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I like Alex’s performance.

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    yh really right he is


It’s really work out.
thanks to everyone.

Anusha gurung

Hi Alex, An excellent lesson again. I used to do same mistake,now I will be careful while speaking. Thanks :D.

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i like english but….i want more information…


I really like this website. I´m learning a lot more!

David Garrido

    me too.

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Hi Alex !! Thanks for your classes.
I’d like to know whether is right to say:
“I’m tired of Miguel’s complaints” instead fo complaining.

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Hi teacher. I’m not good yet in this lesson I need to practice it. Tks Lily dias from Brazil


Thank you so much
so helpful !!

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Alex, well, I can declare – YOU and Ronnie are the BEST teachers. And It would be nice to have a bit more Advanced level lessons.


Hi Alex,
the Quiz’s number 04 i stil confused how to use correctly answer. please advice me more


Hi Alex. I really appreciate your lessons, they are very clear and useful. Thanks a lot.
Hugs from Brazil.

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Hi, Alex! Thanks a lot for a clear explanation about possessive gerunds.
My questions are the following about a sentence “The pizza’s taste is funny”. First of all, it doesn’t consist of any gerund, does it?. Secondly, why this is the right one in the quiz? Here, the notion of the word “pizza” is an inanimate being. So, the possessive of this word should be without “s'”, shouldn’t it?
I appreciate your kind answering, as well.

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hi alex tahnkx a lot of for this lessons but please i have a big probleme that i cant comnucate with people as i want nither iworak hard to devlope my english and alys i do a lot of msitkes during in job interviewo please help me


Thanks a lot Alex!

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I’m poor in this lesson. I got 2 out 5. :(

James B

I appreciate your offer to help us learning English so thanks alot Alex

Fahad Hilal

great lesson,thanks

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Thanks indeed for your valuable lesson.

Aung Kyaw Naing

Thank a lot Alex. I got 2 out 5 from Thailand




Can you explain more about question no.3? Thank you in advance.


Is it correct sentence if I say ” Thank you for your teaching”?


I was going to ask if I can say: the pizza tastes funny. As in it tastes funny.


I need to practise my knowledge on possessive gerunds ! ! ! I got just only ONE correct out of five ! What a shame !
Thanks for this lesson & for the quiz.


hi alex i got 3 from 5 in this lesson but i dont understand what is gerund

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thank mr alex , this topic is good lesson , that is facilitate so many tack ticks in order to use the english language in deffernt ways

Eng. Adam

Alex, you are great! I was pleasantly surprised by discovering you are from Poland. I’m Pole too, I’m proud of you!


Thanks for the lesson.


thanks alot i got the point 4 correct i think its not bad but thanks again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


great lesson and useful i like it but i scored the quiz 20%,1/5 .Because i’m bad in english
but thanks for the lesson Alex.


It was my first lesson!

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Thank you teacher!


Hi Alex,

thank you very much.

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Dear Alex thank you for your lessons.Sir could you please Add the lesson about the “just” It’s very difficult to use in speaking.

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thanks ,


hello Teacher Alex
Great the lesson! Thanks a lot!
Have a nice weekend!


Thank you.I understood very much.

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Hi Alex thank you for making the English soo easy . But I have question about the quiz ,there is no gerunds : the pizza’s tast is funny . You said the gerunds has ( ing ) in the end .!! Thanks again

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I have trouble with that. But I´m trying to improve my skils.

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There is no greater pleasure for a teacher than to see his students succeed in realizing their dreams, be they traveling, working in a foreign country, or something as simple as being able to watch a Hollywood movie or TV sitcom without the use of subtitles.
Alex, This is Teacher Adam’s sentence. “be they traveling, working in a foreign country,”
I didn’t understand these gerunds in this sentence. Could you please explain it to me?
Thank you,

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    it’s easy man and by the way what are you doin in turkey

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I loved watching this video. thanks!


Thanks! ^.^

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Thanks a lot.

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I have more to learn than can ever be learnd in English, but I try doing my best.
Greetings, Gyndastyle.


As to me, “Rob’s not having enough experience is why…” sounds a bit ambiguous.

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Thanks a lot, it’s very helpful.

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so helpful. Thanks Alex


hi and bye. thank you James, I’m interested in your lessons


Hello everyone!!! I’ve got 5 out of 5! Yeah! Thank you Alex for your amazing lessons!. My native language is Spanish, but I counld understand all what you said. God bless you!! THANK YOU ENGVID.COM

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Hi, Alex!!! I´d like so much your class. Thanks from Brazil.

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Hi Alex, thank your class. english grammar is a big problem for me. I will continue waching your’s class.


Hey Alex. hi. Question 3 Answer 4, too wrong? Doesn’t sound like it’s wrong althought answer 3 sounds perfect but my first choice was 4. Can you explain me why it’s wrong 4?


Hi, Alex!!! you’ve been so helpful bro.txs.


it is useful


Great! Alex explained it very well. Thank you ;)

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thanks alex… love it…


thanks >>>


Hi, my name is Ovaldo , Does anyone have time to talk through Skype ?.I would like to do that because I want to practice my English speaking and writing.
Look for me as osvaldito69a250 on Skype.
Iwant to talk with people who don’t speak Spanish ,

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I apprecite your teaching of possesive gerund.Now I know what is gerund.

sze wong

Yes!I’ve got 5 out of 5. I am proud of myself. Thanks Alex!


thank you

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i like studying English as a second language guys.Take care


Hi!I enjoy studying with you guys.


Thnxs alot


Thnxs alot ….


Alex u r good enough … Like it :)

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I am happy, my score was 100! Thanks Alex and EngVid for those nice free classes. After meeting this site I couldn’t stop of watching those videos. Thanks a lot.


Thanks dear Alex

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thank you Alex
It’s very helpful.

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thank you very mutch alex you are very good techer .ihave quetion do you have dvd for basic english for sele if yes please sand me message to my email,thank you


    There is no DVD or anything for sale. Everything is free!

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Thank you for your possessive gerunds.


it´s was a nice lesson…nice performance…thanks


I really like this website. I´m learning a lot more!


Thanks Alex . It really help me a lot .
Solved a big confusion.


i have understood it. but it is not easy to do it when i am speaking “in live”. I need to practice more. thank you.

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I got 4 out of 5:)
thanks Alex, this is really helpful ^_^


Thanks Alex

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    thanks alot


Great Alex!
Also in Italy, native speakers make mistakes, specially with verbs.
I hate make mistakes in Italian …but I need more engvid for my english!!
This summer I worked in a cave (bear’s cave) like paleontological guide and I knew many people from England and North America. They use to tell “bear bones” “bear cave” and I imitated them …but now… bear’s bone and bear’s cave!!!

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Very good.
Thank you a lot!



My name is Alberto Lima and I am a marine biologist from the Brazil.
I very like the class taught by teacher Alex,

Congratulation !!


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Dear Alex,

I have more questions about the difference between the possesive gerund and using noun to express the same. What is the difference between the sentence ” I love Lucy’s dance” and ” I love Lucy’s dancing” Is there any difference, or both of these sentences are correct? Many thanks kind Regards Chris


Thank you very much Alex :)

ismail kirbas

Dear Alex, Your lessons are important, clear, impressive and understood. you have a very nice and successful style


Excellent lesson, very easy to understand, in fact, there is a better way to learn. I like Alex’s teaching way!

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thank you ,, i learned something new today ,, so happy


Hey Alex
I have a big doubt that has nothing to do with this lesson. But it is something that I have been looking for the answer forma long time.
Is there another way to say that something has worn out?
I looked in a dictionary and I couldn’t understand…
Here’s a example:
My shoes are worn out? Is it right?
I weared out my shoes?

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Yuppppyyyyy. Thanks Alex.
Your awesome teaching made 5 out of 5. o_0


Hi, Sir Alex. I have a few questions regarding possessive. Wouldn’t be correct to use “of” when the subject which is possessing is inanimate? Like for instance, “The taste of the pizza is good. Instead of, “The pizza’s taste is good. Both sentences are correct but it is more appropriate to use the first sentence. Another one is, how about this sentence. I have all your complains. Or I hate your complaining? Which is better to use? I hope you could help me, Sir Alex. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks.


I hate all your complains.
I hate all your complaining. Sorry for my typos error.


hi this is lund phudie from india wow excellent very good explain alex


great lesson,thank you alex


Great. Thank you, Alex.
You and Ronnie are the best.
My English is better each other day.

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What a great lecture you got there Mr. Alex! i love it a lot ;) thanks a lotsssaaa!! \m/

Tanissa Rizky Alya

hi Alex you are one of the best teachers , I have ever seen thank you so much.


It’s the interesting short lesson!

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Hi Alex u re great!!best teacher ever!thanx :*


God bless you Alex


hello alex ,i have question about being and been
how to use it and then the difference between the both.

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Great, thank you Alex ;)

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American TV shows have ruined me!!!


Thanks Alex ,your are a good teacher .Have a great day.


it was a really good lesson thanks Alex

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thank a lot


I like this lesson. thanks

chau pros

thanks a lot I benefit from your site


Thanks for the time invested…good class!!


Thanks for the tips…and for your time!!!

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I like your explanation))) so easy)))

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    I think you cool so i want to chat with u
    please reply soon as possible.


      let’s goooooooooo


        Are u f/m?
        f wellcome
        your age?
        Get lost


Hi Alex, I’m from Poland to and I don’t now why, even I didn’t know you are Polish, I liked you most from the beggining..
Thank you and good luck for the next lessons:)


thanks you did your best

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Thank you Alex.

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‘Alex’, you’ll be the best unless you quit looking like a moron, or more to the point, like Mark Del Figgalo of Zoey 101.

My word; not a pretentious word.


A great lesson!Being a teacher myself I like the way you present grammar!


I, Alex! I’ve got 4 of 5, but why?
I’ve been sure that the word “pizza” cann’t have the Possessive case! Because it’s a so called “stocks and stones” thing!
—— in your Quiz ————–
4. The taste of the pizza is funny.
The pizza’s taste is funny. <- Why is correct?
The pizza taste is funny.
The pizza taste's funny.<- I'm sure it's better
The pizza's funny is taste.

Am I right or not?


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Thank you Alex, I’m glad I found you :)


Great! Very clearly and distinctly!


@@ Very Cool!!! The each day I learn more with you … @@

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Always be with us.I learn lots of things from you and advise my friends your website.

Safak Erman

I got 0 out of 5 >>> Hell yehh
seriously i didn’t watch the video



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Thank you Mr Alex, i’ve learned something new :)

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    I do appreciate your teaching, Mr Alex!!!


thank u so much!


thx so much!!

ordinary i dont speak English,but i can grow up by virtue of it.
i have to study more



I got 5 correct answers. I’m good at English now. aosdifjasldkfajsdfisadfo hahahahah


It looks simple, but it’s very useful. Thanks for your explaining.

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i got 5/5, thanks alex


hi Mr Alex,
Can you tell me the difference between ‘her’ and ‘hers’? can i say ‘Hers dancing is beautiful’? Thank :)


    “Her” is an object pronoun OR a possessive adjective. Examples:

    I saw her yesterday. (object pronoun)
    I saw her dad yesterday. (possessive adjective)

    “hers” comes at the end of a possessive sentence. Example:

    It’s her bag.
    The bag is hers.

    Hope this helps!

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Hello Alex.You are one of the best teachers that i have ever known.. You are good enough at teaching.
I would like to ask you that: How can i work in this website as an ELT?

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First time I see this topic so clear. Thanks Alex.
I like Alex’s way of teaching English.
I appreciate your teaching in engVid.

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I’m so glad of this people. they’re doing great job teaching simples things but very important. it is simple and i didn’t now. I don’t know how to thankyou teachers engvid.


awesome ! but I am a bit confused , about question no 3 , shouldn’t it be
Rob’s doesn’t having enough experience is why he didn’t get the job. instead of
Rob’s don’t having enough experience is why he didn’t get the job.
thank you.


Thank you so much. It is really helpful.

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really It is useful lesson ,but I didn’t understand the answer in question#3 :( ?

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thanks a lot teacher alex….


Wow 5/5! Sir, may I ask you a question?
Rob’s not having enough experience “is why”….
Can we use “was why”? Please advise. Thanks!

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thanks for lesson, it’s really useful

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Hi teacher.
I have a question:
When we can use “their” instead of “them” in this grammar(possessives with gerunds).


    It’s the same as the other examples. You are supposed to use “their” for the possessive.

    “They weren’t happy about their leaving early.”

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you, Alex.
I’m having valuable helps from your lessons.
But I got confused after seeing this video.
In my grammar book, it reads semantic subject of gerunds can be both objective and possessive. As for a noun(not pronoun), an objective form is preferred.
I object to him marrying her. (‘his’ is also possible)
I object to my son marrying her. (‘my son’s’ is also possible)
She is proud of her son being intelligent. (same)
I appreciate him giving me some legal advice. (same)

I know the title was and your intention was to talk about ‘possessive gerunds’ but do not understand why the objective gerunds are ‘wrong’ (as you said in your video).


Is it right to say
“I saw him coming back” (complex transitive),
or, maybe
“I saw his coming back” (possessive gerund)
If both sound good, which is better?


    ‘coming’ is a participle not a gerund here.
    ‘him’ is the object of verb ‘see’ and therefore cannot be changed to ‘his’ in this sentence.
    As far as I know, ‘see’ does not take gerund object, either.
    So only the top sentence is correct.


Thank u!! ;) I got 5…


I like Mr.Alex’s teaching a lot.
Also I appreciate his efforts.
SAM + Jannat


Thank you a lot :)

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    Hi Altangerel. Your Country is so Beautiful. I hope to Know it one day.
    Take care.

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Excellent lesson Alex…clear explained it…thank you very much

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Maybe, you should’ve mentioned that in informal style, sentences like: “Do you mind me smoking?”, or “She was angry at Lina trying to lie to her” are all right. What do you think?


Very good lesson Alex! That’s true. Even advanced speakers make mistakes.

Profile photo of sergiofromlviv sergiofromlviv

Thank Alex, this was a good Lesson. I have never heard about Possessive Gerunds.

Gerardo Silva

Hi Alex,I got 100% by facing the quiz.Thank You.I’m improving my English day by day using engVid.com

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I love the way that you explain, Alex. Easy & clear.

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sir can we say i’m tired of miguels complaints ?


hi Alex,
thank you for “your teaching” :)
hugs from Turkey.


hi mr alex
could you tell me if it is corect to say :
her not having enough experience is why he didn’t get the job.
if it is not, could you tell me how to use her and his with this sentence


Thanks for the lesson


hello mr alex l appreciated your teaching :) l would like to ask something to you . you gave an example to us ”l need to talk to you about your writing so we can say like this ” l need to talk to you about what you wrote ” it is the same meaninig , isn’t it ?

eyup acıkgoz

Thank you Alex for helping me with my gramma,

Profile photo of fifthwheel18 fifthwheel18

this lesson is truly good… thank you Alex for the lesson


I think the first sentence is wrong, I appreciate you’re coming here would be the correct form, if not, would you mind explaining me why you can say I appreciate your coming here? It does not sound well.


really really g<3<3d


Thanks Mr about the lecture it is really useful

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I like Mark’s talking alot

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MMM :( I got 3 correct out of 5


thank you so much^^

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thanks i got perfect of the quiz

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Hi Alex, I have a question
In the first sentence we can say “I appreciate that you coming here” It is that correct?

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nice quiz

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Thanks Alex. Good job as always.

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gerund is basically ing form but it is use in different condition sometime like a noun and sometimes like a verb.

Profile photo of saddymehmoodbutt saddymehmoodbutt

gerund is use as a noun
smoking is prohibited. smoking is a gerund
please correct me if I am wrong .

Profile photo of saddymehmoodbutt saddymehmoodbutt

I like Alex’s training video.

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I got 5 crrect XD

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Thanks but I got very poor marks only 20%.

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Thank you, Alex!:)

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Hi Alex, will you help me with question no 3

Profile photo of narsimha sharma narsimha sharma

thanks Alex

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Hi Alex, is it possible to say ” I allow your doing it.”?

Profile photo of Viktor123 Viktor123

Alex, I have a question for you. For the first time I faced up with this:”Cindy called me names in elementary school. I didn’t like it”. Why we say ” me names”? I don’t understand at all!

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Alex’s lessons are very lovely to watch!

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

I got 80 %, 4/5 . Thanks.

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merci beaucoup

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simple lesson, but the quiz is difficult enough

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Thanks a lot :) i am following your lessons, i need more Grammer for my students! infinitive and gerund i confuse them realy

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i like alexs performens

Profile photo of a-ch-i-k-o a-ch-i-k-o

Alex, you are the best.

Profile photo of nazareno33 nazareno33

that is good .I got 10 thanks alex .you re the best of the west ;)i improve my writing .

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Alex, I had problems understanding the Pizza

The pizza taste’s is funny???? Well, I don’t
master this language that I adore, but
wouldn’t it be more proper to say:” The pizza
tastes funny? or would this implicate in the
fact that a pizza cannot TASTE anything?

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Thanks a lot Alex, I really enjoyed this !

Profile photo of Anan Elsmaaa Anan Elsmaaa

i like your teaching us.

Profile photo of neerajpandey2 neerajpandey2

Alex, I have one question
Why did you not use taste with -ing?
“I like pizza’s taste is funny”

Profile photo of miandriolli miandriolli

I can’t do any quiz.

Profile photo of habahbeh habahbeh

This is quite a tough topic. Could you please put more lessons on this area?

Profile photo of VanCongBinh VanCongBinh

Thank you Alex.


i got 80!

Profile photo of bill chang bill chang

I love your lessons.

(I don’t know if I write correct)

Profile photo of irene ledezma irene ledezma

Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Hi Alex!I‘m always confused about gerund and present participle. in the sentence “ I saw Jim riding his bike” ,is “riding”
a gerund or present participle?

Profile photo of mkua002 mkua002

Hi Alex, An excellent lesson again. Thank you!

Profile photo of VLucia VLucia

This lessson is good. thanks.

Profile photo of ulubey1980 ulubey1980

1- which sentence is correct “thanks for your help” or” thanks for your helping ” 2- which sentence is correct “thanks for your help me ” or” thanks for your helping me “

Profile photo of walid2828 walid2828

Thank you. I got 5 from 5. Yay:-)

Profile photo of Zhamak Zhamak

I got 5/5)
thanks Alex

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