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Thanks in advance.

Best wishes! God bless you!

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There are a lot more idioms of word hold. I.e. Hold someone hostage, hold someone’s attention, hold something against, hold out for, hold a grudge, etc

Thanks for your lesson of “Hold”


Hi James! i am so happy I have found your site. English is my hobby, but I am too old to join to any course neither is too expensive for me. Now I am not alone with my learning. I think there are a lot of mistakes. Please forgive me!
Thanks for your lessons!


dear James
I find a new Idiom:to get a hold of yourself.

It means to calm down or to relax before you react .
Thanks a lot best wishes

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It is good sometimes to hold the candy to the devil.
Lo and be hold.
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One more question, which is grammatically correct like ,”
Sign in the back of your check please,
Please, Sign on the back of your check,




Great job.

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I want to ask about hold my ground? It’s not change my position or my decision, is it?

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“I can stand my ground”

has the same meaning of

“I can hold my own” ?

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Hold someone down = oppress, keep the job, support and protect. Please correct if I’m wrong… bye


tnx dude. that was clear as a bell..


James, I have been watching your lessons for the last week, and I think you are a gifted teacher. Bravo!


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Hi James
There are many other idioms using the word “hold”.
Here they are:
-Hold cheap
-Hold good
-Hold hard!
-Take hold (Private universities take hold in Germany).
-leave one’s hold of smth. (Toryism is beginning to lose its hold on many of its former middle class supporters)

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hold back- to not to do something, hold off- wait


Thanks alot form your helpful vedio and I hope to make many of the same vedio thanks again


Thanks. Great job. I learned a lot.


“Hold on” is for phone conversations or we can use it in different situation?

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Hi James. Thanks for your wonderful way of teaching. I’m a teacher and an MA TEFL student. I’m doing my thesis on idioms.
Are these idioms the most frequently used ones in a native setting?Since I’m non-native it’s hard to recognize and select the most useful idioms.I haven’t find any frequency list for this purpose yet.


You were brilliant!!!!!!!!
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

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Hold court (to attract people who want your attention)
This is Rohtash Kumar English trainer so would u publish my lesson to ur site


great job love it from mexico come up with new vids


you are a great teacher


I’d to ask you a leson about Already when i can use it .


Hi James,how you are doing?
Iwanna ask u something
if someone says”hold the line” what do they mean?



Hi James, u r great. Tell me please, what does it mean: “Here (there) we go” ?
Thank you.

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One more expression: “She doesn’t hold a candle to you” = She has so much less quality than you that the comparison can’t even be done. (But to tell the truth, I don’t see the connection with the candle!!!)

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Speak your piece means “state your opinion or view.”


hold one’s breath = cease breathing temporarily
hold it! = calm down!


Dear teacher..
Could you explain ‘..easy to get hold of(f)’. Not sure about single or double ‘f’

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Hi James! I have heard this: “hold me” or “can I hold you?” is that mean to give a hug? I’m not sure about that. Thanks a lot

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that’s awesome, thank u so much James:)


Thanks for your illustration. there is two idioms came out from the top of my head
1-to hold a grudge
2-to hold down the fort

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Customer orders a hamberger and he said:”hold tomato and onion” what is that means?


    It means “don’t put tomato and onion on it”.

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