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A quite useful lesson.


Hi Mrs. Jade,
These lessons about IPA help to improve so much.
I can understand many things just listening. On this account I think I getting better my pronunciation as well.


I am surprised ‘word’ wasn’t used as an example.


Thank you Jade for this short but very interesting lesson. To pronounce correctly is not an easy work for not native. In relation to the quiz, I did a mistake at the first question. The word walk was probably the only one I used to pronounce correctly, the others not. As you suggest I indicate another word that is not properly pronounce by not native. The word “word”. Also in this case the “o” should be pronounce with “ɜ” and not with “ɔ”. Is it correct?


Nice try… i didn’t watch the vid. But i got 7 .. not bad.

Very Bad


    i disagree :/


Thank you Jade. I’ve got 9 for the tests. I missed at no 10. I confused to choose the wrong one. But now I know. I’ve got my lesson. Thank you.

Dewi Damayanti

It’s difficult for me to pronounce these words correctly, but I keep practicing.
Thank you for teaching!


It wasn’t so easy

patry dias

Where are you originally from Ms. Jade?


its doing good.Amazing learning with you.


Hi, Jade : It is great to learn British English from you. Hopefully I may improve my English level day by day in the future. Much appreciated and many thanks to your efforts.

Andy Chang

thanks for your eforts. but please be more slowly because you are too fast. thanks in advance


Hi Jade. Thanks a lot for the lesson – had a problem with pronunciation of this word and even didn’t know it.)


Thnks for this lesson

Dear Jade, Thanks a lot for a good lesson.

Hasan Soledad

Thank you! We really need those lessons.

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