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It's a good idea for me to eat breakfast every morning.

You ________ pay your taxes.

You _______ pay for your meal at a restaurant.

You ________ read before bed every night.

I need to fix my car. If I don't, I won't be able to drive to work. I _________ get my car fixed!

You ________ obey traffic laws.

I don't like my job.

Juan has a test in the morning. He...

My credit card company has called me and told me that I _______ pay my bill before December 1st!

It's really sunny outside. I _______ wear my sunglasses.

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Top rank english class Alex. You have classes always very simple and strait. I made 100% on quiz.

Friday, December 3rd 2010

    ı made 100% on quız too :)

    Friday, April 15th 2011

      me too, kkk

      Tuesday, May 10th 2011

      Dear Sir,
      Thank you for this lesson

      Saturday, July 9th 2011

      very good class and it’s easy understand.

      Sunday, March 18th 2012

        I think, you should have written : it’s easy TO understand or it’s easily understandable.
        Keep it up.

        Monday, February 4th 2013

    i really like alex s lessons i give him 99%

    Saturday, May 14th 2011

    Thank for sharing such nice lessons. Just one question: Medicine should or must be kept away from children? Which sounds better to you?

    Tuesday, May 28th 2013

    I agree with you basiclevel.Alex is quick like a cowboy in western.I made 100% too.

    Friday, January 24th 2014

    We should follow Engvid constantly

    Sunday, March 26th 2017

hello alex my name is jovens and i am haitian
i can tell you this i am very apprciate to write some lines.to tell you how much your courses are strong for me.i would like to know
if you not can’t do ? a course about numbers like how to write them .thank you for support

Friday, December 3rd 2010

    This is a great idea! I will take your suggestion and film this lesson in the near future. Thank you for commenting!

    Saturday, December 4th 2010

my answers were correct .thank you for this lesson :))

Friday, December 3rd 2010

hi alex your class help me a lot thank you very much

Friday, December 3rd 2010

thank you Alex for this important lesson. please give us more lessons like that and more quiz. thank you very much

Friday, December 3rd 2010

hi, alex my answer is not good. would you mind explaining me how to use must and shoul correctly?. thanks for this lesson.

Friday, December 3rd 2010

    “I must obey traffic laws” is an example where you MUST do something, because something bad will happen if you do not. If you say “I should obey traffic laws,” it means that it is a good idea, but it is not necessary.

    MUST means that something is necessary or highly advisable.

    SHOULD means that something is a good idea for you, or that it is advisable.

    I hope this helps!

    Saturday, December 4th 2010

      hi: alex thank you for this is lesson now iknom how to use should and must thank you very mucth

      Tuesday, December 7th 2010

      thank you Alex. it’s really helpful. I understand now about the different.

      Monday, December 27th 2010

      it helps a lot.your way of teaching is wonderful….keeeeeeep up

      Monday, May 9th 2011

      thank you, your comment was very helpful.

      Sunday, September 29th 2019

hi alex . it is really a good lesson.thanks for that . i wanna request you to please conduct one lesson about verbs that we use with ‘off’ and also explain the basic meaning of the word ‘off’ so that we will be able to use it with different verbs .now a days it is being used oftenly . so please do me a favuor .i am looking forward to this lesson.

Saturday, December 4th 2010

    You’re right. There are many phrasal verbs that use “off.” Thanks for your suggestion, and look for this lesson in a future video on Engvid.

    Saturday, December 4th 2010

      Can you post the link of that lesson(phrasal verb) here .
      Thanks a lot for your precious lessons ,you are a nice teacher :)

      Wednesday, December 8th 2010

hi really i’m very happy to discover this site and i enjoy it very well and it’s very helpfull for me ,because i’m taking everning courses for getting O level certificate in english in Malta, so with ENGVID i think i’m gonna get it.Thanks for now, but make sure that you are helping a lot.The way the lessons are given, is the best for me,nothing wrong, everything right…GOOD BLESS ALL.By for now because i can’t give my coments only ones… ISMAEL

Saturday, December 4th 2010

all my answers are correct thanks alex

Saturday, December 4th 2010

    No problem!

    Monday, December 13th 2010

    hello alex.thank you for your efforts.

    Friday, July 27th 2012

what about modifier

Saturday, December 4th 2010

hi alex i like this lesson thanks for given us i scorred 6/10 but i am proud of my self and i will keep it coming her every time

Saturday, December 4th 2010

    I’m glad that you liked the lesson. Practice is the best way to improve.

    Saturday, December 4th 2010

hi thank you i forget many of these expresions is a good lesson

Saturday, December 4th 2010

Your lessons are really really usefull and sometimes also funny…. plesant way to learn english.
I am so greatfull with you!
Go on in this way.

Saturday, December 4th 2010

    I’m glad that you find them a little funny!

    Monday, December 13th 2010

wow ,wonderful teacher giving wonderful lesson
thanks alot
waiting for more :D

Saturday, December 4th 2010

You guys are amazing. I thought that I’ve decent knowledge in English. But after watching your explaination, still I’ve long way to go. Keep up your good work.

Saturday, December 4th 2010

hi alex, thank you very much for this lession. could you please explain how to use the verb after “should” and “must”.
He should be sleeping. Here “sleeping” is a verb or noun or adjective

Saturday, December 4th 2010

    Here, “sleeping” is a progressive verb. It follows the following structure:

    Subject + be + verb + ing

    You also have the modal “should,” but it doesn’t change the fact that sleeping is a progressive verb.

    Monday, December 13th 2010

I’m really glad to get this website. Alex you are amizing teacher i have ever met.thanks for your help and keep going you are really good teacher that i think many people need you.thanks again

Saturday, December 4th 2010

    Thank you for the compliments. I’m glad that you’re finding the lessons to be useful.

    Monday, December 13th 2010

Alex how would i inprove my vocabulary?

Saturday, December 4th 2010

    Vocabulary is all around you. You could open up a dictionary, but that’s not really the best way to learn since you might feel overwhelmed. I would suggest picking up an English novel, and to have a dictionary near you. After that, just practice, practice, practice.

    You can also watch movies with subtitles, speak with other native English speakers (if this is possible), read English websites, and check out grammar sites like this one.

    Good luck!

    Monday, December 13th 2010


Sunday, December 5th 2010

hi i want learn you can help me

Sunday, December 5th 2010

i want talk english

Sunday, December 5th 2010

oh i dont understand this grammar

Sunday, December 5th 2010

    “Must” is an obligation. It literally means that you do not have a choice in your decision.

    “Should” is a suggestion. It means that it is a good idea for you to do something.

    Keep in mind that I have only explained how to use these words for obligation, and not for their other function, which is speculation.

    Monday, December 13th 2010


      Monday, December 27th 2010

halp :P

Sunday, December 5th 2010

    what is your real first name?? :)

    Tuesday, December 20th 2011

really good explanation and comprenhension exercises…I’ ll be checking more…thanks a lot…

Sunday, December 5th 2010

Hi Alex,
I am Farah from Iran.
thank you and your colleagues for your great videos.
I can not get how these lessons are sorted in the site. I tried to use them in an order, but it is not possible. I like to do all beginners lessons and then start the other level. every time that i open the site, the lessons order has changed.
It is very difficult for me to understand James speaking. should i skip his lessons or I should try? I can get the whole idea, but not all the words and phrases.
thank you again.

Sunday, December 5th 2010

    Hi Farah. The lessons are not in a set order. If you click on ALL LESSONS in the menu, you can see a list of all the lessons on the site. Use the “English Lesson Finder” on the left side to select only beginner classes. You may choose only a certain topic, or you can choose only certain teachers. If you find James’s classes too difficult, you can check only the other teachers’ lessons. Then click “FIND LESSONS” and you will get a list of only the lessons you are looking for.

    Monday, December 6th 2010

Good lesson.
Thank you Sir

Sunday, December 5th 2010

It was a good lesson Alex I scored 10 out of 10 from the first time. using appropriate levels of certainty while speaking is very important but it’s hard for international students. Thank you Alex for helping : )

Monday, December 6th 2010

wow. tnx Alex. It’s a great help for my writing job.

Monday, December 6th 2010

thank you alex

Monday, December 6th 2010

Thank you sir,I’ve got it.after watching this lesson I feel I must appreciate it.That is why I comment.(I think I’m right). thanks again sir.Good luck!!!!!

Monday, December 6th 2010


Monday, December 6th 2010

thanks alex for this lesson

Monday, December 6th 2010

thanks Alex

Tuesday, December 7th 2010

thanks very mutch

Tuesday, December 7th 2010

Thank you Alex your lessons are the best!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8th 2010

Hi Alex ,
I’m Bahar from Iran .
i’m really glad to get this website . you are really great in explaining grammatical points . I’m a teacher ,too and I’ve decided to use some of your teaching lessons in my classes as I think my students will get them better . thanks a lot sir . Best of luck for you

Wednesday, December 8th 2010

    Thank you, and good luck to you as well.

    Monday, December 13th 2010

Hi Alex,
I’m Mubashir from Pakistan. You make it really simple. I’m not good in English but it’s helping me a lot.
Please keep up the good work.
Thanks a lot.

Wednesday, December 8th 2010

that is great help me really it is fantanstic

Wednesday, December 8th 2010

thanks alex i love this lesson

Thursday, December 9th 2010

Thank you alex . For these videos , it was very helpful…

Friday, December 10th 2010

    Thanks alex. For these videos . There was very helpful

    Friday, December 10th 2010

hi alex! thanks so much..

Friday, December 10th 2010

Thank You Alex.

Friday, December 10th 2010

what dose should mean in the frace she should be here in a minute.or, she should be back at fourth
or when parents say to their kids you should be doing your homework and you are watching tv.does your explanation fit in this categorics. can you help me on this ones

Saturday, December 11th 2010

    “She should be here in a minute.” — You would say that if you *expect* her to be here in a minute.

    “You should be doing your homework.” — Here “should” means what they *ought to* be doing

    Saturday, December 11th 2010

      thank you for the explanation. and by the way how do you like Israel? it’s been always my dream to go there. I hope someday i make my dream come true. i hope i didn’t bother you by asking you something that doesn’t have to do whith english questions, but i’m just trying to practic my english and thank you again.

      Tuesday, December 21st 2010

English language requires judgement of the context, before using it. Alex thanks for your genuine advice.

Saturday, December 11th 2010

thanks for every thing but please we need know more about passive causative if you please

Saturday, December 11th 2010

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will make a future lesson on this topic.

    Monday, December 13th 2010

thanks for this quiz I need more practice to improve my self in English.

Monday, December 13th 2010

i can’t find the video lessons(

Tuesday, December 14th 2010

    They are normal YouTube videos. Make sure YouTube is not blocked where you are.

    Wednesday, December 22nd 2010

Good Website!I will share this video with my friends,thanks a lot!

Wednesday, December 15th 2010

Thank you

Friday, December 17th 2010

great wed ,,,thank U

Friday, December 17th 2010

Thanks for all your lessons.

Could you explain the difference between like and as? please…

Saturday, December 18th 2010

    Thanks for the suggestion, Plangam. I will keep this in mind for a future lesson.

    Sunday, January 9th 2011

Thanks Alex I am from Bangladesh & it’s really nice to understand your speech about should & must.

Saturday, December 18th 2010

Alex!Thank you for your teaching.You are excellent.I like you and your metood.I am from Uzbekistan.

Saturday, December 18th 2010

i like it.

Sunday, December 19th 2010

hi again,

I am not good in listening. sometimes i need the text to find out or distinct words in conversations & lessons.
is it possible to set the text of the videos on the website?

thank you agian for your useful website.

Sunday, December 19th 2010

To Sir Alex,
Your instruction manner is influential,to achieve sensibility of profound grammer puzzels.

Monday, December 20th 2010

To all respected teachers of Engvid.com
I have a grammatical question.I expect you would resolve it.
A person is at some work,someone interrupts him,he gives up then,and again continue after passing some interval of time.
On next day,he has to report in English to his Boss,
He told,¨I WAS DOING my job………………………………………………………………………………
…..(Dotted lines are at his mind,what should i say?)

Monday, December 20th 2010

    i was doing my job and suddenly X interrupted me and ……….

    While I was doing my job, X interrupted me for some minutes and then …

    I am not expert or native speaker. It may be not correct!

    Friday, December 24th 2010

I really like should and must but I can not find should and have to because most often I get confuses that which one I have to use.

Monday, December 20th 2010

    “Have to” expresses obligation, and is similar to “must.” “Should” expresses advisability.

    Sunday, January 9th 2011

Thanks Alex and for those too,who asked for this topic, I used to have a problem with this, not its all clear.

Tuesday, December 21st 2010

Thanks Alex I am from Bangladesh & it’s really nice to understand your speech about should & must.

Tuesday, December 21st 2010

Alex!Thank you for your teaching.You are excellent.I like you and your metood.I am from Uzbekistan.

Tuesday, December 21st 2010

I was looking for site to improve my English language
and I found it
yours site really is great

Wednesday, December 22nd 2010

I must thank you because your lession is so useful for me and everybody! Have fun! :D

Wednesday, December 22nd 2010

hi alex your lessons brush up my grammetical mistakes.but i have a problem i hesitate much when i talk others.can u help me out.

Thursday, December 23rd 2010

    Hi amjad,

    Hesitation is common with speakers of any new language. There are a couple of questions you should ask yourself to try to solve this problem:

    1) Do you also hesitate in your own language, or only in English?
    2) Do you try to translate in your mind before using English?

    In order to develop confidence, one of the things that can help a non-native speaker is to TRY to think in their non-native language. When you stop translating and make a language a regular part of your thinking process, you will remember it and be able to use it more effectively in conversation. Basically, you just need to practice and be constantly exposed to the language.

    Sunday, January 9th 2011

      hi Alex,great answer about hesitation. I think it helps a lot.

      Sunday, March 9th 2014

thank you very much,I’m so happy to all of that,and am I wrighting right?becouse I’m just start to learning english! :)

Saturday, December 25th 2010

hello alex my name is Ibrahim
I’m very apprciate to write some lines.to tell you how much your courses are strong for me.
Thank you & best regards.

Sunday, December 26th 2010

At the first time I don’t understand Grammar but Now, I think I can pass the exam tomorrow because You. thx very much,teacher.

Monday, December 27th 2010

thank you alex

Wednesday, December 29th 2010

Hi. whats difference between (Have to) And (Should)?!

Friday, December 31st 2010

    “Have to” is an obligation, and “should” is for advice. Very similar to the differences between “must” and “should.”

    Sunday, April 3rd 2011

Thank you Alex

Friday, December 31st 2010

Whats deference between(should) and (have to)??
Thanks Alex

Friday, December 31st 2010

    No big difference between should and have to

    Tuesday, January 4th 2011

    Hi Ben,

    “Have to” refers to necessity, while “should” refers to advisability. “Have to” is close to “must,” and means that something needs to be done.

    Monday, January 10th 2011

I just wanted to say that the sentence with the restaurant is alittle bit confusing because i understood it like instead of paying your in YMCA for instance you better pay it in restaurant because it’s where they make meals.
what do you think of my reasoning?

Friday, December 31st 2010

hey i must need it

Sunday, January 2nd 2011

Hi Alex. I like your videos. Could you recommend me a basic English gramma book? Because I think I need a guide for improve my english. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 4th 2011

    Hi alexmarti,

    There are many grammar books available. One of the most popular books for beginners is Betty Azar’s “Understanding and Using English Grammar.”

    There are many other books that you may want to consider. If you have access to a good book store, look at the English language section and see which book is best for you. Personal research helps a lot.

    Sunday, January 9th 2011

thank you for your lesson

Tuesday, January 4th 2011

Just easy to understand and helpful in uses

Wednesday, January 5th 2011


Wednesday, January 5th 2011

i only got 6 :) i must finish the lesson before answering any quizes thank you..

Thursday, January 6th 2011

hi alex, first of all i would like to thank u and ur team members,each every tutorials are very useful to me and thank u very much….

Friday, January 7th 2011

Thank you!! My answer is quit good, but is complicate for me: must, have to, should, may/might!! is dificult.

Friday, January 7th 2011

Hi it is very useful.

Saturday, January 8th 2011

I’m very thankful for, these lessons.


Saturday, January 8th 2011

thank you very much ^^

Sunday, January 9th 2011

can you make video about popular and famous???

Sunday, January 9th 2011

hello alex i don’t know in which situation i can use have been or has been? so its my kind request to help me. thank you in advance.

Monday, January 10th 2011

    hello alex I am very happy to dicver this site please i need more help about tense

    Wednesday, January 12th 2011

Hi Alex,think you for tese precisions.But i want more explanation about it.

Monday, January 10th 2011

Alex you teach very well but try to give more lessons thank-you for this ….

Monday, January 10th 2011

    If I put up a new lesson every day, you would get tired of me very quickly! :)

    Monday, January 10th 2011

      we will be never tired of your lesson but always waiting new one.

      Friday, January 14th 2011

      hi, alex i want to ask one question that my father wanted to send me to london for higher education , but i refused to go any where because my english is not so good , i also thought that the local student will make fun of me due to my english , but some one told me that the local people not make fun of you but they encourage you and by spending a time among them you will automatically learn how to speak correct english , IS THAT TRUE OR IT IS JUST A STUPIDITY .

      Monday, September 17th 2012

i am stil confuce between should and must . i got 6 out of 10 in the quiz

Monday, January 10th 2011

    Hi sweety123, if you want to practice on msn, i’ll be pleased: amyne5 at hotmail.fr

    Saturday, January 22nd 2011

Thanks Alex. This lesson is very useful. Finally i understood the difference between should and must. And thanks for the test.

Tuesday, January 11th 2011

hello Alex I am very happy to got this site.Alex I need mor help about tenses and verbs.

Wednesday, January 12th 2011

Hi Alex you are brillant as usual, this cours is very interesting, so we can distinguish between order and advice
thanks a lot.

Thursday, January 13th 2011

I am still not clear from the explanation between should and must.

Friday, January 14th 2011

Hi Alex! I really want to learn Eng! But I dont know how to start. Can u show me how I can start? What must I do 1st and then? Plz help me! Thanks!

Monday, January 17th 2011

    Hi peajaesoon,

    There is no perfect way to learn a language, and everyone learns differently. Websites like this one can help you. Otherwise, you can learn from films, websites, newspaper articles, radio broadcasts or online podcasts, and books. The best way is to surround yourself with the language. Knowing someone who can speak English well also helps.

    Sunday, January 23rd 2011

Hi Alex! Thank you for lesson about must and should. I need help about how to make questions and question word.

Wednesday, January 19th 2011

    Hi nil,

    Great idea! I will create a future lesson about your suggestion. For now, look up the translation of these words:


    Sunday, January 23rd 2011

I had two mistakes lol thank you for these great lessons :))

Saturday, January 22nd 2011

first of all, thank so much alex, really good for me by website
and you’re really caring thoughtful resolve any questions the fellas made
thanks alex

Wednesday, January 26th 2011

Hi, Alex U r lesson is very Clear & excellent.

Thursday, January 27th 2011

thanks alot mr.Alex for ur explaination , you r really explain by using semple language and every one can understand fully .

Thursday, January 27th 2011

Thanks Alex for your great effort.

Thursday, January 27th 2011

but i donot get the advice what does mean thanks

Sunday, January 30th 2011

thanks MR Alex for you effort i’m very happy to write you a few lines .your lessons are clear and excellent .thank you very much MR ALEX

Tuesday, February 1st 2011

hi alex! your lesson are all great…
how about the difference between “in to” or “on to” vs. “into” or “onto”, respectively.

Thursday, February 3rd 2011

hi alex can you please say me the difference between could and would?

Thursday, February 3rd 2011

Thank you!)

Sunday, February 6th 2011

Hi Alex, I have a problem. Although I,ve “surriunded myself with English” it’s still difficult for me to remember new words and frases. I can read any text easy, but in speaking I always fail. Do you know any magic way to remember new words properly. Would you give me an advice?

Tuesday, February 8th 2011

Thank you very much, My score is 8-10 on the Quiz

Than k you for all again

Wednesday, February 9th 2011

good day mr. alex.. can u pls help me .. im really confuse in somewhat and somehow.. i dont know wen and how do i use it … can u pls help to understand the differences bet. the two? can u pls discuss this briefly?

Wednesday, February 16th 2011

i don’t quite understand about comparative degree for the word “handsome”

Wednesday, February 16th 2011

thx Alex… ur letures r really good =)… they help me a lot…

Friday, February 18th 2011


Friday, February 25th 2011

tanks Alex! your lesson is very nice iam proud of as you a good teacher if Allah want i will meet you because your lesson is very interesting.but unfortunately my way is very long .

Sunday, March 6th 2011

iwant to learn about asking about appropiateness and expressing opligation using shoul / would have to .
i teach english and i cant understand this .

Sunday, March 6th 2011

Hi,alex thanks a lot for your useful class about should vs. must. By the way, I have a bouncing doubt in my mind about it, actually how to apply that grammar rule inthis particular case: Tom usually leaves work at 4 o’clock, and he takes 30 minutes to get home,he often goes home directly. it’s 4:30 right now, somebody asks me about Tom,so what should I say? He SHOULD be at home now or he MUST be at home by now.that’s what you call “speculation” isn’t it? I look forward to having your explanation about it. Thanks a lot and keep going, sir!!

Wednesday, March 9th 2011

thanks alex :-)

Wednesday, March 9th 2011


Tuesday, March 15th 2011

thanks Alex , keep on !

Thursday, March 17th 2011

It is good way of learning, but i think it wouldn’t be useful until we implement it. Is there any way to make it interactive?

Thursday, March 17th 2011

9 out of 10=D
thanks alex for ur help!

Thursday, March 17th 2011

Thanks Alex..

Friday, March 18th 2011

very good lesson for our
i have few doubt about WOULD plz tell me

Friday, March 18th 2011

thanks Alex.

Tuesday, March 22nd 2011

It was very informative lesson. I have no doubts anymore about using these words. Thank you, Alex. But there are some other words that make me confused sometimes. They are “definitely” and “obviously”. Could you explain the difference please (with examples, if it`s possible). Or maybe do the lesson about it. Best regards. Natalie.

Friday, March 25th 2011

    “Definitely” means that there is no doubt. It means “for sure,” “for certain,” or “without doubt.”

    “I will definitely be there tonight!”

    “Obviously” means that a fact or point is easy to see for everyone. There can be no argument against it. For example:

    “It is obviously snowing.” (you can see the snow)

    “Definitely” is more commonly used to make promises, but both can be used in other situations.

    “He’s definitely crazy!” (for certain!)
    “He’s obviously crazy!” (everyone can see it!)

    I hope this helps a little.

    Sunday, April 3rd 2011

Before I forget, three more words: “proper”, “right”, “correct”. How should we use them? Under want circumstances? I hope so mush that you`ll help me with that. Thanks. Natalie.

Friday, March 25th 2011

Hi, Alex. It’s so splendid to be in communication with you. But I wanna ask you, which is correct:
No problemS or No problem? And why?

Thank you for your reply!

Saturday, March 26th 2011

    Hi Vadim,

    You can use both depending on the situation. However, “no problem” is more frequent. For example, if someone asks you to do something, you can reply with “no problem.”

    “Can you open the door for me, please?”
    “Sure! No problem!”

    “No problems” can be used in contexts such as this one:

    “How was the test?”
    “No problems!” (I didn’t make any major mistakes)

    If you answer with “no problem!” to the above situation, your meaning is that the test was easy.

    Sunday, April 3rd 2011

thnks for all your efforts. once again thanks.

Sunday, April 3rd 2011

Hi alex, i really want to know how to use all the preposition, from,on,in,at,to,of,about, i make a lot of mitakes when i’m using them.. thank you, if you could write me at/in? my email, i’ll appreciate .. :)

Monday, April 4th 2011

thanks sir to clear my mind about this letter difference , may god bless you

Wednesday, April 6th 2011


Friday, April 8th 2011

Sir Alex,
Could you please make a video lesson about “has, had, and have. i’m a little confused of using those words. Thanks a lot for teaching us.

Friday, April 15th 2011

Hi ALEX thank you very much .It is really very useful lesson.

Sunday, April 17th 2011

Hi, Alex thank you for your lesson. It’s very useful lesson. I want to more explain ‘shoud and must’.

Tuesday, April 26th 2011

Thank you,

Tuesday, April 26th 2011

Thanks ALex!!

Thursday, April 28th 2011

Hi Alex! I’m really interested your topic.job well done!!:)

Friday, April 29th 2011

ur a prtty good teacher,thank u so much sir

Saturday, April 30th 2011

thank u sir

Thursday, May 5th 2011

I wanna ask you or your colleague about should and must I don’t how to use them but now you give me golden advice thank you kindly

Saturday, May 7th 2011

Thank you very much Alex

Wednesday, May 11th 2011

hey alex! this is nica i just accidentally found ur site hahaaha then i got 9 out of 10 here, i wanna learn more so it’s not hard to speak of other people like u. so i realy like ur lessons it helps alot,can u post like this lessons (figure of speech) im looking 4ward thank u…

Wednesday, May 11th 2011

you really teach v well tgat click my understanding i have downloaded most of ur lessions thanks a lot

Saturday, May 14th 2011

I think it’s very good for learning english. It’s too simple and make me don’t stress

Saturday, May 14th 2011

hi alex, this lesson finds me very useful.i got a question for you…im taking IELTS on 4 june…i am afraid of writting part where in task 1, i need to make report on visual (chart and bar etc). this finds me very difficult.what tense i have to use? if possible explain me little bite about academy essay also. my question is quiet long. sorry for that.thanx.

Wednesday, May 18th 2011

its easy to understand

Monday, May 23rd 2011


Wednesday, May 25th 2011

My score is 7 of 10

Wednesday, May 25th 2011

Thank you teacher

Monday, May 30th 2011

Thank you a lot

Tuesday, May 31st 2011

Hi, Alex I want to know how I practice my pronunciation, because I live in a place where anybody talks in English.. Thanks you for your answer me

Friday, June 3rd 2011

I must improve my english skills… :D

Monday, June 6th 2011

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Wednesday, June 8th 2011

i should improve my english
thanks teacher

Wednesday, June 8th 2011

Great Lesson Alex. Thank you so much.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011

you are great thanks

Wednesday, June 22nd 2011

you are hellping me alot

Wednesday, June 22nd 2011

Thanxx a lot Alex Sir! I am new here on engvid.. I like your lessons & teaching style. I hope my spoken in English will become good in future.
Thanxx again Sir

Saturday, June 25th 2011

ahhh .. i can’t enter to the quis by the way :'(
can you tell me !! xx

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May u tell me whats the differences between these two sentences
1_if i had been rich i would have been able to buy the car
2_if i were rich i would be able to buy the car
plz tell me i asked valen these questions but she hasnt answered me up to now

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whats this idiom means
taste of ur own mediciane

Friday, July 22nd 2011

    Assalamu alikkum my dear Ammarkalan,my name is Shihabudheen from India but now I am working in U.A.E,In my knowledge this idiom means. When you are mis treated the same way you mistreated others.

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I failed the test. I ….. studied harder.
A.should have B.must have C.should
I think it’s A. Am I right?

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Sheela was to have been here at 8:00 clock.She (must have/should have) ________ forgotten about our meeting.

Jennifer missed her class today.She _________(might have had/should have had) some other work.

help me please in filling these with appropriate ones from the bracket

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It’s really sunny outside. I _______ wear my sunglasses
Could be MUST if a I have to protect my eyes from sun rays?

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It’s really sunny outside. I _______ wear my sunglasses.

Ans. Must
becaue it is 100% certain, it is sunny outside

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Shouldn’t we say that these vocabulary items are Modal Verbs?

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‘should’ sounds more friendly , doesn’t it ? It talks about 60% possibility and good for someone comparing with must. Very good.

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Tuesday, June 18th 2013

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Friday, October 21st 2016

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