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Thank you for a very practical lesson today. I thin that expressions learned today are useful not only in job interviews but also in meetings held frequently in companies.

Profile photo of Insoo Yeo Insoo Yeo

Hello Jade. Thank you for the wonderful lesson. I got 80/100 and definitely will improve my English.

Profile photo of palakshi nautiyal palakshi nautiyal

Jade, you reminded me that I had this experience as a candidate almost fifty years ago and I didn’t like it. Unfortunately, at that time, I had not had the opportunity to listen to your good lesson.
Thank you.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis?
My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.
Thank you.

Profile photo of Rasho Rasho

Thnx Jade could u plz do a vid on the vocab on the corona that will be helpful. Thnx again!

Profile photo of Lamis Ayman Lamis Ayman

I’m very lucky to thumb through this quiz with 10/10. It was good idea to choose listening this beneficial lesson.

Profile photo of urs68 urs68

Thank you for those useful expressions. I hope to practice and use them correctly.

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

Thanks Jade, it’s helped me a lot :)

Profile photo of Vitao1800 Vitao1800

Thanks Jade, having a good English level in Brazil, is extremely important to get a good job and in a multinational company, however, this lesson is very useful for that.

Profile photo of Rodrigo Carlos Dias Rodrigo Carlos Dias

I’m absolutely convinced that Jade is one of the best teachers.

Profile photo of kostbeld kostbeld

Thank you Jade.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

I had got 70 out of 100 in this quiz, thanks for the lesson.

Profile photo of Rahil khan Rahil khan

Thank you. It was a great lesson. This is so useful to develop our professional skills in a job interview.

Profile photo of adrianmusic adrianmusic

Another great video from you. Thank you Jade.

Profile photo of tusa tusa

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and i am very grateful to be part of family

Profile photo of mufida mufida

Hello Jade. I apprecite your time and effort because these lessons are important in addition to provide us a sound advices. Have a terrific week.

Profile photo of EdgarRL EdgarRL

It was a good lesson but I still thinking about the mobile phone in the middle of the ocean lol:) Anyway I learnt new skills for a job interview THANK YOU

Profile photo of OLAR OLAR

Nice Lesson…

Profile photo of Miguel Galvan Miguel Galvan
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