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Good video to clarify more the use of these words,they always confused me.


    I have done the exercise . and that was not bad . thanks teache Adam . you doing good job : ) see you later

    Edio Oliveira

      Gee!!! I had to watch this video twice.

      You need to be able to notice the subtle nuances of meaning of each word in order to get all quiz items right?

      Do you all agree? I´m open to suggestions guys.

      Thanks again Mr. Benn for all these great Video lessons.

      P.S. I learned a new word today “Nuance”.


        Oh, Gosh!!! Making mistakes as usuall . . .

        Correction: “You need to be able to NOTE the subtle differences IN meaning of each word . . .”


          hahaha no problem Regino, in italian we use to say: Sbagliando s’impara… ( it means: By Trials and errors you learn) However , I think that “usuall” is spelled “usual” :))
          I do lots of errors too. So I decided to watch all the “Beginners ” videos so I can refresh my English ,( I’m sure that I’ve made some errors as well… let me know…:)) )


          Tall and High: As I understood Tall is used for objects that were in a certain way “growth by an action ” A building is, let me use this term, “growth” by people who construct the building, but a mountain is not “growth” by anything, it’s been there forever . So Tall implicates the reuslt of an action and it’s mostly used for physical objects. High is suitable to refer to abstracts ideas. (I know I made some mistakes, so feel free to correct


    Great quiz, Adam! We can learn English and general knowledge; “The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth.” I didn’t know this! ;-)
    Best Regards from Brazil


    High and Tall is the most confusing part of it.

    Yazeed Alsahafi

    I also agree with her




I thought that is an easy lesson…. but I’ve got only 6 out of 10….. shame on me


    I got same but i have feeling that there is mistake in calculation cause some answers i puted another one and the another one was shown


      Me too…

      Good Learner

    me too……………….:(

    Lydia Thomas

    Me too, that was a little dispointing :(


i love Ronie so mutch so Ronie thanks


    i saw the video and it was so good .


I understood the lesson well and I answered quiz
thanks engvid.


i do tha igan


great lesson. I love it


Mointain is sitting and building is standing, it sounds little funny. Thanks Adam.


“small/little,big,larger,high/tall” Context…
Great lesson, Thanks.


Hi EngVid, can you make a video to clarify true/right or false/wrong? it confuses me :(


    I’d like to learn the eventual differences (true/right, false/wrong) as well. Thanks!


    HI Kunaug,

    I’ll get on that :)


      hello Adam , i really hope that you give lesson about how to build right sentences in different situation with proper construction


Thank you Adam, you are a great teacher!


Thanks again, Adam!


I’m here again… Thanks as well by subliminar class about “er” and “than”. That’s one among millions things that I need to study so much.


    as well as (?)


Hi !! Very good lesson for a high level students. My big brother is the largest in the family and my little sister is yet a little baby however i’m the tallest member of the family. Cheers from Mytilene.


    Nice sentence. Little still can refer to cute, i didn’t know that before. So i got a wrong answer for the 8th question.


      Thank you Adam. Your lessons are great! Bravo!


thankyou very much sir, it’s so uuseful for me


Thanks a lot, Adam! A great lesson (again)!


Thanks a lot Adams, this class is very helpful.


i want practice with any one here just chatting in english

amor hegazy

    I also want practice with everybody, Why don’t we chat E together?

    David Nguyen

      ok i would love to can u give me ur account in facebook or ur email ?

      amor hegazy

        My account on facebook is Hoàng Long with the same profile picture here!

        David Nguyen

Great lesson! Thank you Adam!


Great lesson… and thank a lot….


what a confusing lesson. i wish you hadn`t done it.:(

Mahmoud Mohammed

    Hi Mahmoud,

    Watch it again, maybe it’ll be better :)


good lesson


Thanks! Excellent review…


    Yep! You’re absolutely right!

    Adam’s video lessons are marvelous! ! !

    All the best.


I could understand the lesson, but when I do the test, I was confused


One more thing, EngVid is amazing and has great teachers. Congratulations


woohooo.. I got 90 ! thanks a lot.


5/10 average


Very Helpful

kico weng

8/10 good


thanks a lot Adam its was great lesson


i thank you . i m very very lost.in this question. 2 correct .(;




Great video thank u!!


Hi. Adam how great teacher you are i like the way you teach and the topics you choose thanks from azerbaijan


    so important lesson


7/10. Thank You for the lesson…


I got 6/10…. It’s so bad, but i will impruve my English soon…

Vinicius Morilhas Santos

Nice lesson, Thanks so much Adam. :)


fascinating hearty

reda malik

I got 10/10

Thanks Adam


thanks adam sir for great clarification about the 6 confusion words.


Please , explain whic is true . big/small or little brother ? thanks in advance

Vuqar Mammadzadeh

    Hi Vuqar,

    If he’s younger, than little. If he can fit in a suitcase, than small ;)


      “than”? Did you mean, “then”?
      If it’s correct to use “than”, can you explain it? Thanks in advance!


nice! i got 10/10 some are confusing…tnx adam.. :)


Great lesson!Thanks!

Melody Tang

Thanks for the lesson


I got 10 correct out of 10. I had a lot of luck.


Hi Adam,
As always your lesson is very interested and clear. But what do you mean by “don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel”?
What is the objective?
How to do that?
Sure I will do so if it is a promotion for you.
Kind regards.


    Hi Jean-Paul,

    Subscribing just lets you know when a new video is up by sending you an email. If you go to the Youtube site and see my vid there, you can subscribe in the upper right hand corner by clicking ‘subscribe’.

    thanks :)


I got 7/10. I had tough luck.Well I think in this lesson is the word “context” is the proper word which tells where to use which word.In general meaning is same ,but we should use according to context.
Sir I want to know how to remove public
speaking fear .I’m on high that I would get reply from you.I tried a lot ,but I am unable to through it out from my mind.I removed a little bit ,but I want to completely through it out.


5. When are you going to _______ the dishes? The kitchen looks so messy!
why answer is 2 i e Do ,could you explain by taking lec on dishes and kitchen terminology<I'll be very Thankful to you if do so.


    Hi Rajpa,

    First, make or do depends on what comes after. It’s mostly a question of remembering. I’ll try to make a kitchen lesson.

    As for public speaking, the only way to get rid of fear is by doing it as often as you can. Remember also that the wort thing anyone can do is laugh at you, and in the big picture of life, that isn’t so bad.


      Thank you sir,now i think i could be a good speaker .Once again Thanks a lot for your motivation.


Thank you!


Thanks for the lesson


You made it clear. Thanks


i really like your way of teaching English.

please, lets me know your Skype id.

My Skype Id: thamersara

Thank you so much




7 out of 10…My mistakes were about tall and high…I thought we should use “high” with buidings, trees and things in general… And “tall” just for people! This lesson confused me a litttle…


9out of 10.Thanks for the great lesson


hello Adam i’m glad to share you again at that lesson so i got a LITTLE difficulities to answer about questions it’s the HIGHER level but LARGE hervest of benefits thanks teacher have good time …


Thanks you for the lesson, But I have a little confuse : why somebody said ” high buiding not tall buiding ?”


    Hi Thanh,

    Many people might use both, but if you want to use only one, use tall for buildings.

    Hope that helps.


Thank you

Kollet Oumar

The explanation of “high mountain” is really clear! The mountain is sitting there!


I’ve got 9 /10 but it was a very usuful lesson . for me I really was confused and I could not see the deferences but now thanx to you sir I know how to use them .
Thank you

Nadia Alkola

Maybe I’m wrong but I thought that it’s correctly to say my ‘elder’ brother instead of ‘older’.Please explain


    Hi Y3nx,

    It is correct to say elder but it is a little old fashioned. Many people don’t use this word anymore. I like it, so I use it, but it’s a personal choice.


Thank you..


Could you tell me a difference between hard and difficult? It is possible to use them interchangeably?


    Hi Namur,

    Technically we use hard to describe something that is not soft. Difficult is something that is not easy.

    Many people do use hard in place of difficult and it is acceptable, but technically difficult is more correct. “This is a really difficult math problem.” “The bread was too hard to eat.”

    Does that help?


Thanks a lot Adam, was a very helpfull class.

Arthur Unti Ferrer

Excellent! I do like your classes. I was wondering if you talk about collective nouns and the verb usage. I still confuse when I should say “My family is” or “my family are”…
Could you please help me?! Thank you very much!


    1. My family are coming for Easter. 2. My family consists of three people. The first sentence stresses single members of family and in the second sentence family is treated as one body. Another example could be: The police are looking for the burglar. The police is more reliable recently.


    Hi Marcia,

    If you are talking about the group (collective) as one unit than the unit is singular, but if you talk about the individuals in the unit, then it is plural.

    The staff are expected to adhere to the rules of service laid out by the company.- means everybody

    The staff is going to be recruited by the president only.-all the staff

    but this is a good question. I will make a lesson about it.


      you should do it , i am waiting for this lesson .


thank you sir.


10/10 thanks adam


who have practice with me will go ahead balonga22 in skype thanks a lot


I had a perfect score 10/10, thanks Adam


I could not get why it sould be “a little tarantuna” intstead of “a small tarantuna” ??Thanks


    Hi Drkoray,

    If the tarantula is cute, we think of it as little. If its size is small, then we say small.

    Does that help?


      it is right . i face same difficulty and now i find my solution .thanks Adam.


thanks teach !

edson chagas

Hello Adam:

I would like to ask you following question please if you can help about conditional:

What is the differnce between:

If I had’t paid my rent, I would have had to move to the hotel. ( one action in past causing another necessary or urgent possible action (past necessity)

If I had won the last weekend lottery, I would have paid all my loan. ( past conditional but not past necessity)

Could you explain please,




    Hi Rob,

    If I had’t paid my rent, I would have had to move to the hotel.(means that you did pay the rest so didn’t have to move)

    If I had won the last weekend lottery, I would have paid all my loan (means you didn’t win so still have a debt.

    Past conditional is about past events that can’t be changed.

    Does this help?


I got 9/10. It was a very helpful lesson especially when you talking about tall/high. Thank you :)


I got 6/10. It was a very helpful lesson especially when you talking about tall/high. Thank you :)

Aswathy Krishnan

Thank you Mr Adam for this interesting course
I got 7/10


thank you . i got 9/10


oh i got 7 points out of 10. but its really good :)


Well~ I got 8 correct out of amount. :) This lesson is very useful specially for non-native English speaker like me. I always heard when someone talking about money and they used the word “big” to describe large money. I know which one is better to use after this lesson. Thanks~ Another question is, can I say huge money?? And what is the difference between huge money and large money? Personally what I understand is, huge money is like a million, but large can be like hundred, am I right?


    Hi Bian,

    It’s a matter of perspective. f a house costs $10 million and you’re Bill gates, it’s small change. But, if you’re an English teacher, it’s huge money.



      Thanks very much!!! :p


thank uuuuuuuuuuuuu =)


It is great video, Thanks,


Thanks for the comments everyone. Glad to help.


okay should we do that Adam and we have learning from yourself…..


okay should we do that Adam and we have learning from yourself…..


thanks Adam


wow,i havn’t seen such a tutor and site in ages


Thanks a million times!

David Nguyen

i get 50 per cent maybe because im sleepy . lol


Thank you my big brother :) , it’s true ✌


As you told us, it is a little confusing as well, but I would like you could create another class about measurement differences:measurement differences: miles, leagues, miles, meters, small medium and large (over clothes), can you? Thanks Adam. Bye bye


    HI Monica,

    I’ll see what can do


Great lesson! Thank you so much Adam!

Nguyen Minh Hien Lily

Hello Adam, could you make a lesson about ( UP and more other things) thank you brother for the excellent job!

Abdel Said

such a wonderful lesson


Very helpful. Thank you. I just have to continue to catch the nuances between “high” and “tall”.


thank you Adam
can you learning more grammar
more than

thanks waad …

waad alomran

My first class and I was very badly lol


i got 5. what the..
i spend more time to clearly understand.
thank you for lesson.
i go to watching one more time~


Great, Thanks

and if I want to refer to speech, which I use?


high/tall volume
speaks high/tall




Hi Adam. My score was not good. I was confused after a long time. I will watch this video and try the quiz again someday :) Never give up! Thank you ;)


Hi again! My score was better than some times ago.
I was glad. Exactly little/small, high/tall, big/large
are confusing, aren’t they. But practice makes perfect!
Thank you, Adam :)


I just got 40 it’s very confusing fr me especially higher and taller


From where I can see videos please help me


hi adam it’s nice lesson and the subscribe is done on youtube

lina jamal

I have to study a little more.
Thank you for the explanations!

Marcio R Santos

I have a little money, because I’m 12 years old…




My last comment simply desappeared. Oh gosh :(


I got 6 correct out of 10. :(


    But thank you so much, I’ll watch this lesson more times.


Very good lesson !!!!! Thanks a lot. I find Engvid lessons very useful.


    I couldn’t agree more!

    EngVid is an excellent website to learn English at your own pace.



you are the best teacher Adam and all i need to be professional like you in E is to be with you for one month


Hi, Adam

Good job, Can you speak slowly?

Thank you.


Thanks Adam. Very interesting lesson and excellent way of explaining


Thank you for the lesson. It is confusing but as you said I can use any word which make sense

rawan 1996

Thank you I very fun engvid lessons.


Hi Adam I usually use the word “high” to talking about buildings, sounds a litlle strange for me to use “tall”, that’s why I did many mistakes on a quiz.

Sirlei Barbosa

hay, i’m Indonesian. thank you sir Adam for your explanations

fitriani syawalia

it is too hard lesson i didn’t understand any thing

deen 505

I made confusion and marked “tall” in question 4 because I considered trees as a “standing” thing. :S


I’d like more examples for this lesson please


I can understand.


I under stood the lesson very well, but I just got 9 out of 10. Thanks Adam!


Hello Mister Adam good video
I want to learn language English since the beginning to the professionalism
What should I do

mohamed gohary

Very cool!
Thanks for the explanation! and have a good job!
“Muito Obrigado” ;)


thank you Mr Adam i understand a bit better now

Lydia Thomas

Thanks Adam, 60%

Abdul Qayum

Hi Adam, I am new here. I like the way you teach. I am improving my medical english because of being a radiologist.


mr adam its little bit confused, how ever i understood it please can you upload about more videos.your teaching is well,thanks mr adam…


oh really You are a nice teacher :)


I’m confused by the question No.4.I thought the tree standing on the ground.


great one


I got 8\10
Mmmm, question no. 4 I do not know, I think that the trees do not move, such as mountains and also sitting so why we don’t say highest ??
thx a lots Adam u r the best . keep on.


I like the way you teach, Thank you Adam..

Amrita Jaiswal

Very nice lesson, I like the way you teach us, Thank you so much Adam.

Amrita Jaiswal

7 of 10(( actually it’s not easy… Thank you!


Thanks Adam^^

Kim Yong-beom

adam i tried over and over but really it’s so confusing


Hello Teacher Adam.It appears from you teaching I have started picking up.I have got 8 out of 10.


Thank you Mr.Adam, it was helpful,but in some context it’s really confusing!


8/10 Thank you so much for all your videos. Those are very helpful . :D


Hello Adam, thanks for your lessons!
Frankly I don’t agree with your question no. 5, because the correct answer is depend on what you want to say.
If you choose “little ” it means that you don’t believe.
If you choose “small ” it means that you believe but chance is not good (big).
Please correct me if I’m wrong.


    Cheh, personally i think that reason isn’t a physical object, so it’s like in a case with “high season/price/cost”. Of course, we can count reasons but we can’t measure them, at least if we’re talking about dimensions. Let’s see what Adam will answer us))


Adam, could you explain the fourth question in your quiz – The forests along Canada’s west coast have some of the ____________ trees in the world.
The right answer is “the tallest”. Why is it so? I would choose – the highest. You gave us an example of a “sitting” mountain and i think that trees and forests aren’t standing (i mean people ddin’t plant them, especially along the coast). If they are, it means that a mountain stands as well. What do you think about this?
Thanks for your very useful video!


    Hi Natie, first of all, let me tell you that you explained yourself clearly.

    Once I was told by a native English teacher that when you talk about buildings or trees you should use the adjective “Tall”. But if you talk about mountains or peaks the adjective is “High”.

    Hope it helps.

    All the best.

    P.S. I didn’t know you were an English teacher until I read your profile. That’s great!

    As language teachers put it, “your performance in the target language is quite good”.


Tom collects spiders. He has a ________ tarantula in a glass aquarium.

Which highlighted word in the sentence would suggest that the tarantula is “cute”?
Here you said that little is correct(I have chosen small considering that there was one spider:)) I cannot understand the connection between cute and little:( p.s.: Thank you very much for such useful lessons!


got 70% :(


I can use the right one most of the time. I just have a question.

“A small tarantula” and “a little tarantula” are both correct, but the differences are similar to “a small man” and “a little man”, am I right?

E.i You are my little boy (it sounds cute)
You are a small boy. (His stature is short)

Thank you very much Adam. I’d appreciate your feedback. =)


good lesson adam


you are good teacher thanks


Thanks a lot!


Hi, Adam
I’ve just signed in for engvid and I’ve some of your videos. And I’m enjoying a lot


Hi, Adam
I’d like to ask that how a city can be high, I mean it’s been built, right? And it is standing so, It should be tall, why it is high


“There is ____________ reason to believe that your application will be declined.”
Whatever the answer is, isn’t it correct to say: “There is a ____________ reason…”? If I’m wrong, please explain. Thanks for the lesson.


Hi, Adam. You’re amazing!
Thanks for this lesson!

Oh, no! 7 out of 10. : (
I need more practice!


Thank for ur wonderful teaching !

Venus Lee

thanks mr. Adam wonderful . thaaaaaaaaanks alote


thanks great lesson indeed ..can you please help me with the pronounciation of each letter in order to get a perfect american accent


I love your lessons. Your explanations are very clear. :)
Thanks a lot!


Uh, cool. I got 100 :D

Vitriya Pinontoan

wonderful very good classes thanks many many


Thank you Adam.


Hi adam
first of all i love u haha u are a good teacher.
Im not a teacher but i think large is used for longitude and big for size.
The house is large (along).
The house is big (much space).


you are an excellent teacher

Aya Omara

    Egyptians \o/

    Khaled Taha

Hello, Adam! Your videos are very helpful. I watch them with big pleasure, you are interesting person, and thank you for your clearly pronounciation))So, I have a question. In the test the last expression says “Lhasa, a city in Tibet, is one of the _________ cities in the world.” – how can the city be highest or tallest? I’m confused)Thank you)


    When we talk about “high” or “low” locations it usually means how far they are above sea level. Much of the Netherlands is so low-lying, they need dams to keep the sea from flooding in. But Lhasa is over three kilometres above sea level! Hence, one of the highest cities in the world.

    “Tallest city” is not a common usage, but could describe the city with the most skyscrapers (probably New York), or the city with the tallest building (Dubai).

    engVid Moderator

      I see, thank you! I thought about the location and sea level, but in my language we don’t say so, that’s why I made a mistake in the answer) I’ll do my best )


7/10 i need more practice :(


Many thanks adam . You are always a great teacher and everything with you is clear :)


Thank you,dear teacher,although was a little difficult for me to understand.Maybe the reason is I’m getting older then Ineed more time to process information,ja,ja.

Maria de Magdala

    Come on Magda! You’re still young.

    What you need is to go over the lesson and take the quiz again, that’s all.

    Hope you follow my advice.

    All the best, for ever young.


      . . . making mistakes as usual . . .

      All the best, FOREVER young.


i got 7/10


Thanks Adams ,but i have a question about n.8
How “Little” makes tarantula cute ?! :D
Weird question

Khaled Taha

Thank you MR.Adam
My Q:in
• There is ____________ reason to believe that your application will be declined. little
why is it wrong when I use small


Thanks. These words sometimes confused me.


i got 10…and thanx for making clear out m confusion about using these words in conversation..the way you teach is very simple ,effective conceptual and knowledgefull.


What is the difference between ” a little girl” and “a small girl”


Hi, I’m from Indonesia and really keen to learn English with better method. And your video help me much on it. You did a great video lesson, thanks a lot. Thanks EngVid ^_^


thx adam nice lossen

sofiane 123@

Thank you Adam. Your lessons are great! Bravo!


    Thanks for your feedback Perlamar.

    You’re right, most of the times we learn by TRIAL and error -of course by MAKING mistakes/errors- and it is a good approach.

    …a mountain is not GROWN by anyone, it’s been there forever.

    Growth— it’s a noun

    Grow— it’s a verb

    Hope it helps, regards.


sir in ques no 6 how both word are possible.. i confuse


so nice lesson , but i don’t graspe it all ,it little bit dificult


Very good lesson. Before this lesson I couldn’t understand the difference between “big” and “large” or “tall” and “high”. I actually thought they’re synonyms of course, but they’re interchangeable and means almost the same thing.
Thank you, Adam.


I find this really useful. But the important thing is how can I remember each situation to put the right word in!!


Thank you. I understanded the difference between “Tall” and “High”.

Taekwun Ha

thank you teacher adam


Thanks for the lesson :)


Opp.. I got 6 :'(


got 8. :(


Thank you Adam, this lesson is very important! I learned to use large and big!

Dani Mereles

I got 9. The last question was hard for me. I learned a lot from you today. I am taking notes while watching your videos. Very helpful! Thank you teacher Adam.


i got 9…i was confused at 6th question ,i know both meant same both possible,its okay for me eventually i did well…thank adam i always following you and i love engvid….


I got 8 out of 10 ! This topic has always been one of the hardest ones for me ! … It seems easy, but in some contexts I’ve noticed I have problems to use it. Thanks a lot! I think I understand it, a little bit more ! G’day, my dear teacher and virtual classmates! … Greetings from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America!


i feel good to find this site


Thanks you so much Adam, you are the best, this lesson is really useful.

Marta Lopez

I got 80 !:D

Thanks :)

Indira Putri Alpian

Why do we put “tallest” in : burj khalifah is the _______

It seems like we should put “highest”. Would someone exlpain to me ? :)

Indira Putri Alpian

    Just use “tall” with buildings, trees or people.


Well, I need to review this again.
Thank you Adam.


Thank You for the lesson…


Thank you for the excellent lesson, Adam! You’re the best teacher I’ve ever known))


Hi, Adam!!! First of all, thank you for the explanation! It was very helpful. Now I have a question: the words “short” and “low” work in the same way of “tall” and “high”. Do they have any peculiarities? Thanks again!


thanks Adam. This a useful lesson for me! i’ve really confused about it before!

Nguyen Van Hau

I’ve got 9 out of 10)


Hi Adam once again I am learning with your exelents english lessons, thanks for your time and dedication for learners as me and the rest, grettings from Venezuela


Thank you very much about your explanation , I have one request to you could you make a lesson about the different between (chance and opportunity ).

Mohammad alasadi

i love this video Adam, i love to be your fans thanks a lots for your chanel video on youtube its help me, also, i had done the test its very nice scors


I love your all videos , it always help me in my writing skills , your way of teaching is fabulous . thanks Adam


Thanks Adam,I make more pratise using your quiz.

Thazin Moe Moe Aung

I got 10/10! Great lesson!


There may be another 17 meters python that weighs double. It will be bigger? But no longer.


I have done exercise to 7/10. I hadn’t been studying such of nuances in my school and university. Before i wasn’t interested in english language. Thank you for a chance to have studying.


Really interesting, tx.


very usefull


hi this is gregory and i am very happy to join us adam you are a good teacher this video is veryu helpful

black gregory



There is a little reason?
Isn’t a reason countable noun?


this video is great. thank you so much, Mr. Adam. I have done exercise 7/10. Engvid is a perfect appurtunity for learning English.


Small cup of coffee, large cup of coffee (not big).
It’s a little strange.


Thank you Mr.Adam you teacher about big/large the big boss/the large boss ceo a large number of ……. a big/ large amount of large business/big business tall/high tall-physical/standing,high-above(higher) than others like it -ideas -position -reaching for a peak. 6 feet tall.


Thank you Adam

ann ann

Good inform will keep it is practice to learn more n more


You got 6 correct out of 10 :(


Thanks Adam , great class !!


Thanks Adam. I’ve got 9 out of 10.


Very good, I love it!


what wicked means

romysa samy

    The regular meaning of “wicked” is “evil”, like a witch, or like the “bad guy” in superhero and fantasy movies. The slang meaning of “wicked” is the opposite—it means “cool” or “impressive”. A really cool skateboard trick is “wicked”.

    In some dialects, it is used as an intensifier like “really” or “extremely”. Something that’s very good is “wicked good”.

    engVid Moderator

Excelent Adam.
Thanks a lot for the help.
I really like your videos.


I dont understand most of the words

Rubina lakhani

Thanks sir

Kingsley Kunda

buildings can’t be tallest! only high it is stable rule.

Ras Ars



waow now I’m going to be a gig boss


I ‘m going on to say you are a very good teacher and I am one of your worst “pupili “


Hello Adam, it´s the first time I take a leson from you. It´s been really “wonderfull”. I liked it very much!


I need to get it again


8/10…my native language uses same words. large and big ,small and little ,tall and high…. what a difficult English is! Do I use Big captain in my basketball club?


9/10! Good! These three couples of words confused me when I learned English in the University. After this lesson, I understand. Thanks, Adam!

Jerry Gu


abdelaziz ata

8/10 Good


i get 7/10. i can’t thank you enough. you are big teacher.

Lee jin woo

So did i, yet be such a fool as well.


Hello! Unfortunately, I didnt understand, why the correct answer for the last question is “high”. I answered correctly all questions, except for this one.
The city is built by people, the same as buildings, so it should be “tall”, as you explained us.
Thank you for your answer.

Svetlana Samorguina

Thanks a lot.

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