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Hi Alex,

it´s such a joyful lesson. It can be seen, you are fine and creative teacher and you are able to enter the world of our imagination in the authentic way. That´s wonderful. I really like most of your lessons.



    Thanks so much, Adriana. I really appreciate that! I’m always trying to think like a student. :)


Hi Alex. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I scored 10/10 in your test. Thank you once again and stay safe :)

palakshi nautiyal

    Nice work! I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson, and I hope you have a wonderful day.


      Thank you Mr Alex I’m a new her

      Aderemi Dayo

10/10 :) Thank you Mr. Alex !


    My pleasure, Annie! I hope you’re doing well and that you have a wonderful day.


I got 10/10, actually, I’m not a creative writer, your lesson helps me become more confidence, thank Alex a lot

nguyen van long

    No problem! Creative writing is a great way to just explore language and your ability to say something clearly.


You should definitely write a book. Oh no! I´m not talking about the masterpiece “100 practical phrasal verbs”, but a fiction novel!!Or maybe I´m wrong and you have a draft yet…who knows…
Thanks for the lesson Alex, always a pleasure to follow your advice and watch your videos ;)


    Thanks so much. I have a bunch of short stories that I might edit and release as a collection one day, but for now, my focus is on writing practical English resources. Book 3 is in the works. :)


I really like this lesson Alex and as someone said in the eloquent comments, I’ll be happy to read an essay from you. I’m sure it would be exciting. You are a gifted teacher.


    Thanks so much, beernaard. Maybe one day. :)


I think the way you’ve explained it convey the principals ideias about writing. It’s just needed starting and practice. Great lesson sir! Thanks!


    No problem, Roberto. I’m glad you found it useful.


am happy to be part of your lesson


    I’m happy to see you in the comments! :) Thank you.


I never burn my works. I agree, everyone should practise more, be patent and edit own ideas. When we make mistakes it is mean we are getting smarter. Thank you for these tips. Were really helpful.


    It is means, of course?


      Oh, and it’s “it means…” :p


    No problem. I’m glad you found it useful!


      it was highly useful to me.
      thanks Alex

      ali zafar khan najafi

It is very exciting to know the score. This is very helpful.


    Thank you! I’m glad it was useful for you.


      teacher.cant use ádv only use adj.but it s mean that i need alot of vocabulary.you can advise me some way to improve vocabulary


Great lesson, great class. Writting and Speaking are my main challenges. Thanks a lot.



Thanks for all your guiding, got 10/10.

Renu Khurana

Thanks for all your guiding, got 10/10.

Renu Khurana

Very good advice regarding this topic.

Andre Riskowski

:) Im not good at this much hope you add more videos! Anh tysm for the videos i know a litle bit :) :3


So helpful! Thanks a million!


Hi Alex! It’s enjoyable to listen to you. I love your shirt!!! I most certainly will listen to more of your lessons! I don’t want to become a creative writer, just improve my style when writing an email or some text in English.


Hi Alex,
I just joined engVid.
This video is the first one I visioned. I enjoyed it and liked to teaching approach.
Thank you!


8/9 Well done, it is interesting lesson.
I improved a lot by listening your explanation.
Thank you much Alex for this put lesson together.


hi Alex

noushad @1234

Loved the way you give yours classes! Good tips, I’ll start following them


I want to thank you Mr. Alex for your truly wonderful video about writing creative writing. I really learned so many things today and I will use all tips that you have suggested to us.
without exaggeration, you are a really good teacher.
You thrilled me to write without, defer judgment and I will do it.

ali zafar khan najafi

Sir Alex your kind of teaching is enjoyable, I thought your are in massive hallway.


i got 8/9 haha but it’s fine. anyway, thank you for the video❤️ i learned a lot?


concise to implement, thank you for bringing this helpful video.


Alex you are a great teacher.thanks for teaching us.

mateen naeem

So helpful. Thanks

Maria Trif

    5 out of 10 Hahaha!, I think i need to enhance my writing skills.

    Tim russel

8/9 Quite an informative and helpful theme.


Thank you very helpful ,

Roselyn Tuba

Thanks Alex. I always enjoy your teaching.

Nnadozie Okoye

Thanks a lot, Alex. I got 9 out of 9 and getting ahead learning through your lessons.

Sandip Singh

Alex, thanks a lot!!

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