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Hi dear Adam,

Hope all’s well with u.


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    Hi Fatiima, I think I know you! Hugs

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      Hi there,


      Any way…
      Nice meeting u;

      Warm regards,

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    Thank you :)

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    Hi, I wanna ask you that how can you watch the movies my friend?! Because we are from the same country.

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      Hi there,

      By a powerful VPN.
      Wish u luck!

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I am the first ……

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It’s a quite useful lesson. Thanks!

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What a awesome lesson! I really appreciated that!

Thank you Adam! I can’t wait for the next ones!

Vinicius Arcanjo

yeyyyyyy 8 out of 10 for non english speaker :D thatnks adam


shame on me, I’ve made three mistake…
Although, many thanks Adam!

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…mistakes, for sure :)

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Thanks, Adam! O made just two mistakes but a need to watch again.

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you are a good teacher.


I wonder answering number 9.!! Is there any mistake?


    Hi Can,

    No, the answer ‘knockout’ is correct. It’s a noun.

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Thank you. I made three mistakes. It’s great for me. But I can’t catch 6 item. Explaine please!!!

Алексей Окунев

    Hi Алексей Окунев

    When we say someone is a knockout, we say he/she is very good looking. It’s an adjective. So, the girl is so good looking that I want to date her.

    Does that help?

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      But in the description of this lesson you used the “knockout” as an adjective to change the word lesson. Which I understand as “super awesome lesson”.
      And I left the comment meaning that you are a knockout (super awesome) teacher.

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My favorite teacher. Thanks!

Danilo Besteti

Hey Adam,
thanks for the lesson, good idea indeed!
I got it better when you use real examples cause I’m a visual person!


Hello Adam,
thanks for the lesson, I really appreciated that.
But in the Quiz number 9 the answer knock out is correct but when it shows the correct answers it shows the wrong answer knockout .


    Hi Shad,
    This one was a bit tricky. Knockout is correct. Here we are asking about the situation (it), so are looking for a noun. IT is called A knockout.

    Does that help?

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This quiz knocked me out ;)

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thank you Adam. remembering Phrasal verbs are always difficult for me :(


Thanks so much Adam! Excellent video and better teacher.


Thnx Adam!!! :)


thank you. very clear. great lesson

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It’s a great lesson!.. Thanks Adam

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I don’t know how to prevent from ‘ log out’ . Please help me .

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Great! There is no ‘ log out ‘ following me now. Thank you.

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Great clerification of phrasal verbs. Please upload more vedios of phrasal verbs.


thanks for this lesson!!!

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You people at EngVid.com are doing a great job. I am getting addicted :)

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to fast…..make a slowly


hi,how are you teacher? this is a great lesson.
thank you very much.


It is a great lesson thanks Adam


Great lesson tacher

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Ah, what a complete lesson about knock.
thank you Adam, your lessons are always short and sweet, short but very complete and useful….

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    2 right!

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thanks dear Adam. It was really useful.


Thanks dear Adam. it was really useful. :)


Thanks for the lovely lesson! :)

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Thanks Dear Adam for the great lesson, I got 100 correct answers 10 out of 10…….


I really was knocked down)

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I got 5 out of 10
these are really confining word
I watched this video again and got 9/10
It was like a game
I am very very very thankful to you.

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Adam, what does mean this sentence: ” Knocking off your hat or mooning the judges will not impress anybody.”?

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    Hi Adyce,

    That’s a pretty funny sentence. Not exactly sure what the writer meant, I’d need to have more context. But if I had to guess, I’d say it means clowning around won’t help you. knocking off your hat, might mean hitting it off your head. Mooning is slang for pulling down your pants and showing your bum. Sounds like it might be at some contest.

    Funny anyway. :)

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Pls anyone help me how i can make this sentence passive —I think, people will forget it very soon—

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    i think it will be forgot by people very soon.

    Suraj rai

      Thank you


    Hi Lilit,

    Hope it’s not too late, but:

    I think it will be forgotten very soon. (don’t need to mention the people unless they are specific people.)

    Hope that helps

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    I think, it will be forgotten very soon.

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ur face knock me out


    lol. The only problem is that your sentence can be good or bad. :)

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Mr. Adam pls help me how i can make these two sentences passive
1.I think, people will forget it very soon
2. They said, that had finished their work in time

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    1. I think, it will be forgotten very soon.
    2. They said, that their work had been finished in time.



    1- I think, it will be forgotten by people very soon.
    2-They said, that work had been finished in time by them.


      2. They said, that work was finished in time.


      Thank you


    Actually, Sergey got it right except that you don’t need the commas.

    1. I think it will be forgotten very soon.

    2. They said (that) their work had been finished in time.

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mr Adam i cant understand the exact meaning of knockoff and also knock off can you gave me more examples i,ll very thank full to you

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    Hi Anglina,

    I have a Picasso painting in my house. I don’t have millions of dollars, so it must be a knockoff (fake). Some painter knocked off Picasso’s ideas and made paintings to sell cheap.

    Although, knock off can also mean finish, like I knocked off work early today.

    Does that help?

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I absolutely love the meaning for “Knock up”

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thanks Adam
got 8 out of 10,but still need for more practice.

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Thank you teacher Adam


Nice lesson,thanks mr.adom

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1- I think, it will be forgotten by people very soon
2-They said, that work had been finished in time by them.


woww your a good and interesting teacher hehe : ) .thank you : )


Great,GOD b you


got only 7 corrct answer. still confuse : )

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how many phrase verb, I should learn for understand the fist sentences in English.
There a mechanism for easily memorize ??
Thanks Adams is interesting you class


    I don’t learn them in the way you try. For example, I heard once an expression “spill the beans”, and I asked a native English speaker for explanation. He tried his best, but I couldn’t understand what that means. And then, suddenly I got it. How? I was watching a movie — there was a scene I understood well, and someone said the phrase. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I think there is no better way to learn stuff like this — you have to listen to native speakers and pay attention to what they do and how they act.

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    Hi Mario,

    There are books dedicated to phrasal verbs and idioms that you can study, but I agree with Morfik– learn by seeing it used in context. When you watch a movie or read something with an expression you don’t know, write it down then try to guess it’s meaning in the context of the conversation. If you can’t guess it then, google it.

    good luck :)

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Thank you so much Mr Adam . I really like lessons on phrasal verbs .

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Thank you for the lesson and for quiz but it seems to me that I didnt get it very well. I made 2 mistakes. Could you, please explain why at the below question the correct form is Knock off? As you say in the video Knoff off = to steal or to knoff off the table. 7. Bill Gates may never be knocked ______ the list of the top ten richest people in the world.
• in
• over
• down
• off
Thank you again :)


    I have the same question!! I don’t understand why know off is the answer… POlease Adam explain us!!

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    Hi Luiza,

    If I knock the glass off the table, I basically remove it from the table, make it fall, right? If Bill gates gets knocked off the list, he is removed, he falls from the top ten to a lower number.

    Does that explain it?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      But, for the same reason, the answer “Knocked down” wouldn’t be correct? In your own words “If Bill Gates gets knocked down the list, he is removed, he falls from the top ten to a lower number.”

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Hi Mr.Adam,
This was a fantastic lesson and the way you explained, absolutely very nice.
Please arrange a lesson on “Elder vs Older” which is very confusing for me.
I shall be very thankful.
Thank You
best Regard,
Riaz Noor Afridi

Riaz Noor

    Hi Riaz,

    It might take some time to get that lesson up, but for now, remember that older can only be used as an adjective and a comparative (old + er). Elder can be used as a noun or an adjective. You should respect your elders (that is, people older than you). Elders here is a plural noun. to compare age, older is more common that elder.

    Does that help?

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Dear Adam,

What a helpfull and usefell lesson. Thank you a lot for it. KEEP UP with you job.



Good example!

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i got 3 mistakes and then i watched again but i don’t know why for question 7 right answer is “knock off”.

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    Hi Daogiauvang

    If I knock the glass off the table, I basically remove it from the table, make it fall, right? If Bill gates gets knocked off the list, he is removed, he falls from the top ten to a lower number.

    Does that explain it?

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this lesson is pretty useful. Thank you Adam!

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Adam! Can you teach us another useful phrasal verbs in spoken english? like this lesson? We’re waiting for you.

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sir Adam, your videos are worth watching…looking forward for more videos.

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Thank you very much

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Thank you so much Adam for this wonderful lesson.

slang always be a problematic for me as a non-English speaker and I feel really difficult to mix up with my friends who are very good at English.

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Hi Adam! Thank you for the lesson.


Thanks for this lesson. You are the sweetest teacher:)


Nice lesson and it a little bit difficult.
Thanks teacher.

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Thank you for this lesson.It helped me a lot.
Please explain me quiz no.7
And also help me to understand with more example.

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    Hi Arvind

    If I knock the glass off the table, I basically remove it from the table, make it fall, right? If Bill gates gets knocked off the list, he is removed, he falls from the top ten to a lower number.

    Does that explain it?

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Thank you very much, Adam!

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Bravo, Adam!

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i’m praticing it.tanks.

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i’m working on it.


Thanks Adam
Very good information!

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Thanks Adam..that was good for me..

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Thank you so much… This is how a education method should be. Love you guyz. Great teaching.

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Thank you very much Adam for such useful lesson

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Hi Mr.Adam you are an excellent teacher .
i would like to know, i heard people say comment denominator, when they have conversation.
Thank you


    Hi Modu,

    I think what you heard is common denominator, which is the the basic thing that is common to everyone/thing in the context.

    Does that help?

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Adam, really was an excellent lesson, thank you so much…

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Thank you so much

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thank you adam great job.

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Thank you!!


thanks adam – for this quiz

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Dear sir please explain about the get how to use it…..

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    Hi Nayana,

    I’ll prepare a lesson about that. Too much for this comment box. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam


Yesterday I see this lesson, but I don’t understand the phrasal verb knock up.

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    Hi Natobyte,

    It’s slang. It means to get a girl pregnant.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Hi Adam,

    I read your comment and saw the lesson again. Now I got it the meaning of “knocked up”.

    Thank you very much!

    Profile photo of natobyte natobyte

I didn’t understand why the correct answer is “Bill Gates may never be knocked _off_ the list …”


    Hi Claudio,

    If I knock the glass off the table, I basically remove it from the table, make it fall, right? If Bill Gates gets knocked off the list, he is removed, he falls from the top ten to a lower number.

    Does that explain it?

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Thank you very much Dear Adam

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Hey, what wrong with your left forefinger ? You cut yourself with a knife? Hmmm. Well, it’s really terrible.Be more careful Adam.

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    Wow. That’s a good eye. :)

    Thanks, I will be more careful.

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Thank u so mach Adam


“To knock someone up is a slang way of saying to get someone in trouble with her parents” — it could mean this, especially when you are young. xD

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Hi Adam, I just want to say thank you for your time and for your lessons. There are a lot of differents ways to teach English but you have choosen the best.
Kisses from Barcelona


Sir Adam I have a question: When we use (such) this word is making me crazy. I wish you will answer my little question. thank you Mr adam.

Profile photo of emadazzouzi emadazzouzi

    Hi Emadazzouzi

    We use such to give an example or point to something. There are many rich people in the world, such as Bill Gates.
    There are other examples. I’ll try to make a lesson for you about it.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank’s adam

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Can u give a lesson that talk about “other & another” plis?

Irina :)

    HI Irina,

    Take a look at my list of lessons. It’s there :)

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Thanks adam for this lesson .
Phrasal verbs are always very confusing.


Good teacher…Just one mistake in the quiz and i ve been bad speaking the language. I will work hard to improve it.


question 9 ans will be 9…..


    question 9 ans is wrong…check that out


      Hi Prati,

      Actually, it’s not. Here we are talking about the situation (it), so we need a noun.

      Do you see it?

      Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks to everyone’s cooperation and good organization the lessons.
thank you very much .

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U r a good teacher . Plaese improve my eng as soon as posible .please help me

farah parveen

Good leason. My eng is not good please help me

farah parveen

Thanks Adam, it’s completely useful. I got only 7 correct and I understand I should watch it again.
People, i’m looking for someone who wish to improve english and change Knowledge by the skype. My is Clayton.Grilo see you.

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Hi Adam
question 9 is confusing
the correct answer is nockout why its not knock out as you said about the sport .


    Hi Sahar,

    This one was a bit tricky. Knockout is correct. Here we are asking about the situation (it), so are looking for a noun. IT is called A knockout.

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

very very good lesson aadam


Hi teacher! I did not understand question nine of the quiz. It says: 9. When one boxer punches another and the second one falls down and can’t fight anymore, we call it a ________. According to the quiz, the right answer is “knockout” together, but in the video you said that “knock out” separate, means “put someone unconscious”. So i don’t get it.

Profile photo of patriciaramos22 patriciaramos22

    Hi Patricia

    This one was a bit tricky. Knockout is correct. Here we are asking about the situation (it), so are looking for a noun. IT is called A knockout.

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you very much

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Dear Adam,
I loved this lesson and I need to memorize all those phrasal verbs. I have a sugestion for your next lesson. How about going to a soccer game? I would like to know some words used there.
By the way, do you like soccer game or football?
Bye bye.


    Hi Paulo,

    Good idea. I’ll try to do something for you. I don’t watch soccer often. I love hockey. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

The best teacher ever ! Welldone!


Dear Adam
I really enjoyed your lesson and I hope you’re going on with phrasal verbs. Please !!!!!!!
Thanking you in advance


Thanks A lot for the lesson it was useful ^^ i will need this phrasal verbs in my life for sure ;3

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I just admire the way you speak. Really interesting lesson!

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help me i need to call any one?

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HI, Adam.
Could you please tell me about using It, Its, Look or looks

Profile photo of ko26 ko26

    Hi Ko,

    Your question is a little too general I’m afraid. Can you tell me more specifically what you want to know?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

this is the first time i study with adam and i found him a great teacher, adam you are a KNOCKOUT teacher!thanks a lot.

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I have some questions:

1. Do we use a preposition “to” when someone wants us to do something? For example:
“join us” — “join to us”
“give dad” — “give to dad”

2. Quantities + people. When we talk about people and we want to express how many entities there are, do we use “of”?

million people — million of people

3. How to pronounce following numbers:

1/3, 2/3, 3/5, etc.

4. How pronounce 0,764 and other similar numbers. Do we only use “point” after zero, or is there other way to say it?

5. When we are talking about time, what does exactly mean “by 10”?

Profile photo of morfik morfik

    Hi Morfik,

    1. Usually when we have both a direct and indirect object, we’ll need the to if it comes between them. (Give it to dad- it-direct ob., dad-ind. obj) However, if the order is reversed, then don’t need it. (Give dad the key vs. Give the key to dad)

    2. A million people (one million people). Millions of people. (don’t forget the s.)

    3. 1/3- one third, or a third,
    2/3- two thirds,
    3/5- three fifths (the ths is a bit hard to pronounce, but not as hard as 5/6 five sixths) ;)

    4. How pronounce 0,764 and other similar numbers. Do we only use “point” after zero, or is there other way to say it? Nope- zero point seven six four. It’s called a decimal but we always say point. 1.23- one point two three

    5. By means on or before. It might be a little confusing to compare by/until, but that might make a good lesson. Anyway, 10:10 is too late. Unless of course I completely misunderstood the question.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thanks, you and other EngVid teachers have answered to all my questions that I had written in my notebook. xD Now, I have to review them from time to time, but most of the answers I learned almost instantly. Thanks for your time. :) Of course, I will be asking another questions, but now I need some time.

      Profile photo of morfik morfik

Outstanding !!! Thanks Adam


love it


could you plz, give a lesson about: money. what’s the meaning of, I owe you and you owe me?
what’s the real meaning of balance?


    Hi Ana,

    I will definitely try. For now:

    I owe you suggests that you did something for me or gave me something, and now I need to return the effort. You owe me is the same but in reverse.

    As for balance, you’ll need to give me a more specific situation. otherwise it just means equal.

    Hope that helps :)

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Hi Mr. Adam I know you will read my comment as other student here, a suggestion for all crew of engVid.com, could you make a special video at 500th video lessons as a celebration, maybe attended by all English teacher here, I think it will be fun and can’t wait for that… thanks ^_^

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    Hi Ichakushina,

    That’s not really up to me, but I’ll pass on the idea :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I like all lessons of eng.vid. They are understandable and simple..And finaly i can understand what i did not understand for a while..Thanks a lot


Hi, It was a very good video, very clear an interesting. Thank a lot.

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Adam, there’s also “knock it off”. I think that most of us know what that means. xD

Profile photo of morfik morfik

    Good one :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    It means stop it,doesn’t it?!!

    Profile photo of fatiima fatiima


      Profile photo of morfik morfik

      Isn’t it?! not Doesn’t it?! :)))

      Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

Yeah 10/10
I really like Engvid

Profile photo of leonora1 leonora1

Hi Sir Admin, still confuse,, :/ i got 7/10.

Profile photo of eilyn eilyn

Great Adam…


Hey Adam, I like ur lessons

Could you please explain the differences between
A little, little, A few and few

Thank you :)

Profile photo of Faris Faris

Hey Adam you´re simply the best! You should come to Brazil and teach english for my people. Thanks for help me to improve my englsh. I suggest you to make some videos to teach us how to use the preposition for! I really make a lot of mistakes trying to use it!

Profile photo of piancci piancci

Thanks everyone :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Hi Adam! Recently I had watched a movie ” Match point”. Very interesting story.(I recomend everyone.) But till today I don’t understanding how Kris understand that Nola is from America.(…so what young american ping pong player doing among british upper class…(00.12.25.). Is it the pronunciation or the vocabulary? Have a good day Adam!


Useful as always. Thanks.
Is knockout useable for food, drink or something other than a person as well ?


Thank you very much Adam! Your lessons are always so helpful! You were born to be a teacher!
p.s. you are very cute;)

Profile photo of Karina7 Karina7

thanks for time….

I learn more today

Profile photo of elkrespo elkrespo

I like this One, Thanks Adam

Profile photo of gounane gounane

Thank so much for your lesson. I moving from Puerto Rico only 9 months ago. I need to learn english fast and after that get a Job. My big problem is a pronunciation and verbs. I try every day learn something new. Thank for you help.


Thanks Adam .by the way do you have some APP for your website that work on iPhone ?

Profile photo of tarim tarim

I can’t find a suitable word to thank you or to express how grateful I’m

Profile photo of medhat4 medhat4

great lesson!, i think review that, in the future.

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Profile photo of ramesh761990 ramesh761990

Thank you very much for lesson))) But i don΄t understand…what is the difference between knock down and knock out?

Profile photo of balzhima21 balzhima21

Thanks for this very interesting lesson!

Profile photo of sarrasta85 sarrasta85

So, I guess it is related to the reason you explained that in the boxing matches they say “He’s K.O.” when someone falls down unconscious.. isn’it?

Profile photo of sarrasta85 sarrasta85

Thank you Adam.Very useful tips. You are doing a great job guys

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Hello! Everybody! =) kisses!

Profile photo of cecilia87 cecilia87

hi adam
first of all i wanna thank you for this vedio
secondly i wanna ask you why we chose (knockout)
in the sentence no9 and didn’t choose (knock out)

Profile photo of abo abdou abo abdou

Thanks a lot Adam! It was a great lesson.

Profile photo of Leandro Santos Leandro Santos

How are you doing Adam,
I’m Taha from Iraq, thank you so much for this lesson, but I’ve two words make me confusing in addition to the words that mentioned in this lesson, the first one is “knock around” and the second one “knock back” can you clarify each one of them at your earliest convenience
with deep respect and appreciation
Yours truly,

Profile photo of taharaad taharaad

Thanks a lot Adam! Great job!!!)))

Profile photo of lustra12 lustra12

Phrasal verbs are very dificult for me. I need study them much.

Profile photo of rimagui13 rimagui13

I´m Diana, I love this page. I would like to know people from another country. I speak Spanish, but I need to improve y English. Contact me

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hi adam why we don’t learn diagramming to make our sentence more sytematically and grammatically

Profile photo of thataazhari thataazhari

wooow thanks, teacher adam your the best teacher

Profile photo of rubz93 rubz93

Thanks Adam ^^

Profile photo of moonlightnont moonlightnont

It’s very useful to learn some use of phrasal verbs because it’s not that easy to get access to them. Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Jyun Jyun

hi teacher Adam..i want you to give me a lot of examples about every word..knock over and knock out.. and i want you to make a lesson about the verb when he followed by up..cause any verb had meaning but when it followed by up completely the meaning will be changed or increased..

example (wake)not like(wake up)not like(wake them up)..and get not like get up not like get them up..so i really want you to explain this point..thanks

Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

hi again..i want you to explain this sentence ..

(if you hadn’t put your kids in foster care they would’ve knocked six months off your sentence..

please i really in hurry to know the meaning..from (knocked)to(sentence)

Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

and i want you to make a lesson that explain the meaning of bargain

Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

the quiz was so difficult. it was a really knockout for me ((((

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Hi adam,
thank you very much for your explanation ….

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Thanks Adam. I am from Ukrain and I can easily learn english, although I dont like internet lessons)

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Thanks ADAM.
I’ve just lost one Q.~~BY mistake!!!
You’re very good teacher for me.`

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Prof Adam Excellent Lesson
I only Have one question knock off means to make something falls but on purpose as well as knock down ?

Profile photo of willpabon willpabon

I like the phrasal Knock Up

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Adam:Hello teacher,i think u spoke too fast.I`d like to suggest u speak slower than this,and give us many easy examples to understand. However your lesson is so interesting,and thank for your teaching.Bye teacher..

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Such a funny lesson Adam, I liked it so much and I learnt something new.
Thanks again!

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Hi, Tanks for you’re lessons!!!
Today I were Tinking about why people sometimes say: I gonna….(read a book) and sometimes they say gotta? can u explein me that I have asked to my teacher, but she doesn’t did not how to explein me that….

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    “Gonna” is short for “going to”, and “gotta” is short for “got to” — so “I gotta read a book” means “I have got to read a book”, or “I must read a book”. Hope that helps!

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I have a question for you.What does I don’t wanna be ya mean?

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Hi. Adam can you confirm to me this exercise.
Whem a boxer punches another opponent.
we call it a knock out right (the word is separated),And the exercise sad to me (knockout is together. Please can you explain. The question is 9.Thank you.

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    knockout is a noun. that’s all

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Hi Adam. The other day, I came across a knockout girl and I was eager to talk to her. Unfortunately, as soon as I started talking to her, I found myself on the ground knocked down by a kind of gorilla, her so-called boyfriend (she would be better off with me as a boyfriend). The monster was wearing knockoff Hugo Boss suit and Church shoes and a Rolex watch. I wanted to knock him out but, you see, I’m so tender that I didn’t. I had just enough time to tell him next time I would meet the girl I’d knock her up, I saw thousands of stars being knocked out I don’t know why. Life isn’t smart!!

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i don’t understand answer 9. knockout means a beautiful woman. why is that correct?

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I failed at the 9th question! :) Very helpful lesson (can I say “very helpful lesson, though”? What would be the meaning of the sentence with “though” at the end?) Thank you.

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It’d be much appreciated if you could kindly explain the difference usage of idea and ideas. And also, idea for, idea about. Thank you.

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What is the meaning of “hang out”

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Adam I have one doubt but not about this topic. what’s the difference between words AMONG and BETWEEN? thanks

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    Hi Fernando. I guess the diference is: when you use between, it means that you are talking about two things/places/people. For example: I must to choose between these shirts (I must to choose one of these two shirts). Otherwise, when you use among, you’re talking about three or more things. For instance, “My socks were among hers”. I hope you get it.

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      Hi Thiago. Thanks for the help one more doubt has ended!!

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Could you give me a short explanation why its so easy – to understand Adams’ lessons. And at other hand, i cant understand even 10% of what native english speakers talk about. I mean Discovery channel, news on TV, etc.
Are these lessons (hopefully not) are used to improve students, who are really good with english daily talking already? Thanks.

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Hello sir. I have a question for you. Please answer me if you have time.
I really don’t know exactly this phrasal verb ” knock out ” which means ” put out of order”. And I really don’t understand the example below ” Bill Gates may never be knocked off the list of the top ten richest people in the world. Thanks for reading !

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I want to ask you can I use knockout for things? e.g oh what a knockout flowers.

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Anyway, I have question for you? Do you have a lesson about” bet and bit” I’m not really sure if my sentence is right or wrong, because I’m so confused “the bit and bet” Thanks for your time reading my comment..

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At the end of this lesson you said” hopefully you use them (you mean those phrasal verbs) well down the road”. What does it mean? specially the last part.

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Could you please tell me which sentence is correct?

-do you know what’s the cause of this trouble?
-do you know what the cause of the trouble is?

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Thank u adam.

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i am too confused about the question number 9 . you said that knockout means out of order and knock out means to hit and beat someone. could you please clarify that to me

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    I looked it up, and apparently you’re right — for sports played with racquets, like tennis, it means to hit the ball around for practice before a match. However, as someone who knows very little about sports, if I heard that I would assume the players had to very quickly get some people pregnant!

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Most of these are new to me. Many thanks.

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hello, “knock out” means “Nakavt” in Turkish.

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explain about derivative please, I still dont understand about it :(
Thanks Adam :)

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my answer is knock out..
but the correct answer is knockout..

thank you!

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Most interesting I complement my knowledge with online dictionary and one meaning that is important (I know you can’t review the thousands of different meaning) for know over is “to make a strong often positive impression” The band performance knocked me over completely.

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I really find it interesting and enjoy learning. I would definitely like to meet you in future. I am

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Hello,Adam! Thank you for your excellent lesson! But I do not understand one of my mistakes. It is a sentence 7 about Bill Gates. Why is “knock off” used there?
As I understand “knock off” means “steal”. So, how could Bill Gates steal the list of the top ten richest people in the world. I think he is not a thief.

Profile photo of Nikitosik97 Nikitosik97

    Also, before Adam defined it as to steal he said that, for instance, you can knock off something from the table. Типа, смахнул крошки со стола. You should listen very carefully to his explanations.

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Thanks for your video and test!!

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There was a girl in my class who got knocked ______ and had to quit. It’s too bad.
I couldn’t understand this question can you explain me

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This is the very useful lesson for me.

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Hi Adam. Thanks for your efforts about teaching, first of all.
Can we say about question 7,
knock down means fall off table etc.
knock off means drop to the bottom of the list…
so knock down uses about physical, tangible and knock off intangible things

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And you have said that
knockout means very very beautiful
but in Question 9, knockout have used for noun of knock out
Am I wrong

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Hello Adam it is a nice video.. still lot to do on my english… Can you please make a video on does ,do,did, didnt, dont , doesn’t. Tq…

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I remember my first acquiantance with “Knock up” It was in FRIENDS, the episode where Rachel’s father finds out that his daughter gets knocked up by Ross and then Ross gets a lot of hard time afterwards xD

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Thank you Adam!

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Hi Adam,

I don’t understand the sentence with Bill Gates in the quiz.
How he can be “knock off” from the list?
It means for me that he was steal from the list.
Could you please help me with this?

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