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Thank you so much Emma for your efforts and for the valuable information that you provide to us,

Yours sincerely,

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    Thank you so much Emma for your efforts and for the valuable information that you provide to us,

    Yours sincerely

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    Thank you so much Emma

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      hi kazzem i wanna speak to u

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What a pity !!!
I have no VPN 2 watch.

Lots of tx.

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    Hi to all especially dear Emma and thanks a lot for your useful lessen.
    Dear Fatimma use this website (irspeedy.com) to provide a good VPN to what and use lessen
    In Iran we have lots of glitches to use Internet so that isn’t user friendly.

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      :) Nice of u.

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        Dear EMMA,
        I’ve sth 2 ask u plz:
        Does ” it’s ur go ” mean ” it’s ur turn ” ?!

        Wish u luck,

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          Hi, Emma. Thanks a lot for your great lesson. I need some help. How can i be better in writing? I mean to write an Eassy for examople. Wish you all the best!!! From Ibrahim Nazari, Norway.

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          Hi to you, Fatimma. sorry for the mistake comment. Have a great time!!!

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          yeah, it’s true. “it’s your turn” also means it’s your chance :D

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Very nice this vocabulary. Thanks a lot for your classes. I’m really improving my english.

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Thank you Emma. I have a question Emma. I do not understand when to use “The” with acronym :( if you could do a lesson about it. Thank you emma you really make my day ; )

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Emma , Thank You so much

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Thanks very much, very useful

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wow, thank you :)

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thank you very much,Emma

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Thank you dear =)

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I improved a lot my English with your lessons!!!
thank you Emma!!

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Thank you Emmma, from Brasil.

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jajaja I loved the last option “has never had sex” … Give us you FB address Emma so we could chat to a native, you’re an awesome teacher! :)

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    i think she don’t know how to use facebook, because she’s a technophobe.

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i liked the words. it think it is important to know it and to use this words. thanks Emma

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A good lesson!Thanks a lot for your kind teaching.

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thank you emma, i have learnt a lot.

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Thanke you soo much

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What a lovely lesson!
Thank Emma!

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Dear Emma, you are great!
thanks so much

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Thank you very much Emma. I’m very glad with your lessons.

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I am very grateful to you because I could understand this difficult lesson,and my score was 10.

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A fantastic website for English

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I’d love to have the job of doing the quizzes. Good job guys, keep giving funny options to answer.

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I meant “the job of making the quizzes”.

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i got 100 yaaay :D
Thank you so much Emma :)

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Thanks a lot Emma, it’s a great lesson and I enjoy with your classes. Great job.

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You are amazing teacher

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    Azerbaycanli istifadeci gormek eladi

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Dear Teacher,

Thank you very much for your good lesson.
have a great day…

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I watch the TED talks too. :) They are really interesting.

Emma, please make more lessons like that one.

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Dear, Ms Emma,
considering you are a technophobe, you use “Uh Um” a lot, please don’t feel stress feel free when you record lessons, we are your student and you help us a lot and we really like your english way.

Faithfully yours,
Islam Abdelazim

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It was great.I had never heard of some of the words before you taught.Thank you.

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sorry for the mistake

I think we can consider a personal computer from 1980s smelly.can not we?

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    I have to admit… I added a few of those answers to Emma’s quiz :)

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thanks a lot :)

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Hi Emma,

Thank you very much for the lesson.
Related to your lecture, I would like to inquire about how to use “the state of the art” in the correct sentences.

Many thanks.
Teddy Lesmana ^_^

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Thanks alot Emma,I got 10 correct out of 10.

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It’s very useful lesson for me, So I appreciate it.

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thank you!

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Hi Teacher i want to tallk English but i cant i don’t know why

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Thanx a lot… :)

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thanks MS Emma

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Very useful
Thank’s so much

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Thank you teacher for the way and the smile while

teaching you are the best

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Thanks Emma
Very good lesson Excellent!

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I hope to learn a lot!

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Thank you Emma, you are a great and beautiful teacher.

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Now I know a lot more of the technology words.
Thank you very much. :D

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Thank you very much Ms.Emma! Those vocabularies are very helpful !

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    I would like to make friend with you,sincerely.

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Great lesson, Emma! I saw the video twice! And I got 10!

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good job ! really good job but I have one question please ! I’m preparing for IELTS exam and I need to find the best way to pass the exam in very high score . I have only one month to prepare for the examntion . everday I have 8-10 hours .That’s too much what do you think ? I also have stronge desire for learning English I’d to be successful in English . I really like English language too much . Anyway Could you tell me the best to study 8-10 hours ?
I don’t want to waste my time in bad way .
Wating for your respond ASAP .

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    Im like you . you can also go to british council

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      hi feras
      what do you think of the British council is it good to get learned from it
      actually i’m having a course in oxford academy but it isn’t that much!!!!!!
      do you recommend me to enroll in B.C.?????
      please give me your recommendations

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Thanks Emma ! Good and useful lesson.

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Emma thank you so much, This english class is excellent, I am an telecom engineer, I am from Mexico. greetings!

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thank u

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Hi there Emma. I would like to know more about as if and as though. For example:

She acts as if she were a kid.

Let’s convert it into past tense
She acted as if she were a kid. (I find this easier to say)

She acted as if she had been a kid. (questionable).

thank you

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Thank you so much Emma for your efforts

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Dear Emma , thank you so much , you really make lessons very simple and easy to understand .

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Forgot to say , i got 100 / 100

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thanks a lot Emma and EngVid,this is really good job you to give us all lessons to freely and sincerely

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emmat you perfectly masters education

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Emma, I would like to know if I can use the term ” brand new ” instead of ” State of the art “, Do they mean the similar?
For instance, brand new Samsung phone = state of the art Samsung phone

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Great lesson!

My major and my work are connected with IT. Glitch is similar to bug.

A bug is a device that is used to locate people and objects.
A bug is also an error in software.

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its great emma thanks a lot i love the way you,ve done

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Thank u alot Emma :)

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Great Emma, thanks !

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thanks Emma the lesson and vocabulary very important to us thank you so much my teacher.

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It’s really cool ^^

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Great question…. Its show me that I need to learn more English…

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very good lesson

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Thanks, Emma. I got 10 out of 10.

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Emma u r superb thanks for teaching

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Hi Emma. I did very well on this quiz.And yuou are teachersavy.:)
But i wonder why you always say ”lets get started instead of sayin ”lets start”.
What is the diffrence between two actions ?

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Emma, you are pretty and make lessons easy and fun to stydy. Keep doing this great job. Congratulations.

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Thanks,for very good lesson.

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Thank you! Useful words!

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thank you

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I can say that today I have been connected with this website all my day :D
Thanks for every virtual English class! I learnt many things.

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Thanks emma

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Thanks for this class, I learn a lot with you

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thank you ^^

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Very good lesson, and the best score as well…

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It’s a good place and method to improve our english.

Thanks EMMA and to all the crew…

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thanks emma ^^~

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thanks a lot i learn many definitions her .

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Thank you so much Emma for your efforts and for the valuable information that you provide to us,

Yours sincerely,

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that is great,

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good job love your stile >>

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Thank you Emma

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I appreciated your services madam Emma.

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Ms, Amma,
I have prepared an essay for my very important test and it has a specific role in my test,
could you provide me , your contact details I mean your email address I want to sen it, because it should be reviewed before submision by a native english teacher.

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Was good to learned about tech

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Thank you Emma … I get 9

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Thank you dear Emma!!!!

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Thank you (^_^).

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yes thanks you

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Thanks for your sharing.

Caould you please let me know the website where I can study effective words to success in IELTS speaking.

Thanks in advance


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Thank you Emma, U teach very clear.

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All materials on this web site is great

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You’re great!

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you so much you were fantastic thanks a lot , i think we need more examples thank you.

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thanks so much, hard a full complete class today. keep doing the wonderful work you’re a great teacher

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I am a technophile. Got 10/10 in the quiz. :D

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WoW ! i got 100 :D

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thanks a lot emma mam

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It was a nice lesson! Thanks Emma!

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Thanks Emma, you’ve got a state of art method to teach English, your way is compact but still greatly helpful. I have become a Emmaphile after listening to some of your lectures.

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thanks it’s very helpful lesson ^_^

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Thanks a lot i appreciate everything you done.
keep up the good work

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thank you so much! :)

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Thank you Emma! You’re the most helpful person in the world!

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Thank Emma

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Thank you very much. Now, I’m a engvidphile. Is it correct? “engVidphile”

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tanqu emma

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Hi Emma.
Thank you for your help. Your teaching English is so much mean to me. Stay here longer and teach us some more stuff.

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Dear emma,
Thanks a lot for the lesson,I think i’m going to put it in practice.

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hiiiiiiiiiiii EMMA
i’m so glad to from such a teacher
your presentations make a very good sense to me to be useful lessons.
you’re my best teacher on engvid

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Thanks, Emma. I got 10 out of 10.

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thanks emma, I have learned new words!!!!!!

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Howdy, Emma! First, thanks a bunch for the lesson. I really enjoyed it. I would also appreciate if you taught a lesson on fashion vocabulary and common expressions in this field.

Once again thank you very much. Take care!

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Thank you,Emma!

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If you ask me, this Video is state of the art. It seems to me that I’m technophile, am I ?

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Thanks lots……. I wan to ask you. My english teacher during my secondary time said then that. If will use” mind”to ask for something in sentence that the reply will be negative. It is true. E.g did you mind to give me our pen. Said if you say NO as the answer it mean Yes, but if you Yes as the answer it mean No. So enlight me more about it.

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Thank you so much emma mam, your lessons are very good and your way of teaching is attractive.

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I like the way you teach. You seem to me very professional and easy going. In my book you are a smart and cultivated teacher. Do not worry if you are technophobe, as far as you aim your goals, I will be a faithful student of yours. I truly enjoy your lessons, I always learn something new. Regards.

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Hi, Emma,
Thanks a lot for your lessons. And besides, you are very attractive !!!
I’d like to know how to use “what” or “which” in cases of connecting clauses. For example : I remember my mother, what/which (?) makes me

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i got 100 marks

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Hi Emma, thank you so much for this lesson and I´ll continue improving my English for sure using these key words. Have a great evening and as always it´s a privilege to take classes from you, best regards.

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Thanks a lot Emma. For someone like a technophobe like me I really want something that is user-friendly too.^^

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i got 10 correct out of 10. pls prepare video on every subject that may be in the exam.

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Thanks alot

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me too 10 correct. thanks Emma.

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amazing … amazing i got 100 in my all quizzes.
thanks Emma.

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Thanks a lot.

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Hi, Emma! Thanks a lot!

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Dear Emma,
Thank you very much for your lessons:they improve my language level!=)

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Emma, why you dont like techlology?

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Can I say glitching, is it right ?

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Hi, Emma
Thank you for teach us about this important matter. Technology is everywhere!

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you are avery professional teacher and enjoy so much from your lessons .you have awonderful way for teaching lessons

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Yey! I got 100. Thank you so much, Emma and to all the teachers here in engvid. I learned a lot.

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I adore your way of teaching! Congrats

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Thanks Emma, another good one, may god bless you.

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passed I got 100 for this lecture

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Good one, Thx!

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Great lesson.. Thx

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you are the best teacher Emma…great hugs from Istanbul…

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You are amazing teacher

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cảm ơn cô emma nhiều. em nghe và làm quiz được 5/10 hi

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Thanks Mam Emma, I got 90%.

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hi Emma, you’re such a wonderful teacher. I love watching all your lessons in engvid.com, It enhances my vocabulary and communication skills in one way or another. Words like what you’ve just shown in this vidz are extremely useful in our everyday life… All the best….

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You really score high on people hearts,
Thanks for the magnificent class !!

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it was very useful lesson, thank you Emma for this nice video.

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tks for your lecture :)

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Thanks Emma, you should be proud of this lesson.

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I wish to express my gratitude for the session you explained about the vocabulary about technology. Several times I used ‘the Technology’ rather than ‘Technology’. After following your lessons, now I gain confident in my English language.

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Thanks Emma!! You’re an excelent teacher!!

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*excellent… :)

Profile photo of Nathan Cavalcanti Nathan Cavalcanti

Great lesson, now I’ll understand a lot more when people talks about technology

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thanks, emma. I’ve got 100

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Thank you!

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This video is so great!! Now i could use more high level of vocabulary in technology sector!

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Thank you very much for yor lesson. so i am interested of your teaching.

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Thank you so much Miss Emma, you are a great teacher.

Greetings from Machu Picchu- Peru.

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I want to know about the meaning of “duh!!!”.When I respond to my friends comments,sometimes she says “duh!!”.I really don’t understand what it is.

Also I want to know about the transition “yet”.

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Hi there! I am technophile so I need cutting-edge technology in order to be Tech-savvy.Unfortunetly, in my country a lot of glitches of using the Internet.Thanks a lot dear Emma!

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thanks miss..
God bless you..

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Thank you.

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Thank You emma :) ur advise is really helpful :)

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Thank you..Emma..I got 100%..and this is very helpful information.

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A great lecture, thank you))

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There are many vocabularies that I have never known before. They are so useful for my IELTS preparation. Thanks Emma :)

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Thanks you my lecture, It’s a useful lesson on technology word group.

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Hello Emma! Thanks for the valuable lesson. I just have one quick question: Could we use all the words in this video for both formal and informal writing? If not, which ones are formal and which ones are not? Thanks in advance

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Very useful lesson. Thank you!!!

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nice lesson

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i used to get a 2600 atary console with many cardrigdes but not an Odissey console in 1980 .it is called videogames. that’s outdated . after i bought a superninterndo console in the early 1990s. they sell in city Lima Perú . in
Florida they doesnt sell it anymore . they are obsolete, outdated . maybe through amazon.com you can find it . i think it is a pawn shop . like a good will ,thrift shop .

Profile photo of aprendo1 aprendo1

looks like antique shop . threft shop in Florida . you use gift card , prepaid credit card for the new technology .

Profile photo of aprendo1 aprendo1

thanks emma

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thanks Emma ,really it’s very useful lesson , I get benefit from your lesson , I hope you happiness .

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thank you so much Emma

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thanks Emma, i am tech savvy.

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thanks Emma.

Profile photo of ballsittity ballsittity

Again 100 %.
Love u Emma

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100% Thank you Emma

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It is very useful thank very much Emma

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thank you Emma for this valuable lesson

best regards

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thank you Emma

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thank you Emma ^_^

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Your teaching technique is very clear and the video is informative

Profile photo of Dina Sallam Dina Sallam

Hy emma am really impressed with this site .Thanks for helping the people like me . I need correction when ever i comment if imade a mistake

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Dear Emma,
Thanks a lot for this lesson, your lessons, as all on engvid.com is very user friendly…
Kind regards
Zurab M.

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thank you Miss Emma :)

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Thanks a lot

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! I did it and got full mark :D
Thank you my teacher Emma

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thanx, it is very useful))

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Thanks Emma, you are excellent teacher!

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Thanks Emma, you are excellent teacher!

Profile photo of alvarojp2003 alvarojp2003

east or west emma madam is the best ,, so kind of u emma madam ,,thanks a lot

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Thank you so much Emma I hope these phrases will be useful in my TOEFL exam.I am technophile in terms of improving my English.

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thanks to all teachers and ı hope these vıdeos wıll help me a lot ın Toefl exam

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Thank you Emma.

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Hi icant watch the lessons

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thank you so much Emma. I got 100/100

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I got 100% I cant say enough thanks Emma)))

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Hey…. Your new student: can I learing english lenguage

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you are an awesome teacher.thank you

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10/10 ! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow I got 100. Thank you emma

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Great! I got 100 too =) Thanks, teacher!

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Thanks a lot Emma!

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Thank you. This lesson is very user-friendly.

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Thanks for technology! It helps to us for learning English and doing it easier.

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Thank you. I have learnt some new words :)

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HI miss Emma.
im preparing foe TOEFL iBT and i really need more vidoes on how to pra-phrase the passages , how to take notes and some writing skills. if possible please do some more videos specially for TOEFL.

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100% for my first time :)

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Hi Emma, you are making my english better, your english is very clear and understandable.
Thanks for your help

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I got 10/10…thanks

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thank.. emma, your english is very clear to understand :)

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got 10/10

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Thank you very much, Emma! You are a great teacher, your lessons are easy to remember. Hello from Kazakhstan!

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Alhamdulillah, 10 correct out of 10
Thanks Emma :)

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Hi Emma,
I’m a System Analyst and I really love Technology. I am glad, every thing that you said about Technology is what I live with every single. Now I can say, that I’m a technophile,

Thanks a lot for your great lesson.

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thank you so much Emma, and i learn a lot from the video you prepared.

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Thanks a lot

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Engvid is very user-friendly. By the way, I am Technophile:) Take care.

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I don’t know technophobes.

Profile photo of IKrasn IKrasn

I got 100 :D thanks Emma

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To be honest, I underestimated the topic of this video until I discovered a world of words due to this lesson. The word “technophile” I strongly believe could be extremely useful in the TOEFL, so thats why I decided to look some other words suffixed with -phile- likewise autophile, aerophile, astrophile, computerphile, bibliophile, gospelphile, pianophile, brandophile, caninophile, americophile… I would say if they are not helpful at the end, at least I increased my vocabulary lol

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    A few more you may encounter: “Anglophile” and “Francophile” (someone who admires English/French culture), “cinephile” (someone who is an expert or passionate about film), “ailurophile” (someone who loves cats). Not all -phile/-philia words have a positive meaning, however. “Necrophilia” means a sexual interest in dead bodies; a “pedophile” is someone who is sexually interested in children. Both are considered dangerous and disturbing!

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