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☺ 100 ,surprisingly!Thank you Alex. Lesson was good good goodie good!<3

Profile photo of Annie Annie

    Nice work! You shouldn’t be so surprised! :D

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks rubbicca madam your lectures are very good

Profile photo of Galande Galande

I’m fresher in our class pls tell me how attend the classic or tell me about class

Profile photo of Galande Galande

Thank You. Lesson was useful and explanation simple in your distinctive way

Profile photo of Ali ALKHALDI Ali ALKHALDI

    I didn’t know I had a distinctive way. :) Thank you!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

The Quiz is easy, but a lesson is generally interesting.

Profile photo of borkes borkes

I’ve read the trilogy several times! Love Tolkien. Thank you for the lesson!

Profile photo of Katelf Katelf

Thank you very much, teacher….!!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

    You’re welcome, Jakub! Always!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you! I love the movie:)

Profile photo of snickanicky snickanicky

Very interesting lesson, rich in new words.
Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of byte byte

    My pleasure, byte. I’m glad it had a lot of new content!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks a lot Mr. Alex!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

    You’re very welcome. Thanks for studying with me. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Very nice

Profile photo of Ahmed sedik 1 Ahmed sedik 1

excellent vocabulary lesson!

Profile photo of roenviav roenviav

    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

i got 100, thanks a lot

Profile photo of fitri agustina fitri agustina

Thank you very much

Profile photo of Nilmini Nilmini

Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of S Chit Chit Win S Chit Chit Win

    You’re very welcome. Thanks for checking it out. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks a lot Mr Alex.Excellent lesson and teach.

Profile photo of Maria Estela Zamboim GIli Maria Estela Zamboim GIli

Thank you very much my teacher Alex.

Profile photo of jackie kieng jackie kieng

You´re the best Mr Alex!!
Thanks for being so fun and making vocabulary lessons so interesting ;)
PD: Not Adele the singer, not dell the computer either hahaha

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

I am a big fan of the Lord of the Rings and you did me really happy with this class, Alex. Thank you.

Profile photo of genilvan genilvan

I guess we share the same passion, books! Thank you for the classe ;-)

Profile photo of msneves msneves

Thank you Alex for your lessons .. I am very happy to learn english with you .

Profile photo of zurakakuria zurakakuria

Thank you Alex for the lesson and for singing “snow” as well.

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Alex, thank you very much for your interesting journey in the world of The Lord of the Rings.

Profile photo of Cosimomsc Cosimomsc

100%! TNX, Alex. you are the best, as always.

Profile photo of Saul Joury Saul Joury

Thanks Alex

Profile photo of Bushra Syria Bushra Syria

thanks for your great efforts Alex

Profile photo of Ishak71 Ishak71

Dear Alex I wanna thank you so much for your superb videos every day we learn more English with you …….greetings from surco……

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

Interesting, I didn’t know that “eave” (the overhanging edge of a roof) was a word by itself, even though I’d already heard of “eavesdropping”. Apparently eavesdrop is “the ground on which water falls from the eaves”, and the original meaning of eavesdropping is “listening from under the eaves of a house (that is, from the eavesdrop)”.

Profile photo of Pedro Pedro

Comme d’habitude Alex, c’est un plaisir d’écouter tes leçons.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

thank youuu

Profile photo of Nikinoko Nikinoko

Thanks for teaching Alex. You rock! You’re the best!

Profile photo of pirc pirc

thank you

Profile photo of mohamed sofiane si hamda mohamed sofiane si hamda

it was quite hard, but an interesting lesson, thank you for your diligence, now I can boast a bit^)

Profile photo of OUTGEN OUTGEN

Thanks a lot Alex

Profile photo of vidael90 vidael90

Very good Alex

Profile photo of Spinone Spinone

I got 5/10

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