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10/10 The lesson is enjoyable because Hakan’s speech is understandable. Thanks Hakan for this great lesson. :)


    Sorry for the phone’s automatic word correction. That’s why the name was wrong.


Hakan is Adam


Great Lesson, but sorry to say 5 correct out of 10.

Muhammad Abbas

    No worries, Muhammad. Keep trying ;)


great lesson, thank teacher


I got 9/10, the lesson is a bit difficult, many new vocabulary and have many new concept, actually I am farsighted and I must use glasses when I read or use my computer, Thank Adam a lot, hope see you next week

nguyen van long

Great, need to concentrate more on the next quiz. 5/10


    Keep trying, Vishant. It’ll get easier.


It is enjoyable. Thanks Hakan for this great lesson.

Marta Maria



I am very happy 10/10


As being far-sighted, I have to say lots of people misunderstand that those people could see much farther, but in fact, all I have is just like flat glass without any focus with it in my eyes. I can’t see both near and far. And I always find hindsight is 20/20.


This was so helpfull


    On summer I will seek a glass with UF protection to protect my eyes from sun light damage.? Thanks a lot!


Thanks alot

Basem Mouhamed

I had a friend named Osman. He had too bad eyesight to see even his nose tip. Because he could not see anyone near him, he seemed to be a nerd, and nobody was interested in him. So, he decided to see an optometrist. When the optometrist told him he had 19/20 vision, he understood it as 1920 fashion. After getting a prescription, he went to an optician to buy his glasses. He was surprised when he saw a lot of alternatives in the shop. Of course, he did not choose a cheap one, he bought glasses with the titanium frame and the polarized lenses because he was fond of his comfortable. Then, he went shopping to buy some new clothes because he thought he wore old fashioned ones. After wearing his glasses and new dress, he looked more handsome now. He became so attractive that all the girls needed to wear their sunglasses to protect their eyes from the brilliant image radiating out of him. Because he was near sighted now, he could see his nose tip and also the girls nearby him.
Thanks Adam!


    Great job!


    Thanks alot!


    Good story :)


Tks Adam!!!!!

edi wilson

I got 9 out of 10 correct. I think that those words related to glasses are advanced-level vocabulary.

Insoo Yeo

Hi Adam ; what is the difference between epidemic anf pandemic ..?
Thank you in advance for your precious help.

Msgdy Alhaddad

Thanks Adam!!Great lesson ;)


Interesting and useful. Thanks, Adam!

Isaias Menezes Silva

Hi Adam.
It’s incredible the way u teach. u’re just unbelievable.
I have a question and a remark. Here’s the question:
Do all native english speakers (or at least most of them) know about all the details and vocabs that u’re teaching us? The question crossed my mind cuz some of the things u say i don’t know even in my own language let alone english.so i thought this might be true about native english speakers too.
My personal remark is i think it would be better to put the pen lid on again once u’re done writing on the board. cuz if u don’t it’s gonna dry up very soon and that’s gonna cost u a pen?.
Hope to see u again very soon


    Learning a new language, in fact, is a great way of discovering your own language.


    Hi Maher,

    Most people have at least heard these words. They are not really part of everyday conversation, but they are not so rare either. But, technical words that do not relate to people’s everyday lives might not be familiar to most people.


I got 8/10 No too bad. Thanks, Adam


Good lesson. i got 8/10. thank you for video


Hi, Adam. you always have good lessons. thank you.
a question: ” I feel like watching TV” what is the grammar structure of this sentence, especially, what is the part of speech of “like”? thank you


    Hi Qinghua,

    ‘feel like’ is a phrasal verb that basically means ‘want to’. Because like is a preposition, it needs an object, so watching is a gerund as object to the verb.

    Does this help?


      wow. so happy to see your reply!!! thank you, Adam. I checked the Longman dictionary for “like” as a preposition. I understand the examples of ” A club should be like a big family”; “He felt like a real soldier” “that sounds like a good story”. however, the sentence “I feel like watching TV” is somehow different above examples. to me, in logic, this “like” is more a verb in sentence “I like watching TV”. this is the bit that confuses me. could you please explain further, or give more examples? thank you.


        further on the question: “he feels like a soldier” is similar to “he is like a soldier”. in both of the two-sentence, the word” like ” performs as a preposition. if the sentence “I feel like watching TV” is the same structure, then, it can be expressed as I’m like watching TV. this doesn’t look right to me. what do you say about it? thank you.


          As I mentioned feel like (verb + preposition) is a phrasal verb. Phrasal verbs can take different meanings.

          I feel like watching is the same as I’m in the mood to watch, or I want to watch.

          Feel like can also mean have the feeling that is similar to being, so feel like a soldier means that I have the feeling that I am a soldier, even if not true.

          For example, when I skydive (jump out of plane with parachute) I feel like a bird. Later, when I am hungry, I might feel like chicken (want to eat chicken).

          Does this help?


Thanks everyone :)


Hey Adam, I’m surprised you are from Canada. I’m here too but Am from a Latin American country. I got 8.0 but I did not understand why the quiz asking about cataracts and astigmatism when you did not mention it on the video or maybe I have a listening problem :)


    Hi CommonDiscipline,

    That was an oversight on my part. I should have written it on the board. I mention cataracts at 1:20 but didn’t describe it. That quiz question was meant for something else.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me know about it. I’ll be more careful in the future. Sorry about that.


Hey Adam,

Thanks for the video!


Thank you Adam, I got 9/10. I already know how to buy glasses in english

Johnny Ortega

Hi Adam. Thanks for sharing. I just wanted to know if you can help me with conversations, listening podcasts and writing to train an optician who’s getting ready to attend a world eyewear fair in order to speak fluently at this fair

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