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Thanks for an informative lesson. Travel is one of the main reasons to learn English. :)

Insoo Yeo

Thank very much Adam, I have been travelled a lot, so I learned more expressions.


Thanks; there are some types of travel that I hadn´t hearing before.


Thanks for that class, very informative


Did Adam talk about all kinds of tourism? Tourists fly to Thailand to treat their teeth and not only … ;)


    That’s true Bitaly :)


It’s awesome.


It’s such a nice lesson and amazing to make it short like this.

Mansour Elsheikh

Thanks very interesting class

Suhaib Hassan

Thanks, Adam I understood the rule you are the best!!


Dear Adam,
Thank you.


Muchas gracias Adam. Esta lección me vino como anillo al dedo, en este momento estoy en la carrera de Turismo y Hotelería, muy buena las explicaciones, pero siempre he tenido la confusión entre Amenities and Facilities. Could you explain me, please?


    Hi Maria,

    The only thing I understand is amenities and facilities, but I’ll see what I can do about that in terms of a video.

    In the meantime, people often use these words interchangeably. Amenities are things set up for one’s comfort and convenience, while facilities are places people can use for different purposes.

    Does this help a little?


      Yes, it does! Thanks you so much Adam, you’re very kind


Thank you Adam. After this Lesson, I am longing about a new vacation somewhere in the world. Unfortunately, this time is still delayed due to the corona virus crisis.


    I feel the same Beernaard :) Hopefully it will pass sooner rather than later.


Thank you !


Think you very much for the lesson


Eco-tourism is geared toward protecting the environment. I missed it. 9 out of 10


Thank you for the class.


Looks good. Tourism seems to be a safe way to visit beautiful places with amenities and have fun. I’ve traveled like this before to Porto Seguro, in Bahia. I bought a package in low season. There was only breakfast included in the package. All attractions and excursions were chosen as a criterion by hotel guests, beaches, shows and busy spots in the city at night.


thank you


i would like have the subtitles of the video.


    Hi Jeando,

    If you click on CC in the video, it should be there.


I love your lessons, I would like to have you as my teacher, you make me smile when you say sorry or I shouldn’t said that.
Hope to see more videos from you. Thanks for helping us


Adam, you are an amazing teacher and you know how students understand easily that you follow the way. I don’t mean that other teachers are not good. When I started to learn English from engvid.com then I did realized how many mistakes I used to do while writing and speaking. So I’m trying to shaping myself. But one thing I would like to add to you is that when you giving examples of talking each other at that time if you take one more friend to say something in response will be more practical to understand better and immediately.


    That’s a good idea Shreepepe. I’ll pass it along :)


thank you Adam

the lesson was helpful

nabil elmeskini

Great. When I visit Canada, I will remember this class. Thank you very much.


Thank very much Adam, , so I learned more expressions.


Thank you Adam …It was very helpful to me


Thanks Adam I got 9/10 your awesome!


Thanks Adam, Nice Class!

Rodrigo Carlos Dias

thanks now i know clearly what a la carte means and its uses…


I love Canadian teacher. all of you have the great expression. the more I study English here, the more I get better. I got 9 correct out of 10, It is ok. Not bad. I am improving my English day by day here. Thanks so much to all teachers by my gratefulness !

Thu Dong

Thank you for the class


Thank you very much for your excellent class.

Victor Robledo

Great 9/10 :)


Thanks Adam, nice class…

Fabio Bronzelli Pie

Adam thank you for your lesson.


I want to study English very. Thanks teachers.I will work hard.


I love your classes


Great information, about tourism


Hello teacher Adam, I’m very happy, I got 100, this is a result that your explcanation is very clear and mainly very informative.Tnanks a lot.


Thank you, Adam
You are my favorite English teacher

Omar Ahmed 7

Your explaination is very clear. Thank you so much.


Thank you everybody :)


10 of 10. I’ll wait video about traveling. :)


Thanks to this lesson,Mr. Adam. And thank you to engvid

Rodolfo Viegas de Albuquerque

that was so though


thanks my new teacher Adam :D


than you sir i have learned new things from you


thanks my new teacher


Hi Adam, I like your lessons & easily to understand how to use. But I’m not well in writing. Is it useful for writing if I purchase E-book from “Write to Top”? Or those books are only for Essay?


Very useful. I like to travel.

Margarita Cordon

than you


Many thanks for your efforts keep it up. and wish for me to can immigrate to Canada :)


(there is no good place on engvid to ask one-off questions, unrelated to a specific video, therefore…)

This is a question about “so”.

Let’s take this exerpt containing a question: “Do you admit to [whatever]…? If yes, then…”. Shouldn’t it be “if so” instead? Does “yes” sound natural here?


    “If yes” works, but “so” sounds more natural.

    engVid Moderator

this class, clear the matter and become easier for the travellers

vilson fileti

Thank you Adam

clartje silvia

very important to tell us about flight discount

I am very interesting to listen in your lessons


interesting Mr.Adam.Thank you


Thank you Adam


Thank you


wow, it’s an amazing lesson adam, I learned new things from this lesson, I hope you to add some extra topics about culture and historical places in the coming lessons that belongs to tourism.

hossam atef

Hello Adam… A very interesting and updating video about tourism. In my country, during last years, vineyards offer several types of culinary excursions (wine and food)… Thanks!!!

raimundo sepulveda

Hello sir , it’s an interesting video . Thanks


You’re speak so fast

Maha Fathy

9/10! Good! I like culinary tours, every year our family will go to a famous culinary place.

Jerry Gu

Thank you, the lesson was excellent, I loved it, very good class


10 out of 10. thank you for the lesson.🙏👍

Catherine G

Hello, good morning Adam, we are Carlos and Guillermo who are following the English lessons at the beginner level, we find it very interesting, for now we take the vocabulary part, but also I wanted to ask you if you know a platform similar to engvid but for the French language , thank you very much and we follow you


Thank you!

Aray Aryn
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