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i love engvid.com
because it help me a lot

Abdoul Simpara

    thanks engvid, I really like this web site, I have learned a lot and I am sure I will continue lerning more!

    teacher felipe

      Thank you a lot Ronnie!
      I have been watching many your videos, they are very interesting and i like it so much. Especially your way teaching as well as the questions included in the quiz, they are so funny that sometime i couldn’t help laughing at :))
      One more time, thank you so much!
      Vietnam student.

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        I planning to study in Vietnam 2 months. can I be your friend?

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      I didn´t quite get the concept of stative verbs. They are not action verbs, this is quite clear. However, they cannot be used with the Verb To Be.

      But in practice, informal English makes extensive use of this language pattern. On second thought, I´m still thinking about it ( Verb To Be + Stative Verb).

      Bye for Now.

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    I love the way you teach! :P

    hortensia merringer

    it helps you a lot, well it helps me too.

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    Me too.

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Thank You Ronnie… u really are keeping English language ALIVE!! :)

Mr. Fowzy Alrashed

Hello Engvid, so long never came here , how are you? !!!!

Hello dear Ronnie, thank you for the lessons, I love it and you made me understand better, be blessed :))

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    I like your picture, Cristal. So cute -_-

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      HI karen 1992
      why do you want to pass ielts?
      are going to study abroud?

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      i think your photo is more beautiful than something else .

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        lol shes a good teacher too

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      I’d rather your pic. Karen1992! ;)

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      hello..nice to meet Students like you!!!


      I like your picture more karen, you look extremely pretty.

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      that’s look like a cartoon. is that cute?

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hey ronnie i love it thanks for the lesson !!!! im waiting for more videos !!!
from uzbekistan qobiljon !!!!


thank u


i love you guys keep it going ;)


What about the expression I’m seeing someone?? is it right??


    When we talk about dating yes, we say that! But it is slang/idiom.

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      Dear Ronnie, if “hear” is stative verb why do we have “I look forward to hearing from you.” ?
      Please check this video :

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Envied thank you for all lessons ! They are really make easy to learn English ) I’m happy)


Hi Ronnie.
What about the verb “listen”? Is it a stative verb too?



    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      why not?listen was not an action right..

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        Listen is a verb.

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          I can’t understand yet. Listen is a verb. OK, but how about see, feel, smell?


          It is an action, but not a passive action, as I understand. When you are listening – it’s your active action (you listen because you need or want it). But when you hear something, you are not doing action for it, you just hear it.

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Hi Ronnie, great lesson.

I have some question about verb, can i post it here? or any other channel that i can ask you about it?

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      thanks ronnie for your lesson…i like it…


hi Ronnie thank for ur lesson. i just wonder one thing that when u put ur hands up and hook ur fingers. what do that body language means?

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    It means that the person is using a “quote” (quote). It is used when you are being sarcastic!

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hi! is this correct?:I’m feeling better…



    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Could you clarify it? What is the difference between I’m feeling better and I feel better ?

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very nice! i liked it!


hello dear ronnie .. could you please makes lesson about transitive verb and intransitive ..please give me answer soon.


    I will try to make that lesson for you!

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great score,wonderful lesson n’ pretty, smart,redhead female teacher.god bless u.


Thanks a lot.You hit the nail on the head.Please carry on your goods.

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very good lesson want more like it

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Hi everyone! I am from Brazil and this website is a great blessing for me! And I like you teacher you are a very good teacher but I would like to comment about your last lesson I didn’t like some commentaries you made, they were ugly ( immoral) you know, but other than that it’s all well! that’s it! Jesus Loves you! bye-bye!


hey ronnie ! I want to say thank you for the lesson .It was really great lesson.keep up

jenel sanon

Thank you Ronnie very much for this lesson and your presentation is realy amazing , but I want to ask ” are these the only stative verbs ?” thanks for your answer .

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Ronnie ,I love how you explaine english.But I have a question:IF i WANT TO ask you a question HOW CAN I do it?


    Ask me here!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      You said In grammar NO but in conversation YES. So, when can we use present continuous for non-action verbs?

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wonderful, Ronni.
thanks for this very valuable lessons

Abdellahi Sid'Ahmed

hi ronnie .thanks for you time .can u please late me know how ?i can start all your lessen frome the begening ..

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Hi I m khan Ma’am I like Your Eng Video Your Eng Videos Is Very Good For common People So Please Tell Me I wana You Teach me

King Khan

I think that is very important to use the correct rules when we speak and write in English, but it is very difficult to remember all the time these rules


Ronnie really your way of teaching is awesome!
would u like to make me understand the conditional sentences?

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I just discovery this web and it´s wonderful

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Hi Pretti Mam,
I have a small doubt on the stative word “Listen” under senses. We normally write/ says “I’m listening to the radio/television”. Is that in-correct gramatically? Pls explain…

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there’s no questions dear Ronnie, at least 4 me lol.


mrs ronnie thank you so much for your lessons ..I like your explanation

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well to me has been a very good lesson.


hi how r u , i am fine here but i need to speak in english how i ill start from where i cant to think please give me suggest to me

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Hi Ronnie you are nice teacher i like it.


you are a great teacher


wonderful ronnie! great job, keep it up no matter what.


Hello, My teacher You are very good

teach English.Your family and brother GOD BLESS YOU.

Solomon Pi

I love the way you teach. The lesson you give, very good to us.


Thanks a lot Ronnie! I’m from Brazil and I love to learn “stative verbs” and from now on will be his student. You’re to be congratulated!

José Nelson

Thanks a lot Ronnie! I’m Brazil and I love to learn “stative verbs” and from now on will be his student. You’re to be congratulated!

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    Thanks a lot Ronnie! I’m from Brazil and I love to learn “stative verbs” and from now on will be his student. You’re to be congratulated!

    Profile photo of jnsilvaleite jnsilvaleite

Hi Ronnie,
I have one Doubt. In Past continuous tense, can i use like
‘i was hearing the music’..is this statement right?

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Thanks a lot Ms. Ronnie for useful teaching. This site is very useful to the learner…..

Thanks again

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Hi Ronnie,

Tell us more about stative verb and exception on it.
Normally when we write something on computer it shows error on grammar mistake, but in this case
“She was not agreeing with us”
“I was appreciating the music”

it doesn’t show, why ?



Thanks for lessons!! It’s really easy to learn with you!


Thanks Ronnie, again a magnificent lesson from you!

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Thank you so much for your extra help, it´s a really helpful resourse for us.


Hi Ronnie.How are you? Thank’s for your efforts. Can you tell what’s the meaning of (certain verbs)?
Thank you

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Thank you and all the teachers of this site, all classes are very helpful, and would not abuse their goodwill, the film is used a lot of idiometic expression, could help us in that direction.


This is my first visit to this site. I love it. From now on I am going to visit every day to improve my english


This is the first time visit to engvid.com …..I like it….I want to learning for improve my english…Thankyou


why is it okay to break the ‘to be’ rule during a conversation?

Profile photo of azureenju azureenju

Hi Rinnie, Thanks for your clear explanation. i understand very well. No wonder i failed gramar tests so many times, though i felt that i did very well the tests. but now, i am really ready to take grammar tests. Thanks indeed..

Shing Mang Tun

thanks,because i understand very well.


good lesson.
please answer this question.
The DC and SP………suspended.
The teacher along with students ……..going abroad.

nafe singh nehra

wow!i like this site.


Hi teacher !!
the “Get” word has many usage .. So i suggest teacher make video about how to use “get”
Thank you for reading …

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i love this woman and unique teaching style…

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you are doing a great job aunty


Hi mam…u explain every thing so well…thank u…


perfect. i love it=)


I’m liking you!

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    the correct one is i like you.


I am fond of you……. :)


rong when u say I’m liking you
say I like you
im talking with you
miss_piggyM976 HAAHA

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thank you for this interesting lesson


    Thanks a lot ^_____^

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      Oh my my… does anybody know how to delete the comment? ^____________^

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good site


hi ronnie it is realy good lasson i like it
jast i have a qustion some one says i am in love is it grammaticaly right or wrong
thanks allot


What about McDonald’s slogan I’m Lovin’ it! ?

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Thank you Ronnie for your lesson . this first time for sharing.


Thanks Ronnie! I like your classes! You are great! Greetings from Brazil!

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thank you ronnie why is im feeling better .correct


    Why am I feeling better.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Ms.Ronnie, i wanna thank you a lot for the lesson
      but i feel so confused about these verbs.
      you said it’s worng to write them in progresive
      ok,i agree so far
      but in convrsation, is it okay? i don’t think so
      ‘i’m remembering that’ it doesn’t make sense, it looks pretty weird, no??

      Profile photo of seif17 seif17

    Misunderstanding here, I’ll help you. That’s informal language, Why do I feel better is grammatically correct. . .


Thanks ronnie! Today I join in this site,any how I feel better isn’t it.

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thanks ronnie!!!

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i wanna ask you that is it corret or not?

nice to talking with you

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    hi, could you please join me at skype because i need some information about education expenses in Australia .here’s my skype name (s.abdullahshah.) Thank you

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I like this site I’m Mongolia



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what about i’m in love???

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really good.i love it.thnx


Hi Dear teacher Roonie! I am your fan. Well, I thought that “Ronnie” is a male name. Is it a nick? Anyway you are a great teacher.


Dear Rebecca,
I love the way you teach. The lesson you give,are very good to me. Thanks a lot.


It’s been really fantastic Miss Ronnie!! Looking for some more knowledgeable videos.. THANKS.

Shahbaz Khan

It’s so big surprise for me!A really big surprise!Because I used it too many times in my speech and writing!))
Thanks a lot for a useful lesson))

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Tks Ronnie. You’re good teacher. Lily from Brazil


good lesson but i like to ask one thing that if in present continous how will i use for listen music as u said that i am hearing music is wrong…


thanks alot teacher all the lessons here are great for me



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Hi mam,
Tnx in advance.


I scored 4 out of 4

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thank you Ronnie for this fantastic video. it was a huge help. I like the style of your teaching, it’s fun and lively. One thing I like most about you is your hair. you have a beautiful hair.

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    Thank you.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I understood thank you for your effort .


Dear Runnie,
I appreciate for your professional teaching for those who need to learn English well, I am graduated from intermediate level English but i sill have many problems in some chapter of English grammar and currently i am checking and watching your teaching videos after that i may have some questions to ask you and i hope you will help me.
Many thanks


    Good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i`m korean. i`m frist time rean engilsh.
lot a missing…i kown..but, your teached website so much helped me.
i came America only 3 years.
thank you so much.^^


hello ronnie why i’ feeling correct u said in the lesson it’s a stative verb i’m confused sorry for that answerme soon plz


    ALL rules in English have exceptions! This is one of them!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hi madam i want to learn english. please explain the sentences where we can use asif,


I enjoy your lessons. Thank you for your help!!!


hello i really hope u can for me know where i can find some articles business ,may be in engvid.com.ok? and when we use on business and in business,please

Profile photo of bunkute142 bunkute142

    Search the site for business English!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello, you are such a good teacher . Can you explaine to me the functions of advebrs (it describe a verb, phrase, etc), please .

Profile photo of mariam48 mariam48

    Adverbs describe HOW the action (verb) was done.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Dear:
thank you for your help for us, but how can i start your lesson from the first to the end please.
Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of abdoo79 abdoo79

    There is no “start” or “end”….but you can go to the “beginners” lessons then work your way up!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie! You’r very nice, and I’m happy learning so good English with you. Tank a lot. Dumar


Thanks a lot my dear. i will do my best to study.


Thank you for your help.
I have a question.
In this lesson at time 4:30, I couldn’t listen the word after “I’m being happy. Are you …”
Are you what?

Profile photo of ouroboros ouroboros

    …are You twice?…..

    Profile photo of mieto1969 mieto1969

I love engvid as i understand everything easily thanks

Profile photo of malik123 malik123

Hi, Ronnie. Thanks for your lessons!
May I ask a question?

Is a phrase “I’m Lovin’ It” correct?
I’ve heard it in McDonald’s commercial some years ago.


    no, the sentence is wrong

    Profile photo of john2 john2

Oh, sorry for comment.
I’ve found an answer in the video.


Hi! Ronnie

U’r lessons r awesone! and thanx so much.
Could “u” please explain Preposition “in” & “into”



I’m your fan.
by the way, what is mean “to be” ???


thank you ur Exciting


It’s incredible new to me.Thanks for help.


Hi Ronnie,thanks for your explanation, i got much knowledge after seeing your video. But im still little bit confused about some things:
Some people sometimes use “present continuous” form to express “future simple”, like this: i am seeing that later= i am going to see that later”. Is it correct to use that present continuous to express future simple both in spoken and written? and if it’s correct, is it only for any of verbs in that case, or for all verbs? I’m sorry if i ask too much, i really get confused of it. Thanks before

Profile photo of anny89 anny89

tank you very much I really love your lessons and your way of teaching is efficient and funny i like it …just a question what about “I’m listening to the music” ?????

abdel morocco


    You have to say “I am listening to music”. (not “the music”).

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i like it … :*

Profile photo of bonbony bonbony

    A very interesting lesson indeed. Thanks


Ronnie, can we say I’m having a great day, or in the past I was having a great day???


Hi there! Ronnie, please answer. Yesterday, I watched a movie called “She hate me”. Why “she hate”, not “she hates”??? Does it make any sense? Thank you in advance!


    Ronnie might be able to explain it better, but that’s a feature of African-American vernacular [everyday] English, a dialect that has its own rules. And in AAVE it’s okay to drop the ending for verbs in third person present tense.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    She hate me is wrong, Movies/music/art has no rules – especially grammar rules!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I join this website today.I’m very happy. Your way of teaching is efficient and funny i like it .You are too good teacher.How can i improve my fluence in english.I’m very confused.Please……


    The best way to improve your fluency is JUST TALK!!! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes…..just talk!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I join this website today.I’m very happy. Your way of teaching is efficient and funny i like it .You are too good teacher.How can i improve my fluence in english.I’m very confused.Please……


Hi mam, what I understood was you are a very good teacher. I like and love the way you teach. It’s wonderful. I found this website while I was searching Google yesterday.


hi ronnie,i enjoyed this lesson 100%. but i have a question. can’t we say, “i am having my lunch? , it smelling good? i am feeling quite well? n so on.. normally we say i am having my lunch. so is that wrong?


Thank you
you’r fantastic teacher


you are very funny teacher


Ms. Ronnie, It was really grate, and you explained very well.




I have a question on this “I’m loving” Ok this seems to be wrong, what about the continuity of the sentence, and “I’m Lovin” used by McDonnald. What is the sense behind to drive the continuous sentence. Please Explain.




    McDonalds is just WRONG! The sense behind continuous is that the action is occurring now and will still be true in the near future!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie, I have to talk about the clause “having” nowadays, people use for everything they relate with this clause. What should be the replacement. Please elaborate the situations to use it as “having.”




hi Ronnie
thank u so much for lesson, u are good teacher,
my proplem is pasive, can u help me. thank alot again my online teacher by


Hi ronnie,I made mistake with stative verbs,but i got it

Profile photo of ketas ketas


Profile photo of azeddine81 azeddine81

hi, Ronie! what about verb “to forget” in case if I’m doing that constantly,how should I express this meaning then,using this verb??
thankYou in advance:)


    YOu can say I always forget!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanx ronnie ..u help me alot


somefriend tell me about you and the web site and its really help me alot thanx ronnie :*

Profile photo of maroyousf maroyousf

    Great! Thanks for watching!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi, Ronnie, I have joined your classes recently, and I do like it so much.
Will you clarify, please if the below statement is correct:

think (stative) = have an opinion
I think that coffee is great
think (dynamic) = consider, have in my head
what are you thinking about? I’m thinking about my next holiday

Also, as regards “I am feeling better”, is this slang, or grammatically accepted?

Thank you in advance.

Profile photo of shaga shaga

    I am feeling better is present continuous form!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Do you mean to say that “feel” can be used in Present Cont.?
      I just wanted to know if it is grammatically correct (not slang) to use the verb “feel” in Cont. form.

      Profile photo of shaga shaga

        Yes you can!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      And, will you please revert to other questions of mine, i.e. “think” like “opinion” and “consider”, and transitive/intransitive verbs.

      Profile photo of shaga shaga

I would be grateful to you should you explain transitive and intransitive verbs and which verbs namely can be used in two ways in Passive. I mean: I was given a book. And, The book was given to me.
I know there is a group of verbs in English that has only one form of Passive, like describe, translate, explain, dictate. Is there a full list of these verb, or is there a clear-cut rule on how to identify them?
Thank you very much.

Profile photo of shaga shaga

Thank you

Profile photo of PrideProud PrideProud

Hello dear teacher
I am your student.thanks a lot for lessons.I wanna learn English this year.But i don’t know which starting English


just wanna say THANK YOU romnie


Thank you Ronnie, all engvid,s teachers are good and teacher Ronnie iz the best

Profile photo of Mosta Mosta

hi Ronnie . what about if i want to use present continues .. ! is that right if i say : i remember that now ??

and also could you tell me an example usingthe word “be”??


    Present contiuous is only to be +verbing. EX…I am writing.
    I remember that now = simple present~!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i love the way you explain everything thank you so much……

Profile photo of elsy1575 elsy1575

Hi Ronnie I need help with quetion ending with prepositions could you give me a hand whit that grammar please …



    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi, Ronnie! Thank you vary much for your lessons! It’s so interesting and useful!despite I have a low level of English, I understand all your lessons! you very clearly explain the material!Thank you very much again!


Hi Ronnie, when we put have with modals? like (should’ve,could’ve,would’ve)..and what is the difference if we just say I have?
is there any rules 4 use them ??



Hallo , good afternoon my teacher .
– every day I hear your lesons .
– I love them .
– I hate every second , that passes without your vidio .
– I kmow your insite felling ,from your presentation .
– I touch the future of my english with you .
Thank you 2012 very much

Profile photo of hasan hasan

nice lesson ,I enjoyed it thnx my dear ronnie

Profile photo of reda2222 reda2222

is happy stative verb ?


I don’t know – it is English grammar rules. I did not make them!!!!

Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I think, have means ‘own’ or expresses possession, it is not used to in the progressive. But we can use ‘have and think’ in the progressive. For example, I’m having a good time. I am thinking about English grammar right now. (have a good time, have a bad time, have a problem, have company, have an operation), have can be used in the progressive. See, English is the most crazy language in the world. Good luck.

Profile photo of pema11 pema11

Hi Ms.Ronnie.. thanks alot 4 the lesson .. i have a question but it’s not related to this lesson >>

1 – I drank much water
2 – I needed much suger to bake a cake

is that right ??

Thanks in advance


    NO. I drank a lot of beer.
    I needed a lot of sugar to bake a cake.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Ok. if we put (too) much >> for example:
      1 – I drank too much water
      2 – I needed too much suger to bake a cake

      is that right now?

      Thank you for your reply :)


        1- yes.
        2- no. Too much is always a negative thing. You can say the cake has too much sugar.

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Dear Ronnie
      Do you mean that we use :MUCH” only in negative and question?

      Profile photo of faez faez

Hello Ronnie!!! I love this lesson and this website!!! You are an excellent teacher!!! Thanks!!!!

Profile photo of sarasantboi sarasantboi

Hi Ronnie!! if I say I’m in love (it will be correct or false?)


Hi ronnie, thanks for the lesson, you are the best, if somebody want talk with me by skipe, I am ready, I speak fluently portuguese, spanish and basic english. my skipe are luizarbonito.

Profile photo of luizbonito luizbonito

May you teach us about transitive and intransitive verbs,please?

Profile photo of meteb2012 meteb2012



help me please :(


Hello, Ronnie! Thank you for your brilliant lessons! It’s always interesting to watch them.
Is it right to say ‘He’s being rude these days’? He’s always rude, but he’s being rude these days. Is it correct?

Profile photo of stam12 stam12

We are still deciding? (thinking) Is it right?


Dear Roni,
Could you please tell what differences between another and other?


    Another = one more. EX. I’d like another beer = one more of the same kind.
    Other = something different. I’d like the other (kind of) beer= I want a different kind of beer.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello, English Angel, Ronnie sister,
I love your teaching.

Gajendra Andrew

Hi Ronnie, i’m sometime confuse when to use been or being in a sentence. Can you please make a video on that? Thanks

Profile photo of sonyt007 sonyt007

    Been is a past participle.
    Being is only used in continuous forms.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I love your lesson. It help me alote

Mohammed Alhabsi

hi Ilik lessen to you


Hello Rannie you are the best teacher I believe you good morning.

totskey ruiz

how about ‘to be loved’? is it okay?


    I have the same cuestion. Is Bob Marley song “could you be loved” right?


Hi Ronnie, tnx for your great lessons.
But I’m a little bit confused! You have used “… you are being sarcastic”; however, you have already said that “be” is a stative verb!


Hi Rooine ,
To be hounset with you are the best english teacher i have ever see
thank you very much

Profile photo of ahmedshaban ahmedshaban

Thanks Roonie
Your teaching method and style is fantastic


hi rennie thanks so much for the lessons


thank you teacher,grammar is the imperative thing in english


i visit this website everyday to improve my English! I would like to thank you very much Ronnie :) You are a nice teacher !!

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Ronnie, thank you a lot, you are very talanted person!


Hi Rooine!I love your lessons,but I want to umprove speaking,what should I do?


i wish you could be my teacher

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you are a good teacher Ronnie I like teache i like really your method

Profile photo of rg79 rg79

Ronnie, you said that it’s wrong to say “I’m hearing”, cause to hear is a stative verb, what about ” I’m listening to music” This is correct, isn’t it ? So I assume that the verb to Listen is not a stative verb… ok? Thanks

Profile photo of hungriaind1 hungriaind1

Excuse me Ronnie but I’m not sure about “sense” ! It might be: hear,see (sight), smell, taste (mouth) and touch (with fingers) instead of “sound”?! Don’t you agree with me?

Profile photo of mas72 mas72

hi~~ I got a question! Why I find the example in the dictionary said “I am having difficulty…..”. Is it right or wrong??


i love his energy in the video…


Thanks ever such a lot Ronnie.

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Hello Ronnie, You are so sweet in teaching!!! Thanks for the lesson.


Thank you very much.

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Hey ronnie! U’re cool! I got it now! Thank you so much! It is a help!

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Hi Ronnie, thank you, your lessons are funny and interesting. Now is grammar for me clearer. I would like to have you as a teacher in my school. Have a nice day :) Edita from Czech Republic


Hi:)I wanna ask you something but this isn´t exactly for this specific video.I have a truble with using nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in sentences. I give you an example… felxible-flexibility…Are some rules for that? thank you:)

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    Adjectives usually end in -ly -y -ed -ing.
    Noun= person place or thing.
    Verb = action word.
    Adverbs usually end in -ly or -y.

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Ronnie i love you! thank you so much for your help! im learning so much from you everyday! could you make more videos please… :) thank you.



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Hi Ronnie,

How are things with you today? You know what, I really admire you for being an erudite teacher. I love the way you teach and the way you give examples. How I wish I can be like you too. I want to be a good English conversationalist and you know what..your teaching helps me a lot. I always watch your video and you are an inspiration to many people like me who want to learn English well.By the way, about this topic, I heard many people saying ‘what I’m thingking right now’ is this statement right? I don’t think so. Keep up the good work..

Your student
Nerfezap :)

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    Yes, we use the statement “What I am thinking right now”. A lot of times we disregard grammar rules when we talk!

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i would like to share with your teaching to get good english because english is my most interesting thing


i feel some ways those i am weak for english so i want to solve it to be good speaker english


thanks for your lesson


I’m getting improve my knowledge here with engVid

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thank ronnie I understood this lesson very well. I had a lot of doubt about it but now I´m really clear.

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Thank you Ronnie, Excellent instructor!
You understand all around audition students as you say and explain to listen and learning English student’s not certain country or specific country people as stereo type. You are very understandable for all nationality people. That is very important to all around people because they have their own country and birth place, so they like of course. However, During students are learning and listening languages are sensitive sometimes. Especially, most teachers need to explain generously. You are a great instructor as your teach way and let the students.


Thank you so much. I´m a Brazilian English teacher and was very difficult to explain this topic to studants, this video help me a lot.


Hi Ronnie,
Thanks very much for your good work.
Could you please tell me the differences between these sentences?

– we are done vs we have done
– the first step is done vs the first step has done vs the first step has been done.

Again, thank you in advance!

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We are done and the first step is done = present tense.
We have done and the first step has been done= present perfect.
The first step has done is WRONG.

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I have a question. can we use “I’m understanding it now” if we want to say about situation which was changed. e.g. I never understood English grammar but I’m understanding it now. or I am understanding the text now that I have read it once more.


    You have to say I understand!

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Hey Ronnie!

You even can not imagine how cool you really are! I adore the way you teach and the way you keep students’ attention by means of inexhaustible source of you positiveness and charisma! I can’t stop watching your videos that’s just awesome! That was is called real teaching!

Ivan not the terrible

I love u Ronnie :)

Calil M-zade

Dear Ronnie, you are great and your way of teaching is fantastic and helpfull.Thank you for these great sources.
love from Turkey


very clear to me now!

thanks Ronnie

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I read on the article to day at marketwatch(We will be thinking down john 13000 not 14000)verb to think used with to be,is this a correct sentence?If to think is a stative verb the above sentence is wrong,isn’t it?please explain.

Cuong ta

i was wandering if we can not used stative verbs only in present continuous ?????? or there r many cases about that ???????

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Very good


In pakistan youtube is not working please give classes in other site


I love the teacher!

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Ronnie, your style of teaching is one I like.

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Hi Ronnie, i have a quick question
whats the difference between
this book belongs to me VS. this book is belonged to me.
Thank you in advance


Yaaaaay 4/4

c'est la vie

Hi Ronnie, is gramatically wright this sentence: “My sister is on holiday in Peru. She is loving it!” ???
I had English class today, I used simple present (she loves it), and my teacher corrected me. It’s a stative verb, I said. But it indicates an action in progress at the time of speaking, she replied. Now I’m really confused… can you help me, please?? Tks


Hi Ronnie, I’m only following the lessons for a couple of days now and I love the style, specially yours, you’re funny and good at the same time.I love and they help me.

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Hi Ronnie could you clear up the difference between the auxialary verbs and the model verbs.Thank you


Hi Ronnie
I am 62 and live in Iran and I am learning English
I want to tell u ,u r great
thanks a lot


Hello Ronnie,nice lesson,
I’ve really concern through private teacher,don’t forget me,please
I wish to go to Canada this year.
Have nice week.

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I love the way you teach

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Hello Ronnie. EngVid really help me to learn English and i thanks all the staff members. Please, how can you help me to have some documents like books, videos? I live in haiti.

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thank you Ronnie

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Thank you Miss Ronnie. God Bless You. -I’m just slightly baffled because at the end you said it’s okay to say “You’re HAVING a baby.” But then it’s not okay to say “I’m FEELING happy?” Someone help me out please.

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Sorry I meant — “I’m FEELING happy” ?

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hey i could understand better

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thanks I got 4 correct :)

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How a Stative verb can be used in Continuous past, present & future tense?

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What are ‘dynamic’ verbs.

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thanks a lot i need that for my exam

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thanks very use full

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Hi Ronnie,
Thank you for lesson and I like your teaching method :)
Only I little disappointed from short quiz, I would like to practice more :)

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Hello! I think, I don’t understand this lesson except feelings/emotions rule…
Can I say:
I have all hearing ears? I mean, that my ears hears everything.
Sorry for my grammar, I’m a beginner…

Profile photo of piotr@michalak.at piotr@michalak.at

    You totally can! To make it clearer, you can use a hyphen: “all-hearing ears”. There’s also a symbol called the “all-seeing eye”.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Thank you :)

      Profile photo of piotr@michalak.at piotr@michalak.at

Thank you

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Thank you a lot teacher Ronnie I love the way you teach ..

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ohh I love engvid so much :)

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Perfect. Thanks for help me. 100% :)

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great video, teacher Ronnie! I enjoyed it! The video is not tedious maybe because of your pleasing personality! I guess I need to share this video to my co-workers since we often use “to be” with stative verbs especially the expression,”I’m loving it!” I need to warn them that it’s grammatically incorrect though we can still use it during our usual conversation.

Best Regards.

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Thanks! Ronnie, very useful :)

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Hello from Panama. Thanks Ronnie. I love how you teach English.

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    Oh, that´s great!!! You’re on the right track Lumercari. This is the best site on the Internet to learn English.

    All the best with your English.

    Take care, bye for now.

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we use present simple or present continuous to say that how somebody feels or looks now…is it correct ronnie?

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Your videos help me a lot for my review. I am planning to take IELTS. I’m starting to practice everything now from basic up to the most complicated one. It gives me a headache. But I have to practice!practice! and practice! GOD BLESS!

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thank you very much.

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Grate lessons!

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Thanks Ronnie, I got sure 100 %.

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Wonderful, Ronnie.
Thank you for your lesson.
I hope to see you again on next lesson.

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hello teacher Ronnie, thank you for lesson

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ilove ur video n ur way of teaching ronnie…

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can we say i’m loveing it ? ?

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Hi Ronni
You are my best teacher.
Please help me.
I am frome Iran we have a very slow internet
And we have problem to watch your teach .
Can we download video?

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    Not legally…

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Hi teacher! I still have something not really clear about stative verbs like “feel”. I found its meaning in the Oxford Dictionary and I saw an example like this: “Ruth was not quite feeling herself”. Is it true or obviously wrong to say that? Thank you! ^^

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very well

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good lesson as ever here on Engvid

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Wonderful thanks

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thanks for this lesson

but I have one problem why this sentence is true (I am having a baby)

but this is wrong (I am having a marker)

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I did it!

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Choice, Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie, I love it.

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Thanks very very much ..You good techer

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Thanks Ronnie, as always you’re a fantastic teacher i really enjoy listening to you, you’re so clear and it’s a real pleasure watching your lessons, but please may i ask you to do some more videos? ’cause i’ve already watched all of your videos more than once, so if you can do this it would be really great ! Hope you will answer to my comment and wish you may also tell me how is my English. Thank you so much Ronnie!

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Thank you very much

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It’s good and understandable; Ronnie, how about the verb “Have dinner” could it be using with “Be”?


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Thank you

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Ronnie! I love you so much!lol. Could you please make a video to recognize the contractions such as I’ve and I’ll easier? Actually I’m struggling to hear they better but I cannot hear them when they come from a native speaker (your biggest fan)

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Thanks Ronnie that was very important verbs and i have more mistakes in that.

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I’m Spanish speaker and it’s so hard for me to learn English, however you are a great teacher. Thanks

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You are the best. Thanks for the lesson.

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Wonderful class, i love it xD

Hey people, if someone wants speaking, and improve your english add skype : nightsapinho

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4/4. Thank you Ronnie.

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Thank you Ronnie.I like your lessons.^o^/ 4/4.

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it’s really useful lesson thank you very much misses ronnie

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Hi. Ronnie. It’s the first time that I answer these questions. easy and helpful Thanks a lot.

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I have no idea about these kinds of verbs .Ronnie thanks a lot and this is the website that everybody need it. Now dear we want to meet teacher like u is it possible for us to meet u?

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Is it all stative verbs?
I just read “English in use” wrote by Raymond Murphy.
I found there another verbs

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hey! ronnie you are too good the thing i wanna ask is what should we say when we are happy Eg im am happy?

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Lovely way to teach us!

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I’m loving it… na xd. I love you ronnie.

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good!! but i don’t understand like to use the word ”imagine”

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I want to ask you something
is the verb enjoy a stative verb or not??

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I’m loving this class!

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I have a questionnnnnnnnnn. Can we use non action verbs in other progressive tenses ( past progressive , future progressiv )???. If anyone know my question just answer me.

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Thanks EngVid, it´s a great Homepage. Thanks

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thanks, Roonie for your help

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Thank you a lot Ronnie

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Thanks so much Engvid and you too Ronnie

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plz hlp. ‘He was feeling much better last night’ – correct ?

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Thank you, -)

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Thanks, ma’am Ronnie. It was a very useful lesson.

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Please could you tell me about verbs : enjoy and dream. Are they stative or dynamic verbs? Can I use “would”(=used to) with those two verbs?

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Please explain to me what is the difference between the words “Smell” and “Smells”

why the end the word “S”

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Great Lesson! It helped me a lot.

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thank you engvid for your english lessons..it helps me a lot since I am a student major in ENGLISH.

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I got 100 % .
but i have big problem in my English pronunciation and fluency could you help me how to improve it.

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Thanks, Ronnie!

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Why McDonald wrote incorrect grammar slogan ..I’m loving you..

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Thank you soooo much.

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I like Ronnie doing ,, she is perfect teacher , thanks Ronnie

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Thanks very much

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You got 4 correct out of 4.

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you are a really good teacher , thank you so much for your effort .

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Thanks, It was good.

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Thanks Mrs. Ronnie.

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Thanks a lot, Ronnie, for this lesson.
I’ve just guessed how I can combine the stative verb with verb BE. For instance:

— I am loved by mom.

It is correct, isn’t?)

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how can i get your complete course from begining to advance level ronnie maim

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You are the best.

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Lots of learning. Lots of confusion too :)

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Engvid is a great learning site I have ever seen. Hats off to you all great teachers.

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What about the verb ‘think’ itself. We can say: “What are you thinking about?”

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Funny teacher and very helpful

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Very nice and persuasive lesson!

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Can I say , “ I am listening to a music . “

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