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I got 100% from this quiz. Thank you so much for road map of learning English. It’s very helpful. The quiz can check Do I understand the video. Thank you so such. I’m gonna support your website when I get a job.


    Puting into real practice what we have learned is what really makes a difference. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

    A willingness to learn and perseverance are the keys to succeed in language learning, I strongly believe so.

    I cannot thank you enough James. You’ve always made a really great job.

    Take care, see you round!


    hi im from thai where r from?


Oh yeah, for the first time, I’m the first one!!!!?


    Congratulations, comrade!)


    congratulation nkh 453 from me too, i hope to be the first one too maybe on one of these day’s.


      It’s kind of you. Thanks a lot.


    un4unately no


Hello James. Thank you for such a useful lesson, l really liked.
You mentioned for start studying english, it’d better to cover vocabulary. You’re right, when I wanted to start learning english, my teacher at institute taught me and all of the students vocabularies. And as time passed, we learned phrases, short sentences, easy grammars etc. After that and now we have been learning to how make our own conversations with new and appropriate words. Thank you again, regardless of your speaking. You speak fast!!!


    hi nkh
    that was a very good lesson for me to.
    how are you today?
    you know, James speaks fast but he speaks clearly and in an other video he said that we have to listen to fast conversations to improve our listening.
    have a good weekend !


      Hello bonjour from France. You’re right. This action makes us to listen more carefully and helps us to improve our listening skil. I really try to understand James with out any subtitle, and I feel I’ve been successful in these days. But it’s not enough for me, I would like to understand James completely without any subtitle.


        Hi! If you had problem with understanding I would suggest watching TV series as many as you can. I’ve been learning English for 2 years and understanding native speakers was my bottom line. Thats why when my vocab was near 1500 words I started watching TV series. It was awfully hard because I found that I didn’t follow what they’re talking about. them at all. I just couldn’t pinpoint any words. So I decided to write down all their conversations in order to learn new words and I had a strong intention to get to know the way they are thinking. And you know – it works! The first one was “Modern family” and the next ones – “Desperate housewives”, LOST, Gossip girl, SUITS, Visitors and etc. In any case its only my experiance about listening. But now I enjoy watching every vid in this brilliant site and understand literally everything.


          thanks, Maria


          Thanks a bunch for sharing your language learning experience with us Maria.

          Learning by doing and being in permanent contact with the foreign language make the learning experience much more interesting and fun.

          I absolutely agree with you Maria. Keep up the good work!



          Thanks for your tip, Maria. But tell me pls, did you watch TV series with or without subs?
          And what about your talk – can you speak English well or you just have good understanding? Thanks for your attention!


          Hi, Maria. Thanks a lot for sharing one of your methods of study.I’m going to do what you suggested.
          I love watching series as well and I think that a huge part of what I know is due to them.
          Sorry for any grammar mistake and thank you very much.


          thanks Maria for help


Thanks James. You’re perfect. Could you please prepare a marine and sailing vocabulary lesson.? It could be different and great.


u r the best teacher i have seen him english with u Is 2 easy


    Kotoz, I think you should say, it’s so easy not too easy. Because in positive sentences, like yours we use (so) to explain the quality of sth. I’m not sure about that. If any one knows about that, tell us and guide me. Thanks.


      OK Ty kindly I meant his lessons r the best at all no more no less


      Hi Nkh. Too can be used here too ! You are too kind to me. Have a nice time.


Thank you Genius:) for this profound but funny lesson.


A good lessons, James. Thank you.


Hi James, I’ve been studying English for a very long time and it’s being very difficult for me to learn it. Every time when I’m driving I turn on the radio but I just don’t understand a word and I got really dispared for not understanding. How come I can only understand if the conversation is directly with me but if I try to listen to a conversation that is not mine I just feel like an idiot for not understanding what I should for the years I’ve been studying. One of my biggest wishes is to domain English as or even better as I do with Spanish. P.s. I love to watch movies but I only understand it with English subtitles and I hate this because if I go to a cinema there’s no subtitles and guess what? I leave the room without understanding a word?. I feel stock and really need to improve. Thank you James I’m gonna continue study even if it takes my while life.


    I’ve got the same problem unfortunately. I can write, read, answer quizzes, everything, except speaking! When I need to communicate I failed. Has the cat got my tongue, I ask myself. And listening… I need to get used to the person to distinguish his speech. I will really appreciate if someone can speak with me. Just few minutes a day.


      Hi Nataanna, I can speak with you for 5 maybe 10 minutes per day, If you want, ok?


        Hi Romacio81, I would like to. My skype login is natakostova1, user`s name Nataly Kostova. But we are five hours apart, if you are from Brasil. I work as a part timer. So, I`m free on Wednesday, Friday (untill noon, Brasil time) and Sunday (whole day). See you.


      Has the cat gotten your tongue? Gee! Don’t worry, that often happens when trying to get our ideas across in English.

      Nice Day!


        Hi, Regino! Hold your horses! Gee!!!
        I was an eager beaver with work and home duties last week, so I couldn’t answer my skype, sorry.


      Hi Nataana, I hardly ever speak English before, only reading and listening. Now I’m soft of having much free time and desired to find somebody so I can speak with. Do you want to practice with me? My skype ID is vietnhat1910


      hi. are still here , i am started with engvid last week , and i need learn english , we can help each other if you need this..


Hello James
Good class and tips
Thank you


Genius person, James 007.


Although it’s for beginners , I as a teacher used a lot ! Thank you .


this is my first time to watch your video and know about this site. OMG this is so useful. thanks

Muhammad Tahir221

good advices to learn engligh, but what are standards you can evaluate yourself which learner you are begginer, intermidate ,advanced ? thank you for this lesson.


    hi SKIKDA
    I know a lot of people from Algeria who live in France, maybe you have a few family in France to.


      exactemment il y a des plusieure algerienne famillies habute en france et je connais quelqun mais pour moi j’ai pas des famillie la-bas merci .


        Oh my God! I couldn’t understand your words in this comment. What did you write SKIKDA???


          Sorry, it was a little rudely, could you please tell us what did you write in this com


          Sorry, it was a little rudely, could you please tell us what did you write in this comment?


          Hi. I think the language has been changed since it’s a secret between them !


          hi Soei
          welcome !!


          Hi there. I’m not new, I have changed the photo of my profile !


          you’re welcome with all expressions wich alex mentionned them in the previous lesson soei .


          SKIDKA said that several Algerian families live in France , he knows someone in there but he doesn’t have family in France.

          a lot of people from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Italy, Poland,Spain and others countries, moved to France in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s because we had a lot of factory, a lot of jobs during this time, now it’s not the same at all but we still have immigration (not as big as it was of course)


          nkh.453: There is a mistake in your sentence. Could you, please, tell us WHAT YOU WROTE IN THAT COMMENT.
          1) We use direct words order (as in affirmative sentence) – without did, in complex (maybe compound) sentence;
          2) this transforms into that (reported speech).
          Please, don`t take offence at my remark. I just want you to speak more correct. And I try to follow James advice to write more….
          If you have time and wish to communicate with me on skype, my log-in is natakostova1. User`s name: Nataly Kostova


        excellent !!
        let’s leave messages sometimes
        bon dimanche


I got 10/10. Thanks James.


Thanks James, really! It’s been a beautiful lesson. Specially in the final part, much profound and stimulating. I got excited ;)




Hi James, great lesson, very useful. But you didn’t talk about listening. You know, I have been use English language all my life because of my work, I’m a software developer. But despite this, my comprehension in spoken English was really poor. After a year watching videos at EngVid every single day, I’ve get a much better comprehension. Now I can understand you guys at EngVid without subtitles, even you that speak a bit faster for me. I know, you speak as teachers, but I think that this was a big step for me. Thank you, until next time.


    Hello Mr Jorge. You’re right,Engvid helps us a lot in improving english. And that’s great you can understand us and training videos easily. I hope in the future,you can be better in speaking. Wish you the bests.


Aula espetacular. Professor, sou brasileiro estudo inglês por conta própria,faço cursos on-line Babel e Duolingo, leio e escuto texto em ingLes, anoto todas as palavras. Consegui entender sua aula, com a legenda em inglês, uns 70%. O que está faltando? Help me!

Austrelho Matedes

    Hello Dude ! Try to forget the portuguese or do think in english. Change the language of your social media, cell, and other. I watch my favorite films in english. I hope helped you. See you


      Thank you. God bless.

      Austrelho Matedes

I want improve my english for I need communicating every day better with my parentes and boss at the company


Thanks James, you are brilliant teacher. Go ahead


Thanks James!!Practice makes perfect ;)


Thanks James…


Thks a lot man for this class, it helped me a lot.


I finally got 10 out of ten. A long time ago I didn’t have this score. Thank you teacher. Those wore good adivices!, Cheers!


thank u teachers




It’s a little more complicated than before because we have to follow 5 rules and we must figure out our own skills to get a good level such a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Native. Everyone has different ideas by himself and arranging a plan is the question as you have explained, anyway practising every day you can solve the problem in a great measure. Thank a lot, teacher James Greer from EngVid, as always a very interesting lesson.


I got fullmark without watching Mr/James the best one At all


Thanks for this lesson i’ll try these steps to learn English. Thank you so much

Notty Nupur

Hi James! Thanks for this video, it was really interesting. Very useful tips you have given to us. I believe that is the best way for us, as learners, to do all that stuff in order to get more involved with the languagge and improve it


that is good lesson !!!


It is very interesting for me , i would like to than James for the lesson.A

Ahmad Parwiz

hi!Thankyou :)

Urooj Fatima

Hi, guys! When are you sleeping?! I came round to the site late at night yesterday (about 11 p.m. – Moscow time). There was not new lesson and your comments, of course! It`s so surprising for me to find them in the morning…. I guess you have an advantage of living another time zone.


    maybe you should subscribe youtube teacher’s channels to know that it will be a new lesson coming soon before engVid published it, maybe this way will allowed you to be among the first commentator nataanna. good luck. take care.


      SKIKDA – thank you for advice.


      Thanks so much. Have a nice time with your English learning !


    We are about 8 hours apart, I think. I usually post in the late evening, which would be around 5 to 9 AM for you.

    If you follow us on Facebook, you can get a notification whenever there is a new lesson posted!

    engVid Moderator

This is the best website to study english


Thank you teacher…

true north

James, it is interesting and useful lesson. Thank you! By the way I started to learn English from the end – after traveling to the West Europe, after that I learnt many new words, then I learnt some grammar, then – new words again, grammar, … etc. And at last I have found EngVid. LOL

Vitalii UA

Hi james greetings from turkey:), great video 10/10 thanks a lot


it is very important for me,everyday i write and create new plan for how can i learn english but i guess you plan very good and i will follow it ,thank u


Thank you for these great tips, James. You are as smart as James Bond. Greetings from Brazil!

Júlio César L Sousa

Thanks a lot james


I love the way that you guys are teaching

Prem Kumar Kolukula

thank you


James, thank you. )) It was as usual very interesting and useful for me.


Thank you for this lesson. It was my first lesson on this site?


    Welcome to engVid! ?

    engVid Moderator

You’re really grate teaching English. You ‘re very helpful, and I’m not going to say for me, because I heard Ronnie not to say that in shorts answer lessons.
I don’t know if I’ve written it well but I hope you understood.


Thank you, James for the lesson. There is a big problem in Russia in studying languages. We are taught grammar a lot from the beginning. As a result few students master their English. A lot of them give up studying. We are not involved into foreing culture at all in everyday life.
On the other hand, many people consider leaning languages useless, even smart ones!
Does this problem exist in other countries? (I mean a lot of grammar at the beggining)


    Oh yes, Nataanna. Here in Brazil that’s the same in all traditional English schools. A lot of grammar and grammar until one get bored from this. I have wasted a lot of money with almost no good results. The majority of the population here only speaks the native language, Portuguese, although almost everyone knows the importance of speaking another language especially English.

    John B

      John B, you have very good English. So, your endeavors made benefits for you, it wasn`t waste of money!
      Maybe there`s two ways of learning.
      The first one is more complicated, long and without visible result in the middle. You may even skip several levels (all range of intermediate). But at the end you will found yourself speaking almost fluently. So do I.
      The second type of students starts speaking without any attention on mistakes. They study grudually.
      And the third type just has an ear for language…
      Maybe we should afraid less? I struggle with my speaking anxiety a lot.
      All the best.


        Hi Nat
        it’s not easy to improve a language at home but Engvid lessons are great, and communicate with other people by writing messages makes feel like we are in a huge classroom ! People should write more messages but every body seem to be shy or afraid!
        By the way , how is the weather in Russia?


          I agree with you, that EngVid is super opportunity to communicate. I highly appreciate their job. And James made me to understand that writing helped us to think in English properly. I never thought about that.
          The weather is awful in Moscow region. It is not cold, but slush. I wish it were frosty and sunny. There are traffic jams due to wet snow. I don’t like such winter. It was great a week ago: minus 20C. The real Cristmas! And what about France? Am I right? Are you from France? Do you live in a big city?


          I didn’t know the word “slush” , thank you for that lesson!
          I live in a small village in France near to Belgium and Luxembourg and this week we’ll have -8 ° Celsius , usually we have between 0 and 5 and it’s pretty rainy , therefore we don’t have your winters and I would love to have a sunny -20 °!


          It’s going to be sunny today. I’m driving for work now and it’s minus 18. It’ll be nice day I hope. I like frosty weather and I enjoy skating. Of course, when it’s little bit warmer…


        Thanks for your comments Nataanna, your english is also very good. I think you are right, I get really nervous when I have to speak English and sometimes I don’t know what to say. It’s as if I have forgotten everything I have learned! I really need to control my nerves. Keep studying!

        John B

          Hi, John B! Nice to meet you. How weird the human nature is! We study, do our best, try hard, but feel uncomfortable doing mistakes. All teachers (here on EngVid) tell us that it’s normal, but our childhood or school experience makes us to be shy. I’ve made friends from EngVid learners last two weeks. You know, I don’t afraid of speaking with them, especially when the video is off. I still make mistakes and I realize myself doing them. But I don’t feel stressed. Try!!!!
          What field are you in?
          If you need someone to chat, my skype is Nataly Kostova login natakostova1


Very interesting lesson indeed. Keep up the good work James


All of you guys are really great! I really like your style. Thx a lot guys ;)


Thank you very much James for the good lesson, I listened to you first time and I liked it a lot. Your advice how to learn English is a good help. But I ask you kindly – please don’t cover the board while speaking. As you speak quite a fast, some words just “fly” away and it’s very needed to see what you have written there, every word. Thanks once again, I definitely keep watching you in further too, meet you again


    bonjour from France , what’s up in Estonia?
    let’s leave messages to each other sometime


      Hi Lemarvillois
      Everything is going well in Estonia so far. I hope the same in France, a beautiful country, I visited several times beeing in different places – Strassbourg, Nice, Arles, Avinion, Marseille, Lyon, Dijon etc and of course Paris. Good luck to you in learning English


      Hi Lemarvillois, where do you come from ? What are you ? Why do you want to practise English. To be honest I try to find someone who could help me by practising more and more. I find this method of engvid and after more try I think that james is one of the best in engvid. But didn’t try everyone. b regards. Alain


Thank you James.


Ronnie, Benjamin and you all are my favorite teachers here.
If possible then please i would like to known how can i learn form mistakes which i do while speaking. And and you emphasis on the way of speaking basically known as Accent, how can i learn that? I Do watch video’s listen songs and of course Eng vid but it doesn’t work out. Can you help or suggest something please. “I am interested in British accent and i love it.

Nishank Saxena

Good Man so good way to learn, Thanks


why it is so hard to find outher indonesians who learn english?indonesians please leave a comment




Thanks james, this lesson was perfect…

marcos alexandre

Thanks to the complete team, who made efforts to bring this site and help all of us.

Nazia Ulfath

thanks james this lesson was useful


10 out of 10 , I am happy , thank you james


I think i am good for this lessen


Good lesson James, thank you!


Hi people,That my first video to learn english,but i need to practice languge,and the exchange is best idea
Thank you James,and about grammer i hate it i just need to talk with people.thank you again james ….


    hi Med
    welcome, do you have family or friend in France?


Great day yes, super explanation and gradually
so good James.
In my opinion, this is one of the most important lesson to study English.
Thanks ;)


when I read the news from English site, I find out a word that confusing me. That word is “TWEET” then I open the dictionary for its definition, it means “a short, high sound made by a bird”.

BUT in the head line of NEWS, I think the meaning it is not that way; ex.

Donald Trump’s provocative tweets create problems for US diplomats and are harmful to American soft power.

Please explain me what does exactly TWEET mean?

Thank you.


    Oh, sorry! A “tweet” is a post on Twitter, the social media network.

    A related term is “retweet”, which means (v.) to share someone else’s tweet, or (n.) a shared tweet by someone else. E. g. “In the past, Trump has approvingly retweeted memes from extremist accounts.”

    engVid Moderator

thank you very much for you’re time that you explain so good the lessons to us i really appreciate for teaching us moving foreword

Ylljam Gjikola

This lesson was amazing. It’s really useful for who is studying on their own. Thanks for the lesson James!

Leo Lima

I love the way you teach, thank you!!!


Thanks i want to learn, read and speak English


Thanks sir. This lesson is skeleton of learning English .


Thank you very much….


Thank you very much for this wonderful explanation, I like so much your Teaching way
You have a specific method, a mixte of fun and serious
your lessons are useful and helpful
thank you again :)


Very good… I loved it


Hi! I’m really happy with your lessons. I feel that these videos have been the best way to improve my English

Emigdio Mendoza

Thank’s a lot, you are good!


Now i have to give something i have to get everything i really want. I find what i was looking for. This lesson is the key of learning English. Thanks sir.




I am addicted to Candy crush, and I have learned these words: sweet, divine, tasty, delicious….


I got 100% of this quiz.Thanks. James.


It’s good to learned the basic Concept in English.


Thanks James for the amazing lesson. please, if anyone need to practice with me. try to contact me. my level is upper intermediate. thanks

Maryam Zaky

    you need some one is native


I got 100%. yeahh. Thank you for the lessons sir James :)


Thank you! it is very helpful and very easy to understand.


great!!i ‘ve got 100%,the lesson’s so detailed and clear,i now know where i am on the way to achieve english,what to do,where to begin,thank you very much James!!


You got 10 correct out of 10.
:D Ι^m very happy, because i started to learn english a week ago, but i listen every day James.
Thank you very much, James! :)


I got 9/10, i think i need try harder ^^!. Thank you for the lessions Mr. James :D


Thanks, James!

You have given us nice tips. I think I am in the level of reading and writing. I intend to reach the native level soon. I won’t give up!

Bye for now!

Eduardo França

thank you james


Thank you very much. This was helpful video for me. I hope my english will be better and better.


I,m very happy to stay here. Thank…


Thanks James, you open my mind!!!!


Thanks James


tank you


James you teach very well. i am eagerly waiting for your video lesson (modals SEAM method)its last part you did not do it untill now Loco.suggestions when i going to see it???????????

wali damaan khan

really nice video


Wow good job teacher


Hello, teacher James!
You made me believe in myself by this video and encouraged keep learning English! By the way, adore your sense of humor ;)


hello I got 100 thank you Mr James


it’s my bad luck. I get only eight answers this lesson but next time I will try my best. thanks for the lesson


Great lesson and great advices for us to improve and go on studying the properties of English language. Thank you James!

Isaias Menezes Silva



Thanks James


Excellent lesson. Thanks
I could undertand almost all


I appreciate so much, i really enjoyed this video lesson and for sure i will work on it. thank you Mr james

Frank Hernandez

Thank you James

Naty cv

I hope your good and have fun with your family. i want to learn english very well and speak very well

Matiullah nezami

i will be beter)


Feeling is good

Mohammad hababuldin

James i really want to travel the world and i hope i can meet you, and show you what you did to me, i mean your video are best way for me to study english… thank you

Fahriza Fauziansyah

Thank you james for your kind and helpful steps to learn english…hopefully i could mastered english better


%80 its not bad :)


Thank you James


Good video. It is my first video on this site. 10/10. Great


Thank you. 10 points


Hello. It’s the first time i write here. I’m trying to improve my level doing my best. James really helps me to improve it. Thanks a lot.


Thanks Jame i got 70 on my scored.

Amy Lyles

Thank you so much for all your lessons mr Jame ?


Thank you very much..


It was so easy to response the quiz. I would like to speak very well as a native. I´ll do it..


100%!!!! so good!!!…


The main massage is to learn english evry day if you want to be on the wave.Other teachers also promote this idea.


Hello, James! Thanks for your lesson. I have a question for you (maybe it’s will looks a strange one to you, but I will asking you anyway :) )
I learn my English and practice it during few years (!), I have many English speaking friends in Facebook, I speak every day English at home (with my familly), but… everytime I do the same mistakes! My school teacher told me one day: “You are impossible!”. :(
What kind of advice can you give me? Maybe you had already some stubborns as me? My grammar is not working, I can’t using the verbs in the good/right way (even when I repeat and repeat them) … everything in my head is as a big plate of salade :) and…yes, I like to travel and I’m traveling sometimes! :)
Thank you in advance!

Christina FoX

Thank you so much.


Thank you James. nice lesson


Hi every one. I hope to get someone to practice with him/her on skype Liam G or wechat K_h2016


I got 80 in this quiz, Im so happy!!!??

Fran Monteiro

thank you, great lesson


who talk with me in Whatsapp for practice English? Preferably people who are not from Latin America,thank you
+57 3168705600


James you’re right. The life isn’t knocking at the door, each one ought to go out and build it. Thanks a lot.


Thank you James, you are Super teacher.

Mire ibra

I’m new here, just create my avatar…I searched a tool, a method to learn and improve my English, and I think James can help me. But find 30 mn a day is hard…sometimes. But I’ll try.


it is a great video i loved but i’m afraid to speak, it is hard to me, i can understand what the people say and i can understand wha they write but talk about it it’s very hard. anyway i’ll try more and give my best every day. (please correct me if i wrote something wrong)


    you can make it if you really want. make exchange with your friends everything gonna be alright


how are you everyone

Ngosa Joel

Why I didn’t early knew this awesome page and lectures!!
I surly believe it helps me imprve my english skills as quickly as
possible and enjoy english!


Thanks James, I enjoy your lessons!


Nyc tips James.thank u.
I am a high school student and I think u should try to make new videos on new topics such as from our day to day life.

Be happy

Hi, James. First of all, I’d like to thank you very much for the hints you’ve just told us.

Thank you thank you a lot and have a great day !!!


All these videos are really amazing! I stared to study English in this webside yesterday. I am so excited and this video helped me a lot, I didnt have idea what I need to improve. Thanks a lot!


tkanks james !

You is my new teacher on engvid .

Marcos Garcia

This is very helpful to me especially I am not that confident in speaking in public. I am really glad to know this website. :) I got 100 % also from the quiz. :) First try, Perfect :)


I got 90% from this quiz. Thanks I learned a lot with yours video lessons.


You are a great Teacher !!! Thanks for your interesting and awesome lessons !!!

Andrew Leca

Thanks James! You are a excelent teacher.

Irani Silva

James, Thanks a lot for this lesson. Its very interesting.


i got 90% :) i will try to get 100% next lesson


Thank’s a lot Mr James, it’s very yousefull and we’ve got a lot of instructions, thank’s again.


I have just got 100%


30 minutes a day,keep the teacher away.Hahaha~

Han Zhang

I.m new here I love the way you teach, you are a very good teacher nice and funny but I didn’t understand what you mean when you said that iliterate people is stupid?I´m Chilean and in my country the illiterate people are because they couldn’t go to school because they were very poor.
I hope you don´t take it wrong I admire you a lot.




sorry .. people are


Thank you sir for a great lesson and you’d just motivated me. Great speaker. We’re lucky that this website is free. I’m going to watch all episodes. I wish there’s a next button to click for the next video.


Thank you for the enlightenment Mr. James, situations are about to make sense to me. I just hope I’m not too late for it, so I can make decisions and set my plans ASAP.:) By the way, I did my homework. Please check it out on youtube, if you have time. https://youtu.be/faRzHh6X74Y


    This is fantastic!

    engVid Moderator

you make me more enthusiastic.
dozen of thanks for this lesson james master


very nice lesson. thanks. ^^


Hhhh thak you , you are the best teacher i became understand your speaking well. I got 100%


Thanks james


I will watch all ur video


Great teacher! thanks James!

Roberto Bahia



Hello James!
You’re one of my favorite teachers and your lessons are always fun to watch (You rock!).
I’ve started to watch envied lessons about a year or something ago.
My question is the following:
I’d like to understand which level I’m in (e.g. Intermediate, Advanced etc).
I went to the US for few months while I was in school (about 10 years ago) – every year (for 4 consecutive years) I went for like 1 month and a half with an exchange program and I made a lot of friends.
I really love English and I use it in my everyday life. I can understand movies, songs, people talking fast (as you xD), have a conversation with people from within the US, Canada and non-english speaking countries with their different accents. I’ve got a pretty good accent (according to my American friends) and I try to watch, speak, and write in English when I can.
The only downside is that I think, maybe because of lack of day-to-day conversations with natives, sometimes I forget to include a word, proverbs, common ways to say something or just jokes when I speak to someone, even though I understand everything. If I just look at the words afterwards I feel stupid for not remembering them.

What do you think I could do to just “remove” this defect?
I’d love to move to the US for a job (so I know for sure I’ll improve everything), and I’m trying to since few years, but immigration laws and stuff give me hard times.

What do you suggest me?

P.S – Continue your amazing job as you are among the best teachers ;-)


Let’s practice. 100% and keep going.


i got 100% from my quiz, amazing its my firts time i get this score i am happy, thanks teacher your lessons really help me. I will continue studying harder.


hello every one gud after noon i need partner for english Chatting


5 outta 10


I got 9 correct out of 10, It may indicate that I am at intermediate level in understanding this video plz reply am i right or not


I am very thankful for the great idea’s to make myself more advance in Writing, Reading and understanding English.


I’ve got 100.. all credits goes to god for gave a good teacher like james. you’re awesome man.


Thanks for the amazing lesson.


Thanks a lot for this lesson, it´s been a pleasure to study with engvid. All the professors are amazing.


thanks James


Have a great day, James!
Thanks for the lesson.


Thank you Mr.James! for that meaningful lesson.. i wish to improved my vocabulary and grammar soon so finally i can speak well to express my thought.. ☺


Today I learned somenthing new! thank you James


I love to watch his video. I can understand it but i cant talk like him. I dont know how to change it


so of u guys coping because when i go 50% i thied to do it again but it is the same quiz so do not cope plz


I got 10 thanks James


Really useful tips. Got 9/10.

Thank you.


thank you so much teacher


Many thanks.
I’ll follow your good ideas to improve my English skil.

Jocelyn 24

Thanks James for your English lesson that let me learn English easier.

Yi Jung

thank you so much it was really helpful.

sozan hama kaka

I do what i do,Live & learn.


I can understan when you talk and teach us.That is the best way to know that I’m learning every day a bit more.
Thanks for your advice.


Thanks a lot…you’re so much funny.

Mamun Rashid

I’m very happy because l got90 in the quiz thanks james

Aya bassam bz

Great, I got 90 in the quiz. I’ll try to learn more grammar from now. That was a great lesson, I needed this, thank you James.

By the way, where I can talk with native speakers? I know, I can travel to a country with native english speakers, but I can’t do that right now. Does exists a website to help me to find people to talk in english? Thanks!


    Hmmm… grammar mistake suddenly appears. I should have wrote “I know, I could travel…” but instead I wrote “I know, I can travel…”
    I think is a mistake, if anyone can give me some feedback about these comments it would be great. Thanks


I totally agree with you James, it’s so much easier to learn a foreign language when you are interested in sth and you have a set goal. I’ve started learning English because of NBA, I tried to understand the news, interviews etc. I also had a set target: I’d promised my mate that I’d translate a book for him. It was David Halberstam’s book about Michael Jordan “Playing for keeps”. It helped my tremendously to become a better English speaker, though I know I still have a long way to go. Thanks a lot for the lesson. Peace :)


James , you are a great teacher and great adviser also .


Thank you so much James. I really want to improve my ability to speak, write, and be fluent in English. I will always remember and apply what you have taught in this video.


You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you.

M kartal

Thank you sir for your beneficial advice


I’m very glad for join engvid. Today is my second day is engvid.


    Welcome to engVid! You can use our English Lesson Finder to find videos based on level, topic, or teacher.

    engVid Moderator

I got 10 out of 10


Thanks James for a good lesson!


Thank you very much James, you are awesome!!! Your methodology and tips shall be very useful to me. Blessings.


thank you for another helpful lesson sir james!


Thanks a lot!I will try apply what you said into my English learning.

Andrew is hansome

I got 9 out of 10 haha

Silas Pereira Amorim Silva

thanks man i got 90

Mohamed Ammar.16954

Got 90 hahahaha. Thanks sir James


Thank You a lot, I think this video is a must for everyone who wants to learn English or any other language. the road map is very helpfull. BTW I got 10/10

Adil Van Buuren

Cool james thx

Ma tube

I got 10/10. Good map to know where start, in my case after read the comments I have to learn the meaning of Capitol letters words, all that slang make me crazy


I got 100!!!!!!!!!!


lesson very cool, thanks for you James and all peoples who do its site better


Some of the options are really funny.
My score is 100 and it allows me to have some fun, doesn’t it?


Thanks a lot.

Sergio Maldonado

My name is Ahmed from saudi arabia


I got 7 correct out of 10, I am careful enough when listening to the course.


Thank you! You are an excellent teacher, a big hug from Brazil.

Adriano R. Muniz

Danke!amazing step to learn english?


good tips thank you


Where should I put listening?


First time and bad result, i just got 60! Anyway… thanks engVid


Thank you James!
Useful lesson for someone who wants to go a long way


This video is awesome.
Is anyone out there who wants to practice their english with me? I need someone who can speak with me so I can practice my english speaking skills. huhu. I’m a bit lost and don’t know what to say when i start speaking english.

ESL learner

wow got 8 out of 10, but I’ll be back here to review
thanks, Mr. James, have a great day.

Brian oscar



Very interesting lesson, thank you, teacher.

Brahim Bennakhla

100% on the quiz. It’s great to learn enlish by this video. Funny teacher, and well structured contents

Jason Yang

    yes . it is very funny , I liked it.


very good video crack, I can attest that in video games you learn a lot of vocabulary

Andres Marin

good video, thanks for those incredible tips that are in my case fundamental to learn English

Andres Bustamante

that’s cool…


how to mark the lessons I did


thank you dear


Hi James, well… it was my first lesson with you… I promise… I’ll be back !!!

Eric Lavardin

mu evolving to be amazing! i’m learning lot witch your lessons. thank you James.

Carlos silva02

I’m a beginner. Your lessons are so cool for me. Thank you…


I have got 9 out of 10
Thank you James

madhu nimesha

Practice makes perfect!
Thanks for your patience and knowledge!

Jon cai

thank you teacher

khaled khaled 5580

Thanks a lot Mr. Jame For your invaluable teaching methods.
I really liked it and going to try it for myself in hereafter.

Abdul Wasi Ezatian

I got 100/100. am so excited to move forward.


thanks James


Thanks James, Thanks Engvid, I got 10/10 I wish to learn more and face quizzes more. …!


Thanks James. Interesting lesson to start learning English.
I got 8/10
I asked the question in google for by which steps we must start to learn English, and your video was number one! very good.


Thank you very much


hello guys


Hi James, thank you for your effort.


Good lesson James, Thank you


Good ending of this evening, got 10 correct answers.
Thanks for this useful video – good way to discripe how to start learning english :-)


James, thank you I really like your concepts I have many problems, your skill is very good

Dornmarie Francis

I got it!
Thank you for the tips Mr. James.

Denise Pimenta

Thank you, very practice your lesson and the teacher congratulation for your hability.

Carlos Maya

Thanks 10/10
Congratulations to me 👏


thanks, good lesson for today


Thanks 10/10!!


really its my dream to speak English like a native people . any one can support me please dont hesitate


I got 10 correct out of 10.
And I am so happy to be back on this site after two years!

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