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Great lesson ,thanks James ! :)

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    hi i’d like to know if i can learning english by just listening english?


      Yes, you can also learn English this way. But you have to improve your listing power.

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      Maybe, it depends on the person or the capability, as a language learner I recomend you to watch videos (as engvid of course) or movies depending on your level of english and on the other hand learn some grammar (it’s healthy…) I did that and in 6 years I got to speak English fluently and I have a conversation with anybody (and understand English people).

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    i screwed the quiz

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    thanks for these tips. your videos are very appreciate! GRACIAS.


New,funny n considerable!!!
tx sir.

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First comment, hahaha you’re too funny, and this is so useful !!! thank you :)

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    hi can i talk to you to practice my English further.


6/6 :)


thank you very much for this lesson.
It was really very interesting for me :)


screw u too lol. Mr E screw u also lol. I have to screw off, cya James.


i love you James, plz post more slang lessons, xxx

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Thank you very well.


thanks a lot James. impotant lesson…

odir blanco

your screw is really loose

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thanks great lesson :)

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hello i learned 8 new word that’s realy great that’s kind of lesson is my favorite thanks so much james

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Super! Super! SUPER! :-)



ahmed mohammed

thank you sooo much! Now everything is clear to me

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im srewing off now


Hi James! Thanks for an interesting lesson. I’ve got a question concerning this lesson. Namely, Gotye in his song “Somebody that I used to know” sings “…now and then I think of times you screwed me over”, so what does this mean, to screw sb over?


    It means to mess something up for someone — like breaking your promise to them.

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Hello brother James. I love you. great lesson I have learnt with you. wow what a funny guy thou art, like me. I remember Charlie Chaplin.

Gajendra Andrew

Thank you, teacher James, you are a great teacher. Warm Greetings.


Nice lesson! I like to understand slang.

If anyone want to talk in english for pratice, please sendme an e-mail: tiago_queiroz18@hotmail.com

My best wish for all!

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    thank you so much Mr james
    hi Mr QUEUROZ of course we have to practice to improve our english language so i add you my E mail ID is gibrahim200@hotmail.com & skype name is ibrahim.m.elnour

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    hey,Queiroz.thanks for your kindness.i have sent the EM to you and my EM ID is j.chen712@gmail.com

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Its good lesson james is it depend on whole canada like in Alberts that

word “screw”

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than you mr.james for nice lesson

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man! you are the king! i love your english class because you show how learn english ishelves. i wish that you keep up good work =) i`m spanish and i`ll try learn english thanks of you. sorry my english. best wishes!


Thanks a lot for this lesson! It was really very good to learn all those meanings of screw! It will be very useful!



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thanks Mr. james

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engkish seapking course i want free in my id

anshika gupta

James, thanks for all your lessons. This one is good and funny as usual


Hi James
This lessen is really important ’cause the slang “screw” is used very much in real English
I didn’t understand this “F word”
Could you explain it to me?
Sincery thanks


    The “F word” is the “F word”, haha.
    Well find the “F word” > Funny Buck.
    Now join ‘Fu’ and ‘ck’, I guess you would find it this time.


Cool lesson! Thanks man!

Le Daros

Yup Sir James. dont understand F Word…


Hi james.
I think I need to practice so much this lesson, because I can to make a mistake and talk no property. also like Neusa I don’t know what’s the mean “F word”.
Well. thank for all and take good time


Hi James.
I think I need to practice so much this lesson, because I can to make a mistake and talk no property. also like Neusa I don’t know what’s the mean “F word”.
thank for all and take good time.

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Hi James, me again
I’d like to correct the word lesson above Of course that I mean “lesson” and not “lessen” which has a completely different meaning
Sorry and I hope to hear from you


Really Very interesting

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I am learning English as I view beginner lessons? Thanks for your help

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James, a comment if the class does not give you leave to see the blackboard.


jaime a comment if the class does not give you leave to see the blackboard.


nice lesson ;)


i love it , love uuu thank u


Nice lesson! Slang, I always wanted to know someting about this. Thanks,


i want know about phrasal verb more.
because i didn’t use it properly, I can’t catch them. if your teaching video would be on phrasal verb, i will be happy. your teaching style is very good , keep it up , it is helpful.


Hello. Speaking of f word , to fuck means swear bad
Translate into Spanish screw up la cage . Meter la pata


I loved it Mr james , thanks for your time

Profile photo of ahmedhamdikhedr ahmedhamdikhedr

thanks a trillion! ^O^


Keep on like this James.I get lots of fun with your lessons. You’re a natural man!

Ellen ripley

I like the way you are teaching, thank you james

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Great! thank you so much.


James, you’re the man.Keep it up.

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Great lesson


Thank you , well done :)))


thank james,that’s was very nice :D

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gr8 way of teaching, thanks very helpful

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this lessons was great!


hello there teacher james. it’s really nice of you and your great lessons. I wanted to say that if you got time I would be so interested to practice my English with you. So, will you allow me ?


Luv the way you present your lesson. Its clear & easy to understand. Now its clear what those S words mean=) Thank you!

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I wanna know what had happened with Mr. E after he was stopped by a policeman?


did you screw around on this week james? jajajajajajaj im kidding. nice lesson, it was too important for me


i like the way you teach james. go on..


James’s the man , I actually don’t like to listen to the others cuz most of em have no sense but james… woaah!

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Thanks for this lesson.

Profile photo of rudik rudik

You are a wonderful teacher James.

Thanks a lot.

Hamid Gomari

Love your style of teaching. When I get the chance to teach, you will be my inspiration


I’ll be intouch to learn this thing as well. Thanks

Muhammad Bilal

James!i like your lessons very much!its really help me to improve my english!

Alessandra Aqua

you’re so funny:)

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AWESOME video James!!! Thanks a lot dude!!!

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That’s a great lessom thanks budy .

Profile photo of wakeelahmedchanna23 wakeelahmedchanna23

wooops i mean lesson not lessom . sorry!

Profile photo of wakeelahmedchanna23 wakeelahmedchanna23

i love ur slang

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wooow excellnet lesson thanks you are a great teacher! :D


nice lesson!!but I think that you should speak a bit slowly…thanxxxx!


this is cool


james is the best! I actually don’t like listen to the others cuz but with james everything is easier


very useful lesson:) I like your sense of humour=)

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Hello James
You are a great teacher
I wish to have a teacher like you
well done
Kind Regards

Profile photo of aseer aseer

As soon as I entered this website, I was into these classes of you. And now I have been watching third lesson in a row! I couldn’t expected how easy to know the meaning of slang and use it. Thanks a million.

Yognhoo kim

Thank u Sir

Abdul Qayum

hhhh you’re funny
many thanks James

Profile photo of nino31 nino31

“Thank you for being so polite with me. I thought you were going to use the `F` word!” – LMAO!!!! =P

Funniest part ever!!


Very useful , I moved to London last year and if you dont understand some slang outhere you are screwed)))

If any one likes to practice these lessons make conversations my skype: irsirs8


u ar one of the greatest..and the one stands for ‘f’ makes me think and ı did it wrong in the test. however, the others are correct 5/6. thx a lot.funny to learn from u


u r the best teacher ever !


James EngVid’s been drinking whiskey,Trigger finger feeling frisky,
when you shoot it’s so damn risky, dead in a ditch,
but I hope you miss me


Hi james thanks for your useful lesson:)


Igot all the quiz right. Thank you very much


you r too funny and the best teacher
i have to practic more than this
thank you so much


pleasing is your way of presentation the subject matter.

Kartik Karmakar.

You’re a very good teacher and can imagine that the way you explain us English in order to make it understandable even by a little kid that first start sudying English.So thanks a lot, but i want u to give us a video about the past perfect and the present perfect tense to know exactly where to use them. So thank u again!


really you are a good teacher;we need your nice lesson*


I like this lesson and the teacher is easy to understand

Profile photo of maritzhina maritzhina

you r awesome


good lesson
just what the hell of “F word” is ?
also for sly the snake & Mr.E ?
please answer me.


    ‘F-word’ is ‘fuck’, but it’s a rude word


Great lesson! Thank you.


Waaoooo! “Mr E. screwed around on Gabi… And Sly the Snake told Emma to screw off when he heard that she was married to Mr. E… And finally Sly the Snake got married in Las Vegas when he was drunk…” Engvid is deadly better than Sex and the City!!!

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Really awesome and I learn a lot from you. Thanks.


James, you are the best English teacher on here!

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another great lesson thank you James

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Very good lesson. I was looking at it with my girlfriend and she liked your expression of the word “screw” very much.

Profile photo of zdenek zdenek

wow thanks, it helps me a lot and ur definately hilarious lol..


awsome that we ‘ve gone crazy with you


that’s funny!!
i like it =)

Profile photo of erton354 erton354

haha Ive got some screwed(mistaken) w/ this quiz. ive got only 4/6. not bad. its confusing quiz i think. tnx for you funny guy infront of that nice board haha

http://www.engvind.com is really nice. i got somthing w/ this web.. :PPP


I love your all lessons and you all the best and kind teachers in the world who help people.
“God bless you all”
“your student Noori”

Noormohammad Noori

Hi teacher!
how I can get a certifecate from you english teaching course?
your student Noori

Noormohammad Noori

(from your english teaching course)

Noormohammad Noori

oh dear god!
I’m rightly and truly screwed!
thanks Mr. James

Profile photo of edwardm88 edwardm88

I got D and didn’t screw.

Profile photo of maryred5566 maryred5566

Here in Brazil we say: Vá se ferrar! (Not polite, also) hahaha Thank you for the lesson!

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

Hi James , Thank u so much for your effort , I like your way in teaching .. I’m sure you prepare for ur lessons carefully and i can say that you have many many fans .. You are really a good teacher , but there is one thing you don’t care about the comments the students send to u , you don’t even read them I think .. plz have a look at them and try to reply us .. Thanks in advance .

Profile photo of fatmafathy13 fatmafathy13

Thanks a lot James. Sometimes I can get a bit crazy, and have a loose screw ^^

Profile photo of huenhanp102 huenhanp102

you screwed loose :P
it is funny lesson

Profile photo of sajoOo sajoOo

U r amazing I am learning a looooooooooooooooooooottttttttt frm. U.
Thank u sooooooooooooo much

Profile photo of amarpreet amarpreet

Plz plz plz teach some phrasal verb for fashion designing or vocabulary
I will be very thankfull to you

Profile photo of amarpreet amarpreet

100%. Cheers James!

Profile photo of KIV86 KIV86

Thanks a lot, Mr James! Useful lesson!!!

Profile photo of Ip Man Lee Ip Man Lee

Great lesson, James. This is very useful. Starting from now, I’ll only say “screw” instead of the “f” word. One of the best lesson, ever. You really makes things easier. Now, time to “screw off”. Thanks

Profile photo of Cilauro Cilauro

Thanks got 33%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

very usefull :D I’m screwed.

Profile photo of Janka163 Janka163

“Screw you!” I have to remember this one, haha. A “polite” form. xD

Profile photo of Zero10 Zero10

thanks so much ^^

Profile photo of ThanhThuy1912 ThanhThuy1912

Thanks James!

Profile photo of thiagotonin thiagotonin

simple word more to learn. nice way of teaching

Profile photo of vaishakhankv vaishakhankv

Thanks James…

Profile photo of Andahazy Andahazy

Mr.E is always on the make to screw on Gabi…he’s screwing up because Gabi blew it former.

Profile photo of haman87 haman87

James thank you, your lesson was very interesting and fun))

Profile photo of Natunia Natunia

very interesting! :)

Profile photo of uthe uthe

I got 5. Thanks james . You are an excellent Teacher ☺

Profile photo of Annie Annie

It has been the first time a teacher explains to me what “slang” means, very interesting Short Language, now I think I don’t screw up more when I use this word because before this explanation I have screwed if I would have found the word “screw” with another different meaning of a mechanical tool. I am going to screw off this comment with pleasure to be learnt how we don’t screw loose with a word like this. Thanks a lot, teacher James, as always a very interesting lesson.

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Your video TOO SCREW!?!

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

thank you James !

Profile photo of Bavajini Bavajini

You got 4 correct out of 6.


Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Since I’m through filling out the quiz. I should screw off to work. I got 100%, thanks James.

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