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thank Adam very much. Your lesson is very great and helpful.


    For all people here Ladies and Gentlemen I hope there is anybody wants to practice her/his English with me voice chat :)
    my Skype is khalid_3adel


      Do you want to practise your English on someone?

      Well, you’ll just have to be patient and wait untill someone gets in touch with you.



        Thanks :)


      Where are you Khalid and how old are you?

      I am willing to help if I can :-)


        hello thomas could i practice with you my english via skype please ?

        My skype: mimou225
        we can talk in french if you want to lean it.



      My skype: Andrés_Alberto


Thanks Adam you lesson is great.


I like phrasal verbs’ quiz. Difficult but interesting and helpful. Today my score was not good :( But I will review and try again later. Thank you, Adam :)


I got 9 correct out of 10. really glad…

Isrizal Rian

    really? cause i only got 7 correct out of 8 question :/

    Irsan Antoni

It is a little difficult to catch up the quiz; Thanks a lots Mr. Adam


It is a difficult lesson for me . I should go to repeat a lesson again. Thanks Adam


    Hell yeah, me too I repeated three times for that. And finally, I understand that.


    The phrasal verbs are hard for everyone. A good way to remember them is to read a lot of time the sentences of the exercise! Have a nice day!


I got 8 out of 10, but I feel like that’s not good enough. By the way, it was an interesting lesson, Thanks! :)


Thanks for the lesson!


Thank you so much Adam,
Its a very useful lesson


Nice lesson, thanks

Mr. Adam i want to ask you, what is the difference between “Perhaps” and “Maybe” ??

Ahmad Maswadeh

    Hi Ahmad,

    They are generally interchangeable, though ‘perhaps’ is more formal than ‘maybe’.

    Hope this helps.


Thank you Mr. Adam


oh i am so angry i thought i understood much enough


    No need to be angry Daina. Just keep trying :)


Thanks for ur lesson mr Adam :)) i really enjoy this website. Today I introduced my friends with this website.


Thank you so much Adam. Your lesson is very useful. See you.


Hi Adam!!very interesting lesson as usual but in my opinion a bit deceptive because you didn’t teach anything about the phrasal verb “fall off” so I made two mistakes using “down” instead. Thanks bye..


    I was tricked with that, too. I reckon there are lots of phrasal verbs taken for granted with no reasonable reference to their meaning but are commonly expressed out of question


      Hi omaxios i’m Simo from Casa , i’d like to practice english with you by skype that’s my skype id : Simo Souh , can you add me plz


        That would be a pleasure, but unfortunately I’m not using Skype, we can get in touch on Facebook, just leave your facebook on comment I will add you


    Sorry about that. We’ve removed those questions.


    Sorry Sbisiga. There are indeed many phrasal verbs. I must have thought of another one while writing the quiz. It won’t happen again.


It is a difficult lesson for me and the result was not good, i got 6/10 but i will repeat,repeat and try again.But i must say that the lesson is very useful.Thank you Mr.Adam


Good day Mr.Adam, I scored 9 out of 10 as I was tricked on the 3rd question I picked up Fall down which I guessed was true, but I’m still in doubt about it, don’t we use the particle ‘down’ for vertically descending things? I think using Off would be a bit direct, undramatical and instant, would like you to elaborate on this please :)


    Hi Omaxious,

    Fall down usually means the direct descent, yes. It could also mean to fail at something. Fall off means to decline.

    Sorry about the misunderstanding with the question in this quiz.


What does ” fall off ” main ?


    To decrease in quality and quantity


    Hi Prince,

    Fall off means to decline, to become less.

    Retail sales usually fall off after the Christmas season.

    Hope this helps.


Thank you Adam, It’s a great lesson. :)
Everybody who would like to practice speaking English with me can add my skype account: “tranthiphuduyen”.
Nice to meet you. ^^


so useful , thank you so much Adam


I want to ask something if I want to contact with some of you teachers or some friends here to chatting and having conversation together to improve my speech.what can I do ? looking forward to your reply thanks a lot

huda belal

    I dont think so :)


      sorry its by mistake :( if u wanna practice with me ok



        huda belal

          my Skype


          Hey add me. My account is Andrés_Alberto


    Hi Huda,

    You just did it :)

    Maybe one of your peers here will join you for a conversation.

    Good luck :)


thank you teacher.


Thank you very much


It’s very easy,thanks Adam.


thank for acouple of phrases Adam told me,thanks, ur such a good person


oh thanks


Thanks Adam for the great class. Have a wonderful day.


So nice lesson. It is important to learn phrasal verbs


It’s out of material , but you said ” what’s needed to be done” then, why does my cell phone ask me that “the date is needed to set up” without “BE set up”? Thank u. Reply please.


    Because whoever wrote that line for your cell phone probably doesn’t speak English.


    Hi Tymofyi,

    Unfortunately, a lot of the technical writing done overseas isn’t done by native speakers, so mistakes occur often. It should say “the date needs to be set up.”


Hi Adam, thanks a lot for the lesson. I would like to request a lesson about silent letters, this is an interesting topic that I bet that many students struggle with it.


    Hi Brian,

    I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks a million time :)


this class is tough for me, I only got 7 and easily mixed up the meanings of fall phrasal verbs after I watched the video


Hi, thank you for teaching. i also learned the pronunciation of many words.
thank ENGVID for providing such a this helpful class

Matin Leila

So “fall behind” and “fall back” have the same meaning when used regarding paying bills, right?


    Hi Tinve,

    Basically yes. Fall behind has more the idea that you are paying, but not the full amount and have some leftovers from previous bills. Fall back might mean you missed a payment or two.

    Generally, though, you can use either.


These is really difficult to me… do you have any advice….?


    Hi Betcheva,

    when it comes to new vocabulary, it’s juts about repetition and time. Just keep working on it and don’t give up. The words will eventually “stick”.


This is an interesting lesson, thanks !


thanx teacher and i want to ask anyone here what is meant by ESL


    Hi Siham,

    English as a Second Language.


tanks adam your lessons always in the top merci bouceaup


5/8 the worst score ever on a quiz of Engvid.com. I’m speechless?! I feel I’m falling behind in your lessons.

Jorge Pedroso

    No worries Jorge. You’ll catch up again soon :)


Hi Adam,
thanks a lot for the lesson. I hope I will remember this words for a while. ;)


I got 8 out of 9 in the quizz.
Thank dude.


100%, The problem is: Now I get 100%; If I try to do it again later, I will probably fail haha.
That’s okay as long as I keep studying ;D


I am not good at Phasal verb, This quiz is so easy that I got 100%,though. Thank you for your lesson.


Hi Adam,
Thanks for your lesson.


Thanks, got 38% without watching.

Abdul Qayum

thanks all my teachrs


Hello friends , i’m learning english if anybody interested in practice english with me add in skype- bathan_21


wow i,m interest i,m ready


Hi ESL students, if anyone like to practice English, this is my Skype: Ahmad_Maswadeh


Ahmad Maswadeh

Since you have cooking skills, I think it would be great if you teach some cooking vocabulary like instructions in recipes like chop into pieces or whatever.


Thanks adam it was a great lesson on phrasal verbs which are a little bit difficult but with your explaining everything is ok :)
Could you do a lesson on ( if) with all its situations. . it would be a useful lesson
Regards .


Thank you Adam for your helpful classes

Steve Ukr

i got 7 correct out of 8 :D

Mr. T

I got 100%. thank)

Maryana Keleman

who can help me with my English? please add my skype lv141087kmr

Maryana Keleman

nice job , it’s help me very well


Dear Adam..
Hope you are okay.
Would you mind to lend me a helping hand please?
Is my sentence okay ??!!!
” This is a profitable book which you can learn a lot through “.
My ? is : Is it possible to leave the word “through” at the end of the sentence without the pronoun “it” at last ? In written English I meant.
Many tnx in advance


    Hi Fatiima,

    It’s Ok not to add the it to the end. But the main problem is that you have the wrong preposition. It should be “from”:
    This is a profitable book, which you can learn a lot from.


    This is a profitable book, from which you can learn a lot.


      Lots of tnx dear n friendly Adam.
      How can I thank you, I don’t know!!

      YOU made my day as well.
      Kind Regards,


Very useful, but phrasal verbs are always hard to learn.


very useful. thanks Adam.


Thanks it’s very useful lesson

Jawher Rebwar



Thank you very much, Adam. Your explanations are very helpful. It would be great if engvid had some option that students could mark their favorite lessons to be able to come back to them when needed and see them in our accounts.


    Hi Niurochka,

    I’ll pass that idea along :)


you are really amazing teacher :)


It’s very difficult but I’ll practicing until I do it

ghufran najm

Thank you Adam. Can you teach about “employee”, “employment” “employee” “employer” pls.


    Hi Lotte,

    employee = worker
    employer = boss, company
    employment = work

    Hope this helps :)


Hi omaxios , i hope you are well, that’s my facebook : Мохаммед Сохаил


Thank you very much,teacher Adam.


Great lesson. Is always very difficult understand and memorize the phrasal vereb. Thanks


thanks !


thanks a lot phrasals are the most confusing for me


Thank you, Sir!

Tin Tin Yu

Very useful lesson as always, thanks Adam:)


Hi,thank you for si r explanation.☺


Thanks engVid :)

MD nibir

Hi, Adam) I have had a book, a collection of military humour, anecdotes, funny stories and stuff like that. It was called “Fall out for laugh”. Still can’t make out it’s meaning))) After watching this lesson I guess it’s meaning is “a brawl for a laugh”. Am I right?))

Anzor Qashezh

    Hi Anzor,

    When a Sergeant wants to get the new soldiers out of their beds and rooms outside to start doing drills, he yells fall out. So, basically, it means get outside and ready to work. Once they are outside, he will yell fall in, which means to get in lines for exercises.

    So… fall out for laughs, means come out to laugh.
    Hope this helps.


thanks adam .its help full


thanks ,its helpful learning


Hi Adam,
thanks for your lesson . it’s informative and interesting.However i have a question that ”what the meaning of *I’m bouncing around* ?


    Hi Abdalrazak,

    It depends on the context, but it could mean that someone is moving around a lot, from place to place.

    To be sue though, I would need the full sentence or context.


Hi Adam! Thank you for this useful lesson. I still think phrasal verbs are the most difficult area of the English language. I know very few people who are able to use a variety of phrasal verbs in various contexts correctly. I am an advanced learner of the EL, but I still have some problems with them. Could you give me any advice how to remember phrasal verbs permanently or just for a longer period of time? What is crucial?

I have also noticed that you have a new tattoo on your left arm. Am I right?

Thanks and have a nice day!

Ms Flea

    Hi Ms. Flea,

    I wish I had a trick for you. The main thing is to remember that the preposition still has a function, which means that most of the phrasal verbs will at least have some sort of connection to that function (though these may not always be obvious.)

    The main thing with learning new vocab is to use it as often as possible. That’s how it sticks.

    And yes, I do have a tattoo on my arm :)


Thank you! :)


Thank you for the lesson Adam. Can I ask?
Is he still a working teacher?


    It would be great if you made a lesson about when one must use Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous. Though lessons about it a lot in the net, it’s still very confusing.
    Thank you.


        I watched this video couple weeks ago and it really helped me. But still one wants to know more(sometimes it’s very confusing – what is it a long time and what’s that short time).


          Thank you, Adam.


Adam, because if you, i loved this site, many thnks


Really helpdull


Thank you Adam.


Thahk you so much, i didn’t understand “Fall in line” :C and i search it in the translator, and i didn’t find anything XD


    Hi GFBela,

    Fall in line means follow the crowd. In a company, for example, you should do what the others do so that the work goes smoothly. If you try to force your own ideas, others might get angry. they will try to make you fall in line.

    Does this help?


It is a very nice tutorial. I will wait for your upcoming tutorials on Phrasal verbs


thank you very much Adam, Your lessons are awsome and very helpful ^^


thank you so much for another great lesson! I hope next time you can do a video explaining some confusing words such as: revenge – avenge, profit – advantage – benefit, rob – burgle – steal – hijack. Thanks a lot!


    Hi Ahobez,

    I’ll see what I can do.


Take some syrup Adam!! :P I’m kidding of course, anyway great lesson as ever here on engvid, really useful site, I’m glad!


Thank you, Adam!
Great lesson!


Hi! dear Adam
I really like this lesson. We never know life, if one day you decide to quit this job. that will makes me fall apart ahah ahah I’m just kidding, however that will be happen, you will always stay a living legend in my memory


ohhhh , I’am so sorry theach I forgot to say thank you wowwwwww thank you, thank you so much. may god bless you and your family


Very usefull)thank you very much!!)


thanks too much


How come this is wrong

8. Calvin went to culinary (cooking) school to learn a skill that he would always be able to fall _______ in case his singing career didn’t go well.
back on
fall back on – rely on, have as backup


    Hi Yaaqob,

    Fall back on is the correct answer. Not sure why you saw it as incorrect.


i wanna to contact with some friends here to chat me and having conversation together to improve my speech.
I am waiting for you my friends
my skype: sara.sue


    i wanna to contact with some friends here to chat me and having conversation together to improve my speech.
    I am waiting for you my friends
    my skype: sue.suesi


    Do you want to practise your English on someone?

    Well, you’ll just have to be patient and wait untill someone gets in touch with you.

    I wish I had that program installed on my computer so that both of us could chat from time to time.



Hi, Mr Adam.
You are a good teacher. Your lessons make me understand easier.
Now, I need your help again. Could you tell me the difference between :”fund”, “funding”,”fund”>>
Thanks,Mr Adam:)

thy rieu

    Hi Thy,

    Fund is the actual money or the collection of money. Funding is supplying the money to the project or fund. Fund can be a noun or a verb.

    Not sure if this helps. Can you be a little more specific?


Adam one more question. Sometimes I read or hear somewhere SHE or HE have used in relative to things. For instance: “Three man in a boat” Chapter 1,….He left the ship on Tuesday, and as it steamed away from the landing-stage he gazed after it regretfully.
“There she goes,” he said,”there she goes, with two pounds” worth of food on board that belongs to me,…..
And I have learned that to things one can use only IT. Thank you.


    Hi Katrin,

    It’s true that things are generally ‘it’. However, some people (especially men) get attached to things and personify them. This is especially true of ships and cars.


      Adam, but, is there any special rule – which things is feminine and which masculine gender.


        Not so much in English. It’s more of a personal choice.


          Now clear! Thank you Adam.


you’re the best man thank you for everything


Hi, Adam, thank you for your very helpful lesson.
Can I ask you about these sentences? What are the differences between them?
Walking home, I didn’t hurry.
When walking, I didn’t hurry.
While walking, I didn’t hurry.

Is it correct sentence?
Walking home, I was seen by my friends.


    Hi Nadia,

    The first sentence uses a participle, while the next two use adverbs clauses.when walking talks about the activity. While walking talks about the action.

    The last sentence is correct, but not a good sentence. Better to say the active: My friends saw me (as I was) walking home.

    Hope this helps.


Thank you, Adam. It’s a very funny lesson. You made me laugh so hard at the part “the bank will take your puppy”! I wonder what they will do with it XD XD XD
Eventually, I got totally 10 correct out of 10 ^^ You’re such a very good teacher. Hope you will give us more exciting lesson like this :D


Hi adam you are awesome. please do it about “take” too.


i just need practice more. :)


Mr Adam, how frequently do phrasal verbs occur in the IELTS exam?


    Hi Dior,

    I’d say you will need them for at least 1-2 questions per test. Not a lot, but every point counts.


Hi teacher Adam,
I don’t understand the meaning of the sentences 1, 5, 8. Please help me to explain them. Thanks such Adam!
All of your lessons r so helpful. I really love them!


Great!! it’s always good to practice phrasal verbs!!
great job


Amazing lesson Adam. Thank you!

Skype: william_flores

William Flores

Hi Adam, your videos are scintillating. So happy to have found these pages. I think this can be the way of beefing up our skills. I have a lot of stimulating ideas for the future videos. Woud you mind making a video dealing with mixed conditionals please? I came across this thing the other day and it jumbled up my knowledge of the essential four ones. It’s trute that you can hear this phenomenon a lot in movies. I like to know more just to avoid potential problems and misunderstandig. Thank you :)


    I’ll see what I can do Danda :)


Hi! My question isn’t about phrasal verbs themselves, but about one of the exercises (the number 7). Why do you say “…about Michael’s going to school” instead of “about Michael going to school”?
Thank you


    Hi Lily,

    When we use a gerund to speak of someone’s action we make that person possess the action, which is why we use the apostrophe (‘).

    My having passed the test pleased my parents.

    Hope this helps. (I’ll see if I can make a video about it)


Thanks a lot, Adam. It is helpful , in spite of difficulty.

Maria Valeria

Thank You Adam. I like your lessons.


Thank you for this lesson! It was quite useful! My only doubt is about these two sentences:
1- I fell out with my buddies!
2- I had a fight (or “I fought”) with my buddies!
Have they got the same meaning, or the same sense?
I’d be very grateful if you could reply my question!

Mr Paul

    Hi Mr. Paul,

    Yes, essentially they are the same meaning. Fight is a little stronger though. A falling out can be just a disagreement.


why my questions r not accepted. i left my questions but they r not shown for a long time…???


    I see this one Macy. Try again with the others.


Hi Adam,understanding of this lesson to me was a little hard what’s your tip to me? I hope reply to me.


    Hi Muhammad,

    Try watching them a few times and press pause when you need to stop and figure out things. then keep watching. Eventually it will come to you.


hi prof,
my old question is: I don’t understand the question 1 & 8’S meaning. plz explain them for me. Thanks!


sorry not question 1. They r question 5 & 8. Thanks!


well , actually if i dont practice by using them , my vacabularies will fall out just like my wallet …..no ?


thank you very much


I can easily understand whatever is being taught on the lesson, but I doubt for how long would I retain them. We as a non native speaker get a very little opportunities for English conversation, hope It naturally comes out of me while speaking. I will try to put a conscious effort though!

One more thing I would like to ask, I have watched James’s/Ronnie’s/Adam’s and Jade’s lesson- I had problem understanding Jade’s accent, my bad. But, she is the only one, I guess, who has British accent and indeed a very good teacher. But, I couldn’t connect to her very much. “SORRY”!

What could be the reason?
She is no doubt a great teacher, but I couldn’t connect to her as I did in Adam’s,Ronnie’s and James’s lessons.

However, Let me admit that engVid is a treasure I have got and I am very proud to join this site. It’s just my second day and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here!!

Thank you very much for this lesson, Guru Adam!!


“Fall apart” always reminds me of Trent Reznor’s songs.

Thank you for another interesting lesson.

Agni Pl



wonderful lesson I got 8 from 8 .
Thank you so much Mr. Adam .

Scarlet Letter

:D I got 10/10

Yihok Chea

ohh… those terrible phrasal verbs :-)


Thank you Mr. Adam, btw nice tattoo :D haha

Mario Cardoza

100% :D


I fall in love with your lesson…Adam your awesome!


I would like to ask you? If you have a lesson regarding of ” it,its” makes me comfused how to used these in a sentences.


nice subject Adam. Thanks a lot :)


Thanks a lot adam it is useful


When i took up the exam in Civil Servise, that is one of the confusing exam.

Saly B Sacang

Police personnel(is,are) not allowed to answer the electronic community engagement survey. Please tell me the correct answer Sir,thank you

Saly B Sacang

Hi, Adam! I’m from Kazakhstan, the Central Asia, and I always had some problems with phrasal verbs. Fortunately, I found out this lesson, I like the way you explain to us the meanings of these phrasal verbs. Thank you and I hope you’ll make another one videos like this.


Hi, I’m biplob from Bangladesh, south Asia and i am anxiously craving for videos more especially on phrasal verbs. I have another problem in writing a lengthy senctence. I mean you just the topic of sentence structure. Plz suggest me how to improve correct sentence structure. with best regards–


Thank you, Adam. It`s so difficult for me to remember all meanings of phrasal verbs without everyday speaking practice( So sad(


Hi everyone, I am taking ESL classes in USA if I pass Toefl,I will apply master programs. If anybody take Toefl exam,we can contact with me

Skype; mrthartford


very hard m adam .but thanks


Thank you for excellent examples!


7 out of 8 is bad i’ve learned a lot from you so thanks






thank u adam.it’s quite a hard phrasal verb for me but I’ll try to watch again and again.
And the other gentleman and ladies if you want to talk on skype or whatsapp and etc. add me betulnamli9


It is a very good and interesting lesson about phrasal verb fall. Well done, Adam!


Thanks, Adam.


I got 8 out 8 !
Many thanks, Adam. You are my favorite teacher.


thumbs up (Y)

ahmed behairy

Thanks a lot, Adam!
Here is my question:
“Jennifer had made plans to go to Cuba for the holidays with friends, but her plans fell through when her best friend broke her leg.”
I didn’t understand the situation. Whose leg it was? Jennifer’s or friend’s? How to understand it rightly?


    Whoops! I assume it means that it was Jennifer’s best friend with the broken leg…but you’re right, it does sound like Jennifer’s best friend attacked her D:

    engVid Moderator

great lesson and excellent explanation! Thank you.


Thank you

Dmitry Bereza

3 out of 8 is bad.


Thank you Adam, i don´t understood very well last item, fall back on but i´m very happy.

Thiago Oliveira

thank you my teacher
best regards

haider j touma

Hello Adam
thank you very much for your help, but tell me: have you got a trick in order to remember easily all these meaning of phrasal verbs?


wow I thought I wouldn’t do it well, but I got everything good, this was interesting, I wanted to do more exercises, there was just ten. thank you Adam

jimmy padilla

Hi Adam,
Firstly, thanks for teaching useful lesson.
I feel my knowledges fall apart into many aspect not being able to fall in together, which my progessing fall throught. I must fall out by myself in order to studying everyday, hoping quickest progressing I can fall back on it for aiming career other.
sometime I am falled for as if I am sucessful but not.

Toward replying from you.
Best wishes!


Hi Teacher, I love this class. I am From Ecuador, I would learn English.

Thanks for yours videos.


    do you have skype we can help each other ^^


thank you my teacher ^^


Phrasal verb so hard to learn but I learned to enjoy it.:-)


Wow, if I know this website early, I won’t fall behind English…


nice lesson! thanks Adam!

allionna a

I should say I won’t fall behind English learning.


Hi Adam. I had to watch 3 times on this video to really remember it. The difficulty is that the same phrasal verb has sometimes 3 different meanings! But you explains it very well. Do you have tricks to remember it better?
Many thanks.


Hey Adam, i got a little question :
In your lesson you said “something fall out OF my pocket, is it possible to put from instead of “of” ? Sth fall out from my pocket.

Thanks, good job, very useful lesson


Thanks Adam. I like your lessons about phrasal verbs. It really helps me a lot.
I’m not familiar with phrasal verbs “fall,” but I can try to use them from now.

Blue Popcorn

Thanks Adam. I like the way you explain, it’s so easy to understand…you did a good job. i’ve never known about these phrasal verbs about fall before so it’s a little difficult to take in all of them. Cheers

Mai Anh June

Hi, Adam.

Would you please explain the difference between fall behind and fall behind on?

Which one is correct?

“We fell behind the schedule” or “We fell behind on the schedule”?

“He falls behind his studies” or “he falls behind on his studies”?

Thnaks in advance..


Thanks adam..


Thank you sir!

Yi-wen Huang



I got 8 correct out of 8


thank you Adam very much.you are great


Hi Adam, thanks for you dedicate your time and talent to help us. I really appreciate that.
I got 7 of 8 because I didn’t understand the difference between fall back and fall back on, could you give me another exemplos?


Thank you! I like your lessons


thank you very much


Thanks :)

Mohamed Rabiaa

“LAG” and “LACK” have the same pronunciation??


I got 8 out of 8, but it look like I forgot something. Thanks Adam!


its still very difficult for me. :((
but thanks a lot, Adam <3


    Hi Jane, Do you have skype ? maybe we can learn english together. thanks


Hi Adam could you please tell me what’s the passive of these sentences
1. They say that you did that.
2. Do you understand what I mean?
3.What one must do, one must do properly ?


Thank you very much…your lessons are benefits


Hi sir,i need some help from you..iam studying english in distance and ihave a comprhension that i would like you to give me the expectation quetions from it..could you help me please?


I need your help sir,please


as usual, thanks a lot for yours tips :)

Michele Vis.

I got 7 out of 8 thank you Adam

Bismark Soedzede

I got 8.


Thank you Adam!

Anna Slukvina

Hello Adam
You are my favourite teacher and phrasal verb lesson is the lessons set on this site.
Could you make new lessons with phasal verbs: make, give, stand and let.


    (phrasal verb lessons is the best lessons set on this site)*
    I clicked submit too fast :)


It seems Adam doesn’t read our questions and comments for 3+ years. I am very upset and disappointed.


Great class, thanks a lot! Thanks to you, my students think of phrasal verbs as a challenge, rather than an enemy.


8 out of 8, this time I didn’t fall for.


Thanks Adam

margaret kleinhenz



could you explain me in different way about using double Pre. ( …fall back on in…)Please?


Nice stuff, thanks a lot Afam, as always very clear and straigh forward explanation.



“… Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I’m only falling apart…” by Bonnie Tyler
Thanks Adam and engVid


My skype is Andrés Alberto if someone wants to talk to me and practice some English. Thanks!


Hi Adam. I’ve watched some of your Suffixes videos plus the Prefixes from other professors. The videos were tremendous and helpful. However my curiosity is, how do I know which words are supposed to add the Suffix and Prefix? It appears that not every words have to add these sub and pre fixes?. I’ve been taking a writing composition for HSS subject and I have struggled with vocabularies a lot. I am hoping that you will make more videos of these lesson so, that I and many others could learn and understand more about the Suffixes and Prefixes. I’m really appreciated.


Every bit of your help means so much to me. I’ve learn a lots from the EngVid. It is the best English lesson ever!


Hope to hear from you soon!


Thank you Mr. Adam for a good lesson.


To recap, I copied answers below:
fall for – believe
fall through – failed, did not complete
a falling out – a fight
fall in line – stand in straight lines (like in the army)
fall in with – become involved, join
fall back on – rely on, have as backup

Insoo Yeo

8/9! Good Thanks, Adam!

Jerry Gu
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