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That’s a nice lesson. I wonder if that would be possible to get a lesson on “EMBEDDED CLAUSES” the one where Adverb Clause can be inside an Adverb Clause.


A very difficult subjet, even in my mother tongue have problems (sometimes) to understand it.

Pedrop Guijarrog

You´re an expert on the grammar field, Adam.
Thanks a lot for your lesson!!
It would be great if you could make a video with the differences between to+verb or ing at the beginning of a sentence. I´m always confused with that. As an example (using one of yours):

– To feel (that) you´re special is crucial to develop a sense of security.
– Feeling (that) you´re special is crucial to develop a sense of security.

Are both correct???Differences between each one??
Thanks again!!!


Hello, I think there is an error in the transcription, as of minute 6:20
Great lesson Adam.

Enrique Otero

Is it below the correct sentence in terms of grammar and natural sound?

“I am happy to visit you to discuss the final reports to get better results.”

Thanks, Adam!


Sir. Adam, I hope you would make a topic about embedded clause.


i got full score
thanks a lot, Mr.Adam


Hi,Adam! Your grammatical lessons are improving my English a lot. It is a powerful mortar that holds the bricks as I am building my knowledge in English language.
Thank you!


Thank you.

wonna htay
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