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Criminals aren't usually afraid of ______________ punished.

"Well, before we ____________ with today's lesson topic, let's quickly review last week's material."

The verb 'get' followed by a past participle (v3) can often be replaced by a 'be' verb (is, was, are, etc.)

Kate: "Oh my god, what happened?" John: "I got hit by a baseball."

What probably happened to John?

Get started means start.

I'm hungry. or I'm getting hungry. Which of these suggests that we need to find some food now?

He _________ accepted into college.

The verb 'to get' has more than 10 uses in English.

"Kevin needs to try a little harder. He will get fired if he doesn't raise his sales numbers soon."

What might happen to Kevin if his sales continue to drop?

The concert starts at 19:30. We should ______ if we want to be there on time.

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nice, so i am going to learn some new things here :-)

Monday, July 8th 2013

Thank You Adam.Always nice see Your Lessons:)

Monday, July 8th 2013

thankkkk you and i hope to get 100 in the quiz

Monday, July 8th 2013

    100 quizzes. Really. I like you :D

    Wednesday, September 17th 2014


Monday, July 8th 2013

Thanks Adam. I’ve got 8/10

Monday, July 8th 2013

please make a video about “Used to” For Example: Yes, I used to… Thanks in advance.

Monday, July 8th 2013

    Will do, Shahriyar

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

      plz also include this…
      Whether can we use “getting used to” in English. & if yes then what does it exactly means?

      Friday, July 26th 2013

      Hi, I have questions- Does get going also mean start and cant we use “he is accepted to the college instead of got accepted? thank you beforehand..)

      Friday, May 2nd 2014

        no he is accepted means that he accept. not be accepted. like he is own of college and accept students

        Friday, October 23rd 2015

Thanks a lot, Alex.

Monday, July 8th 2013

    Than you learned o lot

    Monday, July 29th 2013

Thanks a lot and I will help any one would like to learn Arabic

Monday, July 8th 2013

Thanks for this lesson. I had headaches trying to learn the meanings of this word properly

Monday, July 8th 2013

why didn’t you use are instead of is ( either of the answers is correct )

answers are not singular

Monday, July 8th 2013

    The subject is “either” (“Either is correct”)not “the answers”

    Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    Hi Ikiller,

    Arina(mg) is correct. The verb agrees with the subject ‘either’. Expanded it looks like this:

    Either (one of the sentences) is correct. Don’t match a verb to what comes after a preposition (in this case ‘of).

    Hope that helps.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Where the punctuation lesson Adam ?

Monday, July 8th 2013

    It’s coming Hesham. Not sure when, but it’s coming . :)

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Thanks for the lesson, Adam.

Monday, July 8th 2013

I have got only 6 correct out of 10. Well, I must have stronger efforts to be better. Thanks for the great lesson.

Monday, July 8th 2013

Hi Adam,
Could you explain the first question about(get+ing)+ (verb+ing)?

And the second question, What’s the difference between “get going” and “get started”? these expressions means exactly the same?

my best!

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

    Hi Edgard,

    In the first question, you need an object for the preposition ‘of’. In this case we can turn the passive get punished, or be punished into a gerund form to create the object.

    As for your second question, pretty much the same, though get going has more the idea of an action, or a trip, etc. But they can be interchanged in most situations.

    Hope this helps.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Hi Adam. I love all your lessons you are excellent thanks you very very very much from AZERBAIJAN!!!

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Dear teacher could you explain the sixth question please

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

    Hi Aduinterpreter,

    Basically, I’m hungry means I need food now. I’m getting hungry means that soon I’ll be hungry. That is, I am starting to feel hunger, but can wait a little longer.

    Does that help?

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

      Thanks you very very very much

      Wednesday, July 24th 2013

      Thanks, teacher.

      Monday, November 18th 2013

      Thank you, Adam!

      Thursday, March 1st 2018

Hi Adam. I always like your lessons. Because they are always interesting and helpful. Thankssssss for that:D.

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Good lesson! Now less fear when somebody says in this way

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Did you get scared?

How did you survive the violent thunderstorm and a downpour?

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

    Luckily my neighbourhood didn’t get flooded, but we are ony just now getting electricity back! :S

    Wednesday, July 10th 2013

      Well that nothing more happened ;). Hopefully the food is not spoiled in the fridge; due to the power outage.

      Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    I love Nature. I think it’s important that she reminds us once in a while that she is stronger than we are, and that we need to respect her.


    Sunday, July 21st 2013

      Proper Indian saying! We see that you are from Canada ;) I agree with you fully. Nevertheless, I hope that we stay alive. Despite the strength of nature.

      All the best Adam. I like so much you style, how you teach.

      Monday, July 22nd 2013

Thanks a lot! Great lesson!

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Great lesson!!! Thanks for this job.

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

I´ve got a 10. Thanks pal

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Yey! 9 of 10 no bad, thanks :)

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Hi Adam…………
As usual you have given another useful lesson sir…..thanks a lot sir…….

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Thanks Adam! I did well the quiz

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

thank u Mrs Adam but i want ur help how to use “get” as phrasal verbs like get though – get along – get around ………..

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

    Hi Sami,

    I’ll try to make a lesson on that soon. :)

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Thanks! Great Lesson!!!

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Hi teachers I’m abdelle one the students I’ve two common expression please help me out if you can
1 a number of
2 the number of

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

    Hi Abdelle,

    a number of = some
    the number of refers to an actual number, a count.
    Both expressions create a singular:

    A number of students complained about the amount of homework (= some students complained)

    The number of students in the class has risen sharply since the two schools merged. (before- 23 students in the class, after- 34 students.)

    Does that help?

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

I”m glad learning from you ! Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Yeah the word get has many acceptations.

I recommend this dictonary – http://oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/dictionary/get

Thanks Adam. And I ask you to plan and upload a lesson about common phrasal verbs with the word get and maybe some idioms too.

Take care!


Tuesday, July 9th 2013

    Will do, John :)

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Interesting lesson, Adam. Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Thanks! I got 100.

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Thanks a lot.Great as always.My question is:
In the following statement is it correct to use “get” while speaking ? (I believe I have heard)
” I am sure it hasn’t get fixed ”
or should we use got/gotten instead ?

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    I would say:
    “I’m sure it wasn’t fixed.”
    “I’m sure it hasn’t been fixed.”
    “I’m sure it didn’t get fixed.”
    These three come to my mind when I’m thinking about your sentence.

    Monday, July 15th 2013

    Hi Badami,

    It should be ” It hasn’t gotten fixed yet”
    or, “It hasn’t been fixed yet”

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

thanks a lot for the lesson but sir i have a question with ‘was’ mostly we use ing and so how would we know when to use past participle

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    Maybe this can help you:
    1.Was/were + verb+ing = past continuous tense ( it expresses an action in development in the past – ex. “I was writing when you called”)
    2.Was/were + past participle = simple past tense, passive voice ( “The letter was written” “The car was repaired”)

    Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    Hi Tanveeriqbal,

    Use the past part. when the situation needs a passive voice, that is, when the subject is not doing the action, but receiving it.

    Hope that helps.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Hi Adam. Very clear as usual. Since I have started learning English, I have been amazed by the using of “get”. I would say it is the word the most used in your language. When the other day I “got to” Toronto from Rochester after a flight in a wonderful little plane, I thought I could easily “get” along with you. I “got’ stuck in the airport for hours waiting for my connecting flight to Paris and I “got” bored. :-)

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    Good examples :)

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Hi Mr.Adam
Thanks a lot for this video.Could you please talk about ‘Compound adjectives’.
Thanks a million!

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    Hi Farhad,

    Good lesson idea. I’ll get on that.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

i have just started learning English and your lessons are really helpful
thank you Adam

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

Hi Adam,
I like every your lessons.
Here, I get confused about “go” verb.
every verbs after “get” they are in past or past participle form, but why “get + going”.
Thank you, Adam.

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    Hi Hieutran,

    This is actually more of an idiom. Idioms generally don’t follow the rules. :)

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

hey ,i’m really poor ,i got 5/10.what i neeed to do.pls help me

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    It’s just practice, Rajpal. keep at it. :)

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

      Thank you sir,I think what I need is motivation.Thank you very much sir for your comment.

      Tuesday, July 23rd 2013


Wednesday, July 10th 2013

“I’m hungry. or I’m getting hungry. Which of these suggests that we need to find some food now?” — I would choose both. The first one means that I’m hungry now, and the second one that I will be soon, so I have to take care of it now — better sooner than later. xD

I didn’t know what “black eye” is, and I thought that “baseball” means the stick, because in my native language (in slang) we refer to it in that way. So, the example was really weird when I had read it. :) But now I get it, and “baseball” simply means the ball, and that guy got hit in his head. I think if he really got hit straight in the eye, he would lose his eye and not just got a black eye.

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    You’d be surprised Morfik ;)

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Thanks Adam

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

Nice try, Quiz. :-)

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

Thank Adam.

Could you explain to me the difference between “Avenue” and “Boulevard”?
Thanks so much.

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

    Hi Windy,

    These days it seems Blvd., Ave., St. Rd. and Ln. are not as meaningful as they used to be.

    Blvd. mostly means a wide road, with something down the middle, while Ave. is a tree-lined street, that is supposed to be a little fancy.

    Today, urban planners name roads and streets, etc. according to need more than suitability.

    Not sure if that helps. Let me know.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

      Thank Adam so much. I understand.
      One more question, need your advice.
      What is the difference between “supply” and “provide”?

      Sunday, July 21st 2013

Thanks! helpful Lesson

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

i want to know the differnce between i am hungry and i am getting hungry???

Thursday, July 11th 2013

    Hi Suneethamgowda,

    The first means I’m hungry now. the second means that i am starting to feel hunger, but can wait a little while to eat.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Hello who want to practice their English add me on Skype: Popoff882 my English level is an advanced

Thursday, July 11th 2013

Can you make a lesson showing how make questions like that…
“How will I do that?”
“How I will do that?”
it also appears when when we’re using are,is,do,etc.
Explaining which one come first, the pronoun or the verb,this could be a fool question but I have some problems with that LoL… Thanks
**Say my name on your lesson** LoL See Yaaaa

Thursday, July 11th 2013

    Hi Italo,

    In a question, the verb usually comes before the subject, otherwise you might have a noun clause.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Very nice lesson but i’m still a little bit confussed with “get going” :(

Thursday, July 11th 2013

    Hi steven,

    get going is an idiom. It means ‘start’.

    Can we get going already? I don’t have all day.

    Does that help?

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

Thank you very much in deed! I want to ask you about the basic difference between American English and British English;which one of it is more acceptable in a sense of grammar.

Thursday, July 11th 2013

    Hi Sint,

    Both use good grammar. Which is better depends on who you ask. A Brit would say British English, and an American will say American English. Both would be correct.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

hello, I am Anutosh from India. Although I have so confused for the ‘GET’ word, you solved it so easily. So I would like to say thank you. Could you please do one favor more, I have one another confuse word that is ‘LET’. Sometime I do not understand when I use that word. Please please please give us one lesson on ‘LET’ word.

Friday, July 12th 2013

    Hi Anutosh,

    I’ll see what I can do for you.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

tanks Adam

Friday, July 12th 2013

hello really it’s enjoyement lessons but i would like to say something i get a little difficulties to speak english that cause i don’t find with who practise english generally
so some one have a great method to help me to use english alone and increase my vocabularies a little bit thanks for sharing with me have fun … thanks Adam teacher so much for that support bye good luck.

Friday, July 12th 2013

    Hi Samirpro,

    I recommend reading a lot for vocab. Maybe also join an online community with a chance to speak.

    Hope that helps.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

I got 7 :) Well thats good enough I think!
Hi Adam can you please explain me the kinds of conjunction? thanks in advance

Friday, July 12th 2013

    I’ll get on it. :)

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

hi Adam how are you ?? thanks a lot about your aid that is alot support us to ahead in our language i don’t know enough english i’m so sorry teachers bye thanks for that programme good way next ……

Saturday, July 13th 2013

Out of all relation to the lesson, can you tell me how to learn the word stress in English? I read some rules – stress on the first syllable for most two syllable nouns and adjectives, and on the second for most two syllable verbs; for compound nouns – stress on the first part, and for compound verbs and adjectives – on the second part.But I don’t know why, for example, “forward” and “toward” are stressed in different ways. Or maybe there are no rules, and I just have to learn every word with its pronunciation and stress? The pronunciation is also very difficult for me, not because I can’t pronounce, but because there are no rules…or there are too many exceptions.For example, in your name, Adam, the A sound has two different pronunciation.In my language the A sound (like in my name,Arina)has only one pronunciation (like “o” in “other”)And this was just an easy example.But maybe this is part of English language charm.
Thank you for your patience to read this :)

Sunday, July 14th 2013

    Hi Arina,

    I’m sad to say that there are no rules for this really. A good dictionary will tell you where to put the stress, but that can be pretty tedious. Listening to movies and such will help, but mostly it’s practice. try recording yourself saying things you hear native speakers say and compare.

    Maybe it is the English charm, but I’m sure it can be quite annoying, especially when you hear a British person and an American say the same word differently.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

      Yes,it is.But I am not so young (unfortunately),and getting old has one advantage, at least; you become more patient. :)
      Thank you for your answer!

      Monday, July 22nd 2013

nice one..

Sunday, July 14th 2013

Thank you Adam

Monday, July 15th 2013

Adam, could you please tell me when we use “off + of” and when just “off”? Lately I watched The Mummy, and there were two situations in which “off” appeared:

“Hey, get your ugly face off of her!”
“Get off me! Get off!”

As you can see, in the first one we have “off + of”, but in the second example, there is just “off”. What if I said “get off of me”? Is that possible?

Monday, July 15th 2013

    It’s possible, and actually common, but incorrect. The ‘of’ is called a redundancy and drives editors crazy. Avoid it if you can, but realize that many native speakers will not think twice if you use it.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

I have more questions. :)

1. Adam, you said once the following sentence:
“As for no/not here is a lesson by James.”

You used “as for” in order to refer to something in my comment. I’ve always been using “as to”, and I’m wondering if I make a mistake here because I’ve seen many people using “as for”, and I can’t recall a person who said “as to”.

2. What is the difference between “think of” and “think about” Can I use them interchangeably?

Monday, July 15th 2013

    1. You can’t begin a sentence with as to. it is a useful expression, but just has a different usage:

    I’m not sure as to whether he handed it in already or not.
    It means pretty much the same as as for, but has a more ‘directive’ usage. That is, it directs something else to the focus of the sentence, whereas, as for, can shift that focus from the beginning.
    (is that crystal clear or clear as mud?)

    2. think of, means bring to mind (I can’t think of any reason he would do that).
    Think about means meditate on something.

    No, they can’t be used interchangeably.

    (good questions )

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

      2. I have to think about it. :)

      1. Hmmm, so basically if I want start a sentence, I should use “as for”, but in the other cases, I can use both, right?

      Monday, July 22nd 2013

thaanks Adam you are so kind.

Monday, July 15th 2013

And one more:)
What is the difference between “worth” and “worthy”? In a dictionary both exist as adjectives.

Should I say “it’s worth doing…” or “it’s worthy doing…”? Google returns much more results in the case of the first option, so this should be the right choice, but I don’t know why. :)

Monday, July 15th 2013

    worth is the simpler one, meaning has value.

    Worthy, means deserving of something (respect, attention, love, etc.)Usually we say it about a person.

    You are too kind. She is not worthy of your kindness.

    Does that help?

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

      If I understood this well, I could say:

      A picture is worth a thousand words, but many of them (pictures) are not worthy of my attention.

      Monday, July 22nd 2013

Great lesson, handsome teacher :)

Tuesday, July 16th 2013


    Sunday, July 21st 2013

hello thank you a lot teacher Adam ………

Tuesday, July 16th 2013

merci adam

Tuesday, July 16th 2013

Thanks a lot very useful lesson. You said: get started = start, whether got started = started it is also the same meaning ?

Wednesday, July 17th 2013

    Hi Yubli,

    Yes, it is, just in the past tense.

    Sunday, July 21st 2013

شكراً.ihop you know
what’s that means

Thursday, July 18th 2013

Thank you Adam!

Friday, July 19th 2013

:( I GOT 6. It’s not good enough.

Friday, July 19th 2013

thx alot igot 9 :)

Sunday, July 21st 2013

Thank you :)

Sunday, July 21st 2013

ho Mrs Adam for ur time to respond me) it is really a an honor to get a replay from u ) u r really a good teacher ) thank u so much

Monday, July 22nd 2013


i don,t understand clearly. i got 4/10

Monday, July 22nd 2013

Thank you so much handsome teacher Adam ^_^ I’m getting now ^_^

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013

what is the different bewteen “i’m hungry” and “i’m getting hungry”?

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013

Dear Adam, in this lesson u teach how and where we can use of get word. I have one doubt here you used get past tense also, but we can use got also in past tense. Please address me difference between “get”&”got”. Thank u sir.

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013

Thank you but I need to do lot of practice in this lesson.

Wednesday, July 24th 2013

Hi, Adam! Thanks for excellent lesson. I have a question about task #7.

He _________ accepted into college.

the correct answer is got, all other verbs aren’t in the past form. Is it correct to say
He was accepted into college? And why the variant “he is accepted” is incorrect??

Great thanks in advance.

Thursday, July 25th 2013

It was interesting lesson.Thanks to Adam!

Sunday, July 28th 2013

thanks Adam>>> nice explain.

Monday, July 29th 2013

Onh, I should resit in English class : p. Test result 60?!?!

Tuesday, July 30th 2013

i got surprised with my score !

Wednesday, July 31st 2013

Thanks Adam but I have to practice a lot my score was only 70.

Thursday, August 1st 2013

Thanks for your help Adam!!! I’m waiting for an intensive lesson on phrasal verbs!!!Please :)

Monday, August 5th 2013

thanks Mr. Adam

Tuesday, August 6th 2013

thanks adam,
i really like your way in teaching. please, i have a request to do a video about “names of diseases” like cough , diarrhea and so on because i`m a teacher and my students always ask me about names of many diseases but i don`t know most of them .

Wednesday, August 7th 2013

it’s really good to see this Sites work for me and all the teacher taught well now what i have to say here on particular lesson on “GET” you give TWO difference between Get some with
Get Punished…

and rest with
Get Started
my question arise that both punished & started are PP so how we define in sentence separately ?

please clear my doubt ?

Thursday, August 8th 2013

9/10. Thank You

Thursday, August 8th 2013

mr adams i have a problem i usual use simple word i didnt use this Expression is that wrong ?

Monday, August 12th 2013

Hi Teacher
I have a question, when we use ” Get ” with recieve the action, do we always use past participle?

Wednesday, August 14th 2013

thanks Adam for this helpful lesson

Thursday, August 15th 2013

the explenation is excelent but i don’t understand how to use ” get going”

Thursday, August 15th 2013

Thanks Adam for giving us useful lesson

Saturday, August 17th 2013

is there a deffrence between american english and britich english in that topic ?

Saturday, August 17th 2013

hi teacher i have many problemmes with english “conjugaison des verbes” can u help me plz :(

Sunday, August 18th 2013

hi Teacher Adam, I need explain about passive Voice please.

Monday, August 19th 2013

Thank you

Monday, August 19th 2013

Nice lesson Adam…….

Tuesday, August 20th 2013

Thank you so much :)

Wednesday, August 28th 2013

my score was 60.. omg… hahah well, im pretty exceitied about this site, is very helpfull… bye bye for now

Thursday, August 29th 2013

thank you teacher adam
i want learning more than grammer

thanks waad

Monday, September 2nd 2013

thank you. ^^

Tuesday, September 3rd 2013

I thought it’s “Get start” before I watched this video. Thanks Mr.Adam

Tuesday, September 3rd 2013

Please teacher, can you do, in summary the most importent things to learn english, and please can you mike a lesson about english speaking (american)?!! thank you teacher you are the best. respect from me

Wednesday, September 4th 2013

You’re such a great teacher Adam, Thanks for teaching us how to use the word “get” in a conversation.

Friday, September 6th 2013

Thank you, teacher Adam.

Tuesday, September 10th 2013

Teacher, have some video that learn about “as long as”?

Tuesday, September 17th 2013

Poor me, got 6 out of 10.. :D

Wednesday, September 18th 2013

am so satisfied please go on adam

Wednesday, September 18th 2013

thank you alot adam for that useful lesson

Thursday, September 19th 2013

thank you teacher
very nice lesson

Monday, September 23rd 2013

please teacher I want lesson about troublesome verbs when used??
sorry. I am not good in write english

Monday, September 23rd 2013

Thank you very much.

Monday, September 23rd 2013


Tuesday, September 24th 2013

Thank you!Very useful lesson!

Sunday, October 6th 2013

Thank you Adam
for this lesson

Saturday, October 19th 2013

I appreciate your effort to help us

Thank you so much :D

Saturday, October 19th 2013

Thank you adam , your ideas are very close for us.

Saturday, October 19th 2013

    Thank you adam , your ideas are very close for us.

    Sunday, October 20th 2013

Thank you Adam. Another excellent lesson.

Monday, October 21st 2013

great lesson!

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

I messed up just the question number 4. In my country “black eye” is called “purple eye”!! hehehe Thanks for the lesson!!

Thursday, November 7th 2013

get and got Right?

Sunday, November 10th 2013

Very basically, I got 9 correct out of amount. But I still don’t understand yet, why I should use “I’m hungry” not “I’m getting hungry” when I need to find some food. Anyway, thanks a lot guru!

Sunday, November 17th 2013

nice work adam keep going

Monday, November 18th 2013

yay… i got 10/10 Thank you Mr Adam i understand get really well now

Friday, November 22nd 2013

hi adam nice lesson thank you

Wednesday, November 27th 2013

I would like to meet a new friends from all over the world! If you wish to add me so I invite you to my skype(rasim053499)
Thank you Adam for the excellent job!!!

Saturday, November 30th 2013

I got 40%

Sunday, December 1st 2013


Tuesday, December 3rd 2013

    thank u so much

    Tuesday, December 3rd 2013

use of get which you told us are all uses of get.

Sunday, December 15th 2013

adam if is that possible talk about Tenses ( especially past tenses ) please…
I don’t know how and when to use them :(
I studied alot but, I got confused…:(

Monday, December 23rd 2013

please a lesson about past perfect continuous

Tuesday, December 24th 2013

Hi Adam I have a question. In question 7, I checked ‘is’ because I thought that the college accepted him as its student then he ‘is accepted’ to be that colleage student. As the answer is ‘got’, should I change that sentece to ‘He accepted into college’? Please comment

Wednesday, January 8th 2014

Thanks a lot *-*

Wednesday, January 8th 2014

All the lessons are fantastic. Thanks a lot. Please let us know when you finish your book and get it published!!!!!!! I know it will be a big success.

Saturday, January 25th 2014

Thanks teacher.

Friday, January 31st 2014

Thank you. I love the way you teach. Very clear, very interesting.

Saturday, February 1st 2014

I still have confusion…I think I need more practice…could you help me, from I can solve more test..

Sunday, February 2nd 2014

Hi Adam, thank you for this lesson, I feel confused about this question
2. “Well, before we ____________ with today’s lesson topic, let’s quickly review last week’s material.”
get started
get going

I chose the first answer, but the right answer is the second, how?
I think it must be get started

Tuesday, February 11th 2014

hi adam!!
I want to know where we use “up”.
like showed up
what’s up
catch up
knocked up

can u explain all the cases where we use “up” .I hear these everywhere in movies but fail to understand why they use “up” with every thing. plz help.

Sunday, February 16th 2014

Could you please tell difference between ESL and IELTS EXAM, Are these same?

Tuesday, February 25th 2014

just 40%… I came to know that this is my area where I should get improved.

Monday, March 3rd 2014

I got 100!! I completely understood. Thank you. =)

Tuesday, March 4th 2014

Thank you,it’s very useful in speaking English.

Sunday, March 9th 2014

I was only got 5 out of 10.

Tuesday, March 11th 2014

I learned a lot in your topic. Thanks a lot. btw I got 9.

Tuesday, March 11th 2014

it’s a little bit confusing but I think that I got it partly ! any way thank u Adam & KEEP ON

Friday, April 4th 2014

I was hit by a ball or I was hit with a ball?

Wednesday, April 9th 2014

Thanks Adam

Tuesday, May 20th 2014

thank you,Adam

Friday, May 30th 2014

I got 7 out of 10

Wednesday, June 11th 2014

Thank you Adam…. I got 100% in the quiz,and I am getting better. :)

Tuesday, July 15th 2014

You are an excellent teacher.

Friday, July 18th 2014

6/10 thanks :)

Thursday, July 24th 2014

Thank you Adam.

Friday, July 25th 2014

You can really teach. This is an amazing lesson!

Saturday, July 26th 2014

Good Morning!
You can really help us ,keep it up!

Thursday, August 21st 2014

thanks Adam.

Saturday, August 23rd 2014

Oh Cool! i’m learning, Fantastic lessons .

Tuesday, August 26th 2014

Thanks adam … when I watch your lessons I never get confused :)
Keep your job up

Saturday, September 20th 2014

8.The verb ‘to get’ has more than 10 uses in English.
Such a meaningless question :D

Tuesday, September 30th 2014

that nice MR.Adm

Wednesday, October 8th 2014

Your lessons are great. Thanks you Adam.

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It’s cool lessons thanks. But I don’t understand, is it form of Perfect or it’s get started from “have got”?

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Wow Very good.learn english i like.

Sunday, January 25th 2015

Hello there! I have got mark 100%. Clearly i comprehend this lesson.i think my English gets started improving. I am getting ahead with your lessons. Thanks a lot. Bye!

Sunday, January 25th 2015

Hi Adam,
Can I say “I’m getting sick” when I feel I’m going to be sick ?

Friday, January 30th 2015

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think you adam . you are my favorite

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Friday, February 27th 2015

Explain please lesson 7

Saturday, February 28th 2015

Last comment – not lesson 7. but question 7

Saturday, February 28th 2015

Hi my dear teacher, I did this quiz but im desagree with question 10, because i’ve choosen the version “shuld be going” and i find its right too. If I’m wrong, please, give me exhaustive answer. Thanks in advance :)

Thursday, March 26th 2015

    Hi my classmate. I suppose that “be” is just for “get punished”, “get hit” anda “get beaten”. I hope that our teacher explain more about that, because I’d like understand better it. Have a good class.

    Friday, March 27th 2015

by the way, i just got 7.
I`ll try study harder.
Thank for the way that you explain Adam, It`s became learn English easier.

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I got 10 correct out of 10.

Thanks, Adam.

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thanks.”get” has many meanings,it’s used commonly in english,i hope that i can be master of this word and use it naturally as soon as possible

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I received 7, i’ll keep studyng… thanks for lesson.

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I think get is the hardest word to learn in english but your explanations were very nice.

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Hi teacher Adam nice to meet you. Your classes are so understandable. You have an easy way of teaching. First time here and in my first quiz i´ve got 90 heheheh Did I do well?hehehe Also Id like to watch a video explaining “Prepositions” My big mistake hehhe
Hugs from Brazil

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only for my curiosity, why “he is accepted into college is incorrect” He got accepted into college?. Got accepted? two past tense?

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Hi Adam. Can you please say of difference between such as and such?
Thank you.

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thank you so much for the lesson,

I am confused by the use of get and have.
would you explain me, please?

your student from indonesia

Saturday, September 12th 2015

oh, i do appologize for my mistake. I mean the use of take and have.

Tuesday, September 15th 2015

which one is correct sentence?
I am taking bath, i take a bath or I am having bath?

thank You.

Tuesday, September 15th 2015

Thanks Adam. I will try harder. ^^

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I’m preparing for IELTS exam within next month, thus what do you recommend me?

By the way I got 8/10 in the quiz :)

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I don’t know the difference.
Let’s get started.
Let’s get it atarted.
Let’s start.
Please explain that sentences to me.

Monday, February 1st 2016

Thank you so much
Could you please explain the usage of ”the way” ?

Saturday, February 6th 2016

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Wednesday, February 17th 2016

Very good class.
Simple explanation more efficient.

Friday, February 19th 2016

Hi, Adam!

It’s a very useful lesson. I see that english speakers use “get” a lot. Could you make a new lesson about that, with other “get” expressions? It could be a good idea :)
You explained us the meaning of “get angry”…. I would like make you a suggestion. Could make a lesson about expressions or vocabulary

Saturday, February 27th 2016

Sorry I had a computer problem. I’m going to finish my comment….
Could you make a lesson about arguments? You can teach us vocabulary or expressions that people use when they argue or get angry?


Regards from the Canary Islands :) :) :)

Saturday, February 27th 2016

Thank youu very much, from your lesson i understood more about verb ” To get”

Friday, March 4th 2016

Hi Mr Adam! why don’t teach passives?

Saturday, March 5th 2016

Got it!!

Great lesson, Adam!!


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Saturday, April 2nd 2016

To get, is a mystery for me.

Tuesday, April 12th 2016

Adam 4 President!!!

Tuesday, April 26th 2016

Excuse me Mr. Adam… May I ask you something? but, it’s out form the context that you taught here. I want to ask you about why the subject “Everyone” or “People used “S” on its verb? such as “Everyone knows that.” S is used to thirs singular person like She, He and It. but Everyone and people are plural. why do they used S on their verb? would you like to explain to me? thanks before.

Sunday, May 22nd 2016

Thaks Adam !
are there any transcript for all the videos ?

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Thank you for your help,Adam.

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Your style of teaching and especially approaching the vocaabulary section is very helpful. Thank you very much.

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Hello Adam ) What is your surname ?

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Dear Adam

Hi sir I`m Vishal from India,I need help from you and how should i study for Grammar ,Grammar always remain my weakest point.I given my IELST test and Score I got ( R-4,W-6,L-6.5,S-7 ),all these marks i got because of you people but I am going to give IELTS again ,if you can guide me i will be thankful to you ,some kind of road map or suggestion .

waiting for your reply


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Helo adam you are realy a nice persow

Sunday, November 20th 2016

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8/10 Almost there

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If the essay topic give to us give the examples your own experiance.How we use our sentences to the essays.Can we use I,or,we pro nouns?

Monday, June 12th 2017

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I got 8. It is useful to learn and not get confused by some mistakes.

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Hi Adam, why in question 10 the answer is get going not get gone?

Sunday, December 17th 2017

Thank you Mr.Adam for teach me about get punished,hit,beaten,a warded = be subjected to -receive an action. Get started=do
Get going=start , get angry,hungry= become
You’re very cool teacher.

Thursday, January 25th 2018

What is the difference between “wage” and “wages”? ……When is” none” used with a singular verb?

Sunday, April 22nd 2018

I thank for great tips, Adam!

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