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06/06 :). Thank a lot Jade for the valuable lesson. <3


I got 4/6, I am quite sad but I will try better next time. Thank Jade

nguyen van long

Great advice Jade, it’s good to see you made a video. By the way, you look amazing.

About Dobby, he must be really sensitive Elf and on top of all that he has to deal with all that abuse and trauma…

Poor guy, maybe one day he will meet a female house Elf named Debby.. who might show him that he is worth more than what he believes.

My favorite part of this lesson, was watching you come to realize that in a way he is watching himself from the outside. Very interesting…

I hope you will make more videos, more often… when you have the time.


I really loved the class! Please do more videos, that one made me think about the way that I use english, Thanks! :*


I’d like to be able to speak fluently. Listen your video is a good way to practise my understanding…..

Solange Drouin

An interesting video. Thank you for creating such a good lesson.


Excelent lesson!!!!!
You teach English very well.
Thank you!!!!!


thank you, your example of Dooby remind me to watch it again.


6 out of 6~! actually I got the first one wrong. I didn’t read the question carefully.


thank you madam for this awesome lesson :D

Islam Mounier

i cant hear your voice

melfa marini

Thank you Jade! It’s a very interesting lesson.

Evandro Prado

Dear Jade
Your lesson is so nice and useful.
Thank you


Jade, your class regarding using submissive language while talking with others is very beneficial for me where I’m discharging my duties right now. So I’m obliged to you by your lesson. The most interesting thing for me today is to watch Harry Potter movie to learn submissive language how it is being used in that movie. Thank you very much and love British accent.


Thank you very much for this lesson!! I really enjoyed its content and your accent!! :)


I need someone help me to speak with me to develop my speaking


thanks a lot,Jade ( Kazakhstan 26 Nov2021:)
i may listen your for hours


Thank you, Jade!


I think house-elf is not political correct word anymore in December 2021.


Super. Thanks.


Hope people got the correct message because using this expressions creates a more positive environment at work. Believe me,there are certain nationalities that treat colleagues like slaves because they don’t have any idea of what you call “submissive language”. I will always prefer to sound “submissive” than rough and arrogant just to show confidence or authority and power. Of course it depends on the context and people you are working with but your message is confused. Anyway, useful video to know others perspectives.

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