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Thanks indeed for the great lesson , You always helpful .


    Thanks Engvid

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Really this lessons are helping me a lot to improve my basic knowledge of English my own. Thank you so much.

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Hello !
How are you , i am fine . Please explain Adjectives and Adverbs and all similar lessons of it . I am waiting for it . And i should be with more help full examples .
thanks .

Qasim Ahmad Ilyas

    I will try to do a video on adjectives and adverbs for you! Keep watching!

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      i d like to watch a video about how to pronounce ”little, water, about, letter”. indeed you explain well how to pronounce ”th”. thank you very much.


      I would like tell you as i check an internet to find free an English conversation i see your English conversation is good just now i show my information i would like to learning English conversation with you for my job now i am a cook at the pacific Hotel & Spa in siem reap province i am the Cambodia people i don’t knowledge the English word and conversation for my using on the job
      such as are you help me or not
      Thank you so much Miss Ronnie

      Lim Hour

      Hi Ronnie, I’d like to thank you for helping children learn. You helped me a lot. Plus, you’re funny too. Keep it up. Thanks again.


      thanks U

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it is very helpfull lesson for pronunciation and aslo verb. thank you very much.

maira baloch

    he maira how are you tday? whats on english course?


you’re excellent when you explain pronunciation, so thank very much , for so many other teacher


this is really good listen
thank you very much
but hot can i get the next lacher directaly


it is very nice and helpfull


Hi teacher!

Thank you for this lession, Im understand the irregular verbs, in the test my scored was 4 to 4.


! i have a recommendation to ronie´s teacher please , more excercise and examples !!! thank you


Thank you for this lesson ,but I think You forgoot to explain the meaning of the words like you did befor.


it’s too nice and helpfull.thanx ..!!


very funny :)


you are the best !)please you can show me how i can learn irreguler verbs ? show me juste the methode please help ! thank you a lot .

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    Sorry there is no “method”. Just memorize the different verbs!

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hello teacher ! ! exelent lesson, please can you explanation the different preposition….

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thank you for this lesson, the concept for to teach english is very good.


wow such an easy and effective way to explain pronunciation. Congrats! I enjoyed your method.


hi;ronnie thank u very much your lessons are so good please i want more about vocabulary ang pronunciation as well as listening.thank u.


thanks teacher Ronnie i’m so happy that you gave us this losson about irregular verbs you are really genius girl for teaching keep up i hope i can get your email so i can email you if i need your help and i appreciate your effort…. i hope i can see more lesson for you soon


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thanks you so much, it’s great


It is the efficacy for us and we learn faster from here than from cramming notes THANX ENGVID


Very very important!


Thanks a lot … its useful


thank you very much this lesson help me to pronounce irregular verbs in simple past tense.


yes. its an important lesson, but sound quality should be better


Hello! Ronnie,

My name is Moisés Henrique I’m from Brazil, I’m beginner
in English, I like very much your lessons. You’re a very good teacher, congratulations!

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hi teacher this is very useful lesson for me..thank you teacher and “GOD BLESS YOU”


hi engvid,thanks for ur help. l like know the diffrence when we speaking ,home and house.thanks


I just viewed your video on WANT and NEED. I was shocked that you did NOT explain to the viewers the importance of writing ENGLISH correctly versus how we pronounce (cut short) some of our words. Wanna and need ta are new words to me. Yes, native speakers CUT SHORT the pronunciation of want to, going to, going, need to, to, for, etc, but this does not mean we actually WRITE the words as such. I think it is EXTREMELY important to explain this to the viewers. So many young people are using English colloquialisms, idioms, and chat and text messaging acronyms to communicate today, not only in the United States, but worldwide. Some of these people are losing sight of what is proper English. Please make an effort to explain the two. It’s rather embarrassing when some of the non-native English speakers understand and speak/write the English language better than the native speakers.


    Not sure why you commented here instead of on the lesson you are referring to, Catherine. Anyway, I watched the lesson again, and the distinction is made pretty clearly, I think. There is no suggestion in the lesson that “wanna” and “need ta” are actual words. The proper spellings of these words are on the board and the teacher simply adds the common way they are pronounced next to the correct spelling. She makes clear in the lesson that this is how the words are PRONOUNCED. I certainly agree with you that “txting”-spelling is becoming a major problem, and I will try to make sure that the teachers make clearer the distinction between proper written spelling and spelled-out pronunciation in the future. Thanks for your comments and constructive criticism.

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hi tank you for teaching


Excellent…thank you very much. Al this webpage is very good.

From Spain

It is actually very effective lesson and thank you so much for guiding the people like us , non English speakers. Once again , thank you so very much and looking forward for more guidance.


Thank you a lot. This lesson is very helpful for me.


you’re excellent when you explain pronunciation, so thank very much , for so many other teacher
and please you can show me how i can learn irreguler verbs ? show me juste the methode please help ! thank you a lot .


thank’s it’s going to help me lot, good work


Thank you so much to your discussed lesson about irreguar verbs. Now I know the technique how to pronounce them correctly.


I always confused the prounciation of thses words. This lesson was very helpful. Thanks.

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I want to learn more about intonation, I hope you’ll have video tutorial regarding this topic. thanks a lot and have a great day

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    I will try to do my next lessons on intonation for you! Keep watching!

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      I really appreciate u for doing this, especially for free. I’m 7th grader, so can i change my accent? My friends say i have indian accent but they can understand me and i can understand native speaker too.Also can you do a video for stress and unstress? and i dont know how to pronunce birthday, i hear many people say it differently. Also i’ve good vocab and grammar, and i’m in all advance classes, so how long do you think will it take me to change my accent? i practice 1hr everyday.
      Thanks, and sorry for long comment :P


        It is difficult to change your accent – but you can try by copying native English speakers! However, there are so many different “English accents” that you should focus on one!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi teacher,i am Ky. i feels interested in your lesson. it is very good and funny. you are also funny. i am like you and your lesson.


easy lesson thank you


Thanks a lot teacher!!!
I like and enjoy your lessons, specialy when you suddenly jump to the whiteboard!
Very good!

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thanks..I can understand you!!

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You are so funny! I like your humour…it makes the lesson more lively and interesting!


thnx so much Roni

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Hi Ronnie , First of all I want to thank for all teachers. And also I want to ask a question?Would you please give an answer about my question?
My Question: Can we improve our english level (especially speaking practice)by using skype? If it is suitable for using skype with one of the engvid’s teachers , how can we do this?Where will we pay?And also If it is possible , will you send me detail knowledge?
I hope you understood what I meant , because my english is not as good as I want.

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    Yes, you can improve your speaking using skype (as long as you talk and listen to the teacher).

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      but there is no community support to speak in skype please planned a speaking classs.

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    Hi my classmate. What do you think about talk in skype whith a classmate to improve our English?

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You can send answer to my mail adress in my profile.And also In Turkey , you can watch engvid.com or youtube videos by changing DNS setting.This is one of the methods for watching engvid.com’s videos.DNS Settings can be searched using google.

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You are so funny! I like your humour


Thanks a lot.

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hi i love your lesson your teaching style is very v v v v excellant& you speak very clearly& nicely but i have a recommendation to ronie´s teacher please , more excercise and examples and more quiz questions !!! thank you


This lesson is so interesting and useful. Thanks


hola eres una exelente profesora,gracias por tus videos he aprendido mucho del ingles me gusta mucho el ingles y contigo lo voy aprender.


hey dear ronnei at as really a great happiness to see ur vedeos . i thank you towards all who learn from you . your teaching method is best bestever . thanks thanks thanks a lot dear .please will you reply me by e mail please


Hi there,
Thank you for the great Pronounciation lesson.
I hope you give a lesson about the different between the ei, ie, ai, ia


apreciate your lesson


Hi Ronnie.I know that ı can improve my english(especially speaking level) using skype.But Can I talk with any of engvid’s teachers?If the answer is YES , How can we do this?Where will pay money?How much money will I pay?Please send me detail knowledge about this subject to my mail adress in my profile.
Thanks for your help.

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    Sorry, none of the teachers offer Skype lessons at this time, Yusuf.

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madam ,I’ve listened to your tutorial video on the pronunciation of irregular verbs, obviously it was excellent! I’ve a request, would you clarify the difference in pronouncing the words “Lord and load” distinctly!

arjun john

Thank you for your help :)


excuse me… may i ask a question…
i want to know why we use does in this sentence..>>
“which one of you doesn’t understand??”
pleas help me!! thanks a lot!!


Now, i really understand what is IRREGULAR VERB and how to pronounce them.. thanks great teacher

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hi ronnie i enjoyed your lesson thank you a lot i hop that you can make a lessons about learning skills or writing skills or sth like this not only grammar lessons


you are really a great teacher.Thank you muckkkkkkkkkk


Thank you for the lesson. The way you have explained was very good!


oh.I’d love it.
There’re some funny but helpful ways to pronounce.
Thank you.


thank u 4 helping us


it was a good lesson….Do you hav some SOUND TEST instead of written one? As i want to improve my speaking level

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So simple…so clear…Thank you a lot.

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Does enyone know some website where i can watch english movies with Engish subtitles?
Many thanks


thank you very much ,it’s very helpful lesson

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Many thanks really helpful


My ₢od…This is a wonderfull….she teachs very well…Is it possible to me to be a alsome teacher like her???


Luciano Germano


Luciano Germano

    Ok, I will try to make a lesson for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you very much…I really thank you for answering my comment…

      you are the teacher I asked ₢od

      only he knows how was my english before I know you on youtube

      I just thank you…

      ABOUT THE VIDEO…i WILL WAIT anxiously___*u*

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Hi Ronnie , i can not understand u this video..can u help me…..thank you very much ,it’s very helpful lesson……:)


hi ..for all
this is first time present here
it’s very great ..
i feel comfort to this site


hi how are you ?
many thank`s for this great lesson i hope you can explain the using of”used to” . i`m waiting for your replay .


    “Used to” we use to talk about something we DID in the past but DON’T do now. For example: When I was 16, I smoked. Now I don’t. So, I can say… “I used to smoke.”
    “Used to” is ALWAYS followed by the base/present verb. “I used to live”, “I used to eat”, “I used to play”…

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Hi … These lessons helped me a lot thank’s to you… I don’t know how to thank you. Otherwise, I have one question for you. My english level is intermediate, can you tell me what time is needed to spend practising english to reach 80 on ibt TOEFL? Thanks in advance


    please reply me


      I don’t know how much time is needed to get 80 on ibt TOEFL… sorry.

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I hope I can

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hi of all i want to learn English . can you teach me well ? i hope that

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hi of all i want to learn English . can you teach me well ? i hope this

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thank u so much,it is very easy


Iam very hopeful to follow your


you’re a good teacher with enthusiastic teaching method

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thank u for teaching us.i well be very kindness for this act.

muhammad rayid

Thank you for teach me



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Hello there!!!
I am nwe here! Love your videos!
Ronnie, I have a question for you: what’s the difference between wake and awake?
Are they both verbs?

THANKS A LOT (and sorry if I made any mistake)

Marcela from Argentina

Profile photo of marchelita marchelita

    Wake is a verb… “Wake up!!!!” and wake is also a noun that we use to talk about the party after a person dies.
    Awake is an adjective… “He is awake!”

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I think that, i love you ;)

Ta Duc

You are my favorite teacher of English!
Your student from Russia.

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    he sonitanova how are you? how is go on enhlsh course? where are you living now? russia or ..us?


    I also love your lessons!

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you make me love english langugue thanks so much, you are best teacher i deal with


You teach to be your,I’m proud to your student/

Edrice joseph

    thank you!

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    youarewelcome! But, when you write in English, you need a space between EVERY word!

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      “Youarewelcome!” lol You are Very funny.

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    hahaha sqeel

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thanks a lot,every explanation That you did I got it all.Thanks again.i think you like to be in Smile Don’t you?

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I like your way of teaching .I delighted watching your lessons


thank you

Alex Mo

I like the way you teach it is fun and make it easy, thanks to be there for us English students.


hi ronnie,
thanks a lot for the knowledge you shared with us,hope you will keep teaching us coz we need teacher like you….

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hi ronnie,
thanks highly for taaching,it has been helping to be fluent to speak english well.


halo ronnie iam being nice to know you,becomes your student it very very happy,i am proud of you

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thank u very i learned something new today you a very good teacher


nice pictures, good!

Rapidshare Rayna

Ronnie, I am going to become an English teacher, you are helping me tremendously. You are showing me how to teach.Thank you.

Johanna Glaesser

thank you for teaching us


Absolutly good! Thank you teacher Roonie

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I always have problems with this verbs and now it’s so easy! Thanks =)

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Hi Ronnie, I like the way you teach us, you are so funny, can you teach us more irregular verbs please?


Thank you very much Ronnie for this vedio because i improved my english knowledge. i hope you will continue these.
Ronnie i have a favor it’s ok if you make a vedio about the present,past,and future…because i dont know how to use the word if pas,present and future tense…once again thank you very much…God bless and more power…33


Very nice. Thank you


thank you verry much


Thank you a lot. This lesson is very helpful for me

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Thank you so much Ronnie, you are the best:-)!


you are so lovely .thank you

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merci bien ! mil gracias

Oliver Salas

thank u alot and plz i want more quiz i mean long quiz thanx again u do good job and this is a frest time i see this wep site and i like it so much
fatine from morocco



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Thank u so much teacher u r in the great

lots of love thank you very much


I still confuse how to pronounce heard, heart, hurt.

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    I will try to make a lesson for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

You’re awesome! I love to learn Englsh from you


that s really very nice what u are doing for us .
thankx lot Ronnie

mohamed montrea

hello ronnie!!!!, i learned a lot from u because of your entertaining and wonderful english lessons… thnaks…. god bless….


hello! how i learn the irregular verbs there are some easy method


You’re the best teacher,I understand you

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thanks Ronny you are a amazing teacher better I have in college specialty in gramar thanks.


I like this video. it help me to pronunciation well.


hi you r really gr8 teacher i m practicing for ielts so could u help me in it


thank you thank you…………..

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hi! Ms.Ronnie thnk you very much its a big help to me that you’ll giving everybody a free but interesting video like this.. because when i studied japanese language and exposed from japanese people sometimes i can say the words in japanese not in english.


hi Ms.Ronie thank you very much for giving us a chance to share your knowledge thru video i refresh my mind and i learned a lot from you.its a big help to me.because when i studied japanese language and exposed from japanese people i forgot to say the word in english but i can say it in japanese..but now before i sleep i’ll give my self time to open your video and listen for your next lesson.. thank you more power to you and thanks also to all teachers here in video who gave and willing to share their knowledge to everyone.keep up your good work because the lord is always with you..


thanks ronne alot.id like to learn me how can i teach phresal verbs by an easy differnt manner

mohamed sabry



How are you Ronnie??I hope you are great.You talk clearly and teach everyone correctely.Well-done Ronnie.Congratulations…CARLOS SIMÕES


hi ronni how are you thank you for helping us


thank you I got all the other way I underestood all these so I have a request which is this can you make me underestand how to use or to know all tenses thanks is me your fuuny sstudent


Thanks :p



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Excellent class, I like the pronunciation of the irregular verb buy, teach, think, cat and fight.



wow it helps me a lot,i hope you can help me more in conversational English because i really have a hard time on it..Thank you and Godbless


Thanks for helping us!


my daughter is wadee. she is 6 yrs old, from Bangladesh. Do you mind if i ask you to make a lesson of using “we and us”. Thank you very very much.


    I will try! Thanks for watching Wadee!!! Good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks,you’r helpful persen


Hi…Ronnie,how to pronounce “shades”Thanks a lot ..


    “SHhhhhh -aids”

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

u r right Ronnie those nasty irregulars verbs,I know how to spell them but the pronunciation NOT. thanks anyway blonde ,funny teacher.


I mean redhead sorry.


Thank you so much! You took out of me a big problem these pronunciations

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THANKS !><<<<

Profile photo of kmcatracha kmcatracha

great Ronnie teacher.i love your conversation.i watch your videos everyday and learning some tense

Atif aslam

Can u tell me a sentence by the word ‘Thought’

Nurul Haque

    I thought you were in India!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

nice explanation ;),, thank u teacher

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i am interesting in pronunciation.this is my big problem


great lesson!!!!

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Thank you so much for teaching im from Thailand i’ve live in SYD 4 weeks but i can’t speak well so everything in mylife to hard


Really useful lesson, thnx


Hi Ronnie,
you are the best tecacher
today I´ve learned news pronunciations

Best regards


Hey,Rani! How are you? Dear I know that wherever you are, you are fine.Your teaching technics are very good.


i always confused while using ” Been ” .. could you pls give example on it ?? and when we use ” been ” ?? what’s d meaning of ” i could have been there ” and ” how have you been ” ..Thanx Ronnie..


when we use A and An in english …?? i do not understand when and how to use word ” off ” in a sentense..?? give me some examples pls..Thanxx


    An is when the noun starts with a vowel (AEIOU) or vowel sound “hour”. an apple, an egg, an hour.
    All the other nouns get an “A” – a dog, a hamburger!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you very much for these good lessons.EngVid is really wonderful a site to learn english.And your lessons are very good Ronnie.Thank you for all works of you.

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think you for this lesson hehe but i have some comfuse about irregular verb how to find if the sentens is irregular verb?


    Irregular verbs don’t end in “ed”.
    You just have to memorize which verbs are regular and which are not!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hi ronnie! thanks for your lesson! it is very useful and lovely. would you mind if i asked you a question? could you explain for me the difference between “no” and “none” and give for me some detail examples?! thank you so much!!

Profile photo of sunsh1n3 sunsh1n3

    No is a reply to a question! Do you like fish? No!
    None is an amount. How many kids are in the park? None!
    We use No! to answer opinion questions or “yes/no” questions, and none we use say that there is nothing!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thanks a lot. i love the way you explain. it is very easy to remember and learn. love you so much!! best wishes for you!!

      Profile photo of sunsh1n3 sunsh1n3

hi ronnie! thanks for your lesson it is very nice.thank you very much

lakhan singh

Dear Ms. Ronnie,

I can see lot of comments in here but if you can find my msg, pls advise me how i can make study plan to improve my english especially mu accent,appreciate if you can send it to my email ID for easy reference.
dali_ali75@yahoo.com I’m very serious
Thanks a lot for your mutual cooperation.

Profile photo of daliali daliali

    You should start by studying basic English vocabulary, then use these words in sentences!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

ronnie you are very helpful, thank you for teaching us how to speak english……..thank you……

brazos Mendoza

You are very helpful person in my life to learn English, i know there are many mistakes in my communication. your videos is very helpful for me to overcome a little.


helpul nice

Profile photo of imtiaz12 imtiaz12

Hi!I’ll be really grateful if you add some videos about tenses and writing essays..:)


Hi I’m afraid to ask you,Is this American or canadian pronunciations?


    Don’t be afraid – I am Canadian! So ALL the lessons on the site are “Canadian” pronunciation!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ms.Ronnie happy holidays. Are any differences between American pronunciation and canadian pronunciation? thank you very much in advance.


you are the best.


Ms.have a good day,thank you for your teaching.iam sudanese(not my mothertongue


Thanks, teacher ronie for giving us such a great lesson my request is please teach us best english accent coz i am not american or nor british please

Syed Danish Shah

    Sorry I cannot teach you any accent except for the one I have. I cannot change my accent – nor can you – unless you go and live in the region where they speak with that accent. I am Canadian= I have a Canadian accent.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Amazing amazing Ronnie!!!

Profile photo of afrozengvid afrozengvid

I love your acent (in fact).!

:) ;)

And your good sense of humor.

Profile photo of miguelin05 miguelin05

hi miss i would like to ask u if i can find a lesson on report writing and concept note

Profile photo of mohamed1981 mohamed1981

you don’t tell us about tense.
but it is good
i like your vidoes

ravi tiwari

Thanks, teacher ronie for giving us such a great lesson my request is please teach us best english accent coz i am not american or nor british please

ravi tiwari

i am american so tell us about american

ravi tiwari

Hello it’s really a good website .


hi ronnie,
i wanna know how to use the words “probably, unfortunetly, aparently”. can u give an example? thank a lot.


    Probably = 60 % sure. I’ll probably go to the dance tonight.
    Unfortunately = to talk about somethingnegative. Unfortunately, I have a cold.
    Apparently = used when you doubt information. Apparently, I can’t sing very well. (but you think you can sing very well)

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thanks ronnie your so kind, more power to engvid.


Thank you for your English teaching and lesson

Mohammad Zaman mohsini

Hai Ronnie ! Could you explain what’s the diifference between ‘NO’ and ‘ NOT’? I don’t know how to use them like the phrases ‘NO / NOT sure’. I’m rather confused right now.

Thanks a million Ronnie. I hope to hear back from you soon.



i thougth is an easy ,but i found out hard..i got 3 out of 4 on quiz.


thanks for all your lesson..you’ve been a great help everytime…=) i hope will you have more videos to share to everyone.. Great Job!

Profile photo of honeyandme honeyandme

Nice !


I like this lesson. Please teach us more lesson just like that if possible because I have a problem with the pronouncing..


I always get full score on your quizzes. Does that mean I get a good grade, Ronnie? :)


hi madam,am very glad to meet u.am watching almost all videos of u.
and please help me how to do practise on lessons. please help me and am waiting for your reply.thnk you


thank you so much dear Ronnie


thank you sooooooooooooo much Ronnie,I have an English quiz tomorrow & this helped me alot!


hey u all hop u r doing good… plz engvid soon i’ll pass my BAC exam so plz i need in spite of lessons and although plz am wiating Ronnie… thanxxxxx

Profile photo of yasmine33 yasmine33

Thanks Ronnie, I’m Brazilian and “th” sound and irregular verbs are problem for me. You helped me a lot!!!


Thanks Rome, I like how your funny. I want to be a writer.


dear rani,
everytime i will be happy to see you.

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Hi Ronnie,
You are really good. Your way of teaching is engaging and entertaining. But I believe that you should also explain the difference between English and American pronunciation. The word “fought” as you said will be pronounced “fot” and the way you actually pronounced it sounded like ‘fart’. Sorry for this but this is what a person who knows the British pronunciation will think if not explained in detail.
Thank you!


I will be happy If I join With you

mustapha boumadel

I will be happy If I join With you thank you

mustapha boumadel

    wawwwwww wonderful

    mustapha boumadel

i really appreciate the way u teach us . . .love u keep it up

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Thank You Ronnie mam.

Dain Johnson

you are super teacher.

Profile photo of somily somily

i’m now in a good way . thank you very much my dear ronnie

Profile photo of isabelfrancisco123 isabelfrancisco123

i,m now in a good way . thanks alot my dear ronnie

Profile photo of isabelfrancisco123 isabelfrancisco123


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Thank you Ronnie this is really helpful

Profile photo of faten faten

You’re not allowed to say the simple past before your birthday.

Jesse Corey

thank you again , this lesson is very helpful

Profile photo of nada98 nada98

You tot helpful things. Thanks a lot.

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hi Ronnie,
do you have any video such as (any,some,much)


I’m from holland.My english is not so good
I’d like to speak english fluently.I am trying to watch tv. Sometimes they talked too quickly,so I can’t understand what he means.I try to figure out,But it’s difficult.


it is really very helpful lesson ,ththththanks”with long tongue” alot.

Profile photo of fahdmohd fahdmohd

Your explanations are amazing, Ronnie!!! The easier way to learn English! Could you teach any about infinite and -ing? I would appreciate FOREVER!!! =*


    There is already a lesson on that! Just search for “infinitives”!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

:) -> :D I got 100% for Irregular verbs

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Hi teacher Ronnie, Can you help me to check the use of article in this sentence. Thank you.

sent :- China lies in the Asia continent.


    Your sentence is correct!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie, I have been watching your videos, they are very helpful but l would like to ask you for a big favor. Could you please make a video about this verbs in past form and past particle because l have a lot trouble to learn and the verbs are bear,bend,bet,bid,bind,breed,burst,cast,cling,
creep,dig, flee and grind.
l hope you can help me and thank you so much for teaching us.

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    Homework! Look the words up in an online dictionary to get the past and past participles!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you ronnie very good continuity


I am confused between british and american accent i.e i want to ask that in your tutorial which pronounciation you r teaching us plz clear it.


Profile photo of surabhi704 surabhi704

    I am Canadian, so my pronunciation is Canadian.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I am Ukrainian, so my pronunciation is Ukrainian!!!! :)


thanks! you are better than my speech “professor”. I learned this in minutes!!. I will visit your site more often.


in this moment i learn my irregular verbs and it’s very difficult so thanks a lot!!

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in this moment i learn my irregular verbs and it’s very difficult so thanks a lot!!

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Really, I hated this kinds of verbs till know.
Thank u Ronnie.

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OMG finally I’m not afraid to pronounce these words any more. So thankful to you and your lesson.

Kristina Ilieva

finally i got it right

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Hi Ronnie.
You are being very helpful with the teaching about pronunciation. I really like your classes. I’m from brazil and I have troubles with it. Now I learned the right way to pronouncing these words. taught (TOT) fought *FOT), thought (THOT); bought (BOT), caught (COT)… cheers!


Short and clear. thank you so much,


thanks , good lesson, but i f you can put it in a sentance

Profile photo of ashaat ashaat

ronnie i have questions for you I took the exams and i got 2 incorrect answers. This are the question

Which of the following is an irregular verb: listen, kill, teach, borrow?

as what i remember if the verb ends with ed that is regular verbs, but the samples given on the question i think they are all irregular verbs because they dont have ed at the end.

but why the answer in this question is “Teach”

4. Which of the following is NOT an irregular verb: teach, catch, match, think?

why the answer is match.

I will wait on your reply


Hi Ronnie,
Your way of teaching is really great, funny and empowering. Many many thanks!!!! :)


thank you very much.
Excellent short lesson

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Hi Ronnie!
your Lessons are really usefull and your way to explain and teach english is very efficient (I think it’s the right word for what I mean …efficient! In Italian we say “efficace”)
Congratulation! thanks to you, me and my wife have improved our skills in this beautiful language! We are italian and soon we will move in London to find a job…
So…finger crossed!

Profile photo of salvo73 salvo73

    In English it’s “effective” or “efficacious”! Good luck in London :)

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Ronny you’re great in the way you teach thanks indeed

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Dears thanks for your effort am from iraq and i follow up your lesson so i need lesson for different from inhabitant and resident thanks for
good method to learning english

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i’ve got 75 out of 100
i love english
HA hahaha HAHAHAhhhhhh

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Very good!!!

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Thank you. :)

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i have uderstood all thanks so much rannie

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rannie i don t undertund think??

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thanks for all the lessons
but this one is the best of pronunciation

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Thank you, Ronnie! It was very helpful!

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Thank XD :*)

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Hi Ronnie,
thanks a lot for your lesson
take care

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Thanks a lot, Ronnie!

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Thank you Ronnie.I love you so much.

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thanks alot i like you

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Hi Teacher Ronnie, I’d like to give a big thanks to you… I learned a lot w/ your lessons.. It’s my first time to listen/watch this kind of teaching. Very nice. But the problem is? I can’t afford to pay my ISP provider, sorry to say that.All I can say is “Thank You” and more power.

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Thanks! :D

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That’s was very difficult, And now is very easy with your lesson. Thank a lot Ronnie.

Please don’t stop, we needs more

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Oh Well, not as bad as before. I still got 75.

Profile photo of Zirthaed@31 Zirthaed@31

i got 100. :D

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Hi Ronnie.
thank you.I understood all:)

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I’ve to say this lesson was very helpfull for me

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thanks Ronnie!You are fantastic! I’m learning so much with you. Your explanations are the best.

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love love love your lessons Ronnie!!! You make everything so logic and easy to take in.
thank you so much.

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it’s the first for me get 100 from engvid…thx ronie

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thanks Ronnie it helps me a lot

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Thanks a lot Ronnie, I was having troubles with that. Thank you.

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This lesson is very important!! Thanks Ronnie!!

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Thank you teacher!

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Hi Ronnie !!! Your lesson of course good, bUt are irregular verbs in English is moust worst that I saw at last time … . So, I HATE are irregular verbs. (((

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thank you Ronnie !!! if please i may have a list of important irregular verbs or a lesson !!
LoUve you the earth much !! ^^

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thank you for this lesson

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mam i have so much of problem for reading english . .pronounciation mistake happen so give some idea to impove my english please mam…

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am not get any replay you mam…

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Great lesson.

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thank you. you are a great proffessor

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thanks for lesson

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Thanks Ronnie…the lesson is veri well :-)

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Profile photo of albalachiara albalachiara

    not problem ))

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Nice lesson. You taught a good lesson

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Thanks you so much.

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You are the best Ronnie, Congratulation! I have learned much whith your lessons, tank you!

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Ronnie : Hip,hip,hurray!!

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Sincerely i adore you . Not your lessons

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thanks again ronnie :)

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Thank you

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This lesson is suitable for “NORTH AMERICAN” pronunciation but neglects “BRITISH” pronunciation. Why? & do not state the obvious. That it is a Canadian website.

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Thank for you lessons

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Thank you.

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this is so helpfull, thanks you

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You got 4 correct out of 4.

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I’m intrigued by your lesson Ronnie, Thank you very much.

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Thanks for your useful lessons ❤️ i like the way you teach haha you’re a funny teacher

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Thank you so much Ronnie . Now my pronunciation better and beter

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