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It is very nice and interesting to learn english to begginer.


    thanks Alex!i have got perfect perfect the quiz,i hope that i can make in a sentence using the verb to be,i have confused still using verb to be.

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    absolutely true

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hi,thanks for all your help.

noureen khurshedi

hi,thanks for all your help.

noureen khurshedi

Good lesson. I like it. Very nice. Thank you.


thank you


hi, thanks for improving my grammar ability. This is fine for everyone.

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thank you very mutch.

yosif meteb

Thank you Alex !

I always appreciate your lessons.

By the way Do have a plan conversation lecture in the future?

I want to conversation study.

Have a great day Alex!

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i like this lesson.,

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Excellent your class.

Friend could you please make a class where tell when we must use “AS” and when we must use “LIKE”, I really don´t know when I must use one or another one.

Thank a lot

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hello alex im from algeria your videos are very intersting
thank you so much
please put more videos about grammar
thank you bye


hello alex thank you for your help.

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hi how are you please help me i try to lear english
put videos about present perfect, Present continuous please


I got dificult about presente perfect simple.

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thankx dear

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Very important lesson not only for beginner but also for all learner.

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Thanks a lot)

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thanks for help.


good lesson.thanks


hello everybody,
I am happy to learn english with you


thank you for your lesson

khem raj(India)

hi teacher how are you ?
please give me a methode for get a good english please
i listen your video and do execice
please help me


I like this site very much!
Thanks a lot!!!

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HI Teacher Alex,

its a good work… really it helps a lot… say me how to use may, might words…thank you…

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it’s great .
thanx a lot ,
i do the quiz & i got 100% :$


It’s very simple!Thanks!

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thank a lot

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Hallo, this is madhan

i really thnks to you. And very use full this site.


Thank you so much ,it was really helpful ,and import lesson thumbs up

Best regards

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yeah its great

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its Good

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Thx. It was very easy to learn grammer here=)

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thanks so much ,it is helpful for me.


Thanks its interisting…


thank a lot

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thax 4u


it good job and easy 4 every 1


hi alex , thanks for video , you can give me your email , for we are touch, thanks.

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hello Alex: do you no what? i was looking for pages like this for 1 year ago and i found it, it’s really good i like all the teachers because they speak slowly and clearly. i am in the level 2 of english here in mexico and i hope to learn how to speak english very well.


Hi Alex! I am very glad that I found your site!I am from Romania, and I came in London one month ago. Thank you for what you doing, because you helped me a lot! Sorry for my English but I hope with your help to learn better! Thank you a lot!!!

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Pretty good, I think i learned a lot of words

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Hi Alex! I like your cours.Thank you.


Hi alex,! I liked your lesson.Thanks


hi.i am pakistani .you are a good working.


thank you to ever
it is nice lesson


hi i hope you are fine. sir please tell me your first lesson where the start and where the finished.plese sent me your website.good by sir.and some advise for me please sir.i am waiting sir.


    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Please refer Ronnie’s basics lessons and learn basic grammar.

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith

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I like these English classes

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Thank you it is very important lesson for me .


I am very glad for your video.
Best wishes from Lithuania.
Thank you – Ačiū!

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Thank you for the kind comments. I will do my best to meet your needs in the future. If you have anything you would like to see covered on the website, please leave a comment!

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    sir thnx 4 intrsting videoes good job


is teacher Alex very polite and great person ?

Yes he is .

Thank you.

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i really thankfull to all the team members of endvid.

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Thank you Alex



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you are good teacher sir iam new in this site but it is very helpful thanks

vinod bhatt

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks good lesson !!

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thanks for all great jop


thank you

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not bad



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Thank you. You made the lesson very easy.


thanks Alex


i really love this site
i learned many things about english
thanks a lot
can i have a favor??
if you have new lessons could you kindly email me and i will watch it right away
thanks a lot god bless


sir it is very usefull , now i get confident
i m searching job so i want to speek english well please give me some tips sir


thank you verry much alex it is verry helpfull.but i have question. which one is most common 300 words which one is the most common 100 idioms which one is english phrases?where shall i find them thanks


very good

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ather examenition


thanks a lot…..
i’ve learnt manything from ur website…i love all your videos… thanks to everyone in ur team……

yuwaraj s.

Excellent! i really like the way you teach. thank you.


Hi Alex, I am new for this forum. I hared about this website thru one of my firends, after listen your classe I felt that it is very interesting and eaisy to understand. Actually I am not good in English Grammar. Hence I request you to give me some tips to enhance my grammer . Thank you very much to all the teachers who are giving classes in this forum for English learns.


very good lesson


Thank you so much for your good method of teaching. It was clearly explained and very important. I learned a lot from your discussed lesson. May God bless you always.


great teacher! i hope “wh” questions next :)


I like your method of teaching, congratulations.
I can understand almost 99% of what you say because you speak very clear, but I can’t understand other people who speak fast and unclear.Can you give me an advice about what could I improve my level of understanding ?
Thank you.


Congratulations! I like your lessons so much!


thank alote for tis

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Thank you my dear friend. It is a very interesting website and you are also a good teacher to teach English. Thank you very much.

Venkata Krishna

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Really great lesson sir..
Nice background…


hi alex
u r doing a great job,please give me information about what is verb,adjective,adverb…..


I`m from Ukraine
and I love English very much,thank you for your lessons.


Dear Sir,
can i say “you was angry”

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    No and if it is present situation you must say “are you angry”

    If communication about past tense then you may say “you were angry?”

    Good luck!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith

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I’m from Vietnam
I like learning English but I don’t speak English. Who help me?

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are you know ? : that’s great that do it


thanks alot

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hi, Alex. i want to improve my skills and i have learnt a lot from your lecturers. please guide me in this way


that’s good edit i hope get a new for many lessons

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Great exercise!!

Eugenio Filho

Great exercise!!! Thank you Alex!!!

Eugenio Filho

i got benifit from your videos and that would improve my skills in english even my friends are also learning very well from your videos , i would like to request you to make a video about’ have been’ because i having confusion about it . where do i need to use this

Shanth Kumar

great help for beginner

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Hi! I’m from Roumania and I like your lessons.


You guys doing great job. I use your videos and my students are happy.

Thaks a lot


He is the best teacher i’ve ever seen on internet… very polite… He makes me not to give up and study English …


Hi Alex,
I love EngVid and i love Alex very much.

Kim Anh

Dead Alex thanks alot for your lesson that really helpful.We waiting for more.We love you.


hi…everyone nice learn together



azka budiman

Thank you Alex…

azka budiman

Thanks for this lesson.

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Wow. It’s very cool!

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this course is very helpful for students.thank you vermuch

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Really a splendid effort by you guys. An undeniable asset for teachers.

Muhammad Ihsan Qadri

oh my God.its amazing.sir alex i love u


Hi Alex
I’m so happy when learn English with you.
I really understand each lesson from you,
be blesed


    Salam.I am from Azerbaijan. I agree with you. These lessons are very good.


hi Alex! it,s me fairy here from pakistan i am so happy coz i got you and u are really a nice person and you speak very politely i really wana talk with you can i have your cell no? thank you.


thanks alot….


I have a confusing question.

What is right?

When WAS the last time you did?
When WERE the last time you did?



    When were the last time you did? “It’s an incorrect sentence”

    Good luck!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith (India)

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Very good lesson!
Thanks a lot!


very good lesson!


thanks a lot,it’s a very good lesson,looking forward for more.


thank you so much teacher Alex,you a great teacher


Thank you Teacher Alex . you are good


HI teacher, you are very polite and simple


thank you a lot

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interesting way to learn grammer


Really good…Thank you Alex


Hi Alex. I appreciate your lesson. It´s very easy. Thank you a lot. I´m looking forward for more.


good job alex

jenel sanon

Sir alex, thank you very much…you are a good teacher.


thank you so much mr. alex

ibrahim magale

firstly,you’re agreat instructor,and i’d like your learning style .Secondly,i’ll hope that you’ll give lessons as a series.


Pretty good, I think i learned a lot of words

Hang Saroeun, Cambodia

Thank you kindly.
You are wonderful


I did that. It’s so useful for me.


100% Not so bed for Upper-Intermediate level)))

Any Russia

Thank you !!

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i am many many thanking you for your great help. god bless you


thnx…nice lesson nd i got 5 out of 6.. :)

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very nice

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english is the key to a wider world,if you don’t understand english you can’t be a best competitor..so go on learn and learn…..

oddy bere

Thank you.

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I love it. Thank you very much for your help.

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hi!!it is very interesting to learn english grammar. I very much like it..its fun thank you everyone..


thank u so much its gr8


i always say thanks for this web-site.


Hi teacher Alex

Why you introduce you “This is Alex”?
Why not “I’am Alex” or “My name is Alex”??

I’m from Mexico, in Spanish “This is” means “Este es” or “Esto es”

Thanks, great work in this web page!!


Thanks you so much Engvid .com for helping us easy to learn english

Salman Khan


Abdullah alqhtani


    Abdullah alqhtani

why can’t open the quiz?if somebody could help me with the answer, thnx


Thanks a lot…you are a fantastic teacher!!!

larissa Seechis

oh ! my god ..i may not watched your lesson but i perfect the quiz ^^,

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thank u very much it is really nice


thanks a lotvery interesting wayfor teaching I like it verymuch but how can I get answers of my guestion?


chongratulation brother you make me understand well abuout the lesson, becide you inspire me to be a teacher someday. Thanks and God Bless you


thanks for the lesson.


your a good teacher all of your lessons are easy to understand,hope you teach me more….thanks!!!!!!!!

teddylyn miller

Thanks for the lesson Alex

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thank you Alex.


got 6 out of 6 tnks alot


It’s very nice your explanation, mister Alex, Thank you very much !

Azarias Miranda

Its really easy lesson that ever learn…hahaha,thank you! Mr. Alex!

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I’ve got 100 on this quiz hahah

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It isn’t hard to do.Thank teacher-Zibi from Poland.


It’s useful thanks a lot for explanation I appreciate a lot


Thank u I have 5 answer


Thanks for practice English, I will try more than.. XD


pl clarify. Warm Regards or Warm regards or warm regards


Hey guys that was nice!!


Alex thanks, this lesson is quite easy and simple to understand


This is very great and easy to understand. I love this! <3


so easy….
but useful

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thank you alex

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Thank for the lesson. :)

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great class…

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Profile photo of educalle5 educalle5

perfect!!! 100%

Profile photo of educalle5 educalle5

Nice lesson, thanks Alex!

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:) thanks I got 100% on the test

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Hi Alex,
thanks a lot, great explanation
take care

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hii alex, its really nice but ,teach me the different between “TO BE” and

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Alex, you class are so nice and so relaxing. I really enjoy. Thanks!

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Thank you Mr Alex…..

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Thank you for the simple, but very handy lesson.
Greetings Alex from Italy.

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get it now sur . thank u so so much u explain very well

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a zillion thanks! Alex,good explanation.

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As always e great class Alex… :)

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I have got 6/6
thanks teacher :)

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Thanks again teacher. Your lessons helps me a lot :)

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Thank you for your lesson.

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Thx a lot for your lesson

Profile photo of balagura balagura

very goooooooood :)

Profile photo of goycek goycek

it was very good for beginners, thx.

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Thanks a lot :)

Profile photo of Willlkerj Willlkerj

Thank you for your help.

Profile photo of Wilkims Wilkims

Thanks a lot

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Iam beginer, my english is bad but the exercices are good

Profile photo of Carlos Crispini Carlos Crispini

I want to know where should i use “As” and where should I use “Like” in a sentence.

Profile photo of MuhammadYahya10 MuhammadYahya10

Awesome! Thanks kuya Alex!

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hello alex thank you for your help.


I got 6/6!! Thanks alex!!!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

Thank you Alex!

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007

Actually all is very simple! Thank your!

Profile photo of simfanest simfanest

6/6 thanks,Alex

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Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182


Profile photo of ranie ranie

Thanks for your teaching

Profile photo of Alinaqializada2014@gmail.com Alinaqializada2014@gmail.com

Thanks Alex for your explanation bacaus my exam was 10 of 10. Wow!

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