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Very good. And 1st comment. LOL


    Talking about religion is a complex issue. However polite you are, in the end you always get into trouble; I speak for myself James.

    Excellent lesson; I learned new vocab and useful expressions.

    I believe in Me and that there exists a supreme being. I hold on to my beliefs and fight for them.

    That’s it for me now!


      Yeah, Ur right


It was Ok , James . But you have forggoten to mention about yourself. Who are you in terms of religion?

proverbial horse

    If you listen to his words with attention,you will easily understand what is his faith.


    I think it doesn’t matter cause the video about how to get conversation about religion.


    if you hear carefully you come know when he said “we are spacial he means christen

    othman albakri

thx for your lesson James. You taught us well, and your voice was heard very clearly.


You’re a couragous man to speak about religions in this difficult world. Thank you. I had a French’teacher who often asked us this question : if I am going to the Heaven, why my dog wouldn’t have the same right ?
He never told us what was his faith !


Thanks James!!
Always a pleasure to watch your lessons ;)


Thank you teacher.

Masoomah Hasan

I’m Islam but not orthodox. I thought Hindus go to temple because I live in Bali and my friends say pura is temple. Pura is Indonesian word.




Nice video, thank you so much

Muhammad Abbas

i wanna like a native, thank’s James

M. Arip Gunawan

Hi James, I liked this lesson. It’s very useful because I’m a volunteer in a world wide campaing inviting people to read the Bible. I’m doing this for english speaking people in my country. Thank you so much!!!!


Thanks James, It was knoledgeable lesson for me to he world religion and how to know call them ecactly.
I got all correct. seeya

Taqveem Ul Haq

thnx james , in islam we say allaah not alla


    Right :)

    rashed sabra

Hello James sir. Thank u for the wonderful lesson. But I wish it would have been more better if u talked about a littke bit about Hinduism.
The second thing I want to note is that Hindus do have a shrine but there are many Hindu temples in India such as meenakshi temple in Madurai in Tamil nadu or sidhivinayak temple in Mumbai. The people who teaches us is a pundit in the Hindu religion. And we have many gods such as Lakshmi Krishna etc. Plus the holy book of Hindus is the bhagvad gita and it is one of the oldest religions. And we sing hymns in praise of gods and goddesses.
But overall the video was nice.

palakshi nautiyal

    No one interested in induism. This general lesson.


    Hi Palakshi. I’m completely agree with you.


Your lessons are funny. Thanks,man!


thanks a lot


I good to have more vocabulary to use it in religious topics


thanks James i loved that lesson just one question what do you mean by orthodox is very strict

i love learning

thanks, by the way I’m muslim. your teaching was realy good James…

Edgar Quintana

Thanks i´m learning so much


Hi James! I come from Morocco. If you’re interested in free Arabic lessons contact me


Nice lesson! Thank you,James!

Oksana Golovinova

Thanks a lot for the lesson James! It’s good to see you reminding people to respect other’s faiths because despite many of us already about it but many of us still forget or intentionally mock others just because they have another faith, religion or the way of living as you.
Have a good day James and everyone!


Hi James! This is first of your lessons in wich I andestend about … 8-9 words from 10 and I’ve got 9/10 right answers ! ) Thank you very match for your job !!! ) And Good louck ! Your student Vladislav.


Hi James. It’s hot here in Japan these days. How about in Canada?
Talking about religion is really difficult, sensitive, and complicated. Especially in Japan, we don’t talk about it so much in order to avoid getting in trouble. But as you said, many Japanese do believe in something like god such as existing in rivers, mountains, or even historical people are enshrined in shrines. Japan has so many gods in itself. I’ve heard there are 8 million gods in Japan. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s said so.


    So many gods! It means that everybody can have individual god, quite literally)) nice one!


      Yes, it’s interesting :) There are all kinds of thoughts and legends, and 8 million gods (Yao yorozu no kami) is one of them. Maybe I think majority of Japanese don’t believe in particular religion, but as you said, most people might have their own God in their hearts. Meanwhile, of course there are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists or whatever. But they are fewer than other countries although there are so many temples, shrines, and churches in Japan.


        Which part of Japan are you living? I have a Japanese friend who came from near Osaka, and he is living in Australia. He is a Christian. Do you have faith that you follow?


Religion, faith are so impotant stuff for the people! Religion tries to answer the most damned questions of every one person! So if you are really deep in the matter, debating questions of religion may be truelly awesome and funny)) Seeking truth can be so fascinatingly!






Great lesson! Thanks teacher! :D But it is good to take this opportunity to metion that JESUS is the WAY, And following him It is not about religion but it is about having a true relationship with God, our creator. In Jesus we finde forgiveness and a new life! and a lot more!! hugs Everybody!! :D


    mention* :D


      find* (correction)


i wish…., god will help you to teach us with more simple examples.
Khuran for The Muslim, Bible for The christens, synagogues for the Judaism, Geeta for The Hindu more The Buddhism and many more can be listed in your black board.

rameshwar rao p

It’s very useful. I enjoy it! thanks a lot


Thanks for this lesson.
I think lessons about religion words and technical words are very important. It is always so hard to find the right pronounceeven in dictionary.


Hi I going to learn English will help if you help let’s send about phrase verbs and modal verbs


clear explanation with the brevity of examples…. thank u james

najibul njbl

Thanks for your teaching, James!
Your lesson is very vivid and I can almost understand what you are talking about.
It’s really a open minding lesson.
It’s my first lesson in EngVid and I really like it. Thank you.


Hi James! Thanks for this great video. It is very important to know how to talk about religion with others repectfully. I guess it is really importat to have an open mind when talking, not only about religion, but other topics like politics.


Ohh… thanks for this video, it’s so actual, and really exciting theme. :)


Thank you very much, great video and useful.


Hello, James. It is a very interesting subject to talk about. I have watched the video twice, I liked it a lot. Thank you!

Júlio César L Sousa

I believe Mary(Catholic?) but not orthodox. So I sometimes go to a shrine on new year’s day. My desktop PC wallpaper is a picture of church. If my house is close to a famous church, I’d like to go… Religion or faith is complicated and difficult but interesting. Thank you for your lesson, James :)


    Religion complicates … Jesus simplifies


I not like the lesson, I love it


Thank you James


Thank you :D


Thank you James.
I beleive in Life and Humankind . Hard job to get to heaven on earth but we will succeed one day .


Nice explanation I liked the word masajed when you said it


I got 100 ???




I like the way of your teaching James. You are really best but i wonder why you said “don’t kill me”when you talked about Mosque! . However, thank you so much for video.

Bushra hg

    yes me too

    fatima kerr

James, thanks… As always – 10 of 10)


nice video, thank you very much James.


Such an interesting lesson, teacher James! Thanks for sharing this information.


Great lesson! thank you, James!


good lesson thank u


Just amazing!


A little doubt on the question “Do you believe in God?” Yes or No, that is the question, it doesn’t matter if you believe or not, the question is short, that was the doubt but very good explanation. Thanks a lot teacher James.


thanks james, and don’t worry man, you pronounced masjid good and no Muslim will kill you.

mazen mersal

Hi James, Thanks for the great lesson again. Do you have faith that you follow?


thank you :) I liked the par twhen you were trying to say mosque right :)


Hi james, i liked your lesson. I liked your topic about religion. Because, in this world have 5 religions. I think, you can talk about many topics again be sides religion. Because, i don’t want to someone not argue with the topic of you. Over all this topis is good.
By the way, i want to you for have a topic about Indonesia because i’m from Indonesia :) example : how about Indonesia? About the place for holiday and ect.
Thank you.




By Allah,i love u james.

Yusuf .A . K

approved by engVid.
Thank you T. James. This is a very helpful lesson, I like it that I know about different faiths. I always want to learn about it. Here in Saudi Arabia, we are a very religious people, most of us are muslims so we don’t have conversations about other faiths. But I have to say something, I angered about your words ( don’t kill me). This idea about Muslims is wrong, we cannot related the doing of small group to a big religious with millions of its followers.


if you are a Christian you need to pitch the gospel to everyone because there is no salvation without Jesus. He said ” nobody come to God but only through Me/


thank u <3

lamia murad

There is another meaning of the word “orthodoxia”.
It is the name of the oldest Christian denomination (confession). It is greek word from forth century means “right belief”. This meaning is still valid.
Thank you for your labor.


According to you explanations, I understood that agnostics are the kind of atheists, because one reason we say agnostics are not the atheists because the can’t describe this higher power and so they do not believe. And atheists just do not believe in it, because they don’t believe. Where is my mistake. Sorry for my tediousness..Thank you James.


Great lesson James! You’re very diplomatic.

According to the comments above, I see this is always a controversial theme.

Surely, I’ll not tell if I have a belief or no.

Fabio Cicerre

    …or not.

    Fabio Cicerre

A great lesson.really helpful…

Jobayer Ahmed

hello i usually watch your video, it’s cool, i love it. can you tell me how can i talk to you or what is your facebook name, please? ( i just a beginner, if i say something wrong, please tell me immediately okay?, thank you)

vo truong

Thank you. 8 of 10


there is one more religion its called sikhism


    We apologize for the omission!

    engVid Moderator

thanks so much

Ahmed anwer 82

it is very good lesson , I am muslim and i do respectful for all other religious , but i have one point i want it to know when you said masjid you said do not kill me this the point Islam is never ever the killing people religious ,even the word islam means peace,you show disrespectful on this and you become racist

othman albakri

    i am proud of you to be muslim


Dear James. You lesson is exellent. Could you prepear lesson with comprise this words(wadding, fell, pelage, coat, wool, fleece, hair,fur, pile). I hope it will be interesting it is only idea.


great lesson i am buddhist


    me too!


Thank u bro :)

Yazan Al ameer

Hi James, very good explanation I have got 10/10.
I think there is only one god, If there are many they would have been fighting each other,And the whole universal system would collapsed.


    befor I had the same question too.later I think like this.maybe it will help you.a man ,who is a teacher,has many other characters,like he is also a father,a son,a brother,a student,a husband,a colleague,etc,but,actually ,to these people,he is the only person.just he has different character in front of different people.


Thank you James, your lessons are very interesting.


Amazing! TKS FOR ALL!


It was good lesson … thanks James


Incredible man??


you are amazing teacher


I really like the way you teach, it is easy to understand you…thanks James.. see you later


very special course. I’ll practice this and respect the nature of people. Thanks for the detailed explanation and teaching beyond speaking in English!!


Very good and valuable lesson.Thanks a lot James.


thank u


I grew up believing in all that stuff, but now I don’t, I don’t believe in god or any other god, I’m just a realistic person and know that there isn’t any other live after death, don’t get me wrong at least I respect the ones that believe and also recognized that the religions do a fantastic job for a peaceful world.


Can anyone here help me. To understand the question : How political is the religion of islam, in your view? and what is “political religion” mean?

dias boma

paganism of all kinds is getting more and more popular now,isn’t it? neopaganism as well.


Thank you so much ? James, it’s so much useful.


James, and what`s name of russian religion? Dictionary told that it’s Orthodox, but not everybody hard believing…Greece, Armenian, Georgia have same religion. What`s correct word for it?


    In English it’s “Eastern Orthodox Church” in general, but you also see “Russian Orthodox”, “Greek Orthodox”, etc.

    engVid Moderator

      Thank you


Very helpful vid, thx.

Tianyu Xu

Thank you James your lesson is very useful and rich by a lot new words . I got 10 /10

Jabir Sharif

Think u


Is here anybody who wishes to have real english conversation on skype. It will be benefecial as well as fun.


Hi James! Thanks for this wonderful class.


Thank you, I love you ;)


James, ur vids are great!! So informative! Hope to see more topics about culture and different countries/people in our world!


Thank you James??


‘Dont kill me’ is not funny, indeed it is very offensive.
In any way thanks.


    yes you are right i felt sad for a momment i felt that we are a killers ?

    haneen Adnan

Very good class. I could understand you well 100% of all your talk… thanks you so much James… God bless you!


i am muslim and i am poroud of being muslim although all critics to the islam.


you are great James … i like your way to explain you are perfect…


Do more of these religious things!


Thank you sooo much James ♥, I watch your lessons daily, I’m willing to see all of them in a 189 day according to the lessons amount cause i watch one a day :D


I love you James, you are the best teacher ;)


Thanks for this lesson, I loved you talking about religions of a form fun e free, no paradigms, God bless you! I am Christian.

Anderson Carlos


    Anderson Carlos

Hey James, you’re great as usual :-) Love your lessons.


Thank you very much James.Surely, you are the best teacher of English. Anticipating new videos, take care


thank you mister but i just wanna tell you that in islam we jurnally dont say imam we call him shaikh and islam is the religion of love and peace not all islam lIke ISIS and you can open Quran and see what islam is . there is no kill no hate there is only love ? and thank you sooo much for your beutiful lessones ?

haneen Adnan

    agree with you

    abdulkhalek ibrahim

and i love ” mesgid ” when you said it you was like an arab person ?

haneen Adnan

You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


such an interesting lesson.I liked your pronunciation of Masjed haha LOL. And I think there are some similarities between Christianity and Islam.Thank you for your efforts:)


Very good lesson. I learned a lot.Thanks.


give thanks to our creation


Hi James. Tkank you for your lesson. Why do you didn´t talk about SHEPHERD? Is the same of pastor, ok?

Look, you could a terrific pastor, because you are a worshiper. Yeah! You are good man. Hugs.


hello james, i hope you read my comment, just want to tell you that i do respect you a lot for being so professional, eventhough the topic of religion is such a hot topic for many counties but you tackled the topic in a skiptic way, makes every body know more about others religion with respect.
love you


You got 10 correct out of 10.


The quiz is too easy. One thing you have not mentioned and this fath/belief/religion is much closer to you Mr. James. Is the african belief (candomblé). This belief evoque the power of nature such as river, sea, forest, etc. and some welcome human behaviors (kindness, justice,loyalty etc.).

Edmilson Medeiros

Another great lesson by a great Professor.
Everybody can feel how tactful you were when talking
about such a difficult subject.
Anyway, with your proficiency and expertise, you
made the subject even more interesting than it
is already. Thank you very much,professor.


Incidentally, I got 10/10. due to your clear
explanation. Thanks again.


Thanks for the great lesson :)
Please do a video on Christian religion, I love reading English books and stories and lots of them touch on Christianity. Thanks again !


You got 10 correct out of 10.


M kartal

Tx James, good vocabulary and message.


that’s not so easy to talk about religious but you really got a good way to teach us. thanks a lot James. I enjoyed it.

Edu Goncalves

Thanks James for a good lesson!


Superb ! I scored 100 on 100?✌

Anjali Verma

what your religion james


Thanks for this useful lesson ,and vocabulary ??


Thank you a lot. Very useful lesson.


i’ve got 8 out 10 thank you Teacher James

Jerry Hardy

Thank you for this lesson! It’s so hard for me to talk about that … in my native language , french. To hear talking in english seems to me… easier!!


that very goog


    that is vary good


100/100 thanks James

abdulkhalek ibrahim

Thanks so much! It was a very useful lesson!


Thank you for this lesson. By the way, I’d like to know your idea about God and do you have any God you believe?


Thank you for this excellent lesson. I learnt many new expression about religion. Your best tip is the polite question: Are you a person of faith?


Thank you! It was amazing

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