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08/10. Awesome lesson Alex. Highly worth watching. Thanks a lot! <3

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    My pleasure, Jasmine! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      You got 8 correct out of 10. still need a lot of exercise each lesson
      thank so much Mr Alex

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Thanks, Alan

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    Sorry. Alex

    Profile photo of Iva Marinho Iva Marinho

You’re welcome! By the way, my name is Alex, but Alan sounds nice too!

Profile photo of Alex Alex

    hahaha….we´ve heard many people calling you Adam many times, but it´s the first one somebody calls you Alan ;)
    Thanks for the lesson, Robert XD

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      Great lesson, Albert! :D

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9/10 thanks teacher Alex, I like so much to watch your class

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Tanks Alex it is 10 out of 10

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It’s 3/10.

Profile photo of krishan.artist krishan.artist

wow it’s awesome, thanks Mr. Alex

Profile photo of joedan2323 joedan2323

9/10,Alan thanks for this video.It’ll will fruitful for all of us in Academics as well as in speaking.Million thanks you for this stupendous effort!

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10/10! Thanks teacher, I’ll keep watching you

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Was good the lesson

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I really need to watch this video. The quiz has been a true disaster!
Ciao Alex.A smile!

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Thank you Alex. It is interesting lesson form me. I need more practice on it.

Profile photo of Iasha Iasha

Loud and clear. Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of Vidals Vidals

The Fast and the Furious
The Bold and the Beautiful ;)))
My friend was surprised once: ‘why they are BALD?’ What a strange title… ;)

Thanks, Alex, very good lesson!

Profile photo of Rosemarrry Rosemarrry

Very useful Alex…thanks

Profile photo of Victor Zaldana Victor Zaldana

Nice Alex. Thanks

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its good for practice.

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thank you mr Alex you are really help

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Thank you, teacher…!!

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Thanks a lot for the lesson Alex. It was nice to watch it.

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Ahaha))) This comments… Robert, Albert XD
An amazing lesson like always, thank you a lot! You`re my favorite teacher, waiting for your next video. Take care, Antony))) I`m kidding, of course, Alex.

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thanks for the lesson.can we say ever with past tense. .Did you ever watch The Departed?

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Thanks for the lesson.

Profile photo of Swagatika Patnaik Swagatika Patnaik

thanks for your support.
We have insufficient health services for _______________.the elderly
would you please explain why do not others from the options specially the older

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useful thanks alex you’re amazing i like you

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Great! 10/10!
Amazing class! Thanks!!

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It was 6 out of 10. Its ok for who is beginning.

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10/10 thank you Alex :) I’ve appriciated your work :) Live long and prosper 🙏👽

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Very nice

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I got 10 correct out of 10.

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great thank you

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10/10!thank you

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Thank you Alex.

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Great lesson, Alex. I never watched “The Young and The Restless”, but I know it because of TV serie “Everybody hates Chris”.

Profile photo of InaldoBNunes InaldoBNunes

100% amazing

Profile photo of gusatav0 gusatav0

thank you very much. you’re a very good teacher

Profile photo of Aml Mounier Aml Mounier

Thanks…Teacher Alex… I’ve learned something new about the adjective to be used as nouns today!!

Profile photo of Wutthiwat Wutthiwat

you seem very tired .i don’t understand this lesson .really !!! in fact .i like your lessons a lot .you always your helps us but this lesson isn’t explain welll …..it’s just my opion thank you toufik from Algeria

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Merci Alex. Petite citation d’un humoriste français : mieux vaut être riche et bien portant que pauvre et malade.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

Thank you so much for the lesson Alex, I’ve got 8/10 correct.
My two mistakes are number 2 (the elderlies) and number 5 (mentally ills).
I taught these two when they r noun

Profile photo of parnid nps parnid nps

Thank you so much for the lesson Alex, I’ve got 8/10 correct.
My two mistakes are number 2 (the elderlies) and number 5 (mentally ills).
I taught these two when they r noun then s es or ies should be added at the end, I would be very pleased to get the answer from you Teacher Alex

Profile photo of parnid nps parnid nps

Thank you Alex. I learnt sometime new.

Profile photo of Gwoode Gwoode

Dear Alex everytime I see your brilliant videos I feel like practicing what I ve learnt by watching that comedy show called three”s company since you dear Alex remind me so much to jack tripper you now I think John Ritter was the actor…… anyway the students appreciate you…. greetings from surco

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

10/10. Thank you!

Profile photo of Eliana Elias Eliana Elias

Thanks Alex, you are amazing.Keep it up.

Profile photo of tes8dlp tes8dlp

Hi Alex, could you make a lesson about how to use words that end in ce or not such as, difference, different, assistance, assistant, independence, independent etc. Thank you

Profile photo of charmbaito charmbaito

thank you so much alex. ıt ıs good for our :))

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The well learned could only got good mark in your lesson, Thanks alot

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Thank you, Alex! I’ve got 9 out of 10 in your quiz.
Very informative lesson from you. Keep teaching us and keep in touch with you.

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keep teaching us ALEX! A warm thanks were now I started to draft mail-in the way guided.

Profile photo of niranjanporchelian niranjanporchelian

Why we should say “a lot of homeless people” and can’t say just “a lot of homeless” ?

Profile photo of vvictorv vvictorv

Thank You Mr. Alex! Could you make a lesson on reduced adjective clauses? Please!

Profile photo of BeachClub07 BeachClub07

Hey Alex Thank’s for your lesson

I got 8/10 or 80 answer correct


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One of the most crucial video I have recently seen. thank you a lot.

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