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again for the second time i am the first, the early bird gets the worm. i let you to put the mark nataanna.


    2-2-0-0-0 SKIKDA-nataanna-nkh.453(keep your chin up!)-struggleForEng-hungry for learning-KOTOZ may be?!? – many others
    Ok….. SKIKDA versus nataanna – bring it on!!!
    But you haven’t read my comment on Emma’s lesson (yesterday everning) – you aren’t neither top dog nor a bird now! You are a BIG FISH in our group!


      What happened??? ?I was the second one. I think both of us put comment at the same time!!!!?


        Dear Natanna. I’ve just read your comment in the last training video. It seems you want to come and visit my country. That’s awesome. You know, I really don’t like political or religious discussion. So lets forget about it completely. You wanted some advices about unique places and sightseeing in Iran. Seriously, I can’t put all of them in this limit space, but I’m going to introduce the best ones:
        1: I seriously suggest you, visit our symbol; Takht_e_jamshid. It’s also known as Pesepolise or Parsa. It is located 60km northeast of the city of Shiraz of Fars province.
        2: tombs of Hafez and Saadi in Shiraz. They are VERY popular and famous poets. in some other countries they are well-known too. In a special night, known as Yalda night, we read Hafez’s poems and with his poems we soothsay.
        3: you should visit our capital; Tehran.
        It has many beautiful and GREAT palaces. These palaces are located in two complexes; Niavaran complex and Sa’dabad complex and also Golestan palace. You can also visit Milad Tower and Azadi corner.
        4: visit Isfahan province, it’s also known as Isfahan half of the world! It’s a very BIG city and it has many sightseeing to visit, that’s why we call it with this name. Isfahan mosque, Si_o_seh pol (Isfahan bridge of 33 arches), khaju bridge and so many other bridges but they are the most famouse and Isfahan Ali qapu and Naghsh_e_jahan square, known as Imam square or Shah square.
        ?. Let me take a break. There are too much to introduce. First, you can search about these, and then in the next comment I will continue.


          nkh.453, thank you very much for such great introduction of your country. Your love to motherland BRINGS ABOUT my interest to Iran.
          I’m sorry if I BROUGHT YOU DOWN with some restricted topics I HAD BROUGHT UP before. You are quite right, I will avoid them.
          And you’ve changed my mind and BROUGHT ME AROUND to understanding the relationships between genders in Iran.
          All these phrasal verbs are new for me, so I might misused them. But I did my best.


          Hi abhishekawasthi! Nice to meet you. I tried to find you on Skype, but failed. Nobody was found..
          You can find me on skype: Nataly Kostova.


          My comment is waiting to be approved once more.
          You`ll see it later, I`m sure.
          I`ll be short this time: THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!
          Have a nice day! Don`t miss your school!


          I want to complete my expression:
          Tombs of Darius( Drains the graet) and Kourosh(kourosh the great),are located near Shiraz, Kashan city, Kermanshah city, Persian Gulf, Khazar beaches and many other places besides our delicious food are a part of Iran.
          I suggest you, use special tours to make this trip easier. I think you can’t visit all of these places by your own. As you know, these tours have a special plan to visit all of these. Good luck and take care.


          I correct my mistake: Darius the great.


          I`m overload with all these places to visit! We will definately read about them, thank you.
          You are right, we will need a super guide to make our journer perfect.
          But, there is some troble: my husband likes to be a guide for me as he is a historian and works as a guide in Russia.
          So long!


          trouble, sorry.


          also: definitely and journey


          Oh, thanks! I use my cellphone to text sometimes and there is too small font. But I always misspell the word definitely. Thank you one more time.
          So long!


          Oh thats true Iran really is a worthseeng place and I am a great fan of Saadi’s work,Gulistan-e-Saadi’Bostan-e-saadi and others.Mumnoon


          oay gal sun


          Hi Eichi! We are long for your comments!
          I won`t disturb you much. Just want to know, how is your mum`s report? Is she OK?


          Hi nkh.453 , may i leave my email for contact, i may visit Iran for professional mission next April , and have no idea about htis country , will be delighted if you would give me a hand to well discover its sides..


        Hi. No dear , you are the second I see. Nataanna has only answered SKIKDA’s comment !Take care.


      nataanna,considering your determinatin and perseverance i don’t think that i will bring you to your knees and i just i hope to become a big fish in a big pond. tank you.


        Our pond is getting wider and dipper! I hope, kampor will join us.

        But may I bring up a guestion? Did I miss the explaination of BRING FORWARD? It`s written in the title!

        Let`s make sentences all together with “bring forward”.
        May EngVid lessons are brought forward, please…
        So long!


      Ty kindly 4 ur interest
      Au revoir


    I let you put…….


Hi Adam,
Thanks for the new video and please bring it on , We are ready for the challenge.i have been watching your videos and taking the quizzes over and over. Can not wait for your next clip. Bring it on!
Ps.You are a wonderful teacher and all I can say thank you and I love you❤️.


Hello. I’m not the first, but at least I’m the second. It’s not too bad!!! Congratulations SKIKDA. I hope you can always be the first one in your life.
New points:
Nataanna: 2
Struggle for eng: 0
Hungry for learning: 0
Nkh.453: 0 (as usual)
We (Natanna,SKIKDA,nkh.453) just compete for getting the first place but struggle for eng and hungry for learning don’t do any thing! Why??? I don’t know!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They will, I hope! They have such promicing users’ names!
    Do you hear us, Struggle and Learning? We are waiting for your comments!

    Dear Adam! That was the great lesson. Complicated though. I couldn’t stop watching it till the end to comment then and be the first one. Thank you so much. It’s your 99th lesson! I’m eager for the 100th!! I’m sure, it’ll be one of the best ones!
    Have a nice day!


      hi nataanna again, to be honest; i would say i really benifit of your comments and nkh’s comments and add some vocabulary to my knowledge through them and they were wealth of intresting vacabulary cuz i am just a beginner but my learning grows by leaps and bounds, and i wish a good journey for you tomrrow, hopefuly you will find new MrE’s there.
      so ( i hope this competition was enjoyable, and if you need more comments,please go to http://www.nkh453.com and join the forum there and ask any question you have, there’s also friends,they can reply you, and of course subscribe to my skikda channel and see us again bye-bye) i hope you got (….) it was just a joke and i’ve imitated adam in his last words with my own way, i hope you like this joke, good luck and until see you again take care.bye.


      Hello nataanna, SKIKDA and nkh.453, Nowadays I find myself a little lazy when I comme to comment, even sometimes I had an opportunity to be the first bird, I don’t know exactly what prevent me, may be Quora.com, I became addicted to it, or perhaps Hunter x Hunter 1999, But don’t worry the only thing that I dont miss is to read your comments and to see how the flock of bird land on this web. Congratulation SKIKDA.



      ayoub AZB

      you are wellcome

      ali alnokari

Thank you Mr.Adam for this helpful lesson…You’re an amazing teacher :) Greetings from Armenia …!!!


I’ve gotten 80/100 point, thank you Mr. ADAM


hi all of them


Thanks for this great lesson I am so thankful /


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Interesting lesson Adam. Thank you very much!!


You will be fun Nataanna, nkh.453 and Skikda!
it’s entertaining to read your conversations ;)
Have fun on Engvid, learn is just not a work but also a pleasure!!
Have a good day!
Maybe soon i will be the first to comment..!? ahah^^


    Hi, kampor! I`m glad to meet you! Join us.
    You are right, we try to make fun while studying. It`s encourage a lot!
    I`m leaving for vacation this Friday. And do you know, I`m little bit brought down, because I don`t know if I can visit EngVid and meet all you the next week.
    Have a nice day!


      Wow!nataanna you really have got a big circle of friends at the forum,thats great.reading all of yours comments made me feel like I am in an old British T.V. show “Mind your Language”‘s class room.The students there also used to argue with each other over such minor and silly issues,but still it was such a fun.You people in the same way are making the whole learning process more interesting,at the same time its a very good way to practice the language.I really emjoyed reading all the comments.I would say its a lesson with in a lesson.keep it up.


        Hi, eichi! I haven’t seen that show, but I suppose I’d like it (according to the title).
        Life is mainly boring and it depends only on you to make it colorful. So I try hard.
        Did you notice, Emma had shared some personal details (I mean Gismo). I think it’s the best way we can get acquainted with our teachers more.
        Join our group to comment the first. It’s interesting!
        See you.


          Oh!dear,I think I am of your mind I really like to make not only mine but also others life interesting and entertaining.You are absolutely right life itself is really a very harsh thing its like a ferocious wolf inquest of an innocent being to prey upon.It has no mercy.so every individual has to make it a little bit colourfull and joyfull himself.Great job if you are trying to male others happy and sure I will join hands with you all if your aim is to make others life joyful but first I request you and your circle to pray for my Mom’s health she is rather sick these days please do pray for her health everyone!


          Hi, eichi! I wish your mum to be back on her feet soon. What’s her name? I’ll pray for her recovery, of course.
          Be strong and take heart! Everything will be OK!


          Thank you so much Nataanna,May God accept your prayers and bestow her good health.


          Hello eichi. I’m really sorry to hear that. Sure, I pray for your mother’s health. I hope she can get her health again.


          I correct my mistake: l hope she can regain her health


          Hi nkh.453,do read my reply to nataanna’s comment there is a message for you too.


          Thank you dear nkh.453 for such concern.May God accept your prayers and grant her good health.


          Hi. I pray for your mother’s health. Take care.


          Kheli mamnoon,soei.Do pray for her tests reports.May they are fine.


          Sure , please let me know about the result.


          Sure,why not.


          And do watch “Mind your language”.Its an old british TV commedy show,it was such a fun.You must enjoy it.I am sure teacher Adam must have seen it since it was quite a popular TV show of its time.Unfortunately I can’t send you its link here but you can find it on youtube.Do watch it Barry Joseph Evans did a very good job,I really wish to be a part of his class,Thumbs up to him.waiting for your comment on Mind your language.


          Dear Eichi! How is you mum? I hope she is better. I will watch this serial , but a little bit later. I’m on vacation at the moment.
          I wish you good luck!


          Thanks nataanna,She is doing well now but I am still worried for her tests reports please keep praying for her reports to be fine and clear and also enjoy your vacations.By the way where have you gone for vacations in such a cold weather dear???Have a wonderful time dear.


          Dear Eichi! Sorry, I haven`t answered your comments. I`ve just returned from Greece. I was in Athens. You are right, it`s not as hot as I want to be, but it`s more convenient for sightseeing not in high touristic season, how do you think?
          I hope, your mum`s test reports are fine and clear. See you


          Welcome back dear nataanna and thanks for your concern but her reports hasn’t yet come.It will come on 21st feb.Hope you enjoyed your vacations and had a wonderful time there.You are right dear I am also fond pf winter and like to travel in winters.Take care


          Hi nataanna and nkh.453,have you gone through teacher’s reply to my comment in the last lesson about 100th video celebrations he says no one would notice even if they celebrate the event since the management already tried it for the other teachers but in vain.Do you think it would be the same in our teachers case,well I don’t think so all students at the forum adore our teacher very much.Let us all request engvid moderator to celebrate the event.lets we all congratulate our teacher and appreciate his work.You told me last time that you will float the idea in the next lesson lets do it quickly before the next lesson.


          hi nataana,whats wrong I can’t find your replies dear.I got two mails but couldn’t find any of your replies here.plz write it down again


        yes, i’ve gone into this show and i like it thank you eichi.


          My pleasure skikda


          Hi eichi. How are you ? How is mother? Believe me ! I love all mothers as like as my own mother . So I wrote mother not your mother .


          Surely . It is needed to be approved.


          Hi soei I really appreciate it and you know why you like all mothers it is because all mothers are the same,made of love and effection.Unfortunately my mother’s reports says that she has lungs cancer.I just can’t accept this bitter truth,I am totally ruined so I request you and all the students at the forum and even all the teachers at Engvid to please pray for my Mother’s quick recovery.You know I was so excited for teacher’s next 100th lesson but who knew what time will bring to me…Can’t express my feelings.need your prayers


          I wish the best for your mother Eichi, and as well for you and your family. I know how difficult this time must be. Stay strong for them.


          Hi eichi. My mother says illness comes a lot , but leaves little by little ! I don’t know if it clear . You should be strong as Mr. Adam said. Don’t forget mother needs this strongness to become better. I do pray for her. Please say my hello to her from Iran.


          Thank you so much soei for consoling me and please keep praying.If you or anyone else at the forum know any herbal remedy to cure the disease plz do let me know since she is unable to take allopathic treatments because of her old age and weak physical condition.Please do let me know if you know any herbal remedy.Thanks


          Dear eichi, my comment needs to be approved. In few words: I wish you be strong! Give your mum all your love!
          About remedy: your love is the best and don’t believe doctors predictions but follow their advice! She may cure herself!!! Believe in it! There are a lot of occasions! I won’t write long not to be banned! Stay together as much as you can. Laugh more! Don’t cry! Try to remember everything good happened to you both. Don’t cry! Never give up!


          Dear eichi! Two my comments need to be approved
          ! Be strong! I don’t know what to say not to wait the approval! We pray for you!


          And if you need to talk to someone about your grief and sorrow or a shelter to cry on you can call me anytime. You’ll be my priority. You can speak your native languages, I don’t know them, but I will listen to you carefully to support you.
          My Skype is: Nataly Kostova, login: natakostova1


          Oh, dear eichi! I feel very, very, so sorry for the mother’s illness! My father passed away 1.5 years ago because of pancreatic cancer. So, I can understand your feelings. DON’T accept the truth!!! NEVER!!! I was told that he had had only three months to live! BUT we struggle TWO years! I Had been lieing all members of our family about real situation. Of course, they knew about cancer, it didn’t know about stage. I spoke to doctors and added some yeas to their predictions. We did everything we can, we struggled!!! Not only herbal, but everything
          I know much about cancer, and of course lungs cancer..
          But the main thing we did, we communicated much more than before his illness!
          I don’t accept his death, he is still with me. Every day!
          Speak more, don’t listen to doctors’ predictions, but follow all their advice! Believe! Pray!! I will pray for her as well! Be strong! Love her. Give her all her love you have.
          Just think: she may pass away without saying goodbye. You have time! It’s great!! You have time to say how much you love her!
          Share your time, your love. I believe we don’t die! We will meet!!! In our dreams, in our future lives. Take care of her, and most of all , be strong and don’t show your fears!!! I pray for you both!!!!


          Thank you so much dear Nataanna, nothing but such kind words from a friends make you strong I am really thankful to you for your moral support. So sorry to hear about your dear father, you are right I don’t believe in doctors but in my mother’s case they say she can’t be treated because of her age (65) and bad physical health so I have to depend solely on herbal treatments and for that I need your help.actually I found two best herbalists on the internet having cured so many cancer patients of stage 4 now the problem is that I can’t directly believe what one say on the internet so I need to confirm their authenticity there for I wanted you or anyone else at the forum to help me find some real info of the two Herbal Doctors ,One from the United States (Mary Land) Dr. Adrian bruce who produces “Cannabis oil” for cancer treatment and the other Dr. Odia Temi who claims three days medications, lives in South Africa he has no clinic but a Temple of his own. Dear if you or any one at the forum have any source in these countries please confirm me the authenticity of the above mentioned Doctors as soon as possible. Thanks



          While I am very sympathetic for you and your mother, it would be irresponsible of me to let you get medical advice from this forum. First, any medicine that is powerful enough to heal is also powerful enough to harm — this is true for herbs as well as drugs. Herbal medicine may hurt your mother as well. Second, you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet. I’ve deleted some of your comments, but you’ve said that you are willing to pay lots and lots of money for medication. There are countless people who will lie and tell you anything you want to hear just to get your money. And if you can’t tell if these people are authentic, none of us can either.

          Medical doctors who are dishonest and hurt people can get their licences taken away by state medical boards. Potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are tested in scientific experiments and can be banned or restricted from sale by the government. These safeguards do not exist for herbal or alternative medicine. Anyone can call themselves a herbalist and say they can cure cancer, even if their treatments do nothing.

          The only safe advice is to ask a real doctor.

          engVid Moderator

          Thank you so much engVid Moderator for your kindness, I must keep every thing you said in my mind before taking any final decision. To be very honest not only me but my entire family is quite confused,We really don’t know what to do and where to go. I can’t trust my countries Doctors because unfortunately there is no such thing called state medical boards and no arrangments to test the drugs in my country and even if there are any they are all corrupt. So how can I trust them and risk my dearest mother’s life here. What else am I suppose to do then.Please guide me if there is any way out since mother is our only family and we can’t just let her go that easily.


          Ah, I see. I’m sorry to hear that. From what I understand, your country’s healthcare system is very poor, and many people use private hospitals or go to India. Your best bet is to ask for help from people in your life that you trust—friends, co-workers, religious teachers/leaders.

          It’s clear to see how much you love your mother. She’s lucky to have such a caring family. Best wishes, eichi.

          engVid Moderator

          Thank yo so much Moderator, you are right it is not only poor but extremely poor. Every one here including me are using private hospitals but the problem nowadays is that all the doctors here at the private hospitals are getting commissions from the pharmaceutical companies and are palying with the lives of others.They all have sold their souls to the devil and now they are like deaf and dumb cattles.Their strings are in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies. They just want to make money no matter what happen to the others they just want to raise their life style.I have myself witnessed people dying in their hands but they have no conscience.The worst of all is that there isn’t any Organic food available here rather all organic items are strictly ban in the country and you know how much necessary organic foods are for cancer patients.This is a very brief story of all the circumstances I am going through and thats perhaps the reason I am wandering here and there for help and guidance.I know every person in my situation will feel himself between the devil and the deep sea.May God help us all.Thank you for your good words and my apologies if any of my words hurt you.Always feel free to delete any comment from my side that you think is not suitable.Stay blessed and healthy forever.Regards Eichi.


          Hello Eichi! Please, check my letter on Skype.
          The older person is the longer struggle may last. Your mother’s age is her weapon as well. And your smile!
          Stay calm and strong.


          ok I will dear and thanks


          hi lichi


      thanks Nataanna! So, good luck for the next week and maybe on the “engvid fun’world” ..!? ;)
      Have a good Friday and..
      see you soon!^^


i got 7 correct out of 10 ^_^


thank you adam for this interesting lesson ,although there are a lot of meaning of these phrasals verb, i will try to catch the most of them.
you’ve mentioned that there is no diffrent beteween ‘bring it back’ and ‘take it back’ though there is a diffrent between ‘bring’ and ‘take’ and our teacher Rebecca has cleared this in her privious lessons.
could you please give me more explanation for that ?


    Hi Skikda,

    bring and take are the same action, but the direction is different. Take away from the speaker, bring to the speaker.

    Does this help? As for phrasals, once you add the preposition, anything can happen ;)


Thank you Adam. Always glad to watch your new video.


Useful but not very easy lesson! Thanks Adam.


Hey Adam
You got a lot of phrasal verbs. I wonder if all natives know all of’em. I’m falling apart every times you bring ’em up. This is a sort of challenge.
Thanks for your lessons anyway. You’r great teacher.


    Hi Gori,

    It’s just like any other vocab- you need to use it often to remember it.

    Phrasals just tend to be confusing to nonnative speakers, so I try to clear them up. You shouldn’t try to memorize them all as there are too many.


Ty Kindly Mr/Adam


Je Suis Un Peu Lugubre De nos Jours
Ce qui m’arrive


Did you brought all your videos on, I would definitely bring them on.I’m fascinated by learning materials that will be getting me ahead in terms of taking IELTS Academic Test such as phrasal verbs, idioms , advance grammar and collocations. I have been waiting for learning more and more of them.Thank you Adam for every stunning videos that you are recording.


I’ve made a grave mistake! At the beginning sentence that was just written, present form of bring should be put there not past participle form of it.


    Also, “bring them off” is correct in the first sentence not “bring them on”.Sorry for all these easy mistakes that I have just made.


      No worries Kami. the point s to try, yes? :)


Awesome lesson, as always.
Thanks Adam


hi nataanna again, to be honest; i would say i really benifit of your comments and nkh’s comments and add some vocabulary to my knowledge through them and they were wealth of intresting vacabulary cuz i am just a beginner but my learning grows by leaps and bounds, and i wish a good journey for you tomrrow, hopefuly you will find new MrE’s there.
so ( i hope this competition was enjoyable, and if you need more comments,please go to nkh453com and join the forum there and ask any question you have, there’s also friends,they can reply you, and of course subscribe to my skikda channel and see us again bye-bye) i hope you got (….) it was just a joke and i’ve imitated adam in his last words with my own way, i hope you like this joke, good luck and until see you again take care.bye.


Nice class…


I have reviewed twice this lesson, it was difficult for me to guess all the meanings of these phrasal verbs with “bring”, you have to achieve that these prepositions are in the correct way to express your ideas, it was not easy to join and mix a verb and its particles to make a nine different words with more than nine meanings, step by step or bit by bit, it needs to practice a lot to domain all of these expressions. Anyway, thanks a lot, teacher Adam, it was a full lesson for me.


    Hello, angardiobel! You’ve got such a gorgeous dream! You are living very crunch time. I wish you have an ace up in your sleeve to achieve your goals! Good luck!
    This lesson wasn’t easy for me as well. I watched it three times, then I recorded all phrasal verbs with definitions, completed the test, commented a bit, using phrases (they are waited to be approved). but I still don’t feel comfortable with them. I agree, too many vocabulary in one place and lack of examples written on board. But who promised an easy life? No sweet without sweat! Oh, I can tell better: a cat in gloves catches no mice.
    Thank you, Adam for making us work!


    Hello! You are right. I had to watch this lesson three times to get 100 on the quiz. We have to practice phrasal verbs a lot. Good luck!

    Júlio César L Sousa

Hi Adam you are a great teacher! Thank you for your perseverance for bringing out your knowledge to people who are in need to learn English language, I’m learning so much from you, I’m new here in engvid and I tried to catch up from all of your videos that are uploaded in YouTube, they are all worthed to watch. I am excited for your new videos. ?


    Welcome Miraiyuki :)


Hi to all students!?☺️


    Hi. Saing Hello is nice , but it’s answer is necessity for Iranians !


Great as always


Thank you for this very useful lesson, Adam. I’m very glad I got 100 on the quiz. Bye for now!

Júlio César L Sousa

Oh i need to review this phrasal bring hahhaa i got 60 oh no


Is bring to reality the same as bring to light? Hope to hear from you. Regards.


    A little different, Screenone. Bring to reality means make it real (as opposed to a dream, or imagination). Bring to light means uncover (as in reveal a secret).


This lesson so hard


This lesson was great, thanks Adam.
I learned new phrasal verbs that I didn’t know..:)

marcos alexandre

I was brought up In Algeria.
Mostly, people are brought down by their own way of thinking.
You can bring me around, but not bring me to my knees.
I’m not planning to bring up animals.
The police managed to bring in the bank’s robbers.


    Good stuff Radwan :)


Hi Adam! Thanks for teaching us about phrasal verbs, this is something really important to learn about.


7/10 not bad. Perhaps I did not listen to you carefully. but thanks without end for sharing this wonderful video lesson :)


hi sir,first of all,thank you for the lesson.
according to the phrasal verb bring back. you said it means 1)take sth back to where you take it before. 2)to bring sth that has been done or dead,like revive. but i found in oxford dictionary that it has other meaning,to reintroduce.i tried to understand it but in oxford dictionary i found only one example.could you sir provide me with other examples to make it little more clear to me? thanks in advance

khalid et-taoudi

    Hi Khalid,

    Sometimes people try to bring something back to fashion, for example clothing styles that were popular in the 80s are now becoming popular again, so they are coming back into fashion, and the people who are wearing them are bringing them back into fashion.


hi , my question is what the difference between phrasal verb and appositions ?


    Hi Bakhada,

    these are two unrelated things. An apposition can be a reduced adjective clause that is used to rename or define a noun:

    The city of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is famous for its canal. (…Ottawa, which is Canada’s capital, …

    Canada’s capital in this sentence is an appositive.

    It can also be a renaming:
    William Robert, or Billy-Bob, is a famous actor.

    Does this help?


great mr Adam


    Hello Mr Bonjour. Where have you been for such a long time???? Are you aware Nataanna, SKIKDA and I made an exciting and interesting group??? Please read our top comments in this training video and last training videos to realize what our group is about. And if you like, join us.


      Hi nhk , may i join your teanm , if yes show please how could i be bringing in ?


        Hello Mr L-AMINE. If you have any question about my country, put your questions here. As it’s possible and as I can, I will answer you. I’m so sorry, but I’m not willing to connect with someone through e-mail.


          Hello nkh , thank you for your kind reply, however i still need some hotel names and adress at Shraz,and if it is possible to rent car ,and the current rate exchange,
          Warm Regards


          Hello again. You mean SHIRAZ???


          If you mean SHIRAZ, I can suggest you these top hotels: Setar_e_gan hotel, Zandieh hotel and Pars hotel. You can book these hotels online too. All of these are located in the best places in Shiraz. To tell you the truth I don’t know how I can say to you about their addresses, you should find their addresses for your self.
          You can rent cares too. But because I don’t live there , I don’t know where you can rent a car. But I assure you, that Shiraz has this facility.
          And about currency rate exchange, I should say, you had better use banks which give you a lower rate. I think in the airport you can do that too , but I’m not sure. Banks are open around 8:30 in the morning and they are located on main Zane street. And abou the rate, you should search it in internet by your own. For example, maybe the address of this bank will help you: http://www.bmi.ir
          It’s the address of one of the best banks in Iran.
          I’m so sorry if I couldn’t help you as much as you expected.


          I correct my mistakes:
          1: you can rent cars too.
          2: …on main Zand street.
          3: And about the rate, you should search in the internet…


          Oh , Yes it is Shiraz , sorry for my bad sppeling,and thank you for reply,have a nice day


          No, actually i didn’t answer you yet. My comment is waiting to be approved. Wait for it please.


          Ok, thanks for your kindness, and I wish you a good trip, no matter what your trip is for, I just hope you have the best trip.


I think I will have to watch this video several times to keep all these phrasal verbs in mind.Teacher I didn’t get the concept of “e” and “a” in effect rather I could not get that entire part of the video and second thing,will you tell me the difference between “bring”and”Take” I heard so many native people they use bring in place of take.for example they say bring it to her.instead of take it to her while sending something for someone.why is it like this?


    We have the same questions.


      then lets wait together for teacher’s reply bro.


    Hi Eichi,

    Technically, it should be take away from the speaker and bring to the speaker.
    That said, people don’t really care that much when the meaning is understood. Bring it to her is technically a mistake, but the meaning is clear, so no one pays attention to it. I know this doesn’t help learners of English, but you have to take everything you hear from native speakers with a grain of salt.

    As for e and a in effect/affect, it’s different spelling for essentially different words. effect as a noun and affect as a noun are two different things, and same for the verbs.


i think i have to repeat this video many times


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Mohammad Asiri

Very great lesson…I’m so happy because I having 100/100. my first.

you’re the best Adam Thank you for your time :)


Thanks Mr. Adam. One of the best lessons! The topics that you choose show your cleverness I think. You know what most of us are interested in !


i had one mistake. thanks for all your lessons.


Loving this..the more I go in dp…common bring it on


Hello engvid moderator,the next video is our teacher’s 100th video so I there for make a request to you to celebrate this event no matter what students response is.Even if the students don’t notice but you as a team should appreciate each others work and encourage each other.If half of the students do not notice but their are half of those who do notice such things and enjoy and appreciate such things.Students at the forum really adore our teacher and you must see a big difference in response.I am sure you won’t disappoint us.Waiting to see a big celebration and even a cake cutting ceremony.Thanks in advance


    You are wonderful eichi ! Worrying but being careful rarely happens about me ! Thanks for reminding ? I trust you as a real friend . Best regards.


      Thanks for reminding !


        Thank you soei.


Hello Adam. I have recently run into a construction “be to do something” and it seemed to be pretty confusing. I wonder if you have already covered it in your videos. I suppose it might be an interesting lesson to create. Thank you


    Hi Yurrimysnyk,

    Can you give me the full example sentence?


      Hi, Adam. Thak you for your reply
      Here is an original sentence
      “If we are to compete successfully in world markets, we must invest more money in education and training.”
      I get the meaning of the sentence but I don’t completely understand when to use the construction to be semantically correct.
      Would the sentence have the same meaning if I changed the beginning like this:
      “If we are set to compete successfully in world markets…” or “If we want to compete successfully in world markets…”
      Thank you for your time


        Hi Yuri,

        I don’t know the technical name of the structure, but it’s essentially a hypothetical future (If we are going to compete…, we must… — hypothetical followed by the necessary follow-up. since it is hypothetical, the going to is not really relevant because going to suggests a plan has been made, but none can be made in an unreal situation.

        If we were to believe the politicians, the world should have already ended years ago– if we were going to believe them,…

        Does this help?


          Yes, this did help. Thank you Adam


I thought this lesson was a little hard, because It has a lot of meaning. But, after to answer the question I could see that I brought around the difficulties. Right?


    Actually, Ricardo, you brought yourself around ;)


I’m a beginner of learning English,so starting in this level it is too hard for me,thanks a lot #engvid


    It will get easier with time Parthsheta ;)


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Hello everybody.I loved this lesson.But it was 6\10/.And thank Adam.


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Idioms are too difficult subject to me. Do I need to remember them by hard all of them?


    No, cart, you don’t. there are too many. Just start to learn how to guess their meanings in context.


Thanks Adam. i got 9/10 :)

Chhan Seng

Thank you Adam! I got 8/10…


Hi! I’m Rafael. I’d like to ask you, Adam, to make a video about the use of the infinitive with “to”. Because I once read that after some verbs the following verbs need to be written in the infinite with “to”, and there are others verbs that will always be written in the infinitive with “to”. I think I explained it right. Please make this video. I’ve had this doubt for so long time. Please answer my question, Adam. I really need to get rid of this doubt. And sorry about my grammar( I guess everything I just wrote is wrong), but I have to understand that. Thank you for your attention .


    Hi Rafael,

    All infinitive verbs have ‘to’, so I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but here is a video by Ronnie that might be helpful:

    Let me know if this is what you had in mind.


      What I meant was the following: there are some verbs that will always be followed by the gerund, for example the verb finish, right? Here’s an example: “He finished painting”. There are also some verbs that will be always followed by the infinitive with “to”, and also, there are verbs that will be followed by other verbs without the particle “to”. I can’t give you any example for these last two, but I know that this exists and I remember that I once read a text that had a phrase with one of these verbs. Thank you for replying my comment, and tell me if what I just wrote is grammatically right, and if it’s wrong tell me, so I can work on it. Thanks!


I got a 90! thats the better result Ive had wiht you Adam, your tests almost all the time are not for someone who did not pay enough attention lol.

See a


Thanks, Adam.
I want to ask ‘on the street’ and ‘in the street’ what is the difference?


    Hi Sophie,

    I think we only use in the street when we are talking about people using the street. People are walking in the street today for the parade. Otherwise, cars move on the street. There might be a difference between American and British uses though. I’ll have to check.


I got better result but not yet good :(. Thanks your analysis.

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my score is : 8 to 10

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Great lesson Adam.
Please keeo giving us these useful phrasal verbs.


Thanks everyone. I’m glad to see the interaction :) keep it up.


6/10. Bad. Thanks, Adam.


After watch for the second time, I made 8/10. Better. Thank you!


Can you explain this phrase “give rise to”.


    Hi Fawadrind,

    It basically means lead to, or give something the opportunity to become.

    The protests gave rise to complete revolt.

    Does this help?


      Thank you much Adam.I have got the meaning.


I got 07/10. ☺ I found this lesson difficult! Any how ,thanks Adam.


Hello, Adam!

Thanks for this lesson. It’s quite helpful as usual. Phrasal verbs are very hard to learn indeed, but, as you’ve mentioned in the introduction of this video, we will bring them on! We’re Engvid students and we never give up!

See you!

Eduardo França

Thanks alot Adam

Jojo tera

Hello adam I have a question about how to make a conversation or sentence. I have vocabulary but I don’t how to speak


    Sounds like you need to review grammar rules, Omar. Vocabulary still needs to be arranged properly.


good job Adam


Teacher Adam, question 8 is not correct.. or is it? bring around means to recover to consciousness.. not bring to..


    Hi Tiago,

    Actually, they can both be used in this way. To bring someone to means to bring him to consciousness. Bring around is more commonly about changing a person’s mind.


Thank you so much, Adam.

When you mention of Bring back meaning, I remember the lyrics of a pop song from the 00’s, and it said:

/”Dream of anything you’ve been thinking of/When the world seems to get too tough/Bring it all back to you”/

I must admit I got lost with this meaning.Could you clarify it for me?

Also, I want to thank you and all Engvid staff of your labor. I want to tell you I’m studying English in Melbourne, Australia now, and I’m so glad to see how my English has been improving since I’ve started to watch the videos.

Best wishes for all!.


    Hi Ramiro,

    When the world gets tough, bring back those dreams to help you get through the tough times. ;)


Oh I got 6 of 10
It’s too bad
I want to watch it againg
Thank you so much It’s too useful


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Don’t bring me down. Let’s go out and have a good time. It’s all on me tonight. Did I said right, Adam? Thank you for your help to let me improve my English. Engvid.com is really a good program and I love to have study with all of you. :)


I got 9 out of 10.my uncorrect answer is No.8 , i think it should be bring around not bring to …


I have got 7 out of 10 and I shall do better in next lesson. Anyhow thanking you for introducing such a fabulous site. i hope i would improve my English if I keep on touching.

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Rinzin Chophel

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Adam, Thank you very much for this lesson! It’s very usefull! I have a question about the position of noun or pronoun between verb and preposition or after preposition. How is it correct: to bring up children or to bring children up? Or some examples with pronouns?
P.S. sorry for my mistakes ?


very helpful lesson Adam :)thanks !!!


thanks :)


great job i had 60 score very good


Hey Adam would you suggest me something about writing,how I can improve my writing in ielts. Bcz it is very worse ..


Great teacher might pass sats tomorrow GPs

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Hi Adam, I dont have words to explain how much you help me ever day. I am ESL teacher in Cuba and your videos have been excellent resources for my everyday work. Thank you!!!


I think this is a little bit hard to remember


It helps me a lot thanks


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I forced in this questions. Pharasal verbs are really difficult. But thank you so much for your help. you are great teachers.


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the video was good!


Thanbk you. The lesson was very interesting/ But I couldn’t do everything well. Sorry, but sometimes I wanted to sleep during your lecture.


Hello Adam! Thank you for your lesson! I like your explanation style :) As I understood the disco is not your cup of tea? Could you tell us, what is wrong with the disco? Music, or maybe dance, or afro-hair style, or maybe the bottom broad breeches?

Master Hans

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Your way of teaching is great adam


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This quiz is a challenge, so I say: bring it on!


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could you include
bring: forward, out and round.


10 out of 10, so happy, tomorrow I will only remember 1.


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Hey Adam amazing class, you always bring off all your videos and easy to make out thanks for that dear Adam…… greeting from Surco….

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Hi Adam,
thank you for the useful video.
A question: ‘bring on (board)’ is really a phrasal verb in this case? I mean, ‘bring’ seems to be a simple verb + ‘on board’. (With other words: ‘on’ & ‘board’ belong together closely, not ‘bring’ & ‘on’.)


Thank you Mr. Adam.


Hello Adam,
First, I would like to say thank you for the useful lessons, that we use here. I personally enjoy lessons, and most time I look at the phrase verbs, and this was my problem in English, how to use in conversation or in writing English. I will practice and use this opportunity right now here and will spend most of my free time here on the platform.


Thanks for the good lesson. Phrasal verbs are abundant, but I believe I can learn them if I try. To recap, I copied the explanations:
bring about — cause (to happen)
bring around — convince/persuade
bring down — collapse, depress
bring in — hire, employ
bring it on — a challenge to an enemy, rival
bring off — do something successfully
bring to — recover consciousness, awaken
bring to light — uncover, reveal
bring up — raise a topic for conversation

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