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Thanks very much Alex for this lesson, please keep in touch with us through these good lessosn! See you.


Hey Alex! I haven’t seen you in ages, and you have long hair now :)


    It changes all the time! Just depends on when I recorded the video and when it goes up on the site.


      so funny


      thanks alot for all lessons Alex and your name my favourite player name his name is Alex de Souza :)


Alex, again you have long hair. For that reason I’ll tell you one joke about hair. Don’t feel offended, just a joke :)
One day wife & husband were going to attend the celebration. Husband wanted to comb his hair, but what was the problem there is that he didn’t have the hair except three whiskers on his head. Having this problem, he asked his wife how to comb the hair, bearing in mind that he had only three whiskers. She said to comb one whisker on the left, one on the right, and the third to leave in the middle. While he was combing it on that way, one whisker fell off. He asked her again how to comb his hair now when one is fallen off. She said to comb one on the left, and one on the right side. Again, while combing, whisker fell off. Now he asked her third time, “Oh Gosh, now I have only one whisker on my head, how the hell am I supposed to comb it?” She exclaimed, “I don’t care any more, go with unkempt hair. . .” Well Alex, with all due respect, this wasn’t in vain, correct my mistakes in typing, I know I made a lot, and enjoy the joke :)


Hi Alex,
thanks you very much for the lesson.
i will keep in touch with you.


    thanks for every one

    richard garret

Thank you very much Alex,it is very usefull in daily conversation. Dear Alex let me the differences of contact and touch? thanks alot


Thanrs a lot. Your lessons are very useful. Tanya


Alex, here is something that I don’t understand, please clarify it for me. While I was doing some english test I made mistake, and dispite explanation, I still don’t understand it. The question was: Mr. Frank requests that someone “SEND””SENDS””SENT” the data by fax immediately. Immediately I eliminated third option SENT, but why is the answer SEND right? Why not SENDS?


    This is called “the subjunctive.” If you make a request or a recommendation with this form, you must use the base form of the verb. For example:

    I recommend that he send a message.
    I suggest that she wake up on time.

    It’s strange at first, but you’ll get used to it.


thanks very much alex,Your lesson make me more confident


hi Alex,
this lesson is amazing and great and very useful and and and long hairs is not suit you, sorry to say,,,,,,,,,,
God bless you


    I definitely had a bad hair day when I filmed this one. My hair is shorter now!


      dear Alex ,I think that your pleasant expression is more important than your hair length.^_^


      actually long or short hair suits you.


Thank you for this lesson. It’s pretty easy and common.Thanks again. :) Best regards.


Hi Alex,
Thanks for your great lessons!
It’s very useful for me.


tnx a lot.


great lesson Alex, keep growing your hair, as long as u want dude. take care too.


    Thanks! When I recorded this video, it was very hot in the room. You can see the results of that with my hair.


Hi. There are only four idioms.

Dick Turnip

Thank you, teacher. I was looking forward to one more lesson of yours, Alex. It’s very useful.


Very useful class. Thank you Alex.


As usual great lesson Alex!


You are great. Thank you.


useful, thankyou


grammar please


could you explain if conditional second and third type in your wonderful way please /


    This is a good idea for a future lesson.


many thanks. I like your all lessons. I am looking forward the next one.


why can’t I do the quiz?What do i have to do?It simply won’t open when I click on it.


Hii Alex
First of all, I want to let you know I have sent you a friend request on Facebook amd I would really be happy if I could appear in your friend list…This lesson is indeed a good and too useful one to me..Your lesson always deserve appreciation because they are made in the context of practical,real life implementation.I got acquainted to some very common ‘pharasal verbs’ when I had taken a lesson on this topic explained by you.The usefulness of that is everyday when I open the newspaper up and read an article having hollywood news,gossip,interviews with the celebraties, I find they frequently use those words and as I know their meaning I don’t have any problem to extract the meaning out of their words..I consider you to my friend-philosopher guide and someone from whom I can improve myself,learn some new rules,idioms and many more things…hope we will be having a long journey ahead with fun toooo..

sona sharma

    For sure! Thanks for your kind words, and keep coming back for more content. :)


i want to improve my English speaking with a native one who can help me plz


thanks very much alex.


Hello. Alex!!


Hello. Alex!!
Thanks for your lessons.
It’s very useful(AGES)
I am looking foreward the next one.


Thanks a lot. I also liked the way youn managed to talk about ring, leaving aparte the one which fits on one`s finger


Thanks Alex for very good lessons.


Thanks so much teacher Alex


it waz soooo helpfull…thankuee soomuch

Najath Muhammed

hi. i am a student at university in english teacher department. i like so much english but i couldnt speak english fluently. for that what should i do?


    Like anything else in life, learning a new language requires practice and trying to search for as much new information as you can. If you can surround yourself with native speakers, that would also help. Good luck!


tnx for a gud lesson


tnx for this gud lesson?????


Tnaks Alex for the lessons. they are really helpful .Looking forward watching your new lessons.


I’d like more advanced level lessons. Keep up a good work and thanks for the great lessons.


    There is a mix of beginner and advanced lessons on the website. :)


      I know Alex but to get a certificate of C1 or C2 level it’s not enough :) That’s why I’m asking for more advanced level lessons.


Hello my dear and sweet teacher
I like your teaching rules and hand styles
teacher i have some problems and the active
how i can changes it
Example khalid kill the bird
teacher tell shortcuts in the lesson easy
I can use now Thanking you

Adnan khugyani from Afghanistan

    Do you mean changing the active to the passive?

    Khalid killed the bird.

    The bird was killed by Khalid.

    Is this your question?


keep in touch idiom’s lessons


TThank you Alex . This site is the cream of the crop .
Is there an overlap between phrases and idioms ?
Kalid from KSA .




this is great .. i can improve my english…


Hi Alex :) You were born in Poland? I am from Poland :) I wonder why some ppl say ” if i was.. ” while others ” If I were ..’ Methinks that these both forms are equally acceptable despite some ppl claim ” If I were..” is the only correct one . However , i did come across on both them really often used depending on where I was at .


    Hi!, I,m not Alex, but I think I have the right answer to your question.

    “If I were” is called the subjunctive mood, and is used when you’re are talking about something that isn’t true or when you wish something was true. For example: “If I were invisible, I would walk into pop concerts for free”.Another example could be: “If I were you, I would studied harder.” This is a subjunctive sentence because I’m not you. It’s impossible for me to be you.

    “I was” is used for things that could have happened in the past or now,not unreal situation.
    For example:
    “If I was feeling sick,it’s good that I went home.”… It is possible or probable that I was feeling sick.
    I hope you find this explanation useful :)


thanks sir for this lecture


That’s very helpful. Thanks!!!


my comment this lesson what is difference between call/ring?


Thanks. Very basic things about idiomatic language. I like the way have out it across.


thanks Alex, keep in touch with me always, cos i like ur teaching


Thanks mr. Alex. Really ur lessons r very important and make every one to understand easily and ThIs is becoz u r explaining slowly and u have good experience in explaining. Keep it up Regards.

Zhiar Taher Rashid

thank u

sayed noorulhaq

thank you

egyptian accountant

goode lesson alex. thanx very match


I don’t know how to thank you Alex .


Dear Alex
Iam very grateful to you for helping me widen my communication idom. I see your lessons are extremely useful. If you have a change to travel to VietNam Please give me a ring, Let me take you to around my country. all things are free for you . see ya later. please contact me at lehoangson_tn@yahoo.com.vn . oh I forgot to tell you about this. I live in HCMC

hoang son

Thanks a lot. You are doing a good job. May God bless you all.


    I have a question. Can I write: The children have had a test.


lesson is good bt the font size is to small to read


    i have a question may i ask


Thanks dear Alex, your lecture provided me a lot of information about communicative idioms


Thanks a lot for a great lessons.:)


i need more video please




all right!


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thanks a lot .it was awesome :)


hi sir alex thank you for your useful videos they are really helping me to speak an almost fluent English , you really have a smart pedagogy of teaching , i wish i had a very competent teacher like you . thank you once again


Thank you sir. I really appreciate you for doing such an excelent job. But problem is that, I want to speak english. But there is no one present to whom I can speak in english. Can you help me in this matter. Is there any facility on your website, that students can speak english you and get much experience?


Hi Alex. I realy like the way you teach us via these video. I am Vietnammese, and i want to learn english by myself. Your videos are helpfull for me. Thank you so much!


Hi Alex, I’am a Pilipino and this kind of video helps a lot for those people who want to improve there english. Thank’s and Godbless.


Thanks Alex! It is very useful for my homework


Thank you so much.Your lesson is great.I’ll start to use these wonderful idioms everyday!


I’ll be very thankful to you if you make the difference in between call me up and give me a call.i also have difficulty in call me down,kindly make me to understand it.
kindest Regards,


    I think gimme a call & call me up both are same…:)


hi everyone, you can call me nathan. and I’m here doing the same of you guys. if someone wants to talk to me and practice english language, all of you can add me on skype or msn
here is my skypename: nathnery
and here my msn: nath_19_28107@hotmail.com
I’m from panama and i will be happy to be your friend. thank you so much. i’ll be waiting 4 u. see you soon guys…lol

nathanael camargo

Great work…. keep on doing…:)


This is an excelent class talking about idioms. Could you make more classes about them? Thank you for your help it´s very useful for all of us.


very good and useful lesson. Thank’s a lot


excellent explanation


Hi Teacher Alex, I am very fond of your pronunciation. As native speakers, many teachers speak out (while teaching) in the style of the native, I don’t quite understand it. But you are great. You can make me understand what you speak (teaching.) I am Thai and I am very new for English. Rebecca’s and jon’s pronunciation sounds like yours. I know I have to understand whenever I listen to them. But at this time, I must listen to your teaching a lot. Thank you very much.

Enjoy your teaching,


Samrid Komkhum

very good service


hanks for putting this video I really liked, and I thank Ronnie for the profession that explains very well.


Hi Alex,

Do you know any website to watch english series with english subtitles?
Thanks very much for teaching


Thank you very much, Alex.


Hi, Alex! Thanks a lot for your lesson!

i haven’t seen this question in comments, so I’d risk to ask. Is it also possible to say ‘for ages’ like ‘I haven’t seen you for ages’.

An if yes, does it differ much from ‘in ages’? What’s more common?


this is VERY GOOD lesson teacher ALEX!!!!!


Thank you Alex, good lesson!


Thanks Alex for this lesson

Josue Jean

Thanks Professor Alex for this lesson ,it was wonderful.Thank you so much.


teacher Alex your lessons are good.i am glade to find good lessons,all the teachers of engvid team are too good.


thank for helping me to understand some essential idioms common.


Thanks Alex


Thank Alex, i ‘ll ring you up later to discuss more on this. Thanks


great lesson,thanks.


I love your class


it was very interesting to know about this expressions. i’m really happy with this site teachers.congratulation!


the experience of ur site is great for me .

sunil verma

I just gotta ask. I was wondering about one thing. i’ve been tought, we dont say ‘to not do somethin’ but ‘not to do something’ is that right? i dont imagine You can be wrong here so just tell me if we can use both forms. Regards! ;)


Hi Alex!
thanks so much for your useful lessons.
I hop that you will have more lessons in the future.


Thank you very much for your amazing help.


Thanks Alex for this lesson! Will there be another lesson like this?!


thanks for paving way to learning.


very interesting idioms:) i liked them. thanks Alex.


thanks I a lot that you are teaching very cool and best, one thing that I share with, when you teach some lessons, I learned better and I share with my classmen, all of my classmen happy when I share new things, I am student In Kabul university


I love English and literature
But now I am very happy that keep in touch if you want and help Kabul Un students


Dear Mr. Alex,
Thanks for the lesson.


Alex, again with you I got 100 %. Thanks again.


Thanks a lot Alex ! I would like to keep in touch with Engvid teachers…


Thanks Alex. I like this page and I will give u a call :)


thanx Alex i got 4 out of 4 :D


Hey, thank you soooo much!! You are a big teacher for us!!!

Georgia Moba

Thank you Alex.


Thanks Mr. Alex, got 75%.

Abdul Qayum

thanks so much Alex; i’m really wondering if you”re going to keep in touch with us ; we are so proud of having a perfect teacher like you ;


Thank you Alex. I got 100%.
I will keep in touch with you via EngVid.



What is the difference between call and call up? From my point of view they are exactly the same.
I called Alex vs I called up Alex
There are other phrasal verbs where I couldn’t tell the nuance added by the preposition, for example help and help out. Alex, could you guide me through it?


What a useful lesson ! .. many thanks alex
Keep us in touch with more important lessons :)


Hi Alex,thank you teacher.


Alex , first of all , thank you for the lession , i got a question , first question ~i will call you later , the answer why i cant use ~i will give you a phone , i remember some people also use phone instead of call ,


i keep in touch with this lessons)) really apreciate it!


Super useful lesson. Thank you.


    thank you very much for teach us international language and would like to make some group in whatsapp to texting each other and learn to gather i think that is going to be usefull >> who agrees with me


thanks very much for this lessons and keep in touch with us


thank you so much


Great lesson! Thanks!

Jonathas Wilhem



I keep in touch with my parents through WhatsApp.


Thanks Mr. Alex.


Thank you for the video! We are in 2020. Facebook hasn’t been outdated yet:D


Thank you for your wonderful lesson .

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