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I’m getting old too. I can’t see the letters on my computer sometimes lol. take care Alex n’ good luck.

Efrain Dominguez

    You would better use glasses my friend, that is it.


Excuse me sir,what was ur sentence at the 1rst of the video plz?!
I would have 2 keep using my old computer!!!
Tx in advance!

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    He said “I will have to keep using my old computer”


thank you Alex for this lesson .


thnaks alots for your assistance


nice and useful lesson,thanks

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Hello teachers,I’m really thankful for you.. I have a question.. would you please tell me the difference between “start” and “begin” ??

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    They pretty much mean the same thing!

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Thank you for your lesson.
Even i am getting old school, my spirit will be new everyday, everytimes with your lessons

Paul kd kim

Wow. I love your lessons because those are very interesting and new subjects. Thanks a lot. Take care and keep making lessons.


Very interesting lesson))) thanks!


Hi Alex,
I would like to appreciate you for introducing us with this commonly used age vocabulary.The adjectives you described in the video are used frequently in English movies,songs and also in everyday conversations.For an instance,we used to send a message to our relatives by postcards or making a trunk call.These were the past means of exchanging information but these are now outdated,oldfashioned.People nolonger make a trunkcall.Now a days, we all use advanced,faster,easier electronic gadgets like “Internet”,”Blackberry cell phone etc to contact to anyone around the world anytime. Even,if we cosider the floppy disks which were earlier used to store electronic information,we find that they are now outdated and extinct.Floppy disks are no longer sold in an electronic shop.A tinnier,portable storage device called External harddisk has taken its place.They are very popular and demanding..
I request you to check my sentences and let me know my mistakes..
I am looking forward to receive an early response from your end…

Sona Sharma

Hey, Alex. I have asked you to explain the word ‘would’ earlier. Do you remember it? I have some doubts about “would” In Americal spoken english the word “would” uses everywhere.
i know it means habbitual actions in the past and it uses conditional sentences. But would uses in many conversations.I think it has other meainings. Can you explain it in detail? I’m looking forward to a fast reply.


    You have the two major uses right there. :) It’s used for the second and third conditional. (“If…, I would…” and “If…, I would have…”) It’s also used for past habitual actions.

    You can also use it to make requests. “Would you help me/hurry up/stop wasting time?!”

    It’s also used in a similar way as “was/were going to” to talk about past intentions for the future. (I hope that makes sense) For example, “She always knew she would/was going to have a lot of children.”

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hello evrybody iam new join in this site i want to learn english pleas help me so i need your guide.
best regard

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Hi my great teacher ALEX!
When I was watching this lesson I got embarrassed because I was watching on my dinosaur laptop so after this lesson I’ve realized that I must buy a new one.
Finally, I would like to thank you by all the lessons that you have been providing to us it has particularly been to me a great help to improve my English.

Good Luck!


nice Alex.


Thank you
Have a nice life


i wish i had 5 but 4 it is not bad


thanks it is nice lesson

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thx for ur lesson mr alex

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This is the first time a watch these lesson . they’re very interesting and I like them.For me,they’re going to help me since I’m an English language teacher.
Thank you

nadia el madihi

    Hello! I would like to practive English, too! If you don’t have any problem, I will send you mail…

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Nice Alex You always give simple and important lessons although the quiz in that lesson was not clear.


I love the way you teach, it is so cool. Thank you so much and wishing you always healthy & happy then you can help others in learning English.


So good Alex,

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useful and technical quiz….

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    Greetings from Mashhad!


      hi fatiima,I’m happy see you here…

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Thank you for your lesson. Even i cannot get the high score but I’m also happy.


Nice lessen thank you


Hi, people! anyone knows what a flip phone is? thanks.

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Hi my great teacher ALEX!
When I was watching this lesson I got embarrassed because I was watching on my dinosaur laptop so after this lesson I’ve realized that I must buy a new one.
Finally, I would like to thank you by all the lessons that you have been providing to us it has particularly been to me a great help to improve my English.

Good Luck!


Thank you :)


good job linda D)


when yor approve me

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thank you, nice lesson ;)

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Hi Alex.
First of all : Thank you for your lessons.
I would like to ask you if you could, please, teach us the difference between the sounds uː and ʊ. For instance: Fool and full, pool and pull.
Your lesson about a and e was fundamental to my progression.

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Hi, Alex.
Very good, as usual!! I began to watch your videos some months ago, and I’ve progressed a lot, it’s really very good material.
I have a request for you, if you consider that could be interesting.
In a Columbo movie (do you remember Peter Falk, the Lt. Columbo?, I’m very ancient, too) I’ve heard an expression that keeps me a little worried.
The movie is in YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUPLHvZ4KLk
From 2:15 to 2:23 time, I believe the transcription is (it’s my own transcription…):
“What do you name each card correctly or incorrectly is entirely up to you, is that clear?”
Is that construction correct? I think it has at least two errors (do and is that…), but surely I’m wrong.
Thanks a lot for your lessons!!!!




very good


thanx alex
but I have a problem please give me advice
i can understand english very well but ican’t speak it well
what can i do??


    and what is the different between immigration , emigration and migration


wowww, I enjoyed so much that explanation….english is gonna be more easy with engvid.! Thank you so much!!!

Andréia Dourado

Thanks for this not old school lesson.


thx alex this lesson is very interested

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Thanks Alex. So useful.


Hi Alex .Thank you for nice Video.Take care yourself.

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nice lesson ..nice teacher,thank you so much


thank you, I’m so happy alex….please give me more lesson in English?


it’s very nice.sehr modisch:)


“My parents are dinosaurs” ….
I think we should introduce that phrase into the English language.
All the best, Alex !!

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I missed words on these sentences: or you’ve seen the movie with ..???.. ok and So if I play Super Mario Brothers 1 or Donkey Con on my ..???.. Anyone can help me?


hi alex could u tell me how to pronounce the word “cousin”??


Thanks Alex! Your lessons are really useful.


thanks Alex :)


thanks sir:)




very helpful!

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thx for your good presentation in utube video

kteil snoopy

Cześć Alex
Fajna lekcja!Pozdrowienia z Polski

Hi Alex
Cool lesson! Greetings from Poland!

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    cześć Kinga:) greetings from AZerbaijan to ENgvid and also Poland :) my lovely country,I’m coming to Poland as soon as)

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thanks for ur nice lesson.


Thanks. Nice lesson.



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    Assalam o Alaykom v Rahmatollah! :)

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lol getting to old


can anyone help me with slang “Bloody hell”? i heard a lot but i dont really know exactly .. u know..how to use it


this is the first time that I got 100%
thanks Alex

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hello sir!! can u tell me what is meant by reckon and where n how we can use this word?

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Unfortunately I don’t have parents, which is really sad. But I understood what means old in English Slang!I prefer to use old school!

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I can not go out of the site without saying “thank you” Alex. Very useful lesson!

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Thanks a whole lot Alex.
pleas make more more and moooooooooooooooooooooore video.
best regards
Aida ;)

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i’d like really thanks a lot for those lesson it really useful and cool for me and hope to good health and keep making lesson thanks a lot Mr Alex you are the beat teacher cause you help all

Ari Qader


maha abdullah.

Thank you Alex for this lesson. Take care!




Very helpful lesson Alex…nice explanation…thanks a lot

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thanks so much

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I did the Quiz and I get 10/10 I think my computer is dated.

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thank you Alex


How about the word VINTAGE?

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Great lesson , thanks alot sir

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I live in Brazil and I´m going to NY, I´m really afraid of such slang’s!

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very beautiful video , i got 100
in the quiz :D , i’m excited to learn with you
thank you very much teacher alex

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Nice class…thanks a lot.

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Hi Alex.
You most have to buy a New laptop. Good luck
Great Lesson

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I hope I’ll use these “new” words in my conversations))) Thanks a lot

Profile photo of NuraP NuraP

i´m a progressing!!

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I got 3 correct out of 5 :( I was confused. But the word “dinosaur” made me giggle. I didn’t know that. I had fun.
Thank you, Alex :)

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Slang is a tough words that made me confused a lot, but any thank you.

Profile photo of elsapaynaganan elsapaynaganan

Thanks for the useful video!!!

Profile photo of dryoyomama dryoyomama

i am old, antic and old fashioned.

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Thanks I got 100%.

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Hi dear Alex and thank you for a great lesson.I’d like to express 2 points:
I still have a flip phone.It’s a ____________.
old school
as you see all the answers begin with a vowel sound except dinosaur which is the correct answer, because before it we don’t have an. we have only a, and this means without considering the topic we can click on the correct answer.
2) In question number 4:
Nice sunglasses! They look like they’re from the ’70s. Very __________.
what does’70s mean and why retro is correct and other answers are incorrect? thank you very much for giving your time to me.

Profile photo of Mahmoud akbari Mahmoud akbari

Excuse me sir. I don’t understand why don’t we use “dinasaur” to fill blank but outdated? (in the 5th question) I think his ideas are a little _____________. He’s stuck in the past. He needs to study more recent information.

Profile photo of hoangquyen1992 hoangquyen1992

I got 5 out of 5. thank you Alex!

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Hi all of u , I am so grateful cuz of ur good presentation and thx 4 ur useful information , I am from sudan and looking 4 chances to create a good english so please help me.

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4/5. Oh that dinosaur thing

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Hi alex, thanks for this interesting lesson, you are an amazing teacher and I subscribed to your channel and I’m excited for your comment

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Really engvid site is awesome. It directed me in learning english properly. Kindly explain me in detail about difference between formal , informal & slang.


yes iam very happy i get 100%

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5/5 thank you Alex.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

More interesting vocabulary. Thanks a lot,Alex.

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Thanks more one time, Alex!

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thank you Alex, 5/5

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My mom is a Dinosaur. It is correct?

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good lesson

Profile photo of startover.learning startover.learning

Thank you Mr. Alex.

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