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It was cool.

Profile photo of papyan papyan

    It’s good to know about insults and childish sayings. They help us to understand a bit more the British culture.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

I have heard “See you later, alligator.” Interesting lesson! Thank you, Jade :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

    Happy04: From what I’ve heard, that one’s rather American.

    Profile photo of quentos quentos

Good job.

Profile photo of u0290398 u0290398

I got 5 from 10 It is hard for me. Anyone want to help me please add my skype ID ukrit_2011
Thank you

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

7 from 10 !!!

Profile photo of Celia Me-Ni Celia Me-Ni

i do not gitting how to get quiz!
can anyone help me? please!

Profile photo of jay6eat7 jay6eat7

yeahh all of them are correct thank you jade by the way you are so serious whyy ?

Profile photo of gokseltuzun gokseltuzun

Hi Jade,

Great lesson!
The Mortal Kombat sound at the end of the video is really cool! :)
I have one question about the quiz:
What does “pukker” mean?

Profile photo of boneyard boneyard

    ‘Pukker’ is a slang adjective that means great.

    Profile photo of AndreaCabiola AndreaCabiola

Thanks a lot . It is really too amazing your britanic intonation , I hope from you more .

Profile photo of Mohammed Abdul Hassan Mohammed Abdul Hassan

Thank you Jade!

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

Hello Jade,

It was amusing lesson !!!. Do you think you could make a lesson with adult insults or it doesn’t have to be insults it could be London slang or something like that. I enjoyed this lesson and I would appreciate if you kept going :) !!! Maybe some football chants if you know any but I don’t assume you do. :-D

Take care.


Profile photo of Pavel-15 Pavel-15

Thank you so much Jade.

Profile photo of MadjidBekai MadjidBekai

Thank you very much !

Profile photo of Sady26 Sady26

Excellent!!! Thank you for your tricks

Profile photo of dnguti dnguti

Tnx, I´v e really enjoyed it (as all your lessons)

Profile photo of MsGabrielife MsGabrielife

thank you Jade

Profile photo of shakir maoosh shakir maoosh

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! (9/10) Thanks Jade, you are pukker and I am a div, will you teach me how to live. Can I hit on some English girl with this rhyming? :)

Profile photo of CedomirP CedomirP

I got all of them correct! Hurray! I’ve learnt British slang :D

Profile photo of abhishek1995 abhishek1995

Amazing lesson

Profile photo of vreza vreza

I had have to sign me up to comment. On final of video was awesome. “Jade wins. Flawless victory”. hahahahaha

Profile photo of Thiago Ribas Thiago Ribas

Its a real bad quiz.

Profile photo of Ivette5 Ivette5

Thank you for this lesson, Jade! I love English expressions.

Profile photo of JanaJ JanaJ

:D was great to learn some childish sayings, thank you Jade. Would you please tell us some more? :D

Profile photo of gazdy gazdy

Thanks dear

Profile photo of Rafik07 Rafik07

Thanks Jade.

Profile photo of ANADOLU ANADOLU

9/10 Don’t get your scarf in a twist? Ho my …! Ho dear dear…! what did I to deserve this? I must try harder. As a title, what you think about the title of this lesson “British slang in the mouth of poche people”.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

thanks :)

there is one thing not very good in websites , is that members cannot connect to each other by adding friends to help each other ..

anyhow, thanks .. and if one wants connection my skype is alosaerm :)

Profile photo of ahmed aouf ahmed aouf

thank you for your great lesson , I’m actually benefited

Profile photo of esraa Qenawy esraa Qenawy

great lesson Jade! thank you darling!

Profile photo of wilsonvigil wilsonvigil

As usual Jade, U R great. tnx dear.

Profile photo of Nusair Nusair

Jade wins, Flawless victory ¡ :D

Profile photo of cipenad cipenad

“come butta” an italian slang.. means hoe are you

Profile photo of dilbag italy dilbag italy

British accent is not really clear for me to listen but wow! I got 9/10
How amazing?!

Profile photo of Cathareeya Cathareeya

thanks that was cool

Profile photo of m.reza m.reza

Oh my!
What a nice 1 !!
How can I thank you dear Jade !
Mine was 9/10 , more’s the pity !

Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

Thanx teacher

Profile photo of AitS Mostapha AitS Mostapha

thx jade

Profile photo of irenecsl irenecsl

Hi Jade´s teacher

that´s cool..

Profile photo of Sergio Candido Sergio Candido

there are a lots of childish person in the comments of youtube and this lesson helped me understand the comments there

Profile photo of grazisil13 grazisil13

I liked it very much. I will use it withmy little kids for a game. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Profile photo of Karliana Karliana

Great lesson. Thx awfully.

Profile photo of EnglishAddicted EnglishAddicted

i don’t understand anythings sr teacher

Profile photo of dark10 dark10

10 0f 10.
but i think the last question im confused.

Profile photo of jesus666 jesus666

Very well !!!

You like me more and more Jade.

Thank you very much.

Profile photo of sanuser sanuser

i got it…

Profile photo of sumarni sumarni

Thx for the lesson

Profile photo of Tr00k Tr00k

Thank you Jade.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

Hi!, I really appreciate you give us some samples of your culture, and it´s cool hear your accent as well,

I have to say some examples are similar here in mexico, why ? I don`t know, Here we say “Did the rats eat your tongue? “(similar) and the 4 eyes slang is used as well.( I used to be a 4 eyes also but I had a surgery as a child)

I`ll see your lessons later! thanks.

Profile photo of enrique01 enrique01

i heard one ,two ,three Freddy Krugger come for you . dont go to bed . are you trying to insult me? scum bag . monkey business. nigger . apple polisher. faggot .hommy. dont get me wrong!! english culture on the street like a shanty town . getto . femme fatal . maneater.

Profile photo of aprendo1 aprendo1

Hi Jade or other students!

What’s “peasy”? (in “Easy, peasy, lemons, squeezy”)…

This lesson was a little difficult for me… Maybe because my internet was preeetty bad…

Profile photo of Carol3139 Carol3139

British accent

Profile photo of wll223 wll223

cool lesson tnx

Profile photo of vincentc vincentc

Hi!, I really appreciate you give us some samples of your culture, and it´s cool hear your accent as well,
I have to say some examples are similar here in mexico, why ? I don`t know, Here we say “Did the rats eat your tongue? “(similar) and the 4 eyes slang is used as well.( I used to be a 4 eyes also but I had a surgery as a child)
I`ll see your lessons later! thanks.

Profile photo of enrique01 enrique01

It’s was so fun!!

Profile photo of Takeda Takeda

Funny lesson!

Profile photo of vinhnguyen1027 vinhnguyen1027

Thank you Jade!

Profile photo of dhidekim dhidekim

Thanks Jade.

Profile photo of mido1985 mido1985

hello jade I started to learn English and I follow on a daily basis for two months at a rate of something less than an hour to the AR or sometimes four hours at the most. But, unfortunately, met with Premier tough little but Hacs improvement in tone somewhat violin in Alhlesin mean I’m as far as I understand most of your videos, but what I hear Video extent talking about quickly by a large margin I can not understand it well and sometimes a sense of frustration As for the conversation as possible, but downright speak where mistakes in pronunciation downright also possible to use the rules to be misplaced. Average time possible tell me at least an hour and sometimes more than acceptable not supposed increases and mastering the language needs or what a great time waiting for your advice for the development of skills and thank you to all those involved in the this wonderful site

Profile photo of m . masry m . masry

Hi Jade!
I really like your accent and I enjoy your lesson.I hope these slang words help me when I will be in the UK.

Profile photo of alinamohamed alinamohamed

Hi Jade,

Tks a lot for your interesting lessons,but for these words,hope i won’t use.

Profile photo of Eric Chan Eric Chan

80 point.thanks to your lesson i learnt new things but Jade you speak very fast and i have difficulty to understand

Profile photo of esin esin

i don’t know what to say about u ,, but at least , you are awesome , thank you

Profile photo of English32002 English32002

I have gotten 9 out of 10. Thanks a lot EngVid Jade

Profile photo of kumarkanxa kumarkanxa

interesting lesson…this lesson so new for me hehe..i got 7/10scores haha thank you Jade

Profile photo of sarunyupa sarunyupa

yeay 10/10 ^_^

Profile photo of vineela vineela

9 correct out of 10 =D

Profile photo of UmGi UmGi

You are really pretty Jade I love you

Profile photo of Goory Goory

Thank you for your lesson. Now I get some childish words.

Profile photo of nguyenngoc5387 nguyenngoc5387

yasss i got 100

Profile photo of itsmelia itsmelia

That’s brilliant thn’x jade!! By the way I really love britsh accent

Profile photo of Soulja Soulja

9/10. It was not easy for me to memorise all of them.:(

Profile photo of Joni79 Joni79

I got 10 out of 10, pretty coooooool

Profile photo of Kitchil Kitchil

Cool. I’ve answered 10/10 correctly.

Profile photo of Malik91 Malik91

Ooh God, it was great i just forgot one thing, thanks Jade.. .

Profile photo of Randy Randy

Good … thanks a lot for tip.

Profile photo of Alonso Freire Alonso Freire

Hello Jade

Your lessons are the best, really. Amusing, awfully useful, tots fun. Above all the advanced lessons. I’m looking forward to more advanced ones pls.

Also as a suggestion I’m leaving here a vid I’ve just watched which I think can be motivating for you to teach us a bit more about idioms (British ones) and their origins.

Hope you’ll enjoy it too

Thx a lot. Cheers.

Profile photo of MauroBrazil MauroBrazil

You’re the3 best. And your pronunciation is second to none.


Profile photo of MauroBrazil MauroBrazil

I love your pronunciation

Profile photo of caluesma caluesma

Thanks :)

Profile photo of Mustafa abdeltawab Mustafa abdeltawab

amazing lesson

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

Thank you Jade! 10/10 :)

Profile photo of rebynera rebynera

9 from 10!! thx Jade!!

Profile photo of Daniel Nam Daniel Nam

Thank you :) it was really useful for me

Profile photo of gamzicc gamzicc

10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of amprochmann amprochmann

it´s was a cool jade thanks

Profile photo of enrriqueggarcia1 enrriqueggarcia1

got 40% without watching the lesson.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

It is interesting. Good choice of topic. Explanations of sayings. Could you be more specific?
Thanks for dressing up. I appreciate when you care and look pretty for a sake of us.
All the best.

Profile photo of MKJMKJ MKJMKJ

It is interesting. Good choice of topic. Explanations of sayings. Could you be more specific?
Thanks for dressing up.
All the best.

Profile photo of MKJMKJ MKJMKJ

Your are really a true teacher, i mean you are really interesting and easy to listen and comprehend

Profile photo of lexuz80 lexuz80


Profile photo of mutsuyakumo mutsuyakumo

10/10 and you’re a great teacher, thank you.

Profile photo of carol dias carol dias

Ty! You are a cool teacher! :-D

Profile photo of unclefungus unclefungus

9 out of 10 so pathetic for me… but I’ve really enjoyed the expressions, it reminds me of Nescafe 1X3: erudition ,educable and so funny loved the- easy peasy lemon squeezy and I”m rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Amer_70 Amer_70

10/10 ;) and not a try hard! About loser insult, I’ve met a 6 years old girl that used to say it about her classmates with a L sign on her forehead!

Profile photo of sheilale sheilale

Do not say all what you know , and know all what you say! It is really useful lesson.Thanks

Profile photo of khuder khuder

I get new from there so thank you

Profile photo of Ma Put Ma Put

Oh that’s the coolest things I’ve learnt from this video.

Profile photo of imraan87 imraan87

Thanks, it was so good.

Profile photo of Aminy Aminy

Excellent lesson. Thank you.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

Great video miss… Brit accent is really cool… specially yours (Y) See ya later alligator :)

Profile photo of Juank-rex1 Juank-rex1

Hi! I didn’t understand that one: ‘Don’t get your knickers in a twist’ What does it mean? Whan can I use it?

Profile photo of sambamaniya sambamaniya

Thanks Jade..! got 9 out of 10 tho.

Profile photo of Shafiqah96 Shafiqah96

Yeay! I got 10/10

Profile photo of Mathi Mathi

thank u

Profile photo of Rana Sabbar Rana Sabbar


Profile photo of tamermamoon97 tamermamoon97

It’s an enjoyable lesson.

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

Many thanks but it’s a bit complicatec !1

Profile photo of brc75 brc75

thank you

Profile photo of xatiii xatiii

Hi jade and thank for this great lesson.
It was the coolest and funniest lesson on engvid that i’ve ever seen.

Profile photo of Mohsen Barati Mohsen Barati


Watching other lessons to improve my compreenshion about sayings, slangs and more.
Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva


Profile photo of Franck88 Franck88

I just fallen in love with that accent.. hardly to understand but i love it

Profile photo of nuurussubchiy nuurussubchiy

I love your accent!! nice lesson

Profile photo of Melisa Bart Melisa Bart

Very useful and interesting lesson . You look adorable every time .

Profile photo of tinhvan94 tinhvan94

I just love British accent and thank you it really helped :D.

Profile photo of lightmag lightmag

9/10. cool.

Profile photo of paryan paryan

Lots of new expressions and vocabulary. That’s very
important . I loved the lesson and actually I watched
it twice.
Thanks, Jade.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

Thank you

Profile photo of hossam kamal hossam kamal

Take a chill pill!!-just loved that one.Give youurself a pat at the back Jade – you are doing such a gret job – really appreciate that.xo

Profile photo of DoriDori DoriDori

I got correct 9 of 10

Profile photo of

Sort of complicated for me

Profile photo of

Very nice. Thanks

Profile photo of rmalfatti rmalfatti

Thank for this lesson, Jade! It’s really amazing to get authentic British childish vocabulary!😍😍😍 im interested in such kind of lessons because I talk English to my toddler and its vital to speak real English not ‘artificial’😁 could you please give more vocabulary concerning raising children, for example, how to descipline them, to scold a bit, to praise .. What to say in different everyday situations, when they feel bad, hurt, offended .. How to comfort, what to ask after kindergarten or school etc. thank you so much for what you do!!

Profile photo of ekaterinaluneva ekaterinaluneva

I’ll thank you for the nice lesson, it was not easy for me because of your accent. I watched the video several times to understand the new words.

Profile photo of bouchrachreba bouchrachreba


Profile photo of TOUFIK269 TOUFIK269


Profile photo of Holmes 88 Holmes 88

Thanks Jade
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Profile photo of Abaad Abaad

Thanks Jade.

Profile photo of Halilcan12 Halilcan12
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