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What is the meaning of “#’s”?


    It means Numbers. # means number. as written.

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      hii ronnie,
      i like your teaching,but u can give me some advises to practise learning and speaking in the context at the same time when i talk with a foreigner or inteview for the job?thks a lot

      Thanh Nông

Thank-you very much.


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Whats the name of the teacher that explaed about numbers, please. She like me the way in that give your course.


Awesome. I have never seen an instructor teaching with this much ease and as much clarity as well.
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Kind regards
A. Aziz

Ahmed Aziz

what are the differetiate roman numbers and english numbers

hafiz ubaid

    Roman numerals look like this: I II III IV V VI etc. English numbers look like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Hi Ronny,

      I understand what you mean. But there are no “English” numbers. The numbers that you think are referred as “Arabic”. What is wrong, because they came to Europe from India via Arabica years ago.

      Profile photo of artur72 artur72

      Hi Ronny

      When you say 3 – three I hear: ~ tri. But when you say 30 – I hear: ~ firtee. Is the pronounciation of 3 and 30 always different? Or can I say: ~ “free”, “firtee”?

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but how to pronounce twenty?



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      but ronnie is it ok to pronounce twenty is tweny ?

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        Yeah, of course. You can pronounce both twen-T, and tweny. It depends on which accent you want to use Canadian, or American. . .


I’m a brazilian, and I need to speak,understand, read and write english!!! tank you!!!…keep on doing it!!!

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hi i really impressed by your way of teaching you are great and i want to make shure if we could say tweny instead of twenty because i heard a lot of american and canadian people say this is it true or not?.


    You can pronounce both ways! You won’t make any mistake. . .


no response ?


    Yeah, you can pronounce it like that. I say it like that all the time.


very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good lesseions….


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When we speak [i], the tongue tip can hang in the air.
When we speak[t], the tongue tip touches the alveolar ridge.

Does the tongue tip move from touching the alveolar ridge to hanging in the air when we pronounce “tea[ti]” ?

Wang Yi-Chau


I remember when I couldn’t spell 15 and 50 in the right way, instead to say fifteen and fifty i was say fiveteen and fivety

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Where is quiz ?

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    It is pretty difficult to make quizzes for pronunciation, so some of these lessons don’t have quizzes. Sorry!

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      Here is a suggestion. You can provide sound effect, so on that way we can choose the right answer. For example, we hear some voice pronouncing specific word, and then decide if the pronouncing is right or false.


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This lesson is really good for me. Thank you.
But how can I say the year-number???
for example: 1138??? I’ll say one thousand one hundred and thirty eight or eleven thirty eight???


    You can simply say eleven thirty-eight!


and the year 1023? I’ll say one thousand twenty three or one thousand AND twenty tree???


Thank’s a lot….u gave me the important information bout number’s….


if i can i will iou


thanks alot for made sure it.

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thanks for your best lectures to help me to improve my English, i have a little confusion that is about the spelling of Forty and Four and fourteen why in english there is difference in spelling of Forty (40), even it is pronounced same?
thanks and regards

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hello Ronnie, can you help how to say following nummers. I’m a german speaker working in a call center. Last weak I spoke to an english speaker and I’m not sure whether he has understood me.
I was giving him a e-mail address for exmple ACC_BP_IBDD@gmail.com and I did not know how to say it. I said ACC and he asked AC or ACC and then I said IBDD and he asked ABD, you know? When I’m gonna say ACC how explains to him these are only 2 or 3 letters? Thank you


    You can say “double c”.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Dear Mam,
40 is “FOURTY” a cardinal number which is equavalent to the product of four and ten;
40 is not prounounced as ‘FOURTY’ as you teach in this lesson.
Reference Oxford Dictionary.
Nurul Haque.

Nurul Haque

    So how do you pronounce it?

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

    may be “foudy”?

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Hi! In american pronunciation i heard what 20 as “twony”. Is is correct?

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Good lesson C=

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could u plz tel me few words how do v pronounce them but they r not related to this video.. here they r –
1) envelope
2) schedule


plz tell me how do we pronounce these words – envelope and schedule…
there are few more words which i have to ask from you how do we pronounce them so on which website shall i ask you ???? do you have any other website???????????? please tell me


    envelope= n-va-lowp
    schedule = sked-jewel

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

please tell me which is the correct pronunciation –
‘ske-dule’ or ‘sked-jewel’



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    They’re both right! You can pronounce it “shedjewel” as well.

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    Roo-in Like kangaROO -in

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I love it very much!!!I hope to improve my bad English with your lessons.Thank a lot you…)


30 Thur T
13 Thir Teen


Teacher Ronnie,
can you please explain differences and usage of “affect” and “effect”


Hi Ronnie
I love your teaching techniques.As i learned that tweny thirdy, fordy,fifty, sixty, sevendy,eighdy and ninedy…?

Are they right?


    Yes! Great work!

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I would love to learn how to pronounce all the english Diphthongs.

Biwsa , toronto


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    The best way is to watch American tv shows and repeat. However, there about 42 different American accents!

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please my queen
I’v a problem with number 20
sometimes I hear it ” tweny ” and others I hear it ” twenty ”
thanks in advance my queen, be blessed


YOu can say it TWEN -T or twenn -y! Both are correct!

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thank you teacher you are sporting


thank you so much lesson values ​​and lessons of other wonderful fact benefit you much


i like the way how you teach us Roonie,, thank a lot for all of your lesson i really enjoy it, and its very helpful for me.. there is nothing i cant say but wish you the best luck.


hi iam an Indian , iam troubling to understood english moivies because they are very fast like train , is there is any sollution to fallow that train……………This is not only my problem almost lot of Indians face this problem…………..


Thank you so much, you are very good teacher and I liked you.
I guess you are very strong teacher.
be successful

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Thanks, Teacher!

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Could you give me the hint when hearing 14 and 40? I cannot differentiate them sometimes.

Profile photo of Phat Nguyen Phat Nguyen

    Listen for the “n” at the end of “fourteen”! And the “eeeee” sound is longer in “fourteen”. But if you aren’t sure, just ask — lots of native English speakers have a hard time telling them apart, too!

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thanks for the lesson rony :)

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I Have a big problem with using the tenses
could u advice me.

Thank u

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I live in Singapore since last year and the funny thing about the numbers pronunciation here is, that they say one three or three zero. They are just fed up with trying to understand it in a normal way :)) Btw, which sentence sounds better: 1. I live in Singapore or 2. I am living in Singapore. I know the grammar rules for both tenses and I guess both are correct but whenever I say this, I am a little bit confused. Thx!!!

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Hello Ronnie,

I visited some american accent training websites to know how to pronounce the numbers.

As they said in the video that “teen” in 13 to 19 are pronounced as you taught. But for 30, it is “thirdy” in pronunciation instead of pronouncing ‘thirty” , the ” t” becomes flap T or fast D. Is it wrong? Can you Please guide me ?

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