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hi, Alex. every time i take your lessons i get more pumped about learning English because you always bring us new and exciting subjects. and one of the best ways to improve our English is learning idioms and slangs because, in this way, we learn the way native English speakers talk. i like your classes so much. thank you very much.

Daniel C Herculano

    Hi Alex, Your teaching is so good, I am So pumped when i get your lesson about learning, Its amazing to have such a teacher like you, I had tried a lot about speaking English, but i loosed everytime. But after finding such a great teacher like you, I must sure about my excellent speaking. t


Thanks Alex for your lesson. Congratulation for your tieor if youprefer your necktie. It fit you very well. Kind regards

Profile photo of vilainpetitcrapaud vilainpetitcrapaud

Thanks for lesson, teacher Alex.

Profile photo of zarifa22 zarifa22

Hi,Alex. You’re the greatest ever!
I’ve loved your lessons very very much.
Everything you teach us is practical!
Thanks teacher.
BTW, could u do a lesson on subject omission when you’re free?
It’s very difficult for me that when i should leave out the subject. Please!

Profile photo of kingfisher kingfisher

You were really pumped about this lesson!!!!
Great Alex! …and thank you very much as always…

Profile photo of Ste! Ste!

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your new lesson and I suppose that you are supposed to be in theater!
I watched a video of you which describes the usage of ‘yet’. I would be pleased if you can arrange another exclusively for ‘yet’ i.e as yet, have yet to and so on.

Profile photo of duleepa duleepa

I was psyched about your lesson…I’m completeley pumped to learn more with you. Best wishes!!!
I’d like to have a lesson about “if” or “wether”. I don’t know when to use them…I never know when to aplly one or the other…
Can you give a lesson about this matter. Thank you in advance…

Profile photo of adurao adurao

you put the tie on your head, but your shirt show that you dont go to the party ehehehehe


what a exciting lesson with that tie around your head lol. thank u Alex. party on.

Efrain Dominguez

Marvellous dear Alex.
ten out of ten,
But a ? plz:
“put ur hand where ur mouth is”,what does it mean plz?!!
Lots of thx.

Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

    I’ve got it!

    Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

Hi Alex …. thanks for this lesson.
‘Cuz this lecture pumped me up !!


thank you


hello, I have to tell you ..it was my second the attempt and my score was 9 to 10!! :-))) great! thanks

Profile photo of marcela12 marcela12

Hi alex! At beginning of this lesson I was so excited to learn more english slangs. Thank for your help and support.

Profile photo of karlitost karlitost

helpfull, good teacher
this is a nice and great site for learting english.

Mr. Alex what about “I look forward to”


Cool! Just learned some new slangs!


Hi Alex and friends.. It was a pumped lesson and I liked it very much. I really want do more friendships and train my English. My skype account is litos1366

Profile photo of litos litos

helpful, good teacher
this is a nice and great site for learning english.

Mr. Alex what about the sentence “I’m looking forward to”


i really psyched thanks

Profile photo of rabbani rabbani

I’m pumped for this lesson…yeahhhh

Profile photo of dafmau dafmau

I am so psyched about learning english this way, thank you :)

Profile photo of glmrenard glmrenard

Hi Alex, I have just read that you was born in Poland. I live in a beatiful Polish city too – Cracow. Please visit Poland, you can see how it changed from your last visit! Each your lesson is excited and you are really pumped about teaching :) You are the best man!


I just want to enter the quiz.


Thanks a lot for your enjoyable lesson


i’ve really enjoyed this lesson ana i’m pumped for listening to more lessons


Thanks. I’m pumped to learn English on this page. My friends are psyched about practicing English at Sword lake!

slc hoi bat chuyen

i am really psyched about your teaching.
thank you very much.
and i am so pumped for my mistake when i do leave a comment to you. please forgive me teacher if i have a mistake with you in my comment.


Thanks Alex ,You’re so good Teacher .God bless you .have a good one.


I’m so pumped about this lesson :)


I’m really pumped about learning english in this site and completely psyched for you guys.


Hello Alex, thank you for your lesson.
I was so impressed by your explanation, so that I have watched the lesson some times, and probably, I will watch it more !
But I have a little question.
Could you please make a lesson on a subject ; how to give directions inside a big building where there are many floors, stairs and elevators ( for example, to find a definite room, starting from an enter of the building or to find an exit, if someone gets lost slightly) ?
How to explain to people the way to a needed place in English properly.
Thanks for your attantion. Best regards !


thanks! Im pumped to learning!

Profile photo of vhangie36 vhangie36

I’m totally pumped to watch Your nex lesson =)

Profile photo of nikolayzzz nikolayzzz

Thank you, Alex,,,ple tell me different between I am moved and I am touched..it is also very similar…

Profile photo of masa1807 masa1807

hi Ronnie IAM Very very interested to joint your lessons.. long time iam looking for tallent teacher to be benefited from him..but finaly i met you. this is greatful
God bless you.

Essam Eldin

why should i say may i get in i want to enter in the class room instead of saying may i get into i want to know more about the use of get in and get into


i want to learn more about the difference between get in and get into


i didn’t understand well this lesson alex i need more explanations


Thank You!! Alexx ^^ I like your new Look!! keke


OMG Alex… You seemed to be such a formal person and then you appeared like that… OMG it was a real kicker… LOL!!! JK It´s a kick ass video Alex! *Thumbs up*

Profile photo of vicodin vicodin

i’m psyched to see more lessons.
“is that right”

i. man

Hi Alex, Thanks for teaching the very important parts to use it in some different ways
Thanks you

Profile photo of sayed2012 sayed2012

You are an amazing teacher. Now I am totally pumped to continue with other lessons in this website. Thank you, Alex.


Alex I love youuuuuuuuuuu, you and John are my favorites, thanx one more time.


I’m really pumped for my scores.It’s 10 out of 10.


:: I´m pumped for news videos ::

Tks Alex

Profile photo of italo99 italo99

Alex,very much thanks,itś very useful.


Can we say “I’m psyched to seeing Sam” in the quizz, instead “I’m psyched to see Sam”?


I was pumped for your lesson! Thank you.


Thank you Teacher Alex, I am totally pysched about this online lesson. i will get to the end of it and hope to get a good understanding of how to use English. Thank you so much


ttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhank you so much my ecxllent teacher


very nice lesson; I am very pumped about it.

Profile photo of sadiki sadiki

pls do teach us parts of speech if u can do

syed noman

i’m waiting for your reply

syed noman

I`m really psyched about learning English. Thank you Alex for your provision.


hey alex how aare you doing i hope you’re right i really love your lessons it’s very helpful for a beginner english speaker like me any way please i have a question for you the term “psyched” it means hard/tough the reason why i ask you cause why would you use such term like that in positive sentence even the term it’s not refer to something positive i hope you get my point and i’m sorry for taking long


I am psyched about learning other slang! Thanks for your help with improving our language skills :-)

Profile photo of jirka jirka

Thanks for the lesson!! I’ m totally pumped to watch video lessons from engVideo!!

Profile photo of sokou sokou

i am really psyched about that lesson thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax

Profile photo of dinas dinas

Great lesson. I’m so pumped about learning english with your videos!


Thank´s a lot

Profile photo of leobsas2000 leobsas2000

I’m psyched to see more lessons.I’m waiting for one more time.So long.


thank for your really excited lecture!


i didnt get it that much

nour zakaria

very good lesson

Profile photo of reymond58 reymond58

Thank you very much for your lesson.
It’s very interested. Please may you send me more English slang teacher.

Nordeus Samson

Thank you

Profile photo of quangdzung quangdzung

thank you master alex iam so psyched for the lesson

mohamed yusuf

i still don’t know how to use preposition after pumped and psyched


Alex really very well taught. I like it…..
Thanx a lot….

Umesh kumar satapathy

I was really pumped about watching your performance))))) you’ve been so cool))))))))

Profile photo of elena1984 elena1984

im happy when i can learn english in engvid with you, you are so good

Profile photo of adede adede

woooooooooow, That’s so cool.
I’m really psyched about learning english with this site
I’m so pumped now


hello nice to meet you all.I want to speak English language very well .can you help me ?


hi teacher Alex .i want to teach English with you .


Ihank you for the lesson .It is very interesting
and necessary to know this.


i’m psyched about the website and all the teachers/

Profile photo of indigo1207 indigo1207

Hey Mr. Alex, Iam Nazar from Iraq, I have an query if you don’t mind about the quiz #10 related to excitement lesson, I chose #4 while you set #1 as the right answer.
Could you explain it to me with a message, i used #4 because i didn’t find the word “starting” in the question but i found “reading” therefor i chose #4,,my opinion is both are right.
thank you

Profile photo of nazzar nazzar

Hi mr. Alex! I’m a novice here. And I’m pumped about your lessons. You’re the best teacher. Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of yuriyfromua yuriyfromua

hey teacher thanks for this lesson u look so cool with this tie btw ..:D i have a question does pretty mean very ?

Profile photo of sarahmahmoud sarahmahmoud

    “Pretty” is slightly weaker than “very,” “really,” and “quite.”

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

sir, then pls classify the degrees of all (pretty,very,really,and quite)

Profile photo of ramnayak ramnayak

Thank you, Alex. You were pretty pumped today!!! Could you help me, please? I am not sure about the pronunciation of “psyched”… Is it /SA’IKT/?

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

    You got it. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

7 :(

Profile photo of ydlax ydlax

Thank you. I love your today lesson.

T Jacob

Thanks, Alex. i’ve got perfect score. you’re lessons very useful.They help me a lot.

Profile photo of themanofwomen themanofwomen

Thanks Alex I love your lessons

Profile photo of aduinterpreter aduinterpreter

I got 60points


Great , thank u so much. It was so easy and completely wonderful way to teach.


Hi Alex, your teaching is great ! I am so pumped about learning from you, this lesson is really so good ! thanks Alex ! thanks engvid


hi Alex thank you for this video and I am really psyched about the next videos


I’m very pumped for youuuuuuu

Profile photo of elmajzoob elmajzoob

I Like so mUchh your way of teaching , i’m totally pumped for this vedio thank youu so much alex


I got only 6 of 10 here. So i am really pumped to get more certain in this kind of lesson.

Profile photo of liberator liberator

thanks sir


Great lesson sir, i got 80 points :) Will watch it over and over till i get 100%

Profile photo of nadermax nadermax

Hi there thanks for your wonderful lesson.

Profile photo of mahmouddahman mahmouddahman

70 % I am pumped for it.

Profile photo of alpido24 alpido24

Hey Alex how to get rid of mother tongue influence while speaking in english.
Thank you in anticipation

Profile photo of lalith09 lalith09

Short yet awesome lesson, Alex! Loved it! I am really pumped for watching the new one! :)

Profile photo of Bruno Levy Bruno Levy

thank you <3

Profile photo of Assinate Assinate

Thanks a lot Alex!!!
I got 6 correct out of 10 but I am completely psyched for Engvid !!!!!

Profile photo of huenhanp102 huenhanp102

I got 4 correct out of 10 :( I seldom to use slang also in Japan. So I was really confused. But I’m totally pumped for Engvid :) Thank you for your fun lesson, Alex :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

I was psyched about your teaching style.

Profile photo of le anh tu le anh tu

Nice lesson :)

Profile photo of dryoyomama dryoyomama

am…….can you make a video on how to increase vocabulary plz.

Profile photo of no@123 no@123

Really interessting, I´m learning a lot.

Profile photo of Flor Chauca Flor Chauca


Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

thanks Alex ,smashing job ,actually I,m totally psyched about all your lessons

Profile photo of zabdallah zabdallah

I’m totally psyched about my TOEFL!! (/ω\*)

Profile photo of Zero10 Zero10

10 out of 10!! Woaa, I’m so pumped!

Profile photo of Zero10 Zero10

very helpful lesson Alex.it is good to have a vocabulary variety.that way our daily english can be more fluenty

Profile photo of cupil27 cupil27

good slang,I love it.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

Thank you , I’m pumbed about watching your next Video

Profile photo of 1990-alf 1990-alf

Hi Alex. I’m completely psyched about learning your lesson. I like the way you talked. I always understand it. Keep it up. A million thanks. Have a great day.

Profile photo of Noraisa Noraisa

Thank you Alex!

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

you are a good teacher ever.thank you so much

Profile photo of carezescalo carezescalo

Nice lesson, teach!!!

Profile photo of Jabalbayo Jabalbayo

Great lesson. We ought to learn those slang expressions as well, because they’re part of English speaker’s everyday speeches. Am I wrong?

Thanks so much teacher Alex, and all engVid team.

Profile photo of albertejy albertejy

Thank you

Profile photo of paulo kanana paulo kanana

I was pumped to your lesson
thanks Alex

Profile photo of habibid69 habibid69

You are a unique person; soft humor and great teacher. Thanks a lot

Profile photo of lymourao lymourao

woooooooow i am really pumped to learn english .. i got 10 of 10 .. i am really psyched about it


Thank for you great lesson!

Profile photo of Irina Bondareva Irina Bondareva

Thank you so much!

Profile photo of vkachan69 vkachan69

thank you so much mr alex you are really give me the profit my greetings joseph :* :)

Profile photo of joseph97 joseph97

I got 80 for the first time :( So, if they ask with “about”, we must answer with “about” too? (No. 4)

Profile photo of Astri Astri

There’s a problem with the subtitle. Many words are written incorrectly. “Psyched” written as “sites”, “adverbs” written as “adverts”, etc.

Profile photo of Astri Astri

thanks alex

Profile photo of alisam alisam

very goog lesson !!

Profile photo of Brandol27 Brandol27

Thanks for these tips!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

I am psyched about your lesson!

Profile photo of Egghead Egghead

Thank you Mr. Alex. I am really pumped to watch your lessons!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956
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