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9/10… i fell for the spikes. : D. Mortal Kombat!!!… dededededede.

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    Well, on the surface I would say that the IELTS writing task is not an easy one for test takers.

    In my view, it takes some doing to interpret infographs since in real-world situations we’re not used to doing so.

    The tips provided in this lesson are excellent guidelines to develop a report that meets the standars requested by the IELTS writing test.

    You covered a considerable ground in a short talk.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Mr. Benn.


      Thank you Regino :)

      Actually, converting infographics to words is quite a regular task, especially for those who need to interpret polls, statistics, financial charts and so on for their clients. Quite a useful tool to have.


        I think ,is a time for You lesson , but there is not …What happend ?


Very well. Thank you for share


Thank you for your lesson, Adam :)




Dear Adam sir,
thanks for this great lesson
when are you going to make us learn phrasal vocabulary of fall
please sir reply me for this precious comment ..


    Hi Sonykhan,

    I’ll get on it ;)


Hi Adam , Im an English teacher , though I have watched many lessons of yours and enjoyed them aloooot , you are an excellent teacher.


    Thank you Blackmak,

    I appreciate it :)


    Hi sir!

    Finally logged in !!!


Hi Adam,
I’ve got a question for you! I’m going to take the CPE and your lesson about “what to write” in a REPORT (which is one of the possibility in the second part of the writing section) caught my attention.. I followed with great interest your straightforward lesson but I think that a REPORT for IELTS is quite different from a report for CPE…. Frankly speaking, this is a little bit confusing, isn’t it?


    Hi Chicca,

    I’m not very familiar with the CPE to be honest. I call this writing task a report so as to make sure test takers understand that it is not a personal opinion piece, but a straightforward interpretation of an infographic. You are basically required to report on what you see. Calling it a summary can be a little misleading.


      Hi Adam!
      First of all,thank u for your necessary&helpful lessons!Very much!
      My name’s Anna.
      Would u kindly give your opinion about?… The doubt is about asking questions in informal writing.What is better to write questions in Past S.or in Pr.Perf.S.if pen-friend’s statement is in Past S?
      Here’s the example of task:
      …my parents gave a new mobile for birthday.(pen-friend’s statement!)
      How much was it?(student’s example)

      Thank u


Hi Mr. Adam..

I’m new to Engvid and I have to tell you, that your lessons are very helpful. However, there is a confusion I got when I watched this video and Ms. Emma video. You said there should be no conclusion in Writing Task 1, but Ms. Emma said that we will be assessed, which are vocabulary, grammar, our ability to do what is asked and coherence that includes a conclusion.

Can you please make us clear on that, as I am about to take the test next month?

thank you sir


    Hi Leonov,

    I understand your confusion. I think what Emma meant by conclusion in task 1 is to make it clear that you have said everything you need to say. You don’t need to mention “in conclusion…” because you are not asked to reach a conclusion. Reaching a conclusion means you are drawing a lesson from the information provided in the infographic. This is not the case in task 1. I think for Emma, the idea of a conclusion is more a part of coherence.

    I hope that helps a little.


I am sorry, I meant “We will be assessed in 4 major points, which are vocabulary, grammar, our ability to do what is asked and coherence.”


Thanks Adam. Results say 70% are correct answers. :) It’s not bad, one would argue. (Or, shouldn’t I conclude :) )




Thank you, Adam. I’ll try one more time.


thanks for this nice lesson
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Thank you very much Adam. Amazing job! There are so many flags from different countries in here. It’s really great to see the english language making this cultural union. We are all brother and sisters in this world. I hope to see these belligerent people comprehend how stupid are these conflicts, spying on communications and wars. This world needs more truth, ethic, brotherhood and understanding. I’m glad to be able to communicate myself with people of many different countries. Hello, from San Paulo in Brazil to all of my friends in the world.

Marco Marx

    Hello Marco,

    Well said! I totally agree with you :) greetings from India :)


      Hiii abhishek,
      I read your post on this page and i want to be your frnd but your facebook page is not found ,,,………..so send me new link for connect to you,..


    Thank you Marco :)

    We need to let love rule.


    Marco, you are right

    Sondos Mohsen

    Excellent Marco!

    Toan Nguyen Minh

hello everyone


Thanks, Adam


Hi Adam!

Thank you for all your excellent lessons. Could you please make a video about TOEFL writing task 1? Also, I was wondering if all these writing lessons are applicable to the writing part of GRE. Thanks again.


    Hi Jorge,

    I will definitely do a TOEFL Task 1 lesson.

    Unfortunately, the GRE is a very different exam. It is not an English exam. It is a critical reasoning exam and much more difficult than TOEFL. That being said, however, good writing skills still apply.


Thanks !! all tips were great.

Di Maira

9 out of 10… my english is improving fast enough. I hope to go to USA soon.

thanks a lot, Adam.
Thanks EngVid!

Yan Batista

I support a friend from Brazil …”Make love, not war”.

Greetings to everyone from Poland
Marco keep it up…

Carol 1

    Hi Carol

    I support Marco’s humble thought too :) greetings from India :)


Thanks Adam.You’re speaking is the most understandable in all Engvid teachers


    Listen to Benjamin, he has good pronounciation, too


      Yes I think so too.But for me Adam is the best.How old are you?


        I agree with you!




Hi, Adam! Thanks for your lesson. Writing is the most irritating part of an IELTS exam for me)
Adam, how can I mention a girl, (my friend) with whom a don’t have an affair? Girlfriend always sounds as if we were an item. Just friend?
Looking for your response)


    Hi Dzhemil,

    When you are speaking or writing about a friend (who you’re not having an affair with), you don’t need to mention the gender :) simply say, “friend” and then you can use pronouns ( in this case, ‘she’) to clarify her gender).

    Here’s a sample situation:-

    Suppose you are talking to me about your friend. You would say, “I have a friend. She loves chocolates”.

    See! The fact that you used the pronoun ‘she’, automatically indicates that the friend that you are talking about, is a girl.

    There will be no confusion :)

    hope it helps,


      Thanks. I always used that, but in my native language we have 2 different words for friend-boy and friend-girl. That’s why I’m asking)
      Anyway, THanks)


        Hi dzhemil,

        ohh, now i understand :) well in English, there is no alternative word, that i know of :( You have only the word, ‘friend’ that you can use.


          Hi, Abhi! I’m looking for a partner to talk to. MY skype is dzhemilamedov. Will be grateful if you add me and we might practice a little.


          Hi dzhemil,

          Some people have requested me to share my Skype, but i’m afraid i don’t have a working webcam so, i can’t use Skype. i am very sorry.
          You can however contact me through my Facebook. You’ll see the link in my reply to abdirashid143 if you scroll down a little. Send me a request if you want to. I’ll add you safely.



    Hi Dzhemil,

    Abhi’s suggestion is quite good. If, however, you want to specify that your friend is a girl, you can say “my female friend”, though it sounds a bit stiff. But, then again, maybe you want it to be clear and dry. ;)


      Hi, Adam! Thanks for you response. Yeah, it sounds a bit strange and unnatural “my female friend”.
      And one more. As far as I can consider you’ve made a spelling mistake in the description of the video. You have written “if you’re taLKing the IELTS…” instead of “if you’re taKing…”


        Good eye. Scratch that L :)


Dear Adam sir, I have a doubts..which is correct..“The original records do not contain the column relating to address” or “The original records does not contain the column relating to address’..do not or does not…pl reply


    Hi Rijuaikkal,

    Since you are talking about more than one record, you should use ‘do not’.

    Remember, when the thing that you are talking about is in the plural form (i.e. record(s) ), you use ‘do’ and when it is in the singular form (i.e. record), you use ‘does’.
    This doesn’t always apply, but in situations like the one that you mentioned, it holds true.

    Some more examples are:-
    1. cats love to play. & cat loves to play.

    2. Two packets contain 10 pencils each & ‘one’ packet contains 10 pencils.

    hope it helps,


      Sorry, i gave totally different examples there!

      here are some similar ones:-

      1. These shoes ‘do’ not fit me.
      2. The shoe ‘does’ not fit me.

      See, when i am talking about ‘many’ shoes, i use ‘do’. And when i am talking about ‘one’ shoe, i use ‘does’.

      have a good day (y)


        Thanks abhik,thanks your examples too..


    Hi Rijuaikkal,

    Abhi is correct. :)

    Just to add a note, when we speak about certain items such as records, papers, files, we rarely use them in the singular unless we are specifically pointing out a particular case. As such, we use the plural verb.


Great thanks to you Prof. Adam
It’s powerful and amazing lesson.

Thanks EngVid.


hi Adam , in 1 of ur lessons u talked about the pronunciation of ed ending in verbs, it was in 3 categories , but something is wrong , u didn’t talk about some verbs such as search , wash or breathe .please talk about them too , thanks in advance.


    Good point Blackmak.

    searched – |t| punched, lynched, hitched
    washed – |t| flashed, fished, crashed
    breathed – |d| bathed, writhed

    Will be more careful next time ;)


Good lesson, I’m learning.

carmen henry

nice lesson adam….thnks for the help..


Thanks a lot

Ahmed ADAM

Hi Adam
i understood well. but there’s a problem mine for a link sentence . so how can i build to? so please i need your support Mr: Adam
best regards

asha a.mohamed

    Hi Asha,

    I’ll try to put together a lesson about this.


thank you so much:) you are the best


ok, we must review that


Hi!Thank you Adam, I really needed this lesson!


I fell out in this lesson, to me better in lesson next


I request My best teacher Mr ADAM and all English Teachers at EngVid and Those who graduate and the the other students of this courses to help me the learning English because I have many problems of speaking English and writing paragraphs so again i request all of you to help me and I haven’t any one that I can make English conversation. please contact me my Privet Email : Abdirashiid1992@hotmail.co.uk and my Facebook user https://www.facebook.com/qalbinour


– Can i use passive form in the first sentence- ” What am I looking at ? ” and the past tense in the taks 1 if the chart/ line/ graph has year in the past, for instance: The table below gives information on consumer spending on different items in the different countries in 2002.
– Do you have any rooms in order that I can post my report, essay…to you to correct for me ?
– Your website is pretty helpful. My special thanks go to you for your enthusiactic work for us, English learners.


    Hi Lekhai,

    it is not considered formal to begin a report with a question. It is better to state directly what you are looking at.

    As for the tense of the report, the general tense is present simple unless you are referring to specific elements in the graph.

    You can join my site and send me samples and I will correct them for everybody to see. I also have a service for correcting written work with feedback. Check the Score My Essay tab under the Services menu tab.


Beautiful lesson about important things.
Thank you very much!


Hi Adam,could you explain me the meaning of this sentense a friend of mine said to me yesterday.’you are too good to be thinking about a dumb person” I don’t understand it exactly.


    Hi fari.immy,
    Firstly, i think your friend didn’t literally mean the word ‘dumb’. ‘Dumb’ can also be used to describe someone who is silly or foolish by nature.
    Without the context, i can’t tell you what your friend exactly meant but i think he wanted to tell you not to waste your time, thinking about silly people. You are too good to waste your time on that.
    some other examples of the word ‘too’ are:-
    1. You are too wise to be mistaken. (you are so wise that you can never make a mistake)
    2. They are too dumb to answer that I.Q. question (They are so silly that they can never answer that I.Q. question)
    Hope it helped.


    Hi Fari,

    Abhi hit the nail on the head (he answered you correctly)

    Saying that also means that by wasting your time thinking about a dumb person, you are just bringing yourself down, so don’t do it.


      thanks a lot


Hi fari.immy,

Firstly, i think your friend didn’t literally mean the word ‘dumb’. ‘Dumb’ can also be used to describe someone who is silly or foolish by nature.

Without the context, i can’t tell you what your friend exactly meant but i think he wanted to tell you not to waste your time, thinking about silly people. You are too good to waste your time on that.

some other examples of the word ‘too’ are:-

1. You are too wise to be mistaken. (you are so wise that you can never make a mistake)

2. They are too dumb to answer that I.Q. question (They are so silly that they can never answer that I.Q. question)

Hope it helped.


Thanks Adam! :)


thank you for your help.


thanks adam it was really interesting


Dear Adam, I’ve got a problem with understanding of two words on 9:18 of this video. A lifecicle of what? Could you please contact me with an answer? I’d be grateful. I’m looking forward to your reply.
Thank you.
Best regards.


    Hi blinoff,

    At 9:18 of this video, Adam says, “a lifecycle of an ‘ant’ or a ‘moth’ “.

    hope it helped,


      Thanks, dude. I was always trying to pay attention to every little detail for better understanding. Now everything on it’s place.

      Thanks again
      Best regards


        Happy to help, blinoff :)



    Hi Blinoff,

    Abhi beat me to it, so I thought I’d just say hi :)


      Hi Adam,
      Anyway thanks for your lesson, it was pretty cognitive! Looking forward to more IELTS lessons of yours!

      Best regards.




thank you ADAM! keep going )

bakhtiyar ali

Thank you!


Thank you, Adam.


hi Abhi,thanks a lot.now i understand.:)


    I am glad i could help, fari.immi :)


once again thanks abhi for taking time to answer my question.


Hello Adam! Please, tell me which is correct:
1. Let’s get start it(it’s correct I know)
2. Let’s start it
Is there any difference?
Thank you.


    Hello, Katya.
    If I understood you correctly in the beginning of his video he says “Let’s get started”. The differences of these two expressions is in grammar construction, but the meanings are the same. You can say either this way or that way you wrote in casual conversation, it doesn’t matter.


    What GET actually gives us?


      In meaning of course.


      Hi Katrin777

      ‘Get started’ is an ‘idiom’. It has a fixed meaning – ‘To begin our work’

      let’s get started means ‘Let’s begin our work’
      hope it helped,


    Adam, there guys just don’t correctly understand my question. I wanted to know why the GET stays for before verbs(is there any change in meaning?)


    Now I began to understand that it’s my poor hearing.
    If am I right I think like this:
    Let’s get started.(Let’s start)
    Let’s get washed hands.(Let’s wash hands)
    Let’s get boiled it. (Let’s boil it)
    Adam, help me please.


      Hi Katrin,

      As we already know, English can often seem like a crazy language.
      Sometimes we have expressions in English that are, as Abhi mentioned, “fixed”. this means that you have to learn them just as you would individual vocabulary.

      Get started means start.
      Let’s get it done means let’s do it.
      get going means go
      let’s get happy means let’s be happy
      and so on.

      get is not necessary in any of these expressions, but it is commonly used. It suggests that we are going to become involved in, or get into, what we are doing. It’s a bit of an emphasis marker more than anything else.It shows a bit of passion or excitement about the task or activity.

      Does this help?


        It really does, Adam. I didn’t know that it gives passion or accent to my speech. Thank you.


Thank you Adam for this usefull lesson.


Sir I am unable to find lecture here. Kindly tell me how can access only comments and questions are available but no lecture

Muhammad Ahmad

    You seem to be in Pakistan. Your government or internet company might be blocking YouTube. Try using the Tor browser (and here is how to enable Youtube).

    engVid Moderator

Thank you for everything Adam , I received my IELTS test results today – 7 overall , and that result was possible only because of your clear and to the point videos .You and Emma are the best ! Thank you again , and wish you all the best !


    Congratulations Petru :)


    Congratulations dear Petru

    Nazar Nz

Thank u sir . I have done it

Muhammad Ahmad

Dear Adam,
I really really need help of you, How can I prepare my self in just one minute for IELTS speaking section task 2 (cue card)?

Please reply me at your first convince.
I appreciate your help


    Hi Nasresfahani,

    The best thing to do is just write down the key words that will help you remember the key points you want to mention. Another thing I often suggest to students is to write your first sentence; that way you can speak right away and hopefully the momentum will keep you going.

    I hope this helps a little


Thank you. Useful video


7/10 not good, but thats ok I think. The lessons in EngVid are increasing in quality, day by day. This one, was great. Very well explained, very objective, very important lesson. The truth is, I became a fan of EngVid. Congratulations for you all.

Jorge Pedroso

ADAM, You people are plainly superb… Your lessons helped me score 8 in my IELTS. :D <3 <3 <3 The lessons.
Can't thank enough, esp. you,Ronie & Emma.


    Congratulations V3spertine :)


    Congratulation mate! could you share with us your experience of IELTS Scoring 8.
    Thanks best regards

    Nazar Nz

By the way :D you’re cute.




hello frnz i want somebody to help me in speaking test for ielts. my skype id diki.hyolmo05

diki chenzum yolmo

Good stuff everyone :)

Let’s make Marco proud and build our global village ;)


Hi Adam, Is it important how to write the alphabet or is it ok for example to write the capital A in this way?
1 (\)
2 (/)
3 (-)
Instead of
1 (/)
2 (\)
3 (-)
Im talking abot handwriting .if so, please teach the beginners how to write the alphabet correctly .thank you .


    Hi Blackmak,

    In some cultures, the way you shape the letters is important. In most Western cultures,however, the main point is the final product, not how you arrived at it. If I can read A, then it doesn’t matter how you wrote it.

    I’ll see what i can do about a lesson for this though


Hi Adam, what does this sentence mean ‘She Was The First Girl To Be Born On Her Dad’s Side In 50 Years’ I rode it in an article about Jennifer Lawrence but ı couldnt understand. Thank you


    The past participle for read is “READ” pronounced as ‘red’. “I read it in an… “


Hi cerenacar,

I’ll try my best to explain this.

The Concept:-

Every child has ‘two’ sides. The ‘Paternal’ side (father’s side) and the ‘Maternal’ side (mother’s side).

Father’s side means father’s family and mother’s side means mother’s family.

What the sentence in the article meant:-

Her paternal side has never given birth to ‘women’ in the last 50 years.

do let us know if you understood this..



Thanks a lot Abhi, I understood it now


    You’re welcome cerenacar :) Just to add a little note, the past tense of ‘read’ is ‘read’. Same word but pronounced like the word ‘red’.

    best wishes


Thank you very much.

Bilal Alshareef

Hi Adam, why I can understand a lot of yuor lessons without read subtitles while whatching a film I lose my mind to follow a talk? in films they connect and squeeze words, why don’t you do tha same?


    Hi br193

    I understand your problem. But there are many beginners who are using this website to learn English. If Adam sir starts speaking in a natural speed, then many viewers will get confused. So, he has to speak in a way, that is comfortable for the beginners. If you want to practice listening to a more natural speed, i’d suggest you play the video at 1.25X. I suggest that BUT I don’t recommend that :)



    Hi Br,

    As Abhi suggested, I don’t speak at full speed as I would with my Canadian friends, for example. I want to get the lesson across to as many people as possible.

    Try ted.com. There are many talks there with transcripts that you can follow as they speak. It’s really just a matter of practice and training the ear to pick apart the words.

    Good luck


but i have read conclusions on task 1 in books on ielts..?


    Hi Harjot,

    Are they reaching a conclusion or just telling the reader that they are almost finished.

    If you tell me which book, I will look it up and let you know what is happening there.


Thank you!


Thank you Adem,,I have a noticed that you said there is no conclusion in this task,but when I have watched Emma’s video I noticed that she said we have to write conclusion…..I got confused please help me with a write answer.


    Hi Ayoub,
    This was Adam sir’s reply to someone who had a similar confusion..

    “I understand your confusion. I think what Emma meant by conclusion in task 1 is to make it clear that you have said everything you need to say. You don’t need to mention “in conclusion…” because you are not asked to reach a conclusion. Reaching a conclusion means you are drawing a lesson from the information provided in the infographic. This is not the case in task 1. I think for Emma, the idea of a conclusion is more a part of coherence.
    I hope that helps a little.”


hi adam i’m going to university 2 week later.i will take the exam. englih proficiency exam but i’can’t write essay very well.what am i soppuse to do?


    Hi Mustafa,

    I hope this isn’t too late, but try my writing site : writetotop(dot)com.

    I hope it can help you


Thank for your teaching Adam.

Mark Cheukheng

Hello Mr Adam.
I’m looking for another part of planning an essay but I can’t find it, I mean (conclusion). so may I ask you to record and upload it ?
and may I ask you to record one video about ‘rhetorical’ questions and please talk about their efficiency and tell your opinion about using it in essays.
I will be thankful.

keyvan fardi

    I’ll get on it :)


Hi Mr Adam.

Thanks for all this great information,and cause of

that I decided to teach you how to take the IELTS

test in Arabic.Lol


Well done @but can you explain the (make sense) (big deal)

Hazar khalil

    Hi Hazar,

    To make sense means to be understandable or logical.

    A bid deal means a n important thing or point.

    Does this help?


hello my name is budy


Just kiding my name is oscar



Hi Oscar.How are you?


I’ll take the Ielts soon nd have just discovered this site. Great lessons! thanks to you Mr.Adam:)

ceylan onursal

    Welcome to EngVid, ceylan :)


      thank you Abhi:)

      ceylan onursal

Thanks Adam.:)


Hi Adam your the best.


I would request you to clear my Doubt..I am confused whether in the Task 1 we should give our ideas to support the infographs or not..I have seen in a book they explain the graphs and then they give a idea regarding why there was change or shift in the graph..


As you knew that youtube is block in Pakistan and these videos are youtube videos then what can i do adam?


Dear Adam
I am now confused !
Emma in her lesson of ” how to get high score ” is talking about having a conclusion , while you say conclusion is not required or , it is a cause of losing score , I hope to have this elucidated , which one of you guys to follow


    Hi Yasser,

    You can mention “in conclusion”… but you should not reacha conclusion that is not based on the facts of the graphs. They are not asking you to analyze the material, just report it. So, for example, if you see a rise in costs of oil on the graph over the last 10 years, you CAN’T conclude that this is due to geopolitical tensions in the world if that is not specifically mentioned in the graphs. Even though you may be right, it is not what you are asked to do.

    So… in conclusion basically means you are entering your final paragraph, and nothing more.

    In my own writing samples, I never even use this expression.


      but how much i have learned in the IELTS coaching institute, they says that you can never write ” in conclusion, to summarize, to put in a nutshell, to conclude, etc. because these words are for task 2 , where you can give your opininons” but in task 1, you have to write a ” overall” paragraph of about 1-2 sentences. and you can write ( as it can be seen, as it is observed, in brief, etc) to start your overall paragraph.
      for instance: if the petrol prices are steeply rising or falling down( anomoly) from the other ratios given then you should take it as a striking point and just writei t in one or two sentences in the overall. ( because it is important to have a onerall paragraph in task 1.


:( I need help in academic writing (writing a paragraph ) I think teaching English in Arabic country not benefit actually I study English Literature but I didn’t get any advantages here :'( I’m sooo sad


Thank you for a nice lecture,
I need your help to get look to my CV and give your opinion on it. For that reason, I need you Email address, can I have it???


What are the key points to look forward to finish task-1 in academic module? For your suggestion ,how many lines include in finish part ?.


Could you please explain how to rephrase the introduction. Because it takes a much time to rephrase the introduction.


opps i was not good in this lesson ): 6-10 very bad


Hi, Adam your lessons are really good and very helpful. My exam is very near and i want to practice writing tasks. Is there any way to join course and get personal help.


I`d like to say thank you so much Mr. Adam . This video was very helpful . Actually , I have two questions
1 – How can I make sure that my paragraphs are enough ? or What is the best way to number the words of my report ?

2- Would you please give some examples of full reports ?

Thank you again
Faisal Saad
Saudi Arabia


Hi Dear Sir Adam,
hop your doing well,

My Name is Rohullah Ayoubi i am from Afghanistan and i want to learn English writing and words and want to be strong my English i hope ur help me in this way. and i requested from all friends to help me in this filed


Rohullah Ayoubi

Hello to my all dear friends in this group i hope your all be fine and doing well, an i requested from all yours to help me to learn English as soon as possible

thank in advance

Rohullah Ayoubi

Rohullah Ayoubi

Good morning/afternoon or evening!
Adam, do u know something about maps in writting task 1?
I heard that no more graphes there, could you answer me please?


thank you Adam
best regards

haider j touma

hi adam,,,ur lessons are very helpful,,,thank u soo much,,,
best regards,,,:)

farheen nayeem

you thnx alot , it’s very useful for me ,

Hala Hmd

    thnx alot , it’s very useful for me.

    Hala Hmd

Adam excellent lesson about report! It`s very important lesson. Tkanks!

Fausto de Morais

Thank you Adam, now I have a concept for what I should write in Writing part 1 of IELTS.


Thankyou so much … The teachers in EngVid is really talented. you really know what and how to teach .. I respect and salute you 1 Adam sir…


Dear Adam Sir ,
Your lessons are great,This lesson help me and i get a full mark in task 1 writing in my IELTS preparation course,
Thank you ,Thank you ,Thanks alot.
Could you make lesson about task 2 writing, plz?

Hala Hmd

    Sorry, actually,It’s not full mark ,the score is 7, but deal with it as a full mark

    Hala Hmd

Hello Adam,
I want to know which words are counted?
I usually write about 112 words for task 1 and 170 for task 2 without counting “the,a,of,in..etc”


Hi Adam,

I really like your videos , I need help . Im going to do my IELT test next month , I’m practising a lot with my self but there is no one to correct it for me. would you be able to help me out. My email id is klaila3@hotmail.com , looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you


how can i know if my paragraph is good or not ???


Hello everyone, very useful information, I am very happy to be in touch with people around the world and in a place where there is not exist differences neither discrimination due its origin country(war it is among insane governments, no among the people), this way, should be the world. If anyone wants to practice english speaking, this is my facebook link https://www.facebook.com/alejandro.sosa.10048. Add Me!!!!

Thanks a lot Adam, for sharing your knowledge

Best regards and peace for everyone.


thanks fr your lessons , but i want to know the actul writing pargrph so i can get n idea how to write .other wise your video is grt to teach.


Thank you mr. Adam. Your lessons help me a lot to improve my English.


Hi Adam
First of all, I wanna say “THANK YOU”; IT WAS SO AWESOME!! BUT……………..
Instead of speaking too fast and telling whole things, only in 15 minutes; what if you could separate this video in two parts and give more examples for each items!


Thank you so much,you gave very clear points


Hello Adam,
I am a student from Vietnam. Now i want to study hard to improve my English skill to get high score in IELTS exam next 6 months. But i still confused about where i should start to learn first, i mean listening, speaking, reading or writing? Could you please give me an advice?
Thank you too much :)

Rose Vo

    hihi,the same country :)

    Hoang Linh

Hi adam
Very pleased i am that i have recently signed up in the site cause id like to get prepared to ielts exam….defently the site and your benevolent teaching will help


Hello Adam!!
You said in task 1 in writing section in part one that there is no conclusion when we write our report but Emma in her video said that we need to have a coherence and we need to write introduction, body and conclusion, please tell me I am confused about that.


helo Adam, thank you for your lesson, it is really usefull.
i am from India, and i am leaning english from last 2 months from a IELTS institute, i have my test on 21st of march 2015. .
i have a question that, as you said in this video that there is no conclusion, summary or anything like that in the task one, but how much i have learned, my teachers says that there is a ” overall” except ” conclusion” , which is has to be written as a second paragraph after introduction( showing milestones of the infograph) .
please tell me that what is right, because i am little confused now.
hope that you will reply me regarding this confusion. :)


Hi Adam sir,thank you so much for such a interesting as well as useful videos.

Ashim bhattarai

Hello sir!
plz give me some essay writing skills bcz I m taking competitive exam in which essay writing is a separate subject. I asked some seniors about this but all suggested me that it needs practise. Now plz let me know how can I find my mistakes during practise bcz I m in learning process.

zaheer shah

Hi Mr Adam

That is really so useful and supportive. Such unique videos will boost my score in writing Task 1. I can say that task 1 is quite easy as you are guided by the information given in the charts or tables. But what about writing in Task 2. I am quite afraid of it as it depends on your background and lexical information. I hope you also help us with this.


Najm Saleh

Dear Adam

I would like to request you to assess my writing. I will be very much pleased to have you here…….

The graph shows changes in the number of elephants in different regions of Asia in 1997 and 2004. Overall, elephant population was fall in most of the countries except Cambodia. India is the country with largest number of elephant while lowest number of elephant was in China.
The most striking change was observed in Malaysia and Thailand. In Thailand, The population of elephant was decreased substantially from about 3500 in 1997 to around 1100 in 2004. In contrast, percent of elephant population was dropped by 40% (From 3000 to about 1000) in Malaysia by 2004.
In 1997 there were about 10000 elephants in India but this population went down dramatically to reach almost 7500 by 2004. On the other hand, in china the population of elephant was plummeted by 50% in 2004. However, In Sri Lanka and Myanmar had the similar trends of reduction in the number of elephant.
In Vietnam the population of elephant was fall slowly from to nearly 1300 in 1997 and 1100 in 2004. The population of elephant was constant at approximately 1100 in Laos from 1997 to 2004. An exceptional statistics was obtained in Cambodia where the number of elephant was increased just from 1300 in 1997 to 1400 in 2004.


Hi Mr. Adam
it is very great oppurtunity taking part in this chat.
Excuse me, i would like to request something, it is a essay example, because i would like to join in essay competition but i do not know how essay’s shape is it. could you?

Thank you very Much
best regard
Taufik Akbar


Hey Adam!
Love your classes! They’re really elucidating!
I’ve started practicing for IETLS writing task 1 and I would like your opinion on sth. First time I tried to be concise and my report turned out too short. Than I gave it more detail and I don’t know if it got too long kkkk. Do you think 180 words is too much?
Thanks a lot! ;*


Hi Mr.Adam
i watches the Emma”s writing task 1 video,as you mentioned in here.She says we have to give conclusion in task 1 but you said conclusion is wrong if we write in task 1.If you explain clearly to us,i will be appreciate.Thanks


Many thanks, Mr. Adam. :)


Thank you very much i learnt a lot. how can i find practice test in your website?


where is my quiz result?


Adam u r a good techer u speak very fast and i dont anderstand u in this test i got 4 ans correct


Dear Adam,
I’ll seat for IELTS in Wings Learing Center in my country. They prefer conclusion for task 1!! (I’ve given several MOCK test there) I never scored more than 6 in this task :(, but i need 7.
1. Will u please suggest some transition words to start an overview paragraph (that i may present as conclusion) at the end of task 1 ???? please answer asap…
2. In this task they expect us top compare pain points(highs & lows). Is it normal to skip some data category? (as all categories of data don’t have highs and lows)
…i write too much and include everything :( it’s my problem :'( …plz ans. i need help.


Hi Adam,

In IELTS Writing Task 1 – What to write! video section, you said that in Task 1 there is no conclusion. Only Introduction and body should written. But Emma said in IELTS – How to get a high score on Task 1 of the IELTS video section, we should write Into, Body and conclusion. Am bit confused. Please let me know weather we should write conclusion in Task 1 or not. Thanks


Hi Adam,

Please reply to the above question. Am waiting.


oh. it is very useful
. thank you very much


hi. i have a question. you say that we don’t need a conclusion. but some other sources advice us to use conclusion. ho to be?


Hai sir,
I have doubt about task 1 in ielts writing,you been saying there should’nt a conclusion in task 1.where i jus gone through other materials there has been a conclusion saying “Overall, the data indicates…..”.I’m confused with this plz help me out sir.


dear adam,
we went through the video IELTS Writing Task 1 – What to write! where u have suggested no write any conclusion.but Ms.Ema on her video (IELTS – How to get a high score on Task 1 of the IELTS) ask to write 3 parts-Introduction, body and conclusion which conflicts with your suggestion.will u please clarify this?


it was goooddd


Hi Adam, I love your video.
Very clear and simple but meaningful and with significant skills. I have a problem on MAP question of IELTS. And I wonder that how to start and what to write. Please help me out. Thanks! Besides, do you recommand any writing correction or writing marking website/resource? Thanks alot


Thank you very much Adam.


Hai..sir video is good but emma is saying that conclusion should be there… but you are saying there shouldn’t be conclusion… which video should i follow ?


Hi Adam,

you are too good,.,
please also share tips for task 2.

Rupesh kumar Soni

Hi Adam.
i am new here ,i have many difficulty in reading tasks of IELTS . How i can improve my reading in IELTS.
i also face difficulty in multiple choice of listening . give me some tips.

mirza abdullah ahtisham

Hi Adam
thanks for your time to spend it for us, could you please let me know how i can grab a specific program to organise my 4 skills ,so you know there were near to 100 or more leassons somit to ielts .which part do you think participants need to start to get ready for IELTS exam .
warm regards


HI adam you rock man…! you did a splendid job for english learners i really appreciate it.. keep going

vijay Maverick

Thanks Adam


loved the class!!!


Hey Adam

You are really the best teacher. Thanks.


Alright, you said that we should predict, but how about I we are given information from 2010 and 2040, so that is logically that we need to do some forecasts.


Thanks so much for your instruction, it is clearly and handy for my preparation.




I really appreciate your course.
Thank very much.


Hi Adam. Thanks a lot for your help.
I have a question for you. Emma in her video says clearly that we need a conclusion for the coherence criteria. So should we or should we not include a conclusion in our essay?
Moreover, I read that an overview paragraph could also be considered important. Meaning that we should have 3-4 paragraphs. Could you clear these issues up for me? Thanks again!


Flunk :( 4/10


the video is extremely useful adam


thank you for the lesson


thank you Sir Adam.. how can i used drammatically and drastically in my IELTS writing test 1. thank you


Thank you Adam for the good lesson!


7/10, Probably need more on vocabulary .


Thank you sir Adam


thanks sir ADAM

hello guys ı need to practice for ielts speaking if u need to this u can add me on skype: karainci1907


Thanks you Sir Adam
6/10 probably need more practice. Please add me on skype: godfred.ameyaw46


Thanks Adam. I found your lessons very useful!


Thanks…you explain very well, but in question about ” increase ” i dont understand why further is the correct, how about spike?


thanks alot


hi, Adam today is my first day on this site and i really enjoyed it. Thanks


Is it all right to describe two suggested site for installment of a shop in a city like the way below.I think otherwise as they analyse and post there opinion there. Please,clarify me-

“The map illustrates plans for two possible sites for a shopping mall in the city of Brandfield. It can be seen that the two sites under consideration are in the north and the south east of the town.

The first possible site for the shopping mall, S1, is just north of the city centre, above the railway line, which runs from the south east of the city to the north west. If it is built here, it will be next to a large housing estate, thus providing easy access for those living on the estate and in the city centre. It will also be next to the river, which runs through the town.”

The site in the south east, S2, is again just by the railway line and fairly close to the city centre, but it is near to an industrial estate rather than housing.

There is a main road that runs through the city and is close to both sites, thus providing good road access to either location. A large golf course and park in the west of the town prevents this area from being available as a site.”

Hasanur Rahman

Hi Adam
as I know, the conclusion is paraphrasing from the introduction, so why in the type do we not writing con.?


thanks Adam, it’s really helpful lesson for IELTS writing task-1.

Muhammad Asad

what if they have given me 3 pie charts. is it ok that i will have 3 body paragraphs explaining each pie?


Thank”s Adam. This free tutorial is very helpful. Practice and practice …


Thank you for everything Adam .. but there is a very important point in emma’s video which you refrence to .. she said it must be intro then the body then conclusion and that is Different from this lecture… what should i follow

hossam gamal

In another material, they showed me that the period from 1960 to 1990 is a 31-year period. Which one is correct? 30 or 31? Please help me


I have problem with the writing task is that i am not able to understand how to start and end the task


Its great elaboration of things regarding Info-graphics. Dear Adam, I am eagerly expecting a lesson from you pertaining to Task-1 of General Training Test.

Tahir Chohan

please give a response to the report of mine, adam

Rezwan ali

The charts demonstrates why the adults go on for the studies and how cost of studies must be shared.
firstly, in the bar chart, interest in the subjects makes up the highest percentage of the total at 40% following by gaining qualifications which accounts for 38 percent of total at thirty eight percent. the third reason for which adults go for the studies is being helpful for current jobs by a percentage of 22%. some other adults keep their studies going on for the cause of improving the prospects of promotion and enjoying learning which stands for 20 percent who have chosen the both reasons. meanwhile a small percentages regarded the reasons of being able to change jobs and to meet people.
the pie chart illustrates how the cost of each course should be shared. a very large percentage stands for individuals precisely 42 percent which makes the largest percentage. employers makes up the second high percentage of a total at 35 percent and finally the tax payers accounts for 25 percent of the total.

Rezwan ali

you are the best teacher ever
thank you


7/10. Could be better. :( But I learned a lot from this lesson.


Hi Adam
is there any chance to pass ILETS Writing task 1 test online…. thanks in advance

Radi Mourad

thanks addam


http://takeielts.britishcouncil.org/prepare-test/free-sample-tests/writing-sample-test-1-academic/writing-task-1 ” Please refer to this link and tell me what band score would i get and why, if i answer that question with this :

The bar chart shows the percentage of population who owned computers, with further classification by level of education from 2002 to 2010.

Overall, the computer ownership was higher in 2010 than in 2010. the first chart illustrates that the least percentage of computer ownership was in 2002 (about 55%) as compared to 2010 that had the highest (75%).

According to the second chart, the computer ownership increased with level of education. Both in 2002 and 2010, people with no high school diploma were the least computer owner about 15 and 42% respectively, while the postgraduates were the most, 75% to 95% respectively. There was a significant increase of about 30 percentage points, for those with high school diploma and unfinished college. Bachelor’s degree holders showed an increase upto 20% in 2010 with respect to their percentage in 2002, i.e. from 70% to 90%.


no answer


Thanks a bunch Adam! for the useful course..
I got 9 out of 10 correct answers.


Hi adam,
Thanks a lot for your videos, you are of a great help!
I still had one question though: would it be relevant to calculate percentages for this task (for example in case of a table), or would it be considered as adding an information that was not included in the infographic and is not needed ?


Thank you Adam. Very helpful indeed.


Could you please help me to find out the solution if I write the answer in a question related to ielts ? I want to check by you, what should I need to do for that ?


Adam, thanks a lot for the lesson. You mentioned therein – Emma, a colleague of mine. I wonder what is the difference between: my friend and a friend of mine.


Thank you Adam for this video, when I am studding English I generally take some notes and most of the time I try to write as I would getting the real test, so at this time I made a big mistake I was writing giving my own opinion about the topic. Although you were talking the opposite, WOW…I will never forget this anymore…thank you again

Charles Vittorio

Hello adam, I just saw emma`s video in the link you suggested. I’m confused because she talks about having a conclusion and you said there was never a conclusion on task One. What should I do? Thanks!


Hello Adam, there are a lot of teachers told about having a conclusion or an overview after the introduction
such as :
1- Intro.
2- Overall , …….
3- bodies
what to do ???

mina wahed

dear mr. adam,

what about the tenses that i should use in this task you did not talk about this point but i think that we should use simple presents as we are talking about facts. is it right ?

*sorry for not respecting capitalization letter rule duo to my keyboard damages.


also i love this sentence “we gonna kill two birds with one stone” ;)


Hi adam, is it necessary to write conclusion for task 1 in IELTS writing if we have overview in the second paragraph


hi adam,your videos are perfect.however,i need some tips on letter writing as i’m taking general ielts test.can you help me with that as well?


I just want to ask you about tables in task 1
In body part we have to write two paragraphs so I should write just about 2 things in table? Like if we have countries table ( UK , USA and France)
I will write in first paragraph about UK and the second paragraph about USA.
If yes, I’ll not lose marks for doing skip to France?
Thank you.


Hello Sir
I have a few questions.
1) Is it fine to write symbol % for percentage or the whole word needs to be written? Also & for and?
2) I tend to exceed word limit but within time and also my handwriting is big and takes more space. So, Can I add an additional paper or do I need to fit the answer in the provided space only . This is for Ielts.

Thanks in advance


Hi Adam
Thank you very much for another interesting lesson.


So helpful


Ive got one month left and I’m desperate and hopeless especially cause of witing section , but your videos always helps, thx


    We believe in you! Good luck!

    engVid Moderator

Thank you teacher!


Thank you so much


Hey! Adam you mentioned not to write any conclusion, can overviews be written?

Saif Al Faied

Thanks Mr. Adam.


50% not an easy one.


Thank lot for your writing lesson task 1, I got 5/10

furat sbb

I scored a 100%! I am taking my exam in two days and I hope to secure Band 8.5 or – if I really can – then even a Band 9. Please cheer me on!

Also, kindly link me to more videos which can help me perform right on mark!


7/10! This lesson is not essential for me. But these tips also useful for me.

Jerry Gu

THX, Adam. I appreciate the video and the quiz. This is the first time I write in English online. I will keep learning the writing from the Engvid.



maryam azadi79

I have to write about 3 decade period, 1980, 1990, and 2000. I want to use 80s and 90s for the first two, but I don’t know what to use with 2000 in this approach…… Please instruct


Great Adam.

Mohsen Gholami

Thank you so much Mr Adam for your wonderful presentation. I appreciate it.

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