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Now I have started to smash the like button before I watch your videos Ronnie

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    she’s great! :)

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Isn´t it any baguette expresion???hahaha
Nice lesson Ronnie, thank you very much ;)

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Thank you Ronnies, Your lesson is useful

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100%. Many thanks!
One question: “toasting” and “rapping” have the same meaning, don’t they?

Profile photo of Lfabian2013 Lfabian2013

    xin chào bạn minh cũng là người viat nam mình trả lời là toasting thi no nghieng ve nghia trang tu hon ban nhe khac voi rapping dạng động từ

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Ronnie! you are awesome,Jesus bless you

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thanks. i love slang!!! and i got 100 for the quiz

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let’s roll !! Thank you Ronnies.♡♡♡

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You are a sweetie pie, Ronnie. Thank you!

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Thanks a lot Ronnie!

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lofty !! You always show me new worlds behind common words !!

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i enjoy this lesson thank you so much

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Nice lesson. I learn a lot.

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Thanks Ronnie by this useful lesson.

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Ronnie you’re the best! I actually got a craving for something sweet after this class, let’s roll to the bakery!
Thank you!

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Thanks Ronnie, your lesson was completely new for me, good topic to choose!

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    h are you
    add me on whatapp 00923015369996

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Hahahaha that was so funny!
you’re really hilarious Ms. Ronnie, but how you use the names of foods for disgusting stuff lol,
However thank you so much Ms.Ronnie for this funny lesson!I have got many vocabularies

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    Do you wanna work as translator contact with me

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Thank you Ronnie, your lesson like talking between friends. It’s easy to remember.

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Thank u ,it’s useful!

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thank you Rannie nice video

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Nice buns… Nice class!!!!

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Oh, thank you , it is really useful. I got 10 out of 10

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thanks ronnie!

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It’s so nice, thank you

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Great lesson Ronnie! Thanks!!

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Oh Yeaahh!!
Thanks so much Ronieee!!
Can we get toasted???
Pleaseee Let’s roll!!!!
hahha Jk!!

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Single video gave me a hope again :p. Thanks Ronnie :D.

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Dear Ronnie, what happens to your muffin top when you eat too many muffins? Does it increase? Does it grow up? What is the right expression?
P.S.: I found this lesson very funny, especially the quiz.

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Thanks Ronnie.I enjoyed your fantastic explanation as always…keep rocking..

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A wonderful lesson. Thank you, Ronnie.

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That was my first video, watching at envid, enjoyed it so much, you are such a sweetie pie :* Ronnie. 😊😊😊😊😆 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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Thanks Ronnie for this slang expressions lesson!

Then, when someone has a muffin top over buns, she not necessarily has a pile of doughs :-)

By the way, pretty bottle.

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Haha. Nice lesson.

If you want to mess with people, ask them, “What do you put in a toaster?” A lot of people will say “toast.” Of course, the correct answer is bread. :)

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    hahah thank you ,I`ll try it

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Hey Ronnie, how are you? I hope you are very fine. On top of the world!!! I like you very much, your way, the way you teach, the way you play with us, the way you speak, everything on you. You are very funny.
Thank you so much for your time, for having taped this video. Thank you so much for your lessons. Hugs and kisses from Brazil. Bye.

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This is my first comment and i would like to say to things the first one is congrats
To Engvid.com this portal is something else and last but nit least i would like to thanks to Emma you are an excellent teacher.

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I had fun!

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Thank you very much for this very interesting lesson, Ronnie! You’re a sweetie pie! Greetings from Brazil! Júlio César.

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Ronnie, please come to Brazil! 😂

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why I can’t leave a comment :(

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Ronnie, love your classes♡♡!!!!

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Thank you Ronnie! It was funny and very useful. You are a sweetie pie :)

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Ronnie I really love your lesson and also your style I’m happy when I watch your lesson. English is not bored since I found you

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It was quite difficult this lesson for me but thank you anyway.

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    so nice

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Thank you Ronnie

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Hi, Ronie. I love you :D
Thank you!!

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Thanks, Ronnie

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Hi, anyone interested in speaking exercise?? well I am. contact me at shahz7772@gmail.com


Thanks about it! your class is very fun…

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Thanks Ronnie. I really enjoyed and learned all slang now. I will try to use them as the situation arise

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Hi Ronnie i enjoyed so much your classes you are so funny!!!

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Thanking you in anticipation.

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Thanks Ronnie , I got 100;)
Very interesting lesson

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thank you so much
all your lessons so good
thank you again

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Ronnie.! thank you so much, your lessons are great.

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Thank you Ms. Ronnie! I love your lessons so much. Hope you will give many good lessons for us.

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Thank you, Ronnie. You’re te best! XoXo

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Hi ronnie I hope you well ronnie would you upload video about phrasal verb specially when I wanna talk about my hobbies sports food and if you have knowledge about the((security check interviews))I’d like to see

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thank you very much it is very useful lesson and i hope you have more lessons about slang words

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Thank you so much, this help me a lot! ^^

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Hi, Ronnie…I’m sure you’re sweetie pie. And your lesson was very interesting and useful as always. I’ve got 10 correct out of 10. That’s really cool. Thanks a lot…

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engvid…i kindly request you to do a lesson on PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES…including ”in favour of” …it would be a relief for all the students if you do this…Please Please Please teacher’s and sir’s….i cant understand when to use in favour of’ and it’s uses…your attention in this regard is highly appreciated….

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Yay, i got a full mark.

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always fun to learn from you . thank you

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Yeah!! I got 6 out of 10..maybe because i answered the questions before watching ronnie lesson..sad for me..im not good in english but by the help of ronnie’s lesson.hopefuly i will be like the other who can speak better english slang wuhahaha…

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot

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I’m not well speaker English who wants speak with me???????

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Thank you for the nice lesson. I really like the “bun in the oven” you taught LOL. Now I understand why you call it “bun in the oven” after searching on Google!

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Thank you, you’re so funny!

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Very useful and interesting. Thanks!

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such a nice lesson, thanks Ronnie you’re a such sweetie pie ;)

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Hi! Could you please tellwhere can we get the full transcripts of engvid videos? There are transcripts on youtube. But they are not full. Thank you, Ronnie, for your awesome lessons!!!!!!!!!!

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such a nice lesson,thanks Ronnie

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thanx Ronnie…

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thanx ronnie..:)

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A toast for you Ronnie. Happy New Year! Have a prosperous 2016!

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A interesting teaching style,and I learn lots about the bakery hahahaha

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Ronnie your way in teaching its amazing
thank you

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Thanks Ronnie.

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Ronnie, you’re a redhead bully, you know that?! If someone someday will asking me, where did you learnt all these bad words, I’ll say Ronnie taught me! And for now, let’s get toasted Ronnie! LOL

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Thanks à lot ronnie, your english courses are vers help full, and your methode is too.

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hey you are awesome teacher ,since I watched your videos ,I m taking more interest in English videos, you explaining method is so nice one can easily understand ,whether he belong to any country, thank you so much for supporting and making the people good and confident in english

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Thanks for helping us to improve our english. One question, you said people can not be broken. But I know a song of the metal band Pantera called I’m broken. What does this mean? Tks

Profile photo of Davitozul Davitozul

    It can be used in a metaphorical way to describe someone who is (psychologically) damaged or defeated. Like, “After his wife left him, he was a broken man.”

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Uhu! One more lesson. Thanks for both: Davit for the question and the Moderator for the answer.

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Thanks Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie!

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Thank u Ronnie ❤️

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Thanks Ronnie , You are a sweetie pie , can you help me to get the native speaker accent?

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thanks Ronnie it was helpful

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thanks ronnie i like your stail thanks

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Thanks Ronnie

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Ronnie, you’re a sweetie pie)

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I like your manner and method to teach. This is a very interesting and helpful video.

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Crazy Ronnie, fantastic teacher!

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Without bread, we are dead

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I didn’t watch the video yet .. but thank you Ronnie you are the best

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Hi ronnie, you are really a sweetie-pie

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    I think you’re right, and she’s also a funny person.

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Mirs Ronnie is a sweetie pie teacher! I enjoy all your video. Thank you very much!Best wishes!!

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Thanks you for giving me a great lessons!!

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Thanks a lot, Ronnie…you’re a sweetie pie…!!!

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I’m in love with your classes, Ronnie! Thank you!

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My answer for no. 8 is incorrect. Pls explain because I don’t get it

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I´m toasted with Ronnie classes.Thank you!

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nice :)

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Love your classes!

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The slangs are other world of means… Thank you Ronnie; you makes me learn through the laugh… Funny classes.

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    Ups.. a mistake, I think : ( The slangs are other world of meanings ) Sorry.

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Cool Ronnie! I suppose it’ll be useful if I live in America soon!

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Ronnie, you`re awesome. Thank you)

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Thanks Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie, my quiz was great I got 10 out of 10. and oh I like how you gave a lessons from every materials, You’re Iconic!

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i love you ronnnnnnnnnie

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Thanks Ronnie

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Wow.very usufull lesson was Ronnie.I wrote these meanings and repeat thrm.I don’t except that I passed this quiz from 10 to 10.thank you.you are great teacher.

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You’re the best Ronnie! thank you very much for teach us.

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Hay lololol

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thanks for this lazy video

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Cool crazy video!!!!!!!!!

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Whenever Ron does a vid she’s like eat my ‘toast’everyone or rather eat my shorts or is it blow my muffin top

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i got it all correct. Thank you Ronnie.

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Thanks Ronni i got 100,jubilant withe your lessons.

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You got 8 correct out of 10.

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I got 10 out of 10. Thus, i’m crazy like a fox.
Thanks EngVid for being a sweetie pie for the free lessons we are receiving.

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Thanks Ronnie, you are a sweetie pie for the lessons you are teaching us.

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