Thanks, Adam !


    It is my belief thar being constantly exposed to the target language and use it as much as possible are the only ways to master the complex English sound system.

    Theory helps, no doubt about it, but a hands-on learning experience makes a huge difference.

    Good to hear again from you Adam. Useful tips on how to improve our fluency.

    You’re just great!


      Regino you comment in each EngVid video!?! :-)


Hello Adam,my dear teacher! The lesson was very Beautiful and useful, as other lessons.
I Think the problem is that a native speaker drops all the time and this make it more difficult to understand them.
I wish every native speaker had spoken as the way you speak.

Mehdi 2022

    I wish the same Mehdi but you know teacher is also a native speaker and he speaks in the same way as all other natives do.The reason why he speaks so articulately here is that he knows that almost all the students here on this forum are non-natives and also learners of English language there for he speaks slowly and clearly to make every word of him understandable,for which we should all be thankful to him. He is really working hard for his students. Hats off to him.


      Hello again my kind teacher! You are quite right and I feel that like my duty to thank you and other teachers who help us so much.
      Thank for your respond to my comment.

      Mehdi 2022

        Thank you Mehdi and Eichi :)


      eichi your face look like Adam! :-)


I have some difficulties with transitions th-s, like “Smith says” and s-th, like “queezes through”. I have to make an interval between the words. Would you tell me, please, what should I do to pronounce it more smoothly.


    Hi Roman,

    In most cases you can drop the ending of the first word (Smi sez). In context the listener will understand. If you want to use the pause to break the two words up, that’s fine too. You can also practice making the pause shorter and shorter until it’s barely noticeable.

    Hope this helps.


Thanks alot Adam..
Please Adam is there a vidoe about how to pronounce “ter” “tion” sion”..?

Ayman arafa

Thank you for your awesome video. By the way I like pronunciation lessons because there are no quizzes for them)


Thank you Adam for a further very good lesson! “Thumb up” :-)))

Yes Adam, your are so right:
Sometimes for example, I don´t understand clearly the US news speakers at TV! ;-)


Thank you, Adam
That was a great lesson and very useful.


Thank you teacher….!!!

Jakub Alvarez

Hi Adam. Can you make a lesson on how to know where to pronouce the h in words and where not. For example herbal and graham the h doesn’t sound but in Abraham it does. This really confuses me I would love to know that. Thank you I appreciate your help.


Great lesson Adam.
Next year I going to know Toronto, and I dying for this day, I hope to learn about the english much more and to know this beautiful place.

Thiago Brito

    I hope you like it Thiago ;)


Hi Adam, In my opinion you are the best teacher.


How can I improve my reading Adam sir

sarose kandel

    Read every day, Sarose.


Interesting lesson Mr Adam! From now on I´ll try to realize the “of” pronunciation that natives have.


    why can’t I see the video?


      All of our videos are on YouTube. It looks like you’re posting from China, where YouTube is blocked. You’ll have to use a VPN, proxy, or mirror to watch the videos.

      engVid Moderator

That was a very useful lesson. It is become easier to understand the native speakers. Thank you so much Adam.Can you make other short words pronunciation lessons?


    Will do Isak.


Thank you, Adam


Thank you Adam teacher.For me, this lesson is very helpful in listening skills and speaking skills.


Thanks, Adam. It’s so useful for me. I live in Toronto, most time I don’t understand the people when I make small talk with them. somavem speak more different accent, so i have misunderstanding alotatime
In this topic, i tried to use some words with “of”. But I’m not sure that I did it correctly.Adam, Could you check it, please? Thanks


    How does “insisted of them” pronounce? insistedazem ?


      Hi Elvin.

      Insisted of them doesn’t really work grammatically. Maybe you mean “insisted on it”?


My red is almost down.
I’ve learned it too!


you are so unique and amazing teacher i really appreciate your effort many thanks to you :)

Nada@salah 123

Thank you Mr.Adam

Mahmoud Bely

good job


Thank you.


hello everyone


Thanks, Adam. Very imortant to know it=)


hi sir. is there any way for online course for learning British language feom you


    Hi Ayeshazaki,

    There are three British teachers on Engvid. you should watch their videos.


I have liked this lesson, thank you Adam.


These sounds were a problematic question when I started to listen to the English conversations because they were strange and weird sounds. The question was the continuous sessions of listenings to find the differences between one sound and another different sound in the same word, it was pronounced of different manners or accents. It was the main problem when I mixed the grammar with the listening and conversation, to identify the form of pronunciation in English. Thanks a lot, teacher Adam, a good lesson to remember this sounds.


Thanks, Adam.
By the way, I would like to ask ‘fit on the head of a pin’ what does this expression mean? I don’t understand when I saw it in an article.


    Hi Sophie,

    depending on context, it could either mean very small, or very dense. (a pin is like a needle for sewing; the head is the top).

    Does this help?


Hi Adam. Under the last video I promised to translate jokes from old magazines. So here are couple of them. Police topic again:
1 In every person, even in the worst one, you can find something good. For that you must search him.(From the instruction(briefing) of police officers)
2 Police officer Petrov was arrested for trying to rape comrade Sedorova. Comrade Sedorova was arrested for resisting to police officer.

And one more:
3 Yesterday by police officers Petrov and Ivanov was arrested a group of robbers. In the chasing after criminals officers made 4 warning shots into the air but the robbers didn’t give up. Then officer Petrov came up with idea and made a warning shot into the officer Ivanov. The criminals preferred to surrender.

Thank you for attention.(and of course I’ll be glad to hear my mistakes)


    Thanks a lot :)

    Mahmoud Abdelatty

    Good stuff Katrin :)

    Where possible, use active verbs instead of passive (Yesterday, officers Petrov and Ivanov arrested a group of robbers. (the word arrested implies police officers, so no need to mention)).

    Came up with the idea of– this is the expression

    Came up with the idea of firing a warning shot into officer Ivanov.


      Thanks Adam. I’ve not really heard the expresson “came up with idea of” anywhere on TV. So it was a risk to me using it here. Maybe you will show me more appropriate variant?(Officer Ivanov not only “came up with the idea”, he invented(in his brain) a subtle(crooked) thing(idea)to make that shot)


        Should I use passive in this situation even if this is a newspaper pablication?


          sorry active


          Hi Katrin,

          Generally speaking, use the passive when you want to hide the subject, or if the subject is not important enough to mention. Otherwise, the active is usually a better choice. Newspaper style is mostly for newspapers.


Not easy

Doris Dzifa Hottor

I am enjoying this and have learnt much

Doris Dzifa Hottor

It’s a good point to know. Thank you Adam.


Thanks for that lesson, but I have a question, a thing that really confuses me. How do I know which sound pronoune, I mean, how can I know when the letter I will have the i sound, or the a sound, like in the word “diner” the I has a different sound from “dinner”, or like website, but opossite, thanks again.


    That’s part of the learning process, Malbatan. You need to look up new words in the dictionary and learn their pronunciation; also watch movies and TV shows to hear different words.


am an english teacher , i need your guidance mr ADAMS


    By all means, David.




    Watch all the videos on Engvid. We have a good group of teachers here.


Hi, I followed your tips on Ielts Reading and i scored 8.5
Please do some tutorials on PTE academic. You are the best tutor among all on engved.
I there any way to contact you personally??

kind Regards,



    Hi AQ,

    I’m afraid the PTE is not very common and wouldn’t serve that many people. The lessons on the IELTS can still be helpful for that test though.


      By the way… Congratulations :)


Thenk you for lesson Adam. Can you make a lesson on modal verbs in different times, this is a very interesting and not easy topic for many who learn English, especially verbs- must,may,might. This is very tricky topic for many people, Thenk you.


    I’ll see what I can do Ashurik.


      Thenks a lot Adam


Hi, I want to take assistance in terms of feedback for my IELTS writing task, I would prefer getting feedback from Adam. How can I proceed? I’m OK with a paid service also? let me know the details


    You can visit my site, writetotop.com, though for now I am not doing the assessments. You can check there for updates though.


Hello teacher please tell me how a time difference is defined in English like when there is 2:00 pm in Canada there is 11:00 pm here in my country means there is almost 9 hours difference my question is, how I will tell someone that time in Canada is different than ours.Are the following sentences correct?
1:The time in our country is 9 hours ahead from/than Canada. or
2:our country’s time is 9 hours ahead from/than Canada.
3:The time in Canada is 9 hours behind from/than ours/us. or
4:Canada’s time is 9 hours behind from/than ours/us.Thanks


    Hi Eichi,

    Toronto is 9.5 behind Mumbai. (Keep in mind that Canada is huge and has 5 time zones)

    You are 9 hours ahead of us.
    You are 9 hours behind us.
    There’s a 9 hour time difference between us.
    Your clock is 9 hours ahead of ours.

    Does this help?


      Thank you so much teacher


Thanks for this lesson Adam!

Isaias Menezes Silva

Thanks Adam! This is not easy at all, only by practicing and training my ears I can get it. A lot of work to do on this topic.


Excellent! Thank you Adam!!!


Hi teacher, thaks a lot for the class, way clearly and easy to understand.




pleas don’t be fast in your speech

the betst of the bet

Thanx ,

Yasmeen Saad

Thanx ,

Yasmeen Saad

Thank you, Adam!


i adore your clases !


Thanks everyone :)


Thanks Adam! I’ve been looking for ages of an English Tutorial with sense and you nailed it! Love all your videos and the way you explain every word of the lesson. And the bloopers. Hehe. Thanks again and will learn more stuff from here. God bless!


Thanks mr Adam!useful lesson good


thanks alot


Thank you so much! I will keep practicing.


Thank you so much!
I’m here to learn how to sound important pronunciation.

Young Kyung Lee

7:03 – in Russian language ‘tovar’ means product.
You’ve said it like native Russian)


Hi Adam, thank for your video, that’s so good.
But has you any advice to pratice?


    Hi Dinhhanh,

    The best thing to do is find someone near you or online to speak with. You can find people here in this forum, or in your local community. Otherwise you can also record yourself copying the speech of others on YouTube or TV shows.

    Hope this helps.


Listening to some native English speakers isn’t an easy job, mainly when they use too many contractions and change the pronunciation of words all the time. Foreigners learn in English courses the standard of pronunciation and how to create beautiful sentences grammarly correct, but in real life things are rather different… It makes us crazy!!

Fortunately, Engvid exists to help us in this field, giving us tools to overcome this challenge. Many thanks, Adam!

Eduardo França

you perfect

hassan hamido

Hi Adam Thank´s You for this information is very useful to know what are the diferent sounds for ´OF´

Luis Armadillo

Thanks Adam. You are a good source to teach to everyone. Thank you again!


Great explanation !!!


Thank you very much for those tips, I really put them on practice.

Bruno Larios

thanks Adam. I like your beard.


Hi Adam, sometimes I don’t understand English when I watch the English movies because some character has heavy voice but your voice is very clear so I easily understand your lesson.


Hello I’m English learner so I need a person who can talk with me in English. we can help to each other for practice.
My skype ID =ashok.webdesigner


How to say ‘OF’ in English. 10 min video. Jeez


Hi. I’ve learned alot form you. Thanx alot ?

Fahime Salari

Very helpful!


All my medical students are unanimous: Adam is the best teacher. And they add: after you, sir!))


hey, Adam, your English lessons were very helpful lately make more vids:). there’s something I don’t understand about this video how do you pronounce of like ov I just don’t get it, or maybe I don’t understand native speakers very well/I don’t know.thanks anyway I subbed to ur channel and liked it. bye have a productive day:)


Thanks, very usefull


Hi Adam.I come from Vietnam where Ho Chi Minh Presedent was born. I find your lessons really useful. Thank a lot !


this lesson was interesting, the pronunciation of these expression is complex when you don’t know that people dropped some letters in the words, however practice is necessary, listening at least. Thanks a lot Adams, useful lesson


I want to thank you not only for the lesson but also for the very interesting details that you give us to clarify the lesson.you are brilliant as all the time.


teacher, can you tell me how to pronounce “if you ” when a native speaker speak ?
In the last sentence in your video , ” if you like ,please subscribe to my channel on Youtube”
I heard it many time but I still heard ” I feel like this lesson ….”
thank you


Can’t thank you enough my dear teacher


Hi Adam
Let me first thank you for all the lessons about ilets writing. I earned band 6 last month.
Now I need to score band 7 in writing next week. I think i m weak in generating ideas and grammar. I will really appreciate it if you could guide me.


A very good example is SA-NO-VA-BITCH.
Easy to understand and easy to remember.


Thanks Adam


Great ,thank you


thanks adama

kenza boukhrissi

Great video, thanks a lot :)


Thank you very much Adam.


Thank you so much.

Omar Ghander



Where can I pracice it? Could you recommond me website?


Thank you very much Mr. Adam; a very good lesson and explanation!


Great lesson, Thanks dear teacher.


Thanks a lot

Odai Al Hussein
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