 month. Do you have a school ?


I got 10 correct out of 10 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I m happy))))))
which of language school are teaching ?pl write me


this great lesson , i get on 100/100 thanks alots a teacher i wish u best life

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great lesson great teacher Thanks a lot Alex

Ivan Gubanov

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good job !! godbless you


Hello alex.. I’m having problem, i can speak english confidently when i’m alone, but this is not the same case while i’m speaking to others.
Do you have any tips?..
Thank you.


Thank you very much for uploading this video.


Please, help me. In sentence: I’m visiting Mary next week. I’M VISITING part is continuous verb, am I right?


Thank a lot, Alex!
Everything is clear and understandable!
I like your lessons!


THis lesson was very interestig! thank you!


Hi, Alex. 2. “Where is Tom? Doesn’t he usually come out for coffee on Fridays?”He’s studying tonight. Can we use the past tense here? for example: He was studing tonight. Thanks.

Oleksandr Yukhymenko

Hello Alex, many thanks for this class, I had a chance to know more ways to use this Tense and it will help me a lot ;)




    you are also perfect


Alex, Thank you. Your class is more important for me. You help me!! Thanks a lot!!!! :)


thanks for your lesson
i usualy see a lot of people write ; i am unterested for this opportinty , not i am interesting
what is the right word


Can we use both the present indefinite tense and the present continuous tense for a event that will defintely happen in the near future or in the distant future?

Learner kabbo

Thank you so much.Great !


Thank you very much man, this is very important for my grammar )


What an interesting lesson !!
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Alex! I think I spaced out on this video!


Thanks a lot, Alex! Very useful video!


Thank you so much. This video is so helpfull. Your lesson was so clear. I got 10/10 in this quiz.


+ for Sirens of Titan.


thanks alot teacher


Well well well.
That’s great Alex.
I learn it as easy as possible .
Thanks a lot teacher.


Thank you sir for this great lesson
I got 10 out of 10

Hasina.Delawar 11

Alex , you are a super teacher
and I am a super student
Thanks to you


You got 10 correct out of 10.


Oh yeah 😍😍😍


thanks alex.Such a wonderful lesson in simple way.


You got 10 correct out of 10.
Thanks Alex


It’s very usefull thank you teacher💛


Thnx so much !!!! good lesson !!


thank for your interesting lesson

Dominic Akol Maduok

Thank you Alex i got 100 mark that’s awesome it was as a whish for me I appreciate you


Thanks Sir Alex .
Today was the first time I saw your this video on YouTube and it made me crazy to find quiz on this video because I thought I would be so perfect as you were teaching and indeed it was .
Thanks you you a lot and because of you I became the familiar with Engvid
And this is even my first comment In the website .


csókolom finom volt a kókusz golyó!!!!


Thanks! i get 90/100!


thank you


Thank you very much for this lesson! It’s help my a lot in my study.

To pratica, I’ll talk about some my action and behaviors in the present!

– I’m leave a comment on engvid to practice and share with others
– I’m study English
– next year I’m going to travel to California (I don’t know if I will, but I have to be positive so “I’m going to” hahaha)


Thank you very much Alex,I really like all your lesson ,very helpful.Btw,I come from Canada too,but Toronto:)

Janice chen

Thank you for your teaching style!

Oleg Olegov

Thank you so much Mr. Alex for your lessons, all of them are helpful for me, I always watch your videos just to improve my knowledge.


Thanks for lesson, it was useful ^_^


Hello Alex. Thank you for explaining the Present Progressive so well and completely. I was wondering if you could do more lessons covering each of the 12 verb tenses as well. I have problems to choose the right past tense when speaking. For example I don´t know if to say:
“Did you close the window?
“Have you closed the window?
“Were you closing the window?

Thanx so much and exuse for my bad English.


I am so happy! I scored 100 puan. Thank you Alex for being an amazing English teacher. I’m preparing my exam with your videos.


i got full 10 quest.i think it must to be advanced grammar in this site .

dragon jack522@5

wow I got 100 thank you


wow! I got 90% thank you Alex


Hi Alex! Thank you for explaining the Present Continuous.

Roger Castro

excelent, teacher. thandk youfor the lesson


apologize thank….


I got ten correct

Silver 06.

Thanks Mr. Alex


I got 10 gentleman, thanks for the lesson!!!!


Congratulations to myself

Mohammad Ali Aden

Thanks for giving me the quiz
I scored ten out of ten

Mohammad Ali Aden

thanks Mr. Alex

if someone asks me what are you doing?

i’ll say i’m watching engvid lessons

Aml Mounier

Thanks a lot Mr. Alex.


I got 100% to be honest this pageweb has the smartest teachers that I’ve met before, Alex you are an excelent teacher.
Nice day!


Thank you for this useful tutorial :)

Ehsan Abbasi

Thank you very much Alex! you are the best Teacher!!!


I really like this teacher! Thank you :)


Thank you


Cool video thanks


I watched this video twice on May 27, 2021, and I took the quiz after watching it once. I got ten correct out of 10.

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