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    When i went there it didn’t work.

    abduullah 1

      Which one? englishalex.com? I just double checked the links and they’re working fine now. :)



        abduullah 1

        but both of them still don’t work

        abduullah 1

Thanks Alex, I appreciate your effort.

Muhammad Abbas

    My pleasure! Thanks for studying with me.


When Alex was inventing this quiz he wanted to eat soup and to drink a tea with lemon :)


    This is not a surprise. I’m almost always thinking about these things or some other kind of food or drink. How do you think I got my belly? :p


I got 9/10, the lesson is interesting and useful in conversation everyday, by the way I definetely go to your website and study with it, I suppose it is very useful for our in learning English process, Thank Alex

nguyen van long

    You’re very welcome! I truly hope you find the site and the materials useful.



Chara hala

Thanks, Alex, appreciated.


I make knowing a new language look like a penny bank. Every new word you have learned, as a noun, adjective, adverb, verb, idiom, actually is your saved pennies. When the amount of them increases, you need to find the connections among them. They can be synonym or antonym of one another. Not forcing yourself to find their synonyms or antonyms — because it can be a very boring — is the most important point. This process must be naturel but not looking up a dictionary. You should learn them when you watch, hear, or read something. Because learning how to use a word is as much important as knowing its meaning. This method may also help you as mnemonic because you can remember them easily. The more you have the synonyms or antonyms of a word, the more fluent your speech becomes because you have a lot of alternatives instead of just one word.
Thanks Alex!


    This is a very good encapsulation of the video! :)



    Bushra saleh

Do anybody want to learn with me English.

abduullah 1

    I am interested, What are you thinking?


      Of course yes if you want.

      abduullah 1

      Do you speak Spanish???

      Bushra saleh

    I am interested

    Muhammad Abbas

      could you downlead Microsoft team and tell me your name so i can add you and if you have another app that we can use tell.

      abduullah 1

    if your profile were real, maybe


nice one and a helpful video


Thanks Alex!!
How long have you been mulling over to finally decide such a difficult website name to remember?? ;)


    You have no idea. I had over 100 possible website names at one point, but many of them were already taken. leveupenglish.com, englishboost.com, etc. In the end, englishalex.com is nice and simple. :)


very well-said Alex.

Seif Eldawla

Thanks a lot Alex for the very good tips!

Henrique Alves


Mohamed Hassan Guhad

I really appreciated this video, especially by the Alex’s easy-learning classes like this one. Thanks, Alex!

Isaias Menezes Silva



I hope you will success big things my master.. Accept my loyalty.


thank you


Thaks, you are a good teacher.


Big Thanks! Very useful video!


Congrats on the new website and book, Alex!


thanks. my score is 70



Alex, thanks a lot!! :)


I got 9 out of 10. I watched the whole video without subtitles and I had a good understanding. Thank you.

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